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Subject lines:

What is a good subject line?

A good subject line is one that compels subscribers to open their email, thus increasing your email open rate.

A good subject line is under 40 characters, ideally. It’s short, is relevant to the email body and also hits home - if it's personalized, and sent at the right time and to the right person, it can increase open rate as well as conversion rates. 

Importance of email subject lines:

Email subject lines are so important because they are the first thing that a subscriber sees when they receive an email notification. It is the only thing that is visible in the inbox at the top, along with preheader text, but the email subject line is what makes or breaks your email open rate.

How to use Mailmunch email subject line generator to evolve your approach? 

Mailmunch’s new AI subject line generator, rightfully given the name “Copy Assist” is a revolutionary tool that changes the way you draft and send emails. With basic prompts, the Copy Assist can generate killer, compelling and catchy subject lines that guarantee higher open rates for all emails! 

  1. Click on the AI Copy Assist button under the subject line field to open the popup box for the subject line generator
  2. Add a brief summary of the topic you want your subject line to cover
  3. Click on the drop down menu to choose the tone you want your subject line to have
  4. Click on “Generate Now” and watch the magic happen

What kind of email subject lines become irresistible?

Subject lines that catch the reader in their tracks tend to become irresistible, and thus tend to get the most opens and clicks.

Subject lines that include the user’s first name, or asks a question, are the ones that hit home. In addition to this, keep your subject lines to a maximum of 6-8 words, to accommodate for both desktop and mobile email users.

A good subject line is what makes readers open the email and want to read further. They must be irresistible, and the reader must be left wanting more with your subject lines - below are some of the best practises for writing killer subject lines. 

10 Email subject line tips

Some key tips to ace email subject lines

  1. Create a sense of urgency with the tone you employ
  2. Make an announcement or a compelling offer
  3. Use numbers and stats instead of words
  4. Use personalization - address subscribers by their names in the subject lines
  5. Relevance and timeliness
  6. Ask curiosity-inducing questions
  7. Imply that you have some information that they don’t currently have
  8. Imply that you are here to remind them of something they knew but have forgotten
  9. Use puns to catch the reader’s attention
  10. Give them an unfinished story or a cliffhanger
Read our guide for more material on the best practices for Email Subject Lines: Characteristics, Types and Best Practices.

10 Email subject line templates you can use today

  1. Compare a food to a person

“Is your salad as fresh as this offer?”

  1. Compare two things that aren’t equal

“Sitewide sale = that first sip of coffee”

  1. Use a weird made-up noun to explain a situation

“Crab dance your way to this deal!”

  1. Daring question

“Are you brave enough to become a millionaire?”

  1. Give information on why something that you think is good for you, really isn’t

“Sleeping isn’t as good for you as you think” 

  1. Turn down something which is considered good universally

“Why I stopped taking weekend off, forever”

  1. One random word which will be unexpected

“The Crack Drag approach to improving your open rate”

  1. Paradoxical statement

“Well, that date went well. (It did not).”

  1. Warning with humor

“Warning: This offer is too awesome”

  1. Give an irresistible offer

“Get 45% off on ALL sneakers”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Email Subject Line Generator?

Email subject line generator is our AI-powered Copy Assist that churns out compelling and creative subject lines for all your emails with just a prompt. 

Why should I use an Email subject line generator?

AI subject line generator is helpful in the way that it minimizes the time and effort you put into writing great subject lines. 

Can I generate subject lines for free?

Yes! You can try out our free AI-subject line generator right now by navigating to the top of the page.