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Consumer goods industry dynamics

The consumer goods market is constantly evolving and adapting to changing consumer demands. Digital innovation and pandemic as well as the focus of people on healthy and sustainable options have influenced the consumer goods market the most. 

Digitization has increased competitiveness (due to comparisons and easy research), focus on sustainability and ethically produced products, shifting the consumer market dynamics by 180 degrees. 

Importance of email marketing in the consumer goods industry

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customer without having to involve any intermediaries. To stand out from the competitors you need to constantly engage your customers through relevant content. The major benefits of email marketing in this industry include:

  1. Easy targeting through segmentation
  2. Ability to design newsletter templates for products
  3. Automations to trigger action
  4. Cost-effectiveness
  5. Direct communication

Consumer goods — best practices

1. Offer value in content 

Your brand needs to reflect its personality in the emails. Always focus on offering some kind of value to your customers. Segment your audience according to their preferences and interests to send relevant content to them that they actually want to see. News, trends, suggestions, polls are a great way to engage your audience. To understand the preferences of your audience, you can also ask them in the welcome emails about the kind of content they want to receive. 

2. Lay emphasis on design

These days everyone tends to open their emails on mobile phones. Make sure your email is responsive to mobile devices. The layout and design of your email also matter a lot. The CTA should be clear and readable. Choose an email template that goes well with your brand or your strategy. For instance, Mailmunch offers a library of 1000+ free email templates, designed professionally for lead optimization. From new product email templates to back-in-stock templates and promotional email templates, you can find loads of free, fully customizable email templates to suit your needs. 

3. Make an email schedule

To decide the frequency of your emails, it is always better to decide upon a schedule. Plan your emails according to events, promotions, and user journeys. For instance, if you have a sale coming up, plan at least one month before the launch date so that you have plenty of time to work out the flash sale email content strategy, targeting, and frequency. As far as the user journey-based emails are concerned, with Mailmunch automation, you can automate the emails based on various user actions, for example, welcome emails upon sign up, cart abandonment emails when a person adds something to the cart but does not complete the purchase, etc. 

Why use Mailmunch for consumer goods emails? 

With the ease of crafting an engaging, lead-optimized, and fully responsive email, Mailmunch offers complete control of your email marketing strategy: from building your own email list to tracking the performance of your email marketing campaign. 

It is a comprehensive lead generation suite that gives you the ability to skyrocket your revenues with minimal effort. Even with zero coding knowledge, you can easily send emails, grow your audience and expand your reach! 

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Fashion Industry Dynamics

The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries in the world which is projected to grow from 1.5 trillion USD in 2020 to around 2.25 trillion USD by 2025 (Statista), showing an increase in the demand for clothing and accessories in the years to come.

Importance of Email Marketing in the Fashion Industry

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that fashion brands are focusing on extensive and thorough marketing strategies to make the most of the rising demand in fashion and apparel around the world. One of the most crucial factors to a successful marketing campaign in this industry includes fashion email marketing. The reason is simple: you get to tell your story directly to your potential customer that can increase the chances of triggering an action.

Types of Fashion Emails That Can Trigger Action

Fashion emails are a perfect opportunity to make announcements, disseminate quality fashion content, news, etc. through creative email designs. Here are a few types of fashion emails you can send to your subscribers to encourage interaction:

1. New Arrival Announcement

Whenever you introduce a new collection or category in your store, it always pays off to inform your subscribers and create a buzz about it for traction. Just keep in mind that you:

  • Add links to the newly arrived collection, catalog, or category.
  • Add attention-grabbing, professional photographs of the original products.
  • Send multiple emails to reinforce and create attraction.

2. Seasonal Sale and Promotional Email

This is the most common form of fashion email marketing. If you want to slash your prices, go for a seasonal sale (Black Friday, Fall Sale, New Year Sale, Fashion Week Sale, to name a few) or give incentives such as free shipping or BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) offer, it is the best time to send an email. However, the effectiveness of this practice lies in how excitingly you portray the deals and promotional offers. So let’s look at some important pointers to incorporate:

  • Create urgency. For example, “Hurry up, shop while the stock lasts!” or “Sale ending in 3 days!”
  • Add instructions or links to the sale page. If you’re giving a promo code to use, make sure it is clearly written in the email and the relevant link to the particular collection is there.
  • Do appropriate segmentation. If, for example, the sale is valid on a particular kind of women’s shoes, you would want to exclude those women who have already purchased those shoes in the last month.

3. Abandoned Cart Email

Where about 70 - 80% of people add an item to their cart and are unable to make a purchase, an abandoned cart email brings back approximately 18 - 20% of the sales. That’s because an abandoned cart email is likely to give a nudge to people who already liked your product, added it to the cart but got distracted somehow. So, they are likely to convert. It is always a great idea for an abandoned cart email to have:

  • A picture of the fashion product added to the cart.
  • An incentive for the customer if she/he comes back and purchases the product.
  • A link to customer support in case the customer has any questions.
  • A social media review of the product to reassure the customer that another person bought the product and is satisfied with the purchase.

4. Post-purchase Email

Your interaction with the customer does not end once they have made a purchase. You can always send a post-purchase email:

  • Thanking them for making a purchase.
  • Asking for a review/referral/social media share.
  • Cross-selling or recommending new, similar products.

Fashion Emails — Best Practices

So, here are a few best practices for fruitful fashion email campaigns:

1. Welcome your customers

An average welcome email generates 4x higher open rates as compared to bulk promotional emails. A fashion welcome email is the best way to interact with your customers for the first time on a personal level. You can elevate the brand’s love by thanking them, sending them a gift card or a discount voucher on their first purchase!

2. Educate your customers

An email should never always be about promotions, especially when it comes to fashion. A nicely designed fashion email template with interactive elements, engaging stories, and fashion tips that actually acts as an educational and informative message can boost conversions.

3. Personalize your emails

Personalization creates an instant connection of the brand with its customers. You can always send recommended items as a fashion email newsletter by tracking the customer journey on your eCommerce store. Analyze the customer behavior using past email clicks and purchase history to power hyper-personalized fashion product recommendations straight in your customers’ inboxes!

4. Focus on design

Fashion is a super creative industry and you would never want your fashion email newsletter to be dull and boring, right? Mailmunch with its rich template library of modern, artistic, and customizable fashion newsletter designs gives you the perfect opportunity to create conversion-optimized and responsive emails through simple drag and drop!

5. Create drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are a great way to interact with your customer at every stage of their journey. In fashion, since every customer is just one click away from their next purchase, it is quite important to analyze the customer behavior and respond accordingly through a drip campaign because you would not want to lose your customer to your competitor at any point.

Why use Mailmunch for Fashion Email Marketing?

Mailmunch is a comprehensive suite of email marketing tools that enables you to create stunning emails by choosing from a library of hundreds of customizable email templates designed professionally to convert. Besides, it offers powerful integrations with different email marketing services that can help you build your targeted list of customers. Even with little to no tech understanding or familiarity with coding, you can easily create automated emails and drip campaigns to generate leads like a pro.

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