Introducing Advanced Email Validation to Increase Your Lead Quality

Momina Asif
Momina Asif

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April 18, 2023

What are some things you want to avoid when sending emails? 

Me? I don’t want low open rates, bounces, and spam complaints. 

And you must be thinking, well, that’s impossible! It might have been previously, but not anymore. 

Now with Mailmunch’s Advanced Email Validation Feature, you can build a healthy email list with a higher lead quality resulting in zero bounces and better engagement.  

So what’s the feature all about? Let us discuss it in detail. 

Introducing Advanced Email Validation 

For digital marketers, email is the primary form of communication with customers and prospects. Did you know that 8.4% of email addresses entered on websites are invalid, fake, or misspelled? Invalid and fake email addresses result in unnecessary bounces and knock down your engagement metrics and sender reputation (both IP and domain) Also, they can use SPF record for their safety"

With Mailmunch’s Advanced Email Validation, you can build a healthy and robust email list with zero invalid and unwanted email addresses. This new feature verifies the emails your prospects enter when they fill forms, popups, and landing pages. It makes sure the emails entered are accurate and free from typos. It also makes sure your email list only contains business emails (If that's the use case for your business) and can also reject emails from free services and role-based emails. 

1. Corrects typos

A lot of people fill out their forms in a hurry causing typos. Sometimes, typing on mobile screens results in typos as well. The Advanced Email Validation feature identifies the typos in real-time and suggests the correct spellings to the user on all Mailmunch forms, popups, and landing pages.

For example, if you entered the email address [email protected], the Advanced Email Validation feature will quickly suggest the correct email address [email protected] prompting you to enter the valid email. 

email validation feature corrects typos by suggesting the right spellings

2. Rejects disposable emails

Disposable emails are the bane of digital marketers. 

What is a disposable email?

A disposable email address or a fake ID is a temporary email address that expires after a specific time period. People create and use disposable emails to avoid spammers and phishers when visiting blogs and websites that require them to fill in marketing forms or subscriptions to continue browsing. 

Emails sent to these addresses go unnoticed or don’t get delivered at all — affecting your deliverability and sender reputation. 

With the Advanced Email Validation feature, you can now ensure no one signs up to your email list with a disposable email address. It immediately recognizes disposable emails and doesn’t let the person using it to sign up. 

3. Rejects free email addresses

If you are operating in a B2B sphere, you might want to restrict your lead magnets to people with valid business email addresses. 
With the Advanced Email Validation feature, you can now make sure no one signs up for your lead magnets, webinars, online events with an email address from free services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. 

email validation feature rejects emails from free services

4. Rejects role-based emails 

Role-based emails aren't really great when you are looking for good-quality leads. Role-based emails are basically like [email protected] or [email protected]. These emails are generic and can be used by more than one person at a time. 

To have high-quality leads in your email list, you might want to restrict role-based emails. And guess what? You can do it with the Advanced Email Validation feature. 

email validation feature rejects role-based emails

Benefits of the Email Validation feature

With the Advanced Email Validation, get rid of poor-quality contacts, reduce bounces, and boost metrics. Check emails entered on your forms, popups, and landing pages in real-time and ensure a clean and healthy email list. Let’s have a look at some of the other benefits of the Advanced Email Validation:

1. Increase your email list heath and lead quality 

With the Advanced Email Validation feature, email leads you collect from your forms, popups, and landing pages will be free from typos and fake email addresses. If you want to restrict emails from free services, you can have a healthy email list with business email addresses. Due to this, the lead quality you capture will increase. 

With high-quality leads coming in, your email list will become strong and healthy. A strong email list is one of the most sought-after things in digital marketing. 

2. Minimize your bounce rate

Now that you have a solid and healthy email list, you know what’s next! A minimum bounce rate. Sending emails to addresses you know are 100% accurate and real make sure your bounce rate is as minimum as possible. This ultimately decreases your spam rate as well and prevents any harm to your email deliverability.  

3. Magnify your open rates 

Sending emails to addresses that have zero typos and are all real email addresses? Of course, you will see an increase in your open rates. Your email open rates will be lower when you send emails to fake email addresses or role-based emails. But with a valid and healthy email list, you will be able to see a sharp rise in your email open rates. 

4. Increase customer engagement 

With more real email addresses without typos, you will be able to contact your customers properly. Your customer engagement will consequently increase, and your target audience will interact with you. 

5. Increase your ROI

A strong and healthy email list ensures that your emails land in your target audience’s inbox. With a higher customer engagement, you have a higher chance of converting your prospects into paying customers resulting in a higher return on your investment (ROI). 

So, ready to sign up? 

I am sure I had you at “minimum bounce rate,” but I said all the above to paint you a picture of all the other benefits you will be getting from the Advanced Email Validation feature. 

Enable the Advanced Email Validation feature on your lead capture forms and landing pages to catch false or unwanted entries right away. Prompt visitors to resubmit with the provided correction suggestion. Build a healthy and strong email list to ensure minimum spam and bounce rates, higher open rates, and an increased customer engagement. 

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Momina Asif

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