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Retail industry dynamics 

The global retail market generated sales of nearly $25 trillion in 2019, with a forecast to reach close to $27 trillion by 2022. The retail field consists of supermarkets, department stores, chain stores, specialty stores, variety stores, franchise stores, mail-order houses, online merchants, and door-to-door sellers. Retail stores buy their goods from wholesalers, stock the goods, and resell them to individual consumers in small quantities.

Importance of email in the retail industry

An email has been quite resilient since the invention of the Internet. Even though it was an important part of how it all began, email remains the most popular tool for consumer companies to send messages to customers. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get an ROI of $42. 

Builds stronger relationships 

Because of email’s prevalence in everyone’s lives, email is a fertile testing ground to build brand loyalty and trust among your customers. You can send regular emails and make your customers anticipate the next email they will get from you. 

Increase sales and ROI 

As mentioned above, email gives a 4200% return on investment. With a well-crafted retail email, you can make money. Email is unique in that it can help drive your first sale, but also can drive more revenue from repeat customers. With retail email marketing, customers can directly go to your shop and buy their desired products without any hassle. This increases your sales and revenue and makes email one of the best platforms for the retail industry. 

Owned marketing channel

Unlike social media or other types of marketing platforms, email is an owned marketing channel. This means you control the content and distribution. There’s no outside entity that can tweak an algorithm and ruin your strategy or change the entire platform and hurt your business. You can also build and design emails the way you want, customize and tweak all the elements according to your brand guidelines and send it a time that’s most suitable for your audience.

Email marketing best practices for the retail industry 

1. Personalize your emails

Email personalization can increase your open rates by up to six times. In addition, targeted emails can help you generate 58% of all your revenue. Before you can personalize your emails, you have to segment your email list. Take a look at your list and categorize your customers based on the information you have available, like their gender, age, location, and how they interact with your brand. With personalization, create unique, deeply relational experiences with your audience and see your ROI soar. 

2. Easy-to-read emails 

Adults have an attention span of about 8 seconds. So those 8 seconds are super important to get your customers to open and read through your email. Avoid lengthy emails that contain walls of text. Keep text to a minimum and design your emails in such a way that guides them to the email’s call to action (CTA).

3. Send coupons and discounts 

You are a retail brand and you need effective ways to boost your sales. You can do that by adding engaging and enticing coupons and discounts to your emails. Get your audience’s attention with sale offers and get them to purchase from you. According to research, 27% of US online shoppers subscribe to newsletters to enjoy the benefits of discount coupons and save money.

So, increase your sales with highly attractive coupons and sales offer and improve your revenue! 

4. Send welcome emails 

Welcome emails are the first email series you send to a user after they’ve joined your list. The welcome email drip is super important, as it’s the first impression consumers receive from your retail business. Welcome emails generate up to 320% more revenue. Welcome emails are the perfect platform to extend an invitation to your prospects to check out your store. 

5. Keep customers informed

Keep your customer informed about your new products by sending a well-crafted announcement email. This can build awareness for the newly launched products and drive sales for your store. For example, you could send a series of announcement emails in the following order:

Your product announcement emails are critical to the success of your product. Use these emails combined with coupons and discounts to make more sales for your retail brand.

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