First visualize, then actualize greatness with Automations

Your customers’ behavior is the juice for great marketing. Create visual marketing flows based on behavioral targeting.

Nurture meaningful relationships

With Automations, you can trigger sequences to start conversations with new customers or build new campaigns for existing customers. Setup sequences that gauge how far along a person is in their customer journey and reach out to them accordingly.

Recover sales and recommend products

Among many use cases for Automations, the hallmark function is reducing abandoned carts and recommending new products. Choose from pre-built templates and create email series that are triggered when a person either buys, abandons their cart, or signs up on your website.

Level-up performance with behavioral targeting

Marketing is most effective when it’s based on how a customer interacts with your brand. Automations lets you gauge email interactions and cart behavior to allow you to tailor your message for a variety of customer behavior.

Create focussed, targeted campaigns with visual builder

You get a birds-eye view of all your campaigns, no matter how complex. Stay up to date with all your setups, swiftly make changes and enjoy the easiest campaign-planning flow in the market.

Find everything in one dashboard

Drag and drop editor

Automations let you play around with all elements of a campaign flow visually. You can drag and place triggers, conditions, actions and more.

Multiple triggers

Save chunks of time, and create distilled flows that allow you the reach just the right customer by setting up multiple triggers like opens, and clicks.

Exact time intervals

If you create a series of multiple emails, you can command when to send them out to time your campaigns perfectly.

Email loops

Follow up with customers who don’t open or click your emails by adding triggers that allow you to reach out to them after specified times.

Visual Workflows

You’ll know exactly what’s happening at each step of your campaign with clear diagrams and labels. You can easily glance over, and comprehend even the most complex of campaigns.

Easy reporting

Track audience engagement and success of your campaigns with real-time reporting that allows you to measure and tweak as required.

All features

Email Marketing

Create email campaigns that drive conversions and inform subscribers with a wide suite of available tools.

Forms and Popups

Choose from a wide variety of forms to deploy highly converting lead magnets on your website.

Revenue Attribution

Find out how much your email marketing is truly worth by knowing how many sales you generate from each email.

Cart Abandonment

Invite abandoning customers without enticing pre-built abandoned cart email templates to increase your sales.

Landing Pages

Build from scratch or choose from hundreds of templates to build the perfect landing page for any instance.

Marketing Analytics

Stay informed and find valuable insights with our wide host of reports and analytics.


Reward loyal customers by giving them discounts and building strong relationships.


Make lead generation engaging and exciting by gamifying your opt-in forms.

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