Increase sales and boost conversions through precise marketing analytics


With in-depth analytics, you can track performance over time, look for trends, and jump into an individual campaign with a click.


With advanced reporting and intelligent dashboards, you remain on top of what’s really going on with each campaign and what’s working in your business.

Revenue Attribution

Gone are the days of guesswork and speculation. With our Revenue Attribution tool, you can know the exact number of sales and revenue generated from every email you send out. Get to know if your campaigns are making as much money for you as they could be.

Maximize Engagement, Conversions, and Sales


Mailmunch reporting includes everything even at the most granular level. With Impressions, you can understand which lead generation campaign is getting the most traction.

Subscription rates

With a detailed report of daily subscriber rates, you can get a comprehensive understanding of your target audience and the days of the month you get the most subscribers.

Open rates

With analytics like open rates, you can have a detailed grasp of what type of content is working with your audience and what is compelling them to open your emails.


With Mailmunch’s detailed analytics, see where you’re acing it, what may need your attention, and how to aim even higher.


Interested to know which demographics are most popular with your business? With a detailed report on the demographics, you can see data like popular geographical locations, devices used, top routing domains, and much more.

Bounce rates

You put a lot of effort into your emails. With Mailmunch, make sure to land them in the inbox and connect with your customers. Drive up your open rates and get rid of poor-quality contacts, reduce bounces, and boost metrics.

Spam rates

With our detailed analytics, remain on top of your spam rates so you can keep it as low as possible making sure your emails end up with the right audience.

Conversion rates

With a detailed analysis of your conversion rates, write your emails your audience is most likely to engage with and see your ROI soar.

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“Awesome app, I have had over 2000 sign ups in a few months with the Mailmunch pop-up. It is so easy to use and has all the features I need for my website. In fact, I have installed on all 3 of my Shopify websites. A definite must-have for any Shopify store!”

Ally Cohen

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