How to Build an Ecommerce App in 2021 Without Any Coding

Abhinav Girdhar
Abhinav Girdhar

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January 19, 2024

In the post-pandemic world, the way we do business is bound to change. However, in the world of e-commerce, things seem to be looking up. Yes, we will be practicing social distancing for the better part of the year, but that will not stop us from buying stuff we need or want!

This is where the eCommerce businesses come in. E-commerce with its ease and convenience presents a lucrative option for consumers to get everything delivered to their doorstep.

What is an E-Commerce App?

Until some time ago, e-commerce businesses almost exclusively conducted their business through websites. However, in recent times, the potential of mobile apps has become all but clear to everyone in the business. An e-commerce mobile app makes its way to the most intimate and important part of our everyday lives – our smartphones.

An e-commerce app is a mobile application that lets the app owners put up their offerings or products to sell to the app users.

These e-commerce apps can be the only way the app owners are catering to their customers or it can be in addition to a successful brick and mortar store. The bottom line is that e-commerce apps have helped businesses break geographical barriers and expand their customer base.

Before opting for an E-Commerce app, think about optimizing the store first. Join hands with Mailmunch, an all-in-one tool for branding, theme customization, and higher sales conversion rate. Build your online store in minutes by drag and drop builder using the desired elements.

Benefits of creating an E-Commerce app for your business

Many reports show a spike in smartphone users’ year on year, and with everything on halt due to COVID-19 pandemic, mobile usage seems to be growing. Creating an eCommerce app for your business in this scenario can help you increase revenue not just in 2020, but for years to come. Listed hereunder are some of the amazing benefits of making an eCommerce app for your business –

1. Increases customer loyalty

Gaining customer’s trust and building good relationships with them is a time taking and tedious process. A mobile app not only gives you an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with customers, but it also proves to be an effective way to provide value to your customers and increase customer loyalty. With a mobile app, you can even reward your customers and consistently get feedback for your products and services.

2. Apps are faster

Mobile apps are usually faster than mobile websites. Not just performance, mobile apps are also handy in quickly notifying users about new products, deals, etc. Mobile apps store data locally on the device and run on frameworks, which improves their speed and makes them five times faster than mobile websites.

3. Apps offer personalized content

One of the amazing advantages of creating a mobile app for your eCommerce business is that apps help you deliver content to users, based on their preferences and interests, boosting user engagement to a greater level. Not just this, by offering personalized content, you can make user experience more delightful and serve your users in a better way.

4. Apps experience higher engagement

With a mobile app, you can deliver immersive user experience, boost conversation with customers, and increase user engagement to a greater extent. A mobile app offers a two-way immersive experience, which lets users interact easily with one another, thus improving communication and increasing retention level.

5. Apps help with marketing & promotions

Another great benefit of mobile apps is that they help you expand your audience to reach beyond the domestic boundaries in a very short time at low marketing costs. By publishing your mobile app to app stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can increase business visibility and gain customers from all across the globe.

6. Apps can use the device features

Mobile apps have the capability to utilize various features of a native device, such as a camera for scanning QR and bar codes, GPS to connect with maps, etc. This capability of mobile apps saves the user time by initiating and performing actions, bringing about change in the way the user interacts with the device and your mobile app.

7. Apps make communication easier

The biggest advantage of eCommerce app development is that it allows customers to easily connect with you, anytime from anywhere through any device. Yes, with call, chat, and one-touch features, customers don’t need to worry about anything. They can instantly get in touch with you and get solutions for their queries or issues.

How to create an eCommerce app – the no-code way!

E-commerce app development from scratch may require years. This means you need to have deep pockets to shell out fat checks to the agency you hired or hire a full-time development team to create the app and maintain it later.

It is this thought process that has made most small businesses or entrepreneurs a little wary of getting an app of their own.

However, creating an e-commerce app using Appy Pie’s e-commerce app builder is really easy! The platform promises to help you create an app in just a few steps and the best part, you do not have to get into coding, at all! There are some more platforms you can try to create an app online without any coding such as and

Here’s how you can create an eCommerce app using Appy Pie:

  1. Go to and click on Get Started
  2. Enter the app name to continue
  3. Choose the category that best fits your business
  4. Pick the color scheme to enhance the visual appeal of your app
  5. Choose the test device as per your needs
  6. Now create an account for your app to continue
  7. Enhance the look and feel of your mobile app under app customization section
  8. Click on Save and Continue to test the demo app
  9. Go to app editor section from My Apps area
  10. Add store feature with your product listings, and click on Save and Continue to finish creating your eCommerce app.

Top features to add in an E-Commerce app

You can create an eCommerce app without any coding in a few minutes, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind if you want to improve user experience and keep them engaged for long. What makes an app stand out is its features so you must focus on adding the features that are easy and beneficial for the users. Listed hereunder are some of the top features that you can add to your eCommerce app –

1) Registration

Make the registration process simple and easy for your customers. Avoid annoying your customers using long registration forms, include only essential fields like name, email, password, etc. If possible, integrate Google or Facebook login for registration.

2) Payment

Try adding multiple payment methods in your eCommerce app. With different payment options in your app, your customers can easily make the payment safely, securely, and hassle-free. Some payment options that you can integrate in your mobile app include net banking, credit card, debit card, or third party payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

3) Push Notifications

With push notifications feature into your mobile app, you can easily and instantly notify your customers about new products, latest offerings, deals, discount coupons, etc. The added benefit of push notifications is that it quickly provides the necessary information and gains the attention of users. Many studies show that most users visit the app when they receive a push notification.

4) Ratings and Review

The ratings and review feature gives your users a quick way to provide feedback regarding any product or service, report any bugs, and share their suggestions. Based on their feedback and suggestions, you can make the necessary changes in your eCommerce mobile app and dramatically improve your user acquisition.

5) Social Media

By integrating social media features into your eCommerce mobile app, you can not only increase user engagement, but you can also establish a direct connection with your customers. You can even make use of the social networks to share information about new products, latest offerings, deals, discount coupons, etc. with the customers.

6) App Analytics

App analytics is one of the most beneficial features for any mobile app as it lets you keep track of user behavior, allowing you to improve user experience based on it. With this data and reports, you can also drive personalized, customer-focused marketing and make your eCommerce app truly successful.

7) Contact

Contact is another top feature that allows your customers to get in touch with you instantly through email, phone number, WhatsApp, etc. The contact feature gives a professional touch to your mobile app and makes it easy for customers to share their custom requirements.

With an E-Commerce business, you can keep experimenting with new strategies and techniques. Try Mailmunch to apply unique design changes to multiple product pages and save time with the intuitive drag and drop builder to keep the branding consistent.


Today you can find thousands of eCommerce businesses driving sales and revenue through mobile apps. You know more and more users are going mobile and making purchases through mobile apps. So what’s stopping you from being a part of this app bandwagon? Add mobile app developement in your ecommerce marketing plans now.

Now that you are aware of eCommerce apps, its benefits, the process of creating the app, and the useful features of the app, you must give a thought of creating one for your eCommerce business.

Don’t wait before it’s too late.

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