Because nearly 90 percent of customers shop with businesses based on their customer service, improving customer experience (CX) is vital to the long-term success of any business.  In the United States, about $1.6 trillion is lost every year from bad customer service experience. Consumers have more choice today than they ever had in the past. This means it’s easier than ever for your customers to simply go to your competitor if your customer experience is…

Sending out personalized follow-ups right after your newly-baked customers make their first purchase or subscribe to your blog is a good practice.  According to research, relevant emails drive 9 times more revenue than broadcast mailings. However, it is a huge COMPLETE waste of time if you send your emails manually, one after another. Just imagine for a moment how many emails per day you’ll be doomed to send in a couple of years when your…

Looking back at the 2010s, ‘marketing automation’ stands out as one of the defining movements in marketing. The rise in popularity of the term speaks volumes to how marketing has evolved through the decade.

Marketing Automation has risen in popularity because of 3 important reasons.