How to Launch an Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign

Momina Asif
Momina Asif

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March 27, 2024

Email marketing campaigns promote affiliate products through email series. Your website's content, such as blog articles, allows your readers to discover and interact with your affiliate links to earn commissions through conventional affiliate marketing. 

Before digging in, let’s understand the concept of affiliate marketing. 

What is affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, a company usually compensates third-party publishers to bring leads and generate traffic to the company’s website. It is an advertising model that uses affiliate marketing tools to provide traffic to the business for its establishment. In return, they ask for commission for their services. 

What is affiliate email marketing?

Affiliate email marketing is a way that involves the promotion of affiliate links through well-targeted and well-crafted emails. By creating affiliate links and including them in your existing automatic email sequence, you can step up the communication, engage your audience and generate sales.

Launching an affiliate marketing campaign? Begin your journey with Mailmunch’s complete email marketing suite that offers stunning, professionally designed, fully responsive templates that you can customize according to your business needs.
affiliate email marketing

Making a thorough and effective affiliate email marketing campaign is the foundation of running a successful affiliate company. Still, far too many newcomers to the industry cannot see the necessity of a strategy to make it successful. 

For those interested in starting an online business through affiliate email marketing, the first step is to identify a market niche to serve, items or services to advertise, and a high ticket affiliate program with which to collaborate. 

If you are unsure how to begin or are just starting a campaign, this article will tell you all you need to know about affiliate email marketing. 

Effective marketing campaigns begin with the right product already popular or can be set up independently. Selecting what items to advertise depends on knowing you can approach your competitors and what they are doing. When you are just learning how to drive, launching your very first affiliate email campaign may seem as tricky as going your first mile. But it will be worth it. 

Ultimately, however, we all know how to drive with ease and confidence, which is true in affiliate email marketing. Read on to learn the basics.

Affiliate email marketing: steps to follow 

Throughout creating an affiliate marketing strategy, you must maintain this pleasant, conversational mindset in mind. Aside from that, you'll end up ruining your relationship with your present clients and watching your hard-earned email list deplete because of unsubscribing.

1. Join an email service provider

email service provider

You can join an email service provider to start affiliate email marketing. It is vital to obey the laws and rules while sending emails. To send emails, you must first get approval from your recipients. "Implied consent" refers to the fact that you already know the recipient. A permission request requires explicit authorization, showing that you do not know them and must get their explicit approval before emailing. Getting "explicit consent" is necessary when you wish to build an affiliate marketing mailing list.  
After you choose a service provider and email templates, don't forget about branding. Add a logo and other branding elements to your email template. If you don't have a logo yet, try to create it using an online logo creator.

Build your email list from scratch with Mailmunch’s comprehensive lead generation toolkit and take control over your communication with the target audience. With no coding or technical knowledge required, create stunning pop-ups and lead generation forms within minutes.

2. Send emails with affiliate links 

To begin with, make sure that your email provider allows you to include affiliate links in your emails or to include the links into the signature with the help of an email signature generator. That some autoresponder provides direct their emails towards their subscribers is a concern. 

Therefore, check if yours accepts affiliate links. If you don't already have one or are looking for one, check out Mailmunch

Send emails with affiliate links

Mailmunch is one of the most popular email service providers! It has several tools that can help you manage your affiliate marketing, for example. Customized auto responders, statistics and email monitoring, Web Analytics integration, and fully optimized email templates are some of the most useful features of Mailmunch.

3. Link Selection for Affiliate Programs

You need to follow some rules to choose the best affiliate programs.

It's critical to pick the correct affiliate links before blindly promoting them. Ensure your links:

  • Niche-appropriate
  • People joined your email list for a purpose. They loved your material and subscribed. Don't betray it.
  • Keep offering good content and relevant affiliate items.

4. Connect with Personalized Emails

Personalization is critical in affiliate emails to boost open rates. Success in affiliate marketing requires nurturing relationships with your audience. Personalized emails will sound more like a friend than a salesperson.

Mailmunch’s hyper-personalized emails let you reach your prospects with relevant content resulting in interaction, engagement, and conversion.

5. Track the affiliate emails

It worked perfectly, and the commissions came rolling in. But there's more. To keep getting commissions, you must actively take part. For this, you have to do some things for interaction.

Track the affiliate emails

Tag and monitor your subscribers to fine-tune your messages as needed. Audience segmentation helps you track and improve your open and click-through rates.

Email services like Mailmunch let you track in detail the user interaction with your sent emails. 

6. Take advantage of holidays

When the significant holidays approach, people look. So this is a great time to get inventive with your promotions. Don't overload the receivers or you risk significant disapproval rates. 

Also, establish a distinct campaign for holidays. Be careful with your endless email list. Delete holiday campaigns after the season.

7. Place value at the top

Yes, affiliate marketing using email lists is profitable, but the value comes first. Your audience expects more than simply promotional content. 

You may use videos, pictures, audio, and podcasts to nurture your leads. Building trust and connection requires time and effort. Provide value, and your subscribers will reward you with high affiliate commissions.

8. Engage them to the fullest extent

Increasing your conversion rate requires re-engaging your leads. Send follow-up emails to those who have low engagement. Perhaps your emails haven't been received. Or, if there is a really big affiliate opportunity like a contest or extra commissions and you’re trying to capitalize on it, consider investing in a webinar platform and co-hosting a webinar with someone from the company.  If you have a big enough audience, they’ll love the additional exposure and you’ll deliver true value. 

9. Use social evidence and data

Put success stories of people who used the affiliate product you advertise in your emails to show your database social proof.

10. Keep in touch with your email readers

Permission-based email marketers are the good guys. They respect the trust and confidentiality of every email subscriber who donates to your cause. Through improved open rates and less spam, they have more possibilities to develop their business with email marketing.

11. Register clearly

When inviting someone to join your list, be clear about the content you want to provide. When people sign up for your mailing list, they expect exclusive deals, promotions, and access to unique material.

12. Respect the privacy of your audience

Trust is a significant factor in whether someone joins your group. Post your privacy policy carefully. 

Even if receivers do not click the link, your company, and email gain reputation.

13. Don't overwhelm your audience

Don't abuse the advantage of connecting with your consumers and prospects.  Make sure you are alright with your message for your subscribers.


Email marketing allows you to communicate with your target audience on a more personal level. You are just a click away from reaching your target audience if you wish to advertise a product review.

Start your affiliate email marketing campaign with Mailmunch’s fully optimized and responsive lead generation toolkit that consists of a library of 100+ hyper-personalized, customizable email templates to suit your brand needs.

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