Christmas Email Marketing for 2021: [19+ Ideas and Examples]

Aqsa Mughees
Aqsa Mughees

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September 28, 2022

Christmas is globally known as one of the biggest spending periods every year. While this season of joy and Christmas tree decoration is finally upon us, we all have entered into a festive frenzy, hopping from one eCommerce store to the other, running through malls, trying to find the perfect present for our employees or our loved ones. Most of us love to shop, but it can become notoriously hectic for others. 

Since the majority of brands continue to boast their Christmas sales and offers, you need to stand out from the crowd to get your customers’ attention during the holiday season. So, just make sure your Christmas email newsletters are planned,  timely, well thought out, and full of merriment to boost sales and increase loyalty. 

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In short, this is the perfect time for you to shine! 

But before we go any further, let’s see how merry Christmas email campaigns can benefit your business. 

Christmas email marketing - advantages

benefits of christmas email

It does not come as a surprise how well Christmas email campaigns contribute towards the total revenue generation. That’s because of three main reasons:

1. It is easier to convert leads to paying customers

Since your audience is already in a celebratory mood, wanting to shop, it is more like a low-hanging fruit that you can just collect and bank through an effective email marketing strategy campaign. 

2. The holiday season has the most sales figures - it’s a given!

According to Statista, in 2020, the retail e-commerce holiday season sale in the US amounted to USD 186 billion and grew by approximately 14% in 2021, amounting to almost USD 207 billion. 

3. The Christmas email reaches the customers directly

As compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is direct and can be personalized, making sure it reaches the user and gets opened. 

Now that we have understood the importance of email marketing in the holiday season, let’s talk about the three steps or stages of your Christmas email design. 

3 Stages of Christmas email marketing campaign

To make the most of this holiday season, plan the Christmas holiday email marketing campaign in three stages as described below:

1. Pre-Christmas campaign

Stay ahead of your competition by sending a pre-Christmas email campaign. At this point in time, the users are probably going to be thinking about the holiday season, Christmas cards, and decorations to do. 

So, it serves as the best time to get in the head of your subscribers or otherwise probably remind them to start thinking about the holiday season. 

Start working and designing your email campaign. If you want to do something creative, why not add a few gifs, nice artworks, or animations in your HTML email and send it as the first season’s greeting?

Check out this example:

pre christmas email campaign

2. Christmas campaign

So, once the season has finally arrived, and if you have sent a pre-Christmas email already, your subscribers would be waiting for you to see what you have to offer. 

You can offer email-only discounts, special offers, Christmas deals, or packages designed exclusively for the holiday season. 

Here’s an example:

christmas email campaign

At this stage, you can personalize as well. You can add recommended products in which the user showed interest, at a discounted price. It is one of the great ways to encourage people to take action.  

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3. Post-Christmas campaign

Everyone is done with Christmas by 26th December but that shouldn’t make you believe that your campaign is. After the holiday is over, everyone is relaxed and the inboxes are usually not crowded. 

By sending out the post-Christmas email campaign with a catchy email subject line, you can grab this opportunity to stay connected with your audience. 

It acts as a last shot at boosting your revenue. 

Here’s an example:

post christmas email

Best time to start your Happy Christmas email campaign

Holidays are the perfect yet the trickiest time to send your emails. That’s because of two reasons. 

Firstly, your email needs to stand out from the rest since the holiday season calls for all businesses to start sending emails. 

Secondly, the user behavior is different during holidays so you carefully have to monitor the times and frequency of sending your emails.  

However, the first and second weeks of November are considered to be the perfect times for a pre-Christmas email blast. During Christmas, the open rates tend to decline sharply, and the trend usually continues till New Year. 

The CTR (click-through rate) reaches its all-time high as Christmas Eve and Christmas day get closer. But, you can still always make the most of the after-holiday email to skyrocket your last month’s revenue. 

The best practice is to send the holiday email marketing campaigns during evening hours to avoid competition. 

Got late? Check out these 6 last-minute Christmas email hacks for maximum revenue juice! 

It’s December already, and you must be wondering that if November should be the pre-Christmas campaign month, then what had I been doing all that time?

last minute christmas email campaign hacks

A Klarna study in 2020 found that 79% of holiday shoppers left their shopping till the last two weeks before Christmas and 35% saved their shopping till the last week of Christmas. 

Adding to the merriment, 55% of last-minute shoppers are likely to buy gifts online, regardless of the delivery times. 

Hey, even if you are late, technically, with Mailmunch you can never get late for any campaign. With zero technical or coding knowledge required, you can build an attractive HTML email within minutes and send it to your audience.

So, do not worry, you’ve still got the time to milk the holiday season sales with easy, quick Christmas email hacks!

1. Make it urgent

A week just before Christmas is quite competitive. You need to be pretty creative in your email copy to get noticed. So, create a sense of urgency especially in your email subject line. 

Usually, last-minute shoppers are running out of time so they need a reason to shop from you. So, be a solution to their problem.

2. Keep it concise

People don’t like unnecessary information. Stick to the point so that they get a clear solution to the Christmas gift hunt. 

3. Bold, big CTA!

Keep that call-to-action easy to see and click. It should clearly ask the user to do what is required. 

4. Personalize 

Make sure to personalize your email. It can serve as a quick way to boost your revenue. Especially last-minute cart abandoned emails and product recommendations (based on the previous search) are a brilliant way to get the most juice out of your Christmas email campaign. 

5. Give shipping incentives

People are looking for the best deals during this season and shipping charges are one of the main reasons why they abandon their carts. So, offering free shipping and flash delivery can add to the revenue. 

6. Offer digital gift cards

Won’t it be awesome if your most sought-after gift is in stock and up for flash delivery even just a day before Christmas? 

But that only happens in dreams, right? Well, your Christmas email can act as the Santa Claus to deliver e-gift cards with a subject line that can be something like, “Searching for a last-minute gift that doesn’t look last minute?”

9 Christmas email ideas to soar open rates and conversion

Since we have pretty much discussed Christmas email campaign timing and stages, now you must be wondering what kind of emails to send for promising results. 

Well, we understand how draining it can be after designing and introducing sales and offers to come up with creative concepts for a happy Christmas message for your audiences. So, we have compiled a list of 10 ideas that we loved. 

1. Christmas timer

christmas countdown email

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is the perfect time to start sending out Christmas emails. You can start with a countdown as a simple teaser for your Christmas sale with limited information. It can be pretty intriguing and will keep your audience on their toes. 

But just keep in mind that the frequency should be optimal so that it does not get monotonous and your audience does not get tired of receiving too many emails. 

2. Guide for gifts

Since people are already thinking about great ways to gift things to their loved ones, creating a gift guide and wishlists is a great way to increase readership. 

christmas email marketing gift guide

You can personalize recommendations and also educate the users about your products. It is the perfect seasonal content to increase leads since the guide can be used as a lead magnet on your landing page and in pop-up forms as well to encourage subscriptions. 

3. Discount offers

The most important part of your entire Christmas campaign is going to be the email where you actually make the sale offer announcement. If you have already sent a teaser, your subscribers would already have things they need to buy from you. 

sales and offers

So, your discount should be enough to convert window shoppers to paid customers. 

If you have not sent a teaser, do not worry, but make sure to send the sale email at least one week prior to Christmas. 

4. Early bird personalized offers to loyal customers

Make your loyal customer feel special and privileged. Make them feel appreciated and loved by saving your most special offers or biggest early bird discounts to them. 

early offers for loyal customers

Personalize using already viewed recommendations or those things which had been added to their cart but were not purchased. Use terms like “just for you” , “special offer for people we love!” to add a personal touch. 

5. Reminder email

Make people believe that they are not too late and can still make a great holiday purchase for their loved ones. Add delivery dates, special shipping prices, and your star products to convert your users into customers. 

its not too late christmas email

6. Gamification

One of the best ways to add a festive element to your Christmas email campaign is to hold a contest. It does not only increase engagement but is likely to create a lot of user-generated content for you to use and showcase. 

postable email campaign

7. Christmas holiday newsletter

It’s Christmas but why always make it about yourself? Celebrate the Christmas spirit with celebratory recipes, tips, things to do, etc., and give your audience ideas about how to entertain guests and party like a pro! 

christmas holiday newsletter
Holiday email templates are now extremely easy to find and use. Sign up with Mailmunch and get everything you need under one roof - email list creation, segmentation, pop-ups and forms, email templates, landing pages templates, etc., and features like automations to make sure you save as much time as possible while not compromising on quality!

8. Shower some love!

Show love to your customers by just letting them know that they are the reason you have had a great year and how you want their support next year as well to bring something bigger and better in the future because you love them!

show some love on Christmas

9. Spread the Christmas jolliness

Send a happy Christmas greeting to your audience. Make it interactive. Add a video message, gif, or something that is relatable. 

christmas cheer

4 tips to create the perfect Christmas email subject line

christmas email subject line

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when crafting an email subject line specifically for your Christmas email campaign:

1. Create catchy Christmas slogans

Make your audience smile so that they click through! Humor is one of the most powerful tools to use at any time of the year especially when it involves holidays. A few examples include:

  • Make your Sunday a Super-Santa Funday! 
  • Yule never believe these prices
  • Take an elfie with this!

2. Trigger the holiday emotions with Christmas references

Use song lyrics, movie references, and words from a famous novel or poetry to evoke celebratory emotions and relatability. For example, “A Christmas Carol” reference from Dickens. 

But just make sure that whatever you quote is relevant to your brand and audience. 

3. Power up with specific words

Simplicity is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Lure the users using specific terms and words that are irresistible to them. For example:

  • Cut holiday stress down with free 2-day delivery
  • Jump on the last-minute Christmas discount train
  • Stock up on your holiday goodies before it’s too late

These subject lines are action-oriented and compelling enough to convert users to paying customers. 

4. Fire up the click-through curiosity 

Tease the user with curiosity. Speak to the audience directly and ask questions. For example:

  • Do you know how much we can save you this Christmas?
  • Psst…We need to talk about your Christmas party plans

Top 10 Christmas emails that lift our mood! 

1. Unwrap your gift


2. Play a deal

banana republic

3. Shipping incentive

frank body

4. Delivery date to add urgency


5. Relatable copy

fleur and bee

7. Gift card with catchy copy

jenis email

8. Interactive layout

brit and co

9. Value-added helpful content

not on the high street

10. On-brand email with occasion relevancy

united colors of benetton
Mailmunch is an end-to-end email marketing and lead generation platform that lets you save time while integrating all your digital activities for maximum revenue juice so that you get the best sales numbers.

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