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John Davier
John Davier

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February 8, 2023

I am super excited to share this awesome news with you guys. Since our launch last year, Mailmunch has reached 1 BILLION people. YES, 1 BILLION!!! This is simply amazing. It never looked like it'd be this big when we first started but we had one clear goal towards which we worked and continue to work really hard. That goal is to make it easier for you guys to capture leads and grow your businesses.
Here's what our analytics look like today...

1 Billion Users
1 Billion Users

Great new things...

To celebrate 1 billion people, we're launching some great new features that will help you design even better forms and capture more leads to grow your businesses.

New Form Builder

We have launched a brand new builder with tons of features.

  • Images: Add images to any theme
  • Custom CSS: Fully customize themes with your own CSS
  • Tracking Pixels: Track metrics in Google Analytics, Mixpanel or any other provider.
  • Subscriber Info:Attached CSV file with instant notification emails

... and many more things.

Check out the new builder and features at http://www.mailmunch.co

Looking forward to your success.

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John Davier

Content marketing guru at Mailmunch. I’m passionate about writing content that resonates with people. Live simply, give generously, stay happy.


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