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February 26, 2024

With 3.8 billion people using social media in 2020, acquisition via social channels has caused quite an uproar, compelling modern businesses to make it an essential part of their marketing strategy.

This article will explain what social media marketing is, why it's important, and how you can get started with it to acquire more leads from your social channels.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a branch of digital marketing that aims to build brand visibility through the use of social channels.

This marketing strategy uses the impressive reach of social platforms to achieve the following benefits:

  • Increase traffic to the website,
  • Increase leads and conversions,
  • improve brand awareness,
  • Create a prominent and positive brand identity,
  • Communicate and interact empathically with customers and drive engagement.

Why is social media marketing important?

Communication has evolved over time and today, not having a conscious presence on social media automatically means not existing and being cut off from the world. Consumers interact and connect with brands through social media. Therefore, having a strong presence on social networks and being able to tell your story is the key to creating loyalty.

Social media marketing enables brands to build and maintain relationships with users on various social channels. This factor is extremely important because it enables businesses to make the customer the real protagonist of communication.

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What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social media can be the bridge that allows brands to reach different targets and communicate with them. They are the most precious tools available to brands, for those who know how to listen and use them with awareness.

Build a one-to-one dialogue and nurture your leads by finding them where they spend the most time!

  • Advantages for your website

Social media marketing enables you to increase your website traffic and improve its quality as well. Simply by sharing blog posts and relevant pages on your social channels, you're able to market directly to the target audience.

Increased traffic also helps improve your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization), enabling you to climb higher in search results.

  • Connect with consumers creating engagement

Interaction on social media channels helps you have real conversations with interested prospects. In this way, they aren't just passive listeners. They're actively listening to you through platforms they use every day. This means that social media is the best way to consistently stay in touch with your prospects. You'll also be able to turn them into advocates of your brand. They'll increase your reach, refer you to people they know, and improve brand awareness.

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  • Learn from leaders in the field

Social media is also a great platform to interact with competitors and other players in the field. This leads to businesses engaging in healthy discussions, giving everyone an opportunity to learn a thing or two. And you can always get new ideas by keeping a close watch on what your competitors are up to!

  • Attract users' curiosity through qualitative content

The success of your social media posts is determined by a mix of factors: timing, value, copy, and even the tone of voice. How do you get these right? By keeping your prospect top of mind. With this understanding, you can polish every post because it is not the number of posts that gains visibility on social media, but their quality.

  • Reach out to your target audience

Advertising tools enable you to zero in on your target audience by using various filters like location, age group, interests, and devices. You can then use your ad spend to show your social media posts to the selected groups, even if they aren't following your social media channels. This helps you build a quality audience.

  • Improvement of the brand image

Social media enables you to shed light on your brand values along with your care for your customer base. By responding to social media queries and comments swiftly, you'll be able to quickly gain a good reputation for yourself. Even the feedback that consumers leave on your posts helps build social proof so you can get more customers.

How should you manage your social media accounts?

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Simply creating social media profiles and waiting for prospects no longer gets you anywhere. You need to actively engage with visitors and post insightful content that interests, attracts, and, above all, informs your prospects. And this requires constant work to show commitment and maintain visibility. Using a reliable social media scheduler can help streamline your efforts and ensure consistent posting.

However, each social channel has its own language, audience, ad hoc mechanisms, and even precise times for peak attention and interactions. Therefore, select channels that are most frequented by your target audience and then post content while taking into account the peculiarities of each of them.

In general, the mission is to create engagement with your content whether it is via a social channel, your website, or your company blog. Engagement means creating a real relationship with followers, taking care of them, and sharing what catches their attention and solves their problems.

Furthermore, you must always respond promptly to comments and messages. Maintain the bonds you build, always offering followers a reason to interact with your brand and talk about what concerns them.

Therefore, using social media requires:

  • having a populated profile, full of information to always be reachable at any time, the right graphics with meaningful and recognizable headers and profile photos,
  • updated and well-designed content for your audience,
  • daily interactions with people who write you messages or leave comments.

Eight steps to follow to promote your brand on social media

In this article, we will list 8 of the necessary steps to follow to promote your brand on social media and wipe out the competition.

1. Building a social media marketing plan is essential

Before you start creating a social media marketing campaign, you need to consider your sales and branding goals. Starting a campaign without a strategic plan will get you nowhere.

Getting results on social media is very difficult if you don't create a good editorial plan, a strategic document of the contents that you will have to publish. When choosing what to publish, ask yourself:

  • What are the objectives you want to achieve with that content (Brand Awareness, Brand Consideration, Conversion, Social Customer Care, Retention)?
  • Who are the people you are addressing? What are their needs, desires, curiosities, tastes, and interests?

After analyzing your goals and targets, you can decide which social media channel to use and what content to post there. For example, informative videos and interactive images are very popular on Facebook.

2. Content is the most important factor

social media marketing with qualitative content

Content is the most important thing when it comes to social media marketing. To promote your brand, nothing is more concrete than content that is really capable of speaking to its target audience, answering their questions, and satisfying their curiosities. However, this can be a tedious job, so using social media management tools can help streamlining the content creation and distribution process, enabling you to maintain a compelling online presence and connect with your target audience effectively.

Optimizing your social media is also critical when you're starting out with social media marketing. Here are all the tips you can use to optimize your post:

  • information-rich texts with device compatibility (PC, smartphone, or tablet).
  • Brands should also pay attention to the language used. It's nice to be informal, but you should never throw it on the fun side at the least opportune times.
  • The comments and answers you give are also very important: always be professional and promote the bright side of your brand.
  • Create different types of content using images, videos, and infographics, in addition to classic content marketing.
  • Tackle people's desire for participation, reaching the goal of interaction, which is very important for involving people and establishing a relationship with them, and to promote brand visibility;
  • other content, especially links to the blog, should be designed to bring traffic to your website. Furthermore, these will be important to assert your authority in the sector;
  • other content, especially sponsored ones, will have the aim of generating leads and selling;
  • other contents must be designed to promote customer loyalty.

One of the most important secrets of how to promote your content on social media lies in the small details: make sure that there is always news or information to share. Give your followers preview news, exclusive offers, hidden details, and customer reviews. Create a community around your brand and give this group privileged access to your business.

3. The quantity and frequency of posts

There is no magic formula that answers these questions, but there are strategies to be developed in this regard. First of all, every social media has its favorite time slots.

As for the publication frequency, know that it depends on the business and on the type of messages and news you need to communicate. As a general rule, it is always best not to overdo to avoid being marked as spam. Certainly, it is necessary to find a constant frequency of social posts, so that the profiles are updated on a regular basis. For example, 1-2 posts per day are common for the pages of real estate agents to post.

4. The consistency of the brand image

Using social media for marketing allows your company to advertise brands and products across a wide range of channels. While each platform has its own unique environment, the heart of your online communication must remain the same across all channels. Maintaining brand consistency will add authority to your name.

5. Use the company blog to highlight company activities

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A blog is a great social media marketing tool that allows you to share a wide range of information and valuable content to readers. Your business blog can also serve as a social media marketing blog, thus creating a place to showcase your company's activities.

6. Build external links to improve searchability

Although social media marketing is mainly based on sharing unique content related to your business to gain followers, it is also excellent for linking external articles. Link to resources that provide insightful information and useful statistics in order to enhance your reader's learning experience.

7. Keep track of competitors

social media marketing with external links

It is always important to keep an eye on competitors as they can provide valuable data on keyword research, links associated with the activity, and other important information.

If your competitors are using a certain social media marketing technique that seems to work for them, you can up them by doing one better.

It's not just about investing economically in content, but entertaining and offering value. This really makes a difference in the fight against competitors.

8. Measure success with analytics tools

Determine the success of your social media marketing strategy by using user behavior analysis and social media analytics tools like SocialPilot. For example, Google Analytics shows website traffic coming from each social channel. Such tools will help you identify how well your strategy works and where do you need to make changes. With the right kind of reporting, you can fine-tune your efforts and get the most out of your channels.

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