What do we do, when we enter any offline public place, be it theater, French bakery or a museum? We look around and evaluate what we see. We take in with a single glance the décor, colors, layout, cleanliness, the appearance of other visitors and myriads of other factors. Our brains are equipped with a super-powerful calculator, which in a couple of seconds analyzes our surroundings, does the insanely complicated math and presents us with…

Shopify is to eCommerce what Uber has become for ride-hailing.

Both are tech solutions that broke down the barrier for entry and put control in the hands of the people. Most importantly, people welcomed and adopted both solutions for a simple reason: They make it easy to earn money.

With 800,000+ active merchants, Shopify has a dedicated app store to serve the countless needs of almost a million customers.

Many people use Shopify to get started with dropshipping, believing that once they list a few products, the money will magically start rolling in. This couldn’t be further from the truth. To make money with any sort of e-commerce venture, you need to have a solid marketing strategy in place. We polled Shopify experts to gather these 14 pro tips for improving your dropshipping success rate and making more sales with Shopify. Build an email…