Crank Up Your Lead Generation: 22 Strategies for Success

John Davier
John Davier

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August 31, 2023

Whether you’re a business or a website, it won’t be of any use if there are no visitors. Bringing more and more visitors becomes the utmost priority for you because only a few out of these visitors may turn into customers.

Running a business but not sure how to bring more clients to your business website? Don’t worry, we have prepared a list of some of the effective ways that will help you gain customers.

But before we get into that, let us understand what lead generation is and why is it required in business.

What is the Lead Generation process?

Lead Generation is a way of getting clients interested in your products or services. It is a process to increase sales of a business by attracting visitors and turning them into potential customers.

The process is simple to understand:

  1. A visitor looks at your advertisement or content
  2. They visit your website’s homepage
  3. They find something encouraging and takes some sort of action
  4. In exchange for an offer, a visitor has to fill out a form and thus you have a lead

Once a lead is generated, you work to turn them into a customer.

Now let us go through each of the strategies that will help you generate leads for your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO flowchart drawn by a programmer

Normally, the people who look for content or products in search engines tend to click on the links that are visible on the first page results. It becomes necessary for a business or website to appear on these pages so that they can get noticed.

SEO is an effective way to get your website ranked higher in search engines. Due to this, it becomes easily accessible to the audience and you have a higher chance to generate a lead. SEO keywords are the phrases that people normally use when looking for something on Google.

Researching SEO keywords will help you understand what people are looking for on the internet and these phrases can be used in your content so that your content appears higher in SERP (search engine result pages).

Social Media Marketing

social media icons

2.65 billion people are using social media all over the world. Just think how much your company could benefit if they target users on social media to generate leads.

Target the people and convert them into leads on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can send promotions to audiences based on the geo-locations.

Social media offers a provision where you can restrict your search to a particular area and send the promotional offers or run the advertisements for the users of specific areas.

Email Marketing

Here, you broadcast commercial emails to a group of people, existing or non-existing customers. It helps you interact with people and helps you increase sales by promoting your brand.

There are several reasons why email marketing can prove to be beneficial to your business. But you need to work over your subject line and content properly before you send emails to your mailing list.

Search Engines and Social media keep updating their algorithms but you won’t observe changes in the email marketing system. Thus, you can have direct communication with the leads you have generated.

Contact Influencers

Imagine someone credible to your field promoting your services and helping you generate leads. That’s influencer marketing in which you hire a person or an organization with strong followers to do promotion on your behalf.

This is a part of social media marketing because influencers target their followers via social media only. Around 80% of marketers say that influencer marketing is an effective way to generate leads.

Rather than contacting and reaching out to a bunch of people, why not contact an individual with more reach and do the work for you.

Paid Advertisement on Facebook

facebook banner

If you are a business, Facebook has a provision where you can run page ads and boost the reach of your services or products to a group of people who are interested in it.

Facebook allows you to track the performance of your advertisement via reports. It lets you select your audience as well as select a place and time to advertise.

Marketing by Content/Blog

Content marketing is a lead generation strategy where visitors can turn into clients based on the answers they get from your content. This means, your content should be satisfactory and informative for a visitor.

Normally, blogs carry an informal tone so that visitors feel more comfortable with the language used and engage with comfort.

This is a good chance for converting visitors into leads. Even the search engine ranks you higher if the content satisfies the questions of visitors. So, write more content and generate leads by promoting your blog.



Why Podcasting? The better question is, why not Podcasting? According to a recent CBS News Survey, 2/3rd of the Americans are listening to podcasts once in a while and there are various platforms where you can launch your podcasts. Turning your content into an audio file will help you reach more people which may convert visitors into leads. But make sure your audio quality is good. You can use any audio editor tool for this purpose.

And why are we telling you that podcasts will reach more people? It’s because people can listen to podcasts while jogging, while driving, at a restaurant, at bars, at coffee shops, in public transport and even at home.

You can directly reach your audience and this will help you build trust with them. It will help you create a good network and attract more site visitors.

Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a platform for questions and answers where people post questions related to any topics and the users can answer. Answer queries of other users and you may find them coming to your website.

You can search for questions that people are asking about your services, company or products. You can reach them and answer their queries. This way, you can spread awareness about your business and also build authority in your domain of business.

You can find other effective tips here for marketing on Quora to generate leads.

Make YouTube Videos

There might be people who are interested in your topics and products but do not like to read. And this is where videos come in.

Videos are easier to digest than text. An added benefit is that Google owns YouTube and thus adding/creating videos will help you increase the number of leads.

This person added annotations to his videos and linked his website, to generate more traffic to his site. And more traffic means more leads :)

youtube video screenshot

Create Infographics

An image is worth a 1000 words.

This means a single image sometimes conveys more than text ever could. After all, we are build to absorb visual information much quicker and easier than text. Keeping user ease in mind, create infographics for your content and share them.

infographic on pinterest

This is an infographic on Pinterest which is linked to its original website. Thus, infographics can help you generate traffic for your website which may possibly convert into leads.

Create eBooks

ebook visualization

Your existing readers and visitors may find ebooks on your blogs more helpful than blog posts, and you may even attract new visitors who come in solely for your ebooks.

seo guide landing page screenshot

An example of how links can be inserted in the EBook[/caption]

An ebook or a pdf copy of your content is something that a reader can keep offline and even share on social media. So, ebooks can be a good option for you to promote your content and generate leads through them.

Run Contests

For your services or products, you can run an online contest that will attract visitors to your site.

Running an online contest helps you create a buzz in the marketplace and attracts site visitors from social media. You can run contests where you can ask the visitor to share your content, tag friends, answer questions and tag your company in the posts, etc.

product craft giveaway screen

Product Craft creates a weekly giveaway contest for getting more traffic to their website. This helps generate buzz for their website and brings in new people interested in winning contests, sweepstakes, discounts, etc.

Referrals through existing Customers

You can ask for referrals from your existing customers but before that, you need to make sure that your existing customers are satisfied with your services and trust you. You can encourage customers by incentivizing them through discounts, exclusive offers, and other lead magnets to encourage them to refer their friends and colleagues.

Referral marketing helps you save expenditure on advertising and helps you create more loyal customers. Not all referrals might turn into leads but it is still an effective way to generate leads.

Google AdWords

This is Google’s advertising platform where you pay Google for advertising your content with other active users via apps, browsers, etc.

The position of your advertisement is based on your ad rank. Say for example a competitor’s website has similar content to yours, then the highest bidder (one who pays more bid per click) will get the preference to be on the top.

Ads are an easy way for people to find you. You don’t have to work on SEO but can still appear for your target keywords by paying money.

Add CTAs on Website

A red button with the words "Take action" on it

You are making a mistake if you are not placing the CTA button on your website. Why is a Call-to-Action used on websites? It is there to encourage a user to take a certain action. The key to making it work is to place them at the right spots.

It should prompt visitors to take action. When the visitor lands on a page of your website, he should know exactly where to click and what to expect after clicking. For example, if you are talking about a book on your website, the CTA button will be “Download now!”.

This encourages the user to click on the button and download the book. For a product or service website, the popularly used CTAs are “Buy Now”, “Read More”, “Purchase”, “Click Here”, etc.

Host Webinars

Webinar or Web Seminar is an online discussion conducted for promoting a business, service or product. This type of marketing allows you to connect to a large audience through videos.

In-order to watch your video, the visitors will have to register and fill up a form. This helps you gain visitors and generate leads through them.

seo webinar screenshot hosted on youtube

Through Webinars, you can demonstrate your products and run a question and answer session at the end. This is a chance to answer potential customers’ questions so that they are more encouraged to purchase it.

Posting more frequently on blogs

This strategy is a part of content marketing where you can generate and bring more traffic on your website by posting new content at regular intervals.

graph showing impact of frequency of blogging on rate of leads collected

A study showed that blogging more than 52+ posts will increase lead generation by 77%.

This means you need to keep posting new articles frequently. Encourage visitors to leave a comment and do not forget to reply to them.

Event Marketing

Event marketing gives your company or business an opportunity to come in contact with the customers directly. Event marketing can be done during an event, successful meeting or in an exhibition where you can promote your business and interact with a number of people.

Wordstream booth at an event

You can approach various events for promoting your services or business and in return, this will help you generate leads.

Make your Website Fast and Responsive

Yes, this factor also affects the number of visitors converting into customers. The majority of visitors will leave your website immediately if it takes a long time to load. Making the loading time faster can convince the visitor to stay on the webpage.

If you optimize the speed of the loading time of your page, then you might lose fewer visitors then you previously did.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is where you separately observe two versions of a web page. One is page is shown to half of the audience and the other one to the other half.

Here both the versions of the web page will have variations and you will check which web page gives a better user experience and increases the conversion rate. Thus, finalize the version that brings more customers and gives you a better conversion rate.

Send Newsletters

graphic showing envelopes shooting out of a computer screen

This is a part of an email marketing strategy where you send emails to your audience at regular intervals. A company can opt for newsletter marketing by sending informative emails to their clients or to the email list that they have built.

The newsletter contains information on different products, upcoming products, changes in pricing, sales, etc. But if you want to build real value through newsletters, give your audience what they actually care about. Once you understand their needs and desires, tailor your content to that and provide them useful information to assist them in their lives. This keeps the audience updated with your activities and gives you a fair chance to convert leads into customers.

Do Affiliate Marketing

two hands shaking and greeting

The last strategy on the list is affiliate marketing. If you are running a business and want to generate traffic on your website, give links to other websites. But first, look for websites that have a larger audience and then target those websites.

When the visitors click on that unique link provided to the website, they will be directed to your page and there is a fair chance that they might be converted into customers. Once they convert into your customers, you will have to give a specific percentage commission to that website

Read more about how affiliate marketers can start a WordPress blog in this detailed article by JaysOnlineReviews.


Generating leads is a never-ending process. Yes, it can stop if you are satisfied with the number of clients you have made. But nah, we are humans, we strive for more.

So, these are some of the best marketing strategies that you can use to generate leads for your business. This is not a complete list of strategies, but are some tactics worth a try.

Please leave us a comment and let us know which marketing strategy you have opted for your business to generate leads. Please do not hesitate to write your queries in the comment section below.


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