How to Optimize Landing Pages for Better Conversion

Sania Khan
Sania Khan

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March 16, 2023

Lead capture page, squeeze page, or destination page are some of the names of landing pages. A landing page is where the visitor lands after clicking on a link or ad. 

The quality or content of landing pages decides whether or not the visitor turns into a subscriber. Optimizing the landing page is necessary for high conversion, better brand visibility, and ultimately high ROI. Never settle for a mediocre landing page since it impacts and compromises your performance and marketing strategy. 

Landing page optimization means improving the features and elements of your landing page to attract leads.  Whenever you create a new landing page, you may face a new set of challenges. But there is a way to go about it. You can make changes based on the customer feedback and conversion statistics as the page goes live. 

Always remember, your page will not be an overnight success the moment you launch it. It is a labor of love, and it will take some time to bring in leads. There are only a few tricks and tips to optimize your landing page to achieve a high conversion rate. Apply the following tips to optimize your landing page to boost conversion.

Make a Killer Headline

picture of Italian pizza and description of pizzeria producing thin crust with CTA button to check menu

A headline is the one that people remember, as it delivers the gist of the page. If the headline is not catchy enough, the reader will bounce to another page. Remember a few dos and don'ts of headlines. 

  • Do not make lengthy statements or claims.
  • Be precise and keep your headlines short. Long and wordy headlines could be intimidating. 
  • It should be crisp and provide the solution in a few words. 
  • Avoid vague statements because reader engagement is low when the message is not specific. Readers tend to divert when the headline is not clear. 

An unclear headline does not evoke interest. Specific headlines create a connection with the audience and spark curiosity. People may forget the body of your page, but the headlines will make a lasting impression. Invest your time and effort into crafting a perfect headline.  

Improve your SEO Ranking for Landing Pages

Making your landing pages appear on the top pages on search engines is essential. There are certain things you can do to optimize your landing pages for SEO purposes. Use keywords in the URL of your landing pages. So when somebody searches for a specific keyword, your landing page appears on the top. The text on your landing page should include keywords and phrases. 

What you offer should be in the description of your landing page. Do you want to know what else you can do to boost your SEO? It is wise to have a share button on your pages. Make those buttons easy to spot and click. By adding the option to share on social media platforms,  you increase your reach. Google picks up the pages which are shareable on different social media platforms. Shareability feature makes your page visible on the web. 

talks about event planners and their qualities along with CTA and social media sharing buttons

Money Talks

Yes, money does talk. Customers dig offers that have monetary benefits to them. If you offer a distinct value, mention it in bold letters, highlight it, underline it or add it underneath the headline. So focus on the value you are providing to the customer. Adding statements that offer monetary benefits (Save $100) will alert the audience. You can add more phrases like

  • Special discount of up to 50%
  • Buy 2 for the price of 1
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Free trial run

Adding such phrases will optimize your landing pages for better conversion and leads for future marketing efforts. As a cherry on top, a countdown timer will do the trick. By creating urgency, you welcome more customers. A countdown timer will indicate the time frame to activate a specific package or to avail an offer. You can also add phrases like “limited time offer” or “expires in 2 weeks”. 

The customer, out of intrigue, takes action due to the fear of missing out on an offer. Countdown timers create interest in the customers to take immediate action before the offer expires.   

Gifts and text reading black Friday sale with countdown timer and CTA button to shop

A/B Testing 

Test test test until you get the desired conversion rate. A/B testing your landing pages is vital for optimization of every element on that particular page. There is a lot of room for experimentation in A/B testing. Begin with headlines, subheadings, body of the page, CTA, and graphics. Test rigorously to perfect the results. You will understand which variant impacts more and which does not work for you. 

By testing and playing around with different pictures, graphics, and text, you can experiment with distinct segments and get more accurate data. Your audience is not made up of the same people. A/B testing allows you to create different scenarios for different segments. Create separate landing pages with different elements and run ads accordingly. Play around with different text, fonts, captions, and visuals to test what resonates the most with your audience. Change the sentence structure where you think is appropriate, and then test which version appeals to the audience more. 

Make an Offer they can’t refuse

To be honest, you won’t be able to follow every tip or optimization technique. A shortcut to capturing more leads through your landing page is to make a differentiated offer that has more value than your competitors. In simple terms, make your audience an offer they simply can’t refuse. The benefit you offer your audience means everything to them, and if it is not sufficient, you will not get the desired results. 

Your landing page is the place for your offer, your message, and your commitment to your audience. Make sure your offer shines through on your landing page. Position yourself as the best value provider in town to develop trust and credibility with your customer.

Picture of a traveler with luggage and travelling package details of the trips by organizers

Don’t Oversell or Overdo

Do you know why some companies fail to capture leads or convert? Why do their digital marketing efforts fail? The answer is simple. They oversell and under-deliver. Customers expect too much and are underwhelmed and disappointed when they avail service. Do not do this to your visitors if you wish to see them turn into paying customers. Apply this formula to every scenario in your life. When it comes to landing pages, do not post anything on your landing page when you cannot deliver it or cannot provide it.

You lose customers and leads while overselling your brand. Avoid making big claims or promises on your landing pages that you cannot deliver. Not only will you lose customers but also hurt the prospects of your business. Overselling or overdoing will do you more harm than good. 

Include Reviews/testimonials 

Share reviews and testimonials from your customers on your landing pages. I know it sounds cliched but trust me, it works. Word of mouth and positive feedback from real-time customers have an overwhelmingly positive psychological effect. Testimonials reinforce trust in new customers. Quote their feedback along with their pictures, names, and organizations. 

Feedback and testimonials evoke social proof/trust and FOMO in people. You can leverage these concepts to your advantage. 

lady sitting on a couch along with her feedback on the furniture company

Add Videos 

Video marketing is becoming the new cool. For most businesses, it is the go-to tool. Add good quality videos. Keep them short because nothing kills the mood more than a lengthy video. They deliver your message while engaging the viewers. Make it look genuine. You will notice a gradual increase in conversion and engagement rate by incorporating videos on your landing pages. 

You don’t always need a top-notch video for your landing page. You require a good video that relates to your audience and is interesting to watch. You can add videos and A/B test their impact on the audience. You can use a video to educate your audience and tell them about your brand. 

slack landing page with video giving people a tour of the app

Final Words

Before designing your landing page, always keep your audience in mind. Imagine yourself in their shoes before you incorporate any element on your page. Test your creativity and innovation. Such is the beauty of A/B testing. You get to play around with different scenarios. Make sure whatever you post on your landing page is relevant to one another. The page should depict a wholesome picture of your offering.

Yes, CTA, infographics, and visual aid help, but at the end of the day, your creativity and care for your customers should reflect in your landing page. Make them feel valued. Your landing page is like an empty canvas where you draw your imagination to attract customers. A landing page should be interesting to keep customers engaged. 

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