A Journey Through Email Marketing Audit: Benefits, Steps & Tools in 2024.

Hamna Abid
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April 17, 2024

Emails serve as the primary mode of communication within the constantly developing field of digital marketing. 

It is the medium via which companies communicate with their customers, participate in conversation with them, and cultivate relationships with them. 

On the other hand, just like any other complicated machine, it needs regular maintenance and adjustments. 

This point marks the beginning of an in-depth journey of an email marketing audit.

What is Email Marketing Audit?

An email marketing audit is, at its most fundamental level, an in-depth act of reflection with regard to your email marketing campaigns

It is a process that involves self-examination during which you evaluate the efficacy, efficiency, and impact of your email approach. 

It's like looking into a mirror not only to see your own reflection but also to figure out the narrative that the mirror is trying to convey.

Why is Email Marketing Audit Beneficial?

Imagine a garden that hasn't been looked to in a long time; the weeds will poke out the blooms, and growth won't occur. 

In a similar vein, failing to assess one's email strategy can result in the misuse of resources and the loss of potential possibilities. 

Your campaigns will be given new life by an audit, which will also ensure that they are in line with your objectives and that they resonate with your audience.

Different between External and Internal Email Marketing Audit

Auditing your email marketing plan from both an internal and an external perspective is like looking at it through two separate lenses. 

Audits performed by an external party provide a viewpoint from the outside world, or what your customers see. 

Audits conducted internally, on the other hand, examine the workings of the organization from top to bottom, scrutinizing its procedures, tools, and group dynamics.

Different Types of Email Marketing Audits

There are many different types of audits that can help businesses to analyze their engagement rate as well as improve their marketing strategies

Below are different types of Audits that you can use!

1. Engagement Audit

This review concentrates on the communication that takes place between your audience and your emails. 

Metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and the general engagement level are analyzed by it. 

It enables you to determine whether the content you are sharing is resonating with your audience or if it is falling flat on their ears.

2. List Quality Audit

Your email list is the most important asset to your marketing. 

During this audit, the quality of your subscriber list will be evaluated. It investigates aspects such as the origin of the subscribers, the condition of the mailing list, and the number of inactive or disinterested subscribers. 

Maintaining a robust list guarantees that your communications are being sent to the intended recipients.

3. Automation Workflow Audit

Even while automation makes your email marketing efforts more efficient, it still needs to be fine-tuned. 

During this audit, your automated sequences will be analyzed in depth to check whether or not they are successfully nurturing leads and directing them toward conversion. 

It reveals any bottlenecks in the automation process as well as any chances that were overlooked.

4. Design and User Experience Audit

The visual attractiveness and user-friendliness of an email marketing campaign are of the utmost importance. 

During this audit, the design components, responsiveness across devices, and ease of navigation inside your emails will be evaluated. 

It guarantees that your emails give a seamless user experience while also being visually appealing to the recipient.

7 Factors to Consider in Email Marketing Audit

Whenever you are conducting any kind of analysis, it is important to keep certain factors in mind that can either have a positive or negative impact on your strategies. 

1. Subscriber Engagement Levels

Investigate vital indicators such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates in great detail. 

Conduct a trend analysis over a period of time in order to locate areas that could use some improvement.

2. Segmentation Effectiveness

Assessing how relevant your segments are to one another is essential to the effectiveness of your segmentation. 

Are they able to target particular demographics or behaviors in an efficient manner, or is there need for further refinement?

3. Content Relevance and Personalization

Consider whether or whether the message conveyed by your material is meaningful to the people that make up your audience. 

Are you offering them value and addressing the problems they face? 

The use of a recipient's name alone is not enough to qualify as proper personalization.

4. List Growth and Quality

Examine the procedures that were followed in order to acquire the mailing list in order to assess its growth and quality.

Do you have an influx of low-quality subscribers who might not actually be interested in the information you produce, or do you have a steady stream of high-quality leads coming in?

5. Email Deliverability and Inbox Placement

Monitor your sender reputation and uncover any email deliverability difficulties in order to ensure that your emails are successfully delivered and placed in the appropriate inboxes. 

Check to see that your emails are not being marked as spam and are instead reaching the recipient's mailbox.

6. A/B Testing Effectiveness

Review the results of A/B testing to learn what most effectively connects with your target audience. 

This helps refine both the material you produce and the techniques you employ for improved performance.

7. Conversion Funnel Analysis

Analyze the path that leads from the click on the email to the conversion using conversion funnel analysis

Determine if there are any spots of friction or drop-offs in the process, and then try to optimize it.

8 Steps for Conducting an Efficient Email Marketing Audit

Following are some steps that businesses can use to conduct an on-site email marketing audit. 

This step by step guide can help you analyze your strategies in an effective way.

Step 1: Gather Comprehensive Data

Start off by gathering a large quantity of data, including open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, subscriber demographics, and engagement patterns. 

Your audit is going to be built upon this foundation.

Step 2: Segment Analysis

Investigate your segments and evaluate how effective they are at targeting the specific groups you've identified. 

Find the portions that are doing very well and those that could want some improvement or reevaluation.

Step 3: Content Assessment

Examine the contents of your emails with an observant and critical mind. 

Conduct an analysis of its value proposition, tone, and relevancy. 

Determine whether any of the content needs to be updated or optimized so that it can attract more readers.

Step 4: List Hygiene Check

Check the accuracy of your email subscriber list. 

Recognize and attend to the needs of subscribers who have been inactive or unengaged, and take into consideration the implementation of re-engagement efforts to reinvigorate their interest.

Step 5: Compliance Review

Check to see that the way you handle email complies with both the law and the standards set by the industry. 

Make sure that your subscribers have provided their informed consent to receive emails from you, and that you make it simple for them to opt out of receiving these emails at any time.

Step 6: Deliverability Analysis

Examine the rates at which your emails are successfully sent and look into any problems that might exist. 

In order to ensure that your message will be sent to the recipient's inbox without delay, you should investigate potential spam triggers and check the status of your sender reputation.

You should also consider using an email verification service to ensure that your email list is clean and up-to-date, reducing the risk of bouncing

Step 7: A/B Testing Evaluation

Examine the findings of the A/B tests that were performed on your emails. 

Determine the variations that are successful, and then use those learnings to improve the performance of future campaigns.

Step 8: Conversion Funnel Optimization

Investigate the process of conversion, beginning with the click of the email link. 

Find any obstacles or places in the process where people are leaving, and then apply adjustments to streamline the process so that you have higher conversion rates.

Tools for Conducting Email Marketing Audit

If your company does not have a tool to seamlessly conduct an email marketing audit, then below are some online tools that can do it for you!

1. Litmus

Litmus provides comprehensive email testing and analytics to help optimize email campaigns for different devices and email clients. It also offers spam testing to improve email deliverability.

2. HubSpot Email Analytics

HubSpot offers robust email marketing analytics, allowing you to track open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more. It also provides insights on subscriber behavior.

3. MailChimp’s Delivery Doctor

This tool assesses the health of your email campaigns, providing recommendations for improving deliverability. It identifies potential issues that could affect inbox placement.

Ending Thoughts

The path of conducting an email marketing audit is an intellectual one; it's similar to gazing at your reflection and learning to accept the flaws that you see. 

It is an act of consideration, a promise to make improvements, and a demonstration of the commitment you have made to your audience. 

So, get started on this adventure, and allow it to breathe fresh life into your email marketing strategies. After all, each and every email that is sent out is a beating heart in the narrative of your brand.

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