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Rukham Khan
Rukham Khan

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February 8, 2023

Technology and the internet have witnessed democratization in the past decade which has allowed more people access to traditionally difficult disciplines such as design.

Now people are more aware of how design works and each company is seeking to implement the best design in their content. You know this, MailMunch knows this.

To make your form design process smoother, flexible, more creative and functional, we’ve completely overhauled our old form builder and launched a new Drag n Drop Pop-up Builder.

MailMunch’s new drag n drop builder allows you to create forms and landing pages in a much more visual and intuitive way, making your workflow buttery smooth.


As the name suggests, with the new drag and drop builder, you can just drag elements you need directly onto your form. The drag and drop functionality allows you to edit and modify any element on your form.

dragndrop builder

How does the new Drag n Drop Pop-up Builder benefit you?

Enjoy added flexibility

Unlike the legacy builder, you can now tweak your form as you like. With a variety of elements available at your disposal, you can see the changes you make in real-time.

Besides added functionality, the drag and drop builder is also built with intuition in mind. The modular control over elements means you don’t have to depend on limited design options. You can create forms as minimal or maximal as you desire. You also have granular control over width and height and can make changes as little as 50 pixels.

Experience unbounded creativity

Did you say you want to add multiple columns? Consider it done.

Oh, you wanted to add multiple buttons to your form? Go ahead.

You wanted to use royalty-free, licensed pictures from Unsplash, Pexels AND Pixabay? Sounds like a stretch but we got it done.

With all the widgets available at your disposal in the new builder, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your perfect form!

Save time and enjoy the process with intuitive functionality

Reusable Blocks is a really nifty addition to the drag and drop builder. Using template blocks you can make your form creation super streamlined, saving you loads of time.

You can save regularly used elements such as logos, taglines, headers, footers, and CTAs as blocks and just drag and drop them on to your form. This saves you the hassle of having to create them every time.

What features do you get?

The added options let you create a form with unlimited customization and functionality. You can add:

  • Columns
  • Multiple buttons
  • Multiple images
  • Social media buttons
  • Custom code
  • Videos
  • Custom body and button colors
  • And Reusable Blocks
  • Built-in, royalty-free image library

You can watch a few examples on how to use the Drag n Drop builder here:


To start using the builder right away, click here.

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