8 Inspirational Emails for a Successful BFCM weekend

Rukham Khan
Rukham Khan

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July 22, 2022

November is just around the corner and marketers are about to ramp up promotional activity for the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend.

The Black Friday through Cyber Monday Weekend brings in tons of money. In 2017, cumulative online revenue from 24th November to 27th November was estimated at 14.05 billion dollars.

With most companies looking for a piece of this humungous pie and sending consumers tons of seasonal emails, it can be difficult to stand out. That is where it is helpful to look at existing Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns to gain inspiration or search for best practices.

In this post, I’ll show 8 excellent examples of Black Friday, Cyber Monday emails that you can use for a dose of inspiration to engage your customers this holiday season.

#1 EyeBuyDirect: Buy One, Get One Free Continues with Cyber Monday


What the Email is: A Cyber Monday promotional email that offers discount codes. Email uses a minimal design with a color theme of White, Black, and Blue. Employes static images and GIFs as the primary communication method.

The Good: This email stands out due to its minimal design. It boasts only two CTAs, one at the top and one at the bottom, both inviting the reader to shop on their website. No frills, no bells, it is straight to the point.

The animated Cyber Monday neon header catches your attention and invites you to find out what is in the email body. In the body, the primary CTA is supported by images of eyeglasses with light overlays that are easy on the eyes, calming and inviting.

Takeaways: A minimal design helps your viewers ease into your message. In this case, make sure you have a single primary message and don’t confuse readers with multiple offers.

#2 Chubbies: Sweats + Shorts = THE SCHWORTS


What the Email is: A humorous email by the Chubby brand that uses comfort as an appeal to catch your attention. Email employs a witty combination of words and focuses on apparel as a solution to discomfort.

The Good: First thing that stands about this email is the harmony of words and visuals in relation to the brand image. Chubbies targets 20s somethings males looking for comfortable clothing. The tagline “ate the whole turkey. Need comfy shorts” perfectly complements the image of a guy slouching in his lounge eating straight from a container. Together they make the humor apparent and set the tone for the Call to Action.

Just below the CTA, the copy reads “May the shworts be with you,” a reference to Star Wars which the target market is well acquainted with. A message such as this shows that the brand understands the consumer, and makes the reader more likely to click on the CTA.

Takeaways: If you have a good understanding of your target market, humor combined with holiday themes can be a great tool to grab audience attention.

#3 Uber: Flying to the Feast?

Uber Black Friday

What the Email is: A reminder Thanksgiving email by Uber that preempts the consumers’ needs and offers them the advantage of extra planning.

The Good: A very simple email that is designed more as a reminder rather than a sales promotion. It appeals to the rational side of the consumer by pointing out that they should plan their car rides just as they plan their flights to avoid holiday season delays.

Another appealing thing about this email is the balance between the copy and the images.
You aren’t bombarded with images, and neither is it loaded with heaps of sentences. The gif animation user appropriate symbols such as calendars, airplanes, and turkeys to promptly induce a mood of holiday traveling. This mood makes the reader want to learn more about the offer and thus increases the chances of a CTA click.

Takeaways: BFCM emails don’t all have to be about deep discounts and amazing deals. You can also appeal to a customer’s rational side if you can make your message relevant to the holidays.

#4 Casper: zzz what’s inside

Casper Cyber Monday

What the Email is: An email by the brand Casper that highlights their Cyber Monday discounts. Neatly designed images, crisp copy, and use of a blue backdrop are its central themes.

The Good: The symmetrical gift wrapped letter Zs show that with their brand Casper, sleeping also becomes a thing to celebrate. The complete feel of the email invites warmth and sets the tone for their brand message. To complement that mood, they also use a light font with white color for text.

Another admirable thing about this email is the flow. The first thing that catches your attention is the $150 discount, followed by the subject of the email ‘The Gift of Sleep’ which hints to the content of the email. To complement the subject is the Zs graphic. By this point, the reader is fully primed for the main message and is definitely more likely to click on the CTA.

Takeaways: A well-designed email with minimal use of graphics and content can perform a much better job than an email loaded with incoherent content.

#5 Nike: Black Friday Exclusives

Nike Black Friday Exclusives

What the Email is: A Nike Black Friday exclusive email that offers discounts in black colored catalog items, celebrating the black in Black Friday. I’ve shared only the first portion of this email for brevity’s sake. If you want to view the full email, click here.

The Good: Right of the bat, the first thing that one notices about the email is the professional design. Nike uses classy images of its products, and they are assembled in a manner where each item pops out and catches your attention.

Nike Ad Continued

One thing that Nike does differently from other emails is that they’ve inserted multiple Call To Action buttons, in defiance of common best practices. They do this for a few reasons:

  • They have high brand equity, meaning customers are already engaged with the Nike brand and so have more reason to go through their emails
  • Nike has a dynamic customer base. With multiple CTAs, they attract more people from various segments
  • This is quite a long email. If a reader has scrolled down till the end, it is safe to assume they have high interest in the email and therefore it makes sense to have multiple CTAs


Takeaways: If you have high click-through rates and customers love reading your email content, don’t be afraid to add multiple CTAs to different sections of your website.

#6 FatFace: We’re not discounting. We’re donating!

FatFace BFCM Promotion

What the Email is: A Black Friday promotional email that appeals to the consumer’s altruistic tendencies. It uses a simple black and white color theme with different fonts to emphasize different aspects of the email.

The Good: Fatface has taken a very fresh approach to BFCM marketing. Instead of offering customers mad discounts and crazy deals, they break the saturated space by offering to donate to charity on each sale made through the weekend. For customers who are conscientious and altruistic, such an email is a great way to grab their attention.

Just above the CTA, they re-emphasize their message by using wordplay. Instead of wishing you Happy Thanksgiving, they wish you Thanks for Giving. For a reader who’s inclined towards clicking the CTA, such a message will work to strengthen their conviction.

Takeaways: BFCM weekend buyers are looking for two basic things: same for less or more for same. They want the same (or higher) value for less money. Discounting is the same for less practice and donating is more for same. FatFace shows that you can use either method to entice people to visit your website.

#7 Julep: EXTENDED! 50%. Off. Everything

Julep Cyber Tuesday

What the Email is: A discount email that extends the BFCM weekend by offering 50% off on ‘cyber Tuesday.’ Email uses a minimal amount of text against a well-designed, shades-of-blue background.

The Good: Julep has taken their promotion beyond the weekend, and they’ve realized that they can capitalize on spill-over demand from the BFCM weekend. By offering 50% off on Tuesday, they are attracting those customers who may have missed out on favorable deals during the weekend.

The other admirable thing about the email is its straightforwardness. It is a simple email with one CTA and one bold primary copy message saying “50% OFF EVERYTHING”. And it's an effective email because it is unexpected.

Takeaways: Your promotion activities don’t have to end when Cyber Monday ends, you can send an email before or after BFCM weekend to maximize sales.

#8 Bonobos: Our best deal of the year: Up to 30% off site-wide.

Bonobos Cyber Monday

What the Email is: A Cyber Monday promotional email by Bonobos that offers 30% sitewide discounts. The email uses a gif animation to direct attention towards its offer.

The Good: The email has got an interactive design which keeps the reader involved. The fonts are easy on the eyes and color combinations of blue black and white are very effective. The right mix of textured background and font colors, the discount offer, coupon code all work in harmony to highlight the CTA.

Takeaways: Leverage your design elements such as fonts, colors, and graphics to drive maximum focus towards CTAs.

If you feel inspired and are ready to send amazing BFCM emails to drive sales, consider using MailMunch. Mailmunch is built for the exact purpose of growing your e-mail list and helping you reach the right people with the right message. We provide zero-code design tools for landing pages, slide boxes, banners, and opt-in forms. Let us make email marketing easy for you. Sign up today!

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