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consumer goods

consumer goods

Consumer goods industry dynamics

The consumer goods market is constantly evolving and adapting to changing consumer demands. Digital innovation and pandemic as well as the focus of people on healthy and sustainable options have influenced the consumer goods market the most. 

Digitization has increased competitiveness (due to comparisons and easy research), focus on sustainability and ethically produced products, shifting the consumer market dynamics by 180 degrees. 

Importance of email marketing in the consumer goods industry

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customer without having to involve any intermediaries. To stand out from the competitors you need to constantly engage your customers through relevant content. The major benefits of email marketing in this industry include:

  1. Easy targeting through segmentation
  2. Ability to design newsletter templates for products
  3. Automations to trigger action
  4. Cost-effectiveness
  5. Direct communication

Consumer goods — best practices

1. Offer value in content 

Your brand needs to reflect its personality in the emails. Always focus on offering some kind of value to your customers. Segment your audience according to their preferences and interests to send relevant content to them that they actually want to see. News, trends, suggestions, polls are a great way to engage your audience. To understand the preferences of your audience, you can also ask them in the welcome emails about the kind of content they want to receive. 

2. Lay emphasis on design

These days everyone tends to open their emails on mobile phones. Make sure your email is responsive to mobile devices. The layout and design of your email also matter a lot. The CTA should be clear and readable. Choose an email template that goes well with your brand or your strategy. For instance, Mailmunch offers a library of 1000+ free email templates, designed professionally for lead optimization. From new product email templates to back-in-stock templates and promotional email templates, you can find loads of free, fully customizable email templates to suit your needs. 

3. Make an email schedule

To decide the frequency of your emails, it is always better to decide upon a schedule. Plan your emails according to events, promotions, and user journeys. For instance, if you have a sale coming up, plan at least one month before the launch date so that you have plenty of time to work out the flash sale email content strategy, targeting, and frequency. As far as the user journey-based emails are concerned, with Mailmunch automation, you can automate the emails based on various user actions, for example, welcome emails upon sign up, cart abandonment emails when a person adds something to the cart but does not complete the purchase, etc. 

Why use Mailmunch for consumer goods emails? 

With the ease of crafting an engaging, lead-optimized, and fully responsive email, Mailmunch offers complete control of your email marketing strategy: from building your own email list to tracking the performance of your email marketing campaign. 

It is a comprehensive lead generation suite that gives you the ability to skyrocket your revenues with minimal effort. Even with zero coding knowledge, you can easily send emails, grow your audience and expand your reach! 

So, what are you waiting for?