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Momina Asif
Momina Asif

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November 29, 2023

Shopify is one of the top eCommerce platforms and powers over one million businesses in more than 175 countries. To support all their merchants, Shopify provides extensive resources and 24/7 support to help expand their business. Shopify provides a number of advantages to its users like high-performance hosting, payment processing, and scaling capabilities.

You also get access to default themes and templates to customize your store but the offers can be limiting and the page-building options can be restrictive. One of the biggest pain points of Shopify merchants is to drive conversion and sales in such a competitive and fast-changing eCommerce environment. In order to stand out from your competitors, you need to provide a hyper-personalized experience to your customers to build brand loyalty, decrease cart abandonment and increase sales and revenue.

So how can you stand out from the competition with Shopify’s limited themes and customization? Let me introduce Mailmunch’s Shopify Pages for your store.

What is Shopify Pages by Mailmunch?

Shopify Pages by Mailmunch enables you to build and design customized web pages for your Shopify store. They come with 100+ templates to give you the design and functionality you require. You can also customize the pages with the intuitive drag and drop builder or build one from scratch.

Shopify Pages are designed to help you build the perfect business, with minimum effort and time, so you can start generating revenue quickly and easily. With a personalized touch to your Shopify store, you can ensure brand loyalty and increased customer retention.

Shopify Pages are designed to give you a complete package with the following categories:

  • Product Pages
  • Home Pages
  • Collection Pages
  • Password Pages
Shopify Pages on the Mailmunch app

Let us jump right into the details of the different types of Shopify Pages.

1. Shopify Product Pages

Your product page should be charming and appealing to your customers. It should show off your product with great images, variants, prices, shipping options, beautiful descriptions, coupons to intrigue the customers, and much more. With Shopify Pages, you can add all these to your product page to make it stand out.

Your product page is normally the final place your customers end up before making a purchase. So it’s important to convert your visitor into a paying customer at that point. With hyper-personalization through the drag and drop builder, custom images, embedded forms, and much more you can not only increase your sales but also build customer loyalty. If your customers love what they see on the product page, they won’t abandon their carts resulting in higher revenue.



2. Shopify Home Pages

Your home page is the most important part of your Shopify store. If this page doesn’t look and feel good, your potential customers will not bother navigating further on your site. With our Shopify Home Page, you can build a home page that gets the most love and attention in terms of personalization and on-brand look and feel.

With Shopify Home Page, you can customize your shop to make it stand out. You can pick from 100+ templates and customize each section to make it on-brand. You can also build a home page from scratch. The trick is to determine the home page matches the rest of your brand and gets the message across. Shopify Pages give you the tools to make a homepage that truly feels like home.

Home pages for Shopify on the Mailmunch app

3. Shopify Collection Pages

Collection pages are a place where you organize all the categories of your products. It’s an important page as well as it gives an overview of your products to your customers. With Shopify Collection Pages, you can customize the appearance of your collection page to make it fit your brand and personalized for your customers. You can also customize the way products are shown and adjust the spacing and organization of the collection.

collection pages for Shopify on the Mailmunch app

4. Shopify Password Pages

Whenever a new Shopify store is created, it is automatically password-protected. When someone accesses your store URL, they will be greeted with something like the following:

This is to make sure the stores under development are protected against anyone trying to access their content. With Shopify Password Pages, you can customize this page to make it intriguing for your visitors. You can include an email subscription form so customers can get an email when the store opens pops up on their screens.

You can also include offers and incentives so visitors can look forward to when your store opens up. To make the password page more captivating and to create urgency and excitement, you can also add countdown timers. With Shopify Password Pages, you can make sure everything is on-brand even when it’s in the development phase.

password pages for Shopify stores on the Mailmunch app

Benefits of Shopify Pages

Now that we have covered the wide variety of Shopify Pages offered by Mailmunch, let’s talk a little about what’s in it for your store.

With Shopify Pages, you can build an online store that helps you put the best foot forward to your potential customers. With an intuitive drag and drop builder and unique customization features, Shopify Pages allow you to bring a whole experience to your customers. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits you get when you build your store through Shopify Pages.

1. Ease of use

With Shopify Pages, we have put ease of use at the front and center of your experience. The drag and drop builder allows you to take different elements straight from the library and place it onto your page. You can tailor the margins and paddings, add different icons, customize the texts and fonts to make it look great and captivating. You don’t require any coding skills and experience to build the best store on the market and it’s super easy to use. With Shopify Pages, you can also bulk edit all your product pages to save time and keep your branding consistent.

drag and drop builder

2. Variety and customization

To provide the best and simplest experience for you, our Shopify Pages come standard with 100+ templates in our library. You can use each of these elements as they are or customize them according to your requirements and desired look and feel. You can customize everything from adding images and videos to modifying texts and fonts. You can also store your designs to use later. This saves you time and effort by picking up different variations from your own library of designs.

customization of Shopify store through drag and drop builder

3. Decreased cart abandonment

Shopify Pages provide you a complete marketing optimized experience with upselling and cross-selling opportunities on collection pages and product pages. With a personalized approach, your visitors are more inclined to complete their purchases and decrease cart abandonment rates. By adding alternative product recommendations or suggesting related products to your customers, you can see an increased interest in all items in your store.

4. SEO-friendly pages

With Shopify Pages, you can optimize page titles, edit meta descriptions, add meta tags and alt images on every page. SEO optimize your entire Shopify store to land it in front of your customers, resulting in increased revenue.

5. Increased conversion rates

The better experience your customers have when visiting your Shopify store, the more likely they are to buy from you. Increasing your conversion rate on Shopify is all about building trust and capturing your customers’ attention. To build that trust, you need to provide social proof in terms of testimonials, proper content that is accompanied by relevant images of the products, well-placed CTAs, and other components. With Shopify Pages, you can do this and more and enjoy a huge increase in conversion rates. With big sales coming up, you can embed Mailmunch coupons on Shopify pages and increase your conversion rates and revenue.

6. Decreased Bounce Rate

If you provide your customers with what you promise in the best possible way, they are less likely to quit on you. A good experience usually means your customers won’t bail on you resulting in a lower bounce rate. And if you have a low bounce rate, it sends a positive signal to Google, thereby increasing your chances of ranking higher in SERPs. For eCommerce stores, the ideal bounce rate is about 20 to 30% and with Shopify Pages, you can get that.

7. Optimized for different devices

In recent tests, we changed some items from our pages and optimized them for mobile. The results were substantial. A simple change for mobile devices can result in a 25% increase in conversion. This highlights why it's important to have a mobile or tablet-optimized version of your page as well as a desktop-optimized version. This is essential to any online business and Shopify Pages makes it easier to implement.

8. In-depth analytics

Shopify Pages also provide user-level analytics to understand customer behavior in your store. You can track conversion rates, impressions, and click-through rates to better understand what’s working for your customers and what’s not. Customize your store according to these analytics and continue to improve to provide the best possible experience to your customers.


As an online store owner, it’s important for you to give your customers a highly personalized experience they can relate to, compelling them to buy from you. With Shopify Pages, you can customize your entire store to make it user-friendly and on-brand.  

Sign up today and start customizing your Shopify store your way.

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