Introducing Coupons and the Spinwheel

Momina Ayaz
Momina Ayaz

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February 8, 2023

Your Mailmunch campaigns just got some sleek new upgrades! Create campaigns that turn heads every time, with our new Coupon and Spinwheel tools.

Coupons are a trusty component of every marketer’s lead generation arsenal. And who doesn’t like discounts? Mailmunch now lets you add fully customizable coupons to your templates for your Shopify users. Here’s how simple it is:

1. Create coupons that sync directly to your Shopify account from the new Coupons tab. Two types of coupons can be generated:

  • Master Coupons: standardized coupons for all your visitors
  • Dynamic Coupons: unique coupons for each user depending on your targeting (new or disengaged customers, for example)
create new coupon menu

2. Use the Coupon tool in the drag & drop editor when designing your templates. Easily customize the appearance of your coupon to make it the center of attention.

But, what makes the Mailmunch coupons so great? Quite a few things.

  • Ease of use: Simply drag & drop the new Coupon tool into your templates and instantly make your forms more eye-catching.
  • Advanced targeting: Design coupons for all customers or target specific ones. Use a Master Coupon for all your customers to boost seasonal sales, or generate a Dynamic Coupon to win back an old customer or give new visitors that extra push to sign up to your list. Choose the pages and users you’d like to show your coupon offer to.
  • Centralization: Create and deploy coupons from the same interface and save time and well, a lot of effort. Mailmunch coupons auto-sync to your Shopify account.
  • Customization: Customize the design and appearance of your coupons any way you like.

Wait. That’s not all. Why not pair your coupons with our new Spinwheel?

Winning a prize at the end of a game always feels good. Your visitors feel no different. Capitalize on that rush of dopamine with our fun new Spinwheel, and make your lead generation campaigns even more irresistible.

Fill the form, spin the wheel, and win a discount! Internet users love prizes. This strategy is popular for instantly boosting conversion rates. And Mailmunch makes it very easy for you to get those extra leads.

The Spinwheel tool is available for your Mailmunch forms and comes packed with the following:

  • Exciting animation: Offer a realistic gaming experience to your visitors.  
  • Customization options: Customize the color palette, text, and Spinwheel orientation.
  • Support for coupons: Link your coupons with various slots and set slot winning probabilities according to your preferences.

So, are you ready to spin-to-win? Mailmunch is always trying to make your lead generation more effective. Try out these new features and keep growing your business with Mailmunch!

Here's the Spinwheel in action:


Try Coupons and Spinwheel today

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