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Travel industry dynamics

The travel and tourism industry is a mix of different industries, lodging, and transportation. In 2019, the direct contribution of this industry to the GDP was around 2.9 trillion U.S. dollars with the United States contributing the most, i.e.  580.7 billion U.S. dollars (Statista). 

2020 saw a major drip in these statistics due to the pandemic. However, with the recreational and travel requirements gradually decreasing, and the increasing demand of people to get out of their homes and travel, the industry is likely to see an exponential boost in the coming years. 

Importance of email marketing in the travel & tourism industry 

Being one of the biggest, multi-million dollar industries in the world that is ultra-competitive, it is extremely important to constantly get new customers, retain existing ones, and make your business stand out. 

In the digital world, where every other person is posting wanderlust stories, the demand for travel and recreation is high, so are the challenges for travel businesses. Here’s why:

Therefore, the key is to reach the right audience at the right time and email marketing is the best possible way to avoid the roadblocks and land directly in the mailbox of your targeted audience. 

Uses of email marketing in travel business

Travel email marketing is the best way to connect with your potential customers and trigger a thought process or maybe help them take action on a pending travel plan. In any case, travel emails are pretty useful. Here’s how:

Types of travel emails that can trigger action

To make your travel email marketing strategy successful, consider making the following types of emails a part of your campaigns:

1. Welcome email

Over 82% of email users open welcome emails so they can act as a perfect opportunity for you to make a connection with your customers. Also, you can ask them to set their preferences, giving you a chance to segment your audience for future emails, according to their likes.

2. Milestone email

You can start loyalty and reward programs. Such emails let you send discounts and offers to your customers on their birthdays or during special travel seasons. 

3. Newsletters

Put ideas in your audience’s head. Entice them with vacation ideas, interviews with celebrities telling about their favorite travel spot, and your latest deals and packages in your travel template. Add expert advice, opinions, weather updates, travel guides, and the latest travel requirements. 

Travel industry — best practices

Here are a few best practices for a successful travel email marketing campaign:

1. Personalize

83% of millennials like travel brands to track them for personalized services (SmartInsights) and 85% of travelers prefer customized itineraries. So, personalization in travel emails can go a long way. A relevant suggestion or offer is likely to act as a lead magnet that can result in conversion. 

2. Add videos

66% of travelers do their research based on videos before making up their minds about a particular vacation destination. Videos are a great way to disseminate information interestingly. Add attention-grabbing short videos to your HTML email templates to boost engagement and interaction. 

3. Create urgency 

Nothing convinces a buyer more than “a limited time offer” to make a purchase. You can use this technique on travel flash sales. Put a timer or countdown in your newsletter templates to trigger a purchase. 

4. Focus on design 

Content and design go hand in hand. If you want to boost the click-through rate, then make sure your email design is responsive and fully optimized. Choose the relevant design, for instance, a summer holidays template for special seasonal discounts or a wild adventure template to promote a safari package. 

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