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Real estate business dynamics

With the pandemic hitting the global economy in 2020 due to nationwide lockdowns, real estate has been relatively one of the safest bets to generate acceptable returns during times of uncertainty. Now, since the capital investment is accelerating across the world, with global transaction volumes rising to US$247 billion (JLL)  in the second quarter of 2021, (a 103% rise since 2020), it is quite obvious that even those real estate projects that were at a stagnant value, such as hotels and retail, will see substantial growth.

Importance of email marketing in real estate business

Being a realtor, you already understand how important the decision of buying or selling a property is for your clients. It takes months and even years for them to take a leap and come up with an actionable settlement. 

So, instead of just waiting for your clients to make up their minds about buying or selling their property, use real estate email marketing to trigger the thought process and nurture leads. It might help them make a decision or expedite action. 

Besides, email marketing is one of the best tools, especially for realtors. Here’s why: 

1. It gives you complete control

For example, on other digital platforms, you cannot be sure who will see your content or will it even reach the audience you are trying to engage with. Emails give you the control of knowing that you’ve reached your target audience directly without having to worry about the algorithms. 

2. It allows ease of segmentation

With email marketing, you can segment your audience according to demographics and their behaviors. Mailmunch’s advanced segmentation helps you understand your user behavior and target the audience according to your campaign goal.

3. It gives a personalized feel

An email is more like a personal letter landing in your client’s inbox. It creates a direct one-to-one relationship between you and the client. Therefore, it is more likely to generate leads. 

Real estate email ideas that can trigger action

Since property-related decisions require extensive knowledge of market trends, real estate emails are a great way to give important information to your clients. Here are a few real estate email campaign ideas that can trigger action:

1. Welcome your customers

A welcome email is a warm gesture that can start a conversation with your client, interested in receiving emails from you. Since it serves as your first engagement opportunity, make sure the email is all about building a relationship with the client. Let them know what to expect in future communications or ask them about the kind of content they would like to see in their inbox. 

2. Add value to your email

Add value to your email newsletters. Since your subscribers know that you are a realtor, give them interesting and up-to-date information about prices, market dynamics, etc. Include infographics, videos, short articles in your realtor email templates.  Not only can you generate leads through such email campaigns but can also keep your existing clients informed, engaged, and on their toes for your next newsletter. A few things you can add to your real estate email marketing templates include:

3. Send greetings

One of the best ways to stay connected with your clients is to show care. Send your clients personalized greetings on their birthday, anniversary, or on the date they became your client, thanking them for trusting you. Choose from Mailmunch’s exclusive library of over 100 fully optimized, responsive email templates designed for holiday greetings, special occasions, etc. 

Why use Mailmunch for real estate email marketing?

Mailmunch lets you take control of your marketing strategy through its comprehensive suite of email marketing tools that enables you to create conversion-optimized emails through an intuitive drag and drop tool. Besides, through powerful integrations with different email service providers, you can build your own email list and automate your marketing campaigns with Mailmunch Automations. 

Without tracking or monitoring your email campaigns, you can never improve, right? Well, Mailmunch also gives you access to analytics where you can track the results of your campaigns for a better understanding.