Why Advertising Budgets Will Shift as Brands Track Sales, Not Clicks

John Davier
John Davier

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June 19, 2023

Nowadays, there’s been an upsurge in the amount of money spent on advertising. In line with the Bellwether Report, 8.7% of marketing executives mentioned that their budgets had increased within the 1st quarter of the year (2019). According to the information from this source, this indicates a big improvement in the previous 3 months which was at 0%. Also, digital became one of the leading segments to realize an increase in investment. That is a plus for the advertising field. However, with an ever-increasing number of huge budgets being set aside for digital marketing, businesses ought to comprehend the effect it's having on their ventures. Before we continue any further, we need to look at the definition of advertising and what it entails.

Definition of Advertising

Advertising is a way of communication between a brand and the users of its product or service. Adverts are messages which are paid for by brands or individuals who send them and are meant to influence or impact individuals who receive them. It’s the activity of calling attention to a product or service via paid announcements by a sponsor.

It involves paying for space to push an item or service. In addition, advertising slogans are brief, catchy expressions utilized in marketing promotions. These slogans are probably the most efficient way of drawing attention or attracting the public to one or more features of a product or service. In some countries, advertising is usually regulated by a particular organization. For instance, the UK has the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which is funded by a levy on the advertising industry. (ASA) regulates the content of ads, and if those ads are compliant with the advertising standards.

Types of Advertising

The kind of marketing you decide to use needs to be in line with your ideal client profile plus it should work to connect with them regularly. In addition, the technique you pick ought to be economical. Advertising can be classified into two large types:

  • Traditional
  • Digital

Traditional Advertising

Whereas digital marketing has become popular, traditional methods of brand advertising haven’t slowed down yet. They can also be as efficient as digital marketing tactics. This kind of advertising alludes to conveying promotional material via mass media.


Advertising via print media was at one time predominant. Nowadays, it’s just one amongst the many available formats, plus it is equally critical. Marketing via print entails ads in:

  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Posters
  • Letters

Understanding your target customer base plus your business is important when deciding whether or not you will be utilizing print advertising. What’s your target age group? Will the message you’ll be passing across be one we would all be able to comprehend or will it be local?

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This type of traditional marketing involves communicating messages regarding your item or service through TV or radio. Forms of broadcast marketing include national spot advertising, infomercials, and public service announcements. Whereas broadcast isn’t what it used to be, it hasn’t become extinct yet.


Also referred to as (OOH) out-of-home advertising, is just any ad made visible to a person outside of their house. It’s meant to support wide messaging plus branding endeavors. Graphic design in outdoor marketing is crucial.

Digital Advertising

Digital marketing is king nowadays. It’s essential. This kind of advertising depends on the internet to convey promotional material to clients and target audiences. Marketers can get results right away concerning those who have engaged with the ad, the way in which that individual engaged, and whether it resulted in a sale or not. Examples of online advertising include:

  • Social media advertising - According to HubSpot.com, 97% of advertisers are making use of various social media platforms to reach their target customers. This website also suggests that 59% of Americans think that it’s easier to get their issues sorted customer service done via the various social media platforms.
  • Display marketing – Display ads try to sell you a product or service. The composition of display adverts is an exceptional aspect when it comes to online marketing. These ads are mostly found on the sides or along the upper part of web pages. They target for prompt conversions.
  • Paid search advertising – It entails bidding on keywords so that ads that are connected to particular keywords are put at the top of search engine results page. Marketers pay when their ad is clicked. It's effective, simple and can be measured.
types of marketing

Different Ways of Enhancing Your Programmatic Advertising Activities


What’s your target audience? You have to come up with specific targeting which will enable you to reach your clients. Elements you should take into account when creating a target include:

  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • 2nd and 3rd party data
  • Lookalike audiences


Creatives you use for your advertising efforts are important when it comes to programmatic advertising. They can greatly impact the way in which your target audience engages with your content. Creative advertising, when done well, will definitely grab your customers’ attention. The fundamentals of programmatic advertising can also be a lot to comprehend. You may want to contact a professional programmatic advertising company who can make the job easier and the ROI better for you.


It functions like creatives. Ensure you concentrate on the target by utilizing language plus a tonal voice that will attract them when coming up with messaging. Some of the ways you could package your messaging include:

  • Using humor
  • Being simple
  • Proof – incorporate reviews from existing clients
  • Unique selling points

Advantages of Local Advertising

Appealing to potential customers and getting them to heed your ad may be a complicated endeavor. This type of advertising enables marketers to target a particular set of people and realize an increased ROI with their marketing activities. Pros of local advertising include:

  • It’s economical – A local marketing activity has the ability to target a particular demographic. This will, in turn, signify that you do not have to spend more on general adverts which are going to reach a broad audience but realize less interest. Local marketing allows you to target your advert geographically and also to a particular age group, thus enabling possible customers to reach you.
  • You get to engage with your local community – There exist many benefits when you're established in your local community. Local marketing will enable you to connect with your community by providing people the opportunity to give their opinions on your brand's social media platforms. More customers will be encouraged to utilize your service or purchase your products as a result of positive feedback. Also, your brand will be recognized in your locality.
  • Online traffic will be generated – This type of advertising is also applicable to digital platforms. In this day and age, brands need to have an online presence. Local advertising will increase awareness of your brand. When a person searches for a service which is the same as yours plus a location tag, your brand will appear first before others.
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The Shift in Advertising Spending

Time to Move on to New Things

For quite a while, impressions plus click-through rates (CTRs) have been utilized as a sign of success with the advertising campaign. However, times are changing. It’s not that the click-through rate is dead; nonetheless, these metrics aren't viewed as being useful as they used to be.

Tracking whether a potential client has seen an ad or not isn’t enough, or whether they have clicked on it. In any case, what does that imply? Best case scenario, it implies a potential increase in awareness plus interest.

On the other hand, it could probably imply an overlooked advert. It is high time marketers don’t concentrate so much on legacy metrics and instead consider those which really impact the performance of their ventures, for instance, perception and engagement. Even though these have been difficult to measure, advancement in technology and information have enabled advertisers to gauge them.

Relating Advertising to Sales

As tension builds to show return on investment, marketers will spend on channels that drive performance via customer perceptions, for instance, but let them track results such as sales. Ecommerce websites are the clear choice. They offer great insights into everything, thus assisting companies to learn more regarding clients and in turn get to know how to get ahead in advertising. The more companies learn about their clients, the better the engagement between them, thus resulting in favorable outcomes. In addition, eCommerce websites enable companies to establish a crucial connection between their advertising endeavors and sales.

Re-Education in Measurement

Evidently, there’s the desire to spend more on marketing and to realize a noteworthy ROI. However, most advertisers haven’t moved with the times with regards to measurement. They’re still stuck with what they know since it appears simple. Yet it does not mean it's the right thing.

Rather than depending on the same vintage statistics points plus metrics, they have constantly utilized, it is the ideal opportunity for advertisers to change tack. They should take into account better approaches to measure the effectiveness of their advertising splurge. Companies must teach themselves about ideal ways of measuring marketing campaigns and to assist them in reducing dependence on legacy metrics.


There you have it. Brands are putting in more money in advertising than before. Companies ought to comprehend the impact marketing has on their ventures. They, therefore, have to concentrate on other indicators of the success of a campaign such as sales.

Are there any other reasons why marketing budgets are changing as businesses aren't concentrating on clicks? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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