How To Design An eCommerce 'About Us' Page with 5 Examples

Robert Brandl
Robert Brandl

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March 27, 2024

There is a huge possibility that you’ve read a company’s 'About us' page before buying a product or service online. Customers tend to establish a certain level of trust with the company before purchase.

When it comes to building trust, customers tend to believe personal recommendations the most, but having the 'About us' page with the right information further increases trust and likelihood of conversion. After all, data show that more than half of customers want to read the 'About us' page during the phase of consideration.

Keep reading to understand the importance of 'About us' pages for e-commerce businesses, how to create an outstanding page that radiates with trust and empathy, and get creative examples along with takeaways to make a memorable 'About us' page.

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The importance of the 'About us' page in eCommerce

KoMarketing conducted detailed research and found out that 52% of customers want to read 'About us' page once they’ve landed on the homepage.

Having the 'About us' page is a necessity, and it’s rare to find an e-commerce business lacking it. However, it’s very common that businesses follow a certain structure that lacks personal touch and details while creating, arguably, one of their most important pages.

Providing the details about the company, its mission and vision, its story and ways to solve customer’s problems on a single page is a great way to build trust with first-time visitors. Which is very important as 31% of customers say trustworthiness is the most essential aspect that leads to purchase.

Here’s a good analogy. Let’s say you’ve just met a new person in a bar. What would be the first thing you’ll talk about? Most likely, you’re going to introduce each other and want to know more about the person. If the person shares similar values and stories as you, there is a huge possibility that you find them interesting and looking forward to maintaining the connection and relationship.

The same goes for the 'About us' page in e-commerce businesses.

Customers don’t just want to know product details anymore - they want to know more about you and your business on a personal level. Here are a few key questions ‘About us’ page should aim to answer:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • How can your business improve or change customer lives?
  • What is your story behind your brand?
  • What separates you from the competition?
  • What’s your mission and vision?
  • How do you successfully do what you’re doing?

How to write an outstanding eCommerce 'About us' page

Creating a user-friendly e-commerce website has never been easier since there are tons of free eCommerce website builders that can significantly streamline this process.  

Whether you’re using an AI website builder or building a site from scratch, keep in mind the following guidelines while you’re designing ‘About us’ page for your online shop:

#1- Share your story

Showing your personal and human side is extremely powerful when it comes to building trust with potential customers. Storytelling, if done right, has the power to deeply connect with your audience while instantly creating a level of trust and empathy. Don’t hesitate to talk about your humble beginnings and why you do what you do. Connect this with how your brand evolved from an idea to a vision, and finally create a brand logo using logo maker to represent your business.

For example, you’ve been traveling around Asia and were shocked by the amount of plastic waste on the beaches that, on social media, remind of a paradise. You’ve decided to create a line of environment-friendly products such as reusable water bottles, bamboo straws, etc.

The honest story won’t only create a deeper connection with potential customers, but also show them your values and the human side of your brand.

#2- Explain the ways you can help your customers

The common thing of poorly written 'About us' pages is glorifying and sharing only the things about the company while putting the customers in the second plan.

Try to not be completely self-centered. Leave some room on your page to focus on your customers and the problems they are facing since they’ve probably landed on your page looking for someone or something they need.

Proving that you understand your audience, have the right solution(s) and can be trusted can have a significant impact on your sales numbers.

#3- Include testimonials and customer feedback

It is not a secret that 90% of customers admit how positive reviews and feedback positively influence their decision to buy.

Just saying “I’m the best” won’t cut it. You have to show your potential prospects that you have the capability and proven track of success in your eCommerce reporting. The numbers and results speak more than words, so be sure to include reviews and feedback of satisfied customers.

testimonials on about page

In the picture above, you can see how Tortuga Backpacks implemented customer feedback and testimonials into their ‘About us’ page. Simple, unobtrusive, effective.

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Here's a great guide by Fera on the importance of having a testimonial page on your website that'll teach you how to gather, format and display this information.

#4- Don’t forget call-to-action

Way too many businesses forget to include a simple call-to-action in their 'About us' page. It’s important that you don’t let your potential prospects leave without completing a certain action.

Make your ecommerce search engine optimization count by placing a simple CTA button at the bottom of your page, as it can do wonders for your conversion rates.

Placing a simple CTA button at the bottom of your page can do wonders for your conversion rates. Depending on your business model, aim for a simple and actionable sentence, such as:

  • ‘Check out our newest product’
  • ‘Get 30% discount now’
  • ‘Schedule a free consultation’
  • ‘Shop now’
  • ‘Learn more’
newsletter sign up form from Newchapter

NewChapter is a business that focuses on producing organic multivitamins that are fermented from natural sources. At the very top of their 'About us' page, they share their story, mission and vision, values, the ways their product can help customers and on the bottom, they put a minimalistic call-to-action. In the picture above, you can see they have a simple newsletter sign up form that’s a powerful tool for converting prospects.

5 Outstanding 'About Us' page examples

Nothing proves the point as well as a great example, so let’s look at some of our favorites.

#1- Nike

The first on our list is Nike, a global sportswear manufacturer.

nike about us page

The moment you land on the 'About us' page, you’ll be greeted with a creative and visual content showcasing the athletes using their products while exercising. Nike knows who are their customers and they show it outstandingly from the very beginning. Again, their mission and purpose are about inspiring people to live a healthy life. Just below their mission, you can see a powerful quote ‘If you have a body, you are an athlete.’ which tells much about their targeted audience.

When you scroll down, they share the ways of doing business, getting personal by talking about their talented and innovative team, including social impact projects and sustainable business models as well as having various call-to-action buttons to continue with the journey through their website.

Key takeaways:

  • Include strong visuals since people are more likely to remember the information from visuals. 32% of marketers reported that visual content is the most important form of content for their businesses.
  • Don’t forget to share your mission and vision
  • Talk about your team to get more personal with potential customers
  • Include call-to-action

#2- Arcido

Arcido is a fairly new business that implemented a successful e-commerce store. The company was founded by two long-term travelers who were constantly facing the problem of having too much luggage that resulted in higher costs of traveling and inefficiency while moving from place to place. They manufacture portable backpacks and supporting accessories specially designed for entrepreneurs on the move.

arcido minimalistic about page

As you can see, their 'About us' page is very minimalistic and directly communicates their brand and mission which are already based on minimalism. At the very beginning, they’ve shared their mission, story, and why they’ve created a business. They also try to prove how they deeply care about customer feedback and mention other ways they use to provide a quality product.

Also, they included visual aspects in the form of high-resolution pictures showing customers wearing their products which should help to increase trust among potential customers.

Key takeaways:

  • Include visuals of customers using your product
  • Aim for a minimalistic style and structure, but don’t skip the key points of your page
  • Focus on the customers and solving their problems

#3- LonelyPlanet

LonelyPlanet is a well-known company that focuses its business on selling travel guides for destinations around the world. At their beginnings, they’ve started selling physical travel guides in the form of thick books and as technology developed, they’ve moved to digital products.

lonely planet about us page

LonelyPlanet also features a minimalistic 'About us' page that succeeded in forming a deeper connection with potential customers by sharing their stories in the form of a timeline.

In the beginning, they’ve included their mission and explained what they do. Once you start scrolling, you’ll notice they’ve included visuals of their products, always accompanied with a call-to-action.

In the picture above, you can also see that their about section is split into 4 subsections (about, our story, work with us, press). This shows you that, if you have a lot of interesting information you want to include, you do not have to cram everything onto a single page.

In their example, they have a dedicated page with a timeline that represents their ‘Our Story’.

lonely planet company storyline

The page follows a timeline of company founders and shows they were just regular travelers with a deep passion for helping fellow travelers through informative guides.

Key takeaways:

  • It’s worth it to get extra personal
  • Include a detailed timeline and your story talking about your humble beginnings, motivations, and progress
  • Build your email list through 'About us' page

#4- JocoCups

JocoCups is a company that puts its efforts to solve one of the most important problems today - plastic. The company designs and manufactures innovative and eco-friendly cups that help battle plastic pollution around the world.

joco cups about us page

At the very beginning, they’ve shared what they do in a few empowering sentences accompanied by a beautiful visual feature. Further, they’ve shared the reasons for their existence, their vision, and solution for reducing single-use plastic products.

Also, they claim that the percentage of every sale goes to support social impact projects which further resonates with their mission and vision statements.

If you are running a similar program, the ‘About us’ page is a perfect place to mention that!

Key takeaways:

  • Talk about the problem in details and provide an innovative solution
  • Be involved in social impact projects and share details on how customers can make a huge impact on the environment and community

#5- Simply Gum

Simply Gum is a newly established company that produces organic and natural chewing gums. The founder started a company after she found that regular chewing gums contain artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and plastics which negatively affect human health and the environment. Nowadays, the company produces a whole line of chewing gum and mints featuring delicious taste.

simply gum about us page

From the first moment on the 'About us' page, you can notice a simplicity of design that communicates natural and organic products. The page explains why the products are different and how it positively impacts human health and the environment.

At the bottom of the page, you can read about the humble beginnings of the company and the inspirational story of the founder.

Overall, the site has a really nice design that seems like a great fit for what they are selling.

Key takeaways:

  • Professional design can positively affect brand trust and brand authority
  • It is important that the visuals you use match your brand style and image

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to include lead magnets at your ‘About us’ pages that will help you build your email list.

Here is how Simply Gum implemented it:

They have used a newsletter signup form, but nobody can stop you from offering something like an ebook or a checklist instead.

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Establishing Brand Trust Leads to Conversions

Filling your 'About us' page with generic information won’t be enough in a competitive e-commerce world. You have to be creative and innovative to set yourself apart from the crowd.

The 'About us' page is one of the most visited pages of every e-commerce business, and it’s important that you provide your potential customers with the information they are looking for. Share your story, include feedback of satisfied customers, communicate your mission, explain how you can solve customers’ problems, implement a call-to-action - and watch your sales figures go up.

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