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What kind of articles does Mailmunch publish?

Topics are based around lead generation, email, eCommerce, and digital marketing in general. Topics include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Opt-in Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Lists
  • Conversion Rate
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing Automation

MailMunch is open to tutorials, opinion articles, tips, resources, ultimate guides, case studies and any ideas you might have, centered around the core topics above. All ideas need to be discussed and approved before moving towards writing phase. Check out our latest posts for an idea of the quality we seek.

Who is the typical Mailmunch blog reader?

The MailMunch audience is aspiring bloggers, marketers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, plus other individuals involved in online businesses.

What do we ask of you?

For us to approve your article, we ask that:

  • Your article is original and not published anywhere else (now or in the future);
  • You will be open to feedback for altering and/or improving the content;
  • You provide the article via Google Docs;
  • Content must be at least 1500 WORDS, but longer form content is preferred (2000+ words);
  • Structure the article with headlines, sub-headlines, short paragraphs, bullet points, and quotes if applicable. Please check your submissions for grammar mistakes.
  • You will provide supporting imagery at least 1200px wide and W:H ratio of 2:1. The file size must not exceed 256KB and should be sent in JPG file format. With the final submission, images must also be sent separately in .zip. Please provide alt tags for the images.
  • Submission of a post does not automatically guarantee acceptance. Only posts that meet our rigorous standards will be approved for publishing.
  • Please refrain from adding essay writing service links. We do not endorse such websites.
  • Please don't add MORE THAN 2 OUTBOUND LINKS (excluding citations)

What will Mailmunch do for you?

Creating great content is a two-way process:

  • We will include two do follow links in your article, subject to prior approval.
  • We will optimize your post for search engines.
  • We will give you a byline biography at the end of the article

The process

  • Submit outline. Send us a list of your article ideas, ideally with a short outline on each. Send URLs of at least 3 other articles you’ve written.
  • Selection. We will choose the most suitable idea based on your suggestions.
  • Submit your article draft. You write the post and send it to me for review.
  • Revisions. We will get back to you with revision requests.
  • Resubmit final draft. You revise your article as advised.
  • Publish. We will let you know when your article is scheduled to be published. Once it goes live, you will be contacted.

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