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Eman Zahra
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February 8, 2023

Why leave all your money on the table with something as simple as a thank you page? You might think of a thank you page as the last step, but they can be a great way of nurturing leads and improving conversions.

You can increase your leads' quality by adding a thank you page on your website. These pages are helpful in qualifying for such a quality list. The page is considered very important in the email marketing industry, yet I have seen many businesses underutilizing this page and sometimes not using it.

Getting this page right can improve your sales by up to 3 times as you ask your prospects to take action at the prime time. I am writing this article to address the need for thank you pages and help you build one.

What is a Thank You, Page?

A thank you page appears to the visitors, customers, and leads when they either subscribe to emails or make a purchase. It appears right after they submit their information. The thank you page is a gesture you give to your leads, but it can be so much more than that. I have put together this article to show you the importance of thank you pages, the anatomy of these, and what you should keep in mind when building one. Read on to learn all of this.

Why you need a Thank You Page

A thank you page appears at a pivotal moment in the customer journey. This is the point when a prospect has decided to consider you by subscribing to your emails. They now know you and want to know you more. The prospect is directly saying this to you "I am interested." It could also appear at the moment when the prospect is no more a prospect but has become a paying customer. Either way, you can't just leave them at subscription. You have to tell them that you understand and are ready to interact with them. Thank you pages are the most efficient way to do this. Keep on reading the article to understand the elements you need for a thank you page.

Anatomy of a Thank you page

Those who are seeing the thank you page are either a subscriber or a buyer. In each case, the thank you page must have some essential elements. If any one of these three elements is missing, you are going to miss significant opportunities here:

Confirmation Message

This is the primary function of the thank you pages. You have to give a confirmation note to your subscribers or buyers. It tells them that the action they performed was successful. You can not risk leaving them confused and actually have to spell it out to them. Make it direct and concise to confirm what just happened and you can also add what they should expect to happen next. For example, a statement like “Thanks for subscribing. You’ll receive your updates via email from now on.” is clear and gives instructions on how they are receiving updates. For a good user experience, you have not left the subscriber confused or disoriented. The thank you page will also do just fine with “Thanks for subscribing/ordering,” but most businesses make the mistake of leaving just there. Here’s the next thing you should add to a thank you page.

Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action can achieve different goals for your business. You should add the CTA by first considering which goal you want to achieve:

  1. Do you want to keep them on the website to keep on engaging with your content?
  2. Do you want to keep them engaged even offline?
  3. Do you want to encourage them to make a purchase?
  4. Do you want them to stay in touch?

Adding this step can improve your conversions and sales immensely. I would suggest adding one of these CTAs to your thank you page to do better:

  • Ask your subscribers to read more about you.
  • Ask your subscribers as well as buyers to whitelist your emails.
  • Ask them to visit your website.
  • Ask them to download your content and try to make the content helpful.
  • Ask them to visit your social media or share the purchase on their social media.
  • Suggest them a related product and ask them to read its details
  • Ask them to sign up to your website by making an account.

You can employ many ways to use CTAs, which can be as simple as suggesting them to visit your website or as complex as asking them to read your blogs. Each of these CTAs should result in some better sales opportunities.

Add Instructions

Your subscribers have seen the thank you note and have seen a call to action too. To drive them towards taking that action, you have to make it even simpler for them. Add instructions to the thank you page to teach them what to do next and how to do it. You have to be concise here, as a thank you page is not supposed to have a lot of content. Filling it up with too much content can make the subscriber or buyer miss out on the important things you were trying to convey. You can add a link to the tutorial if you think it can take up a lot of space. For example, you want your subscriber to register for an upcoming webinar. Rather than just saying “Register for the webinar,” you should add complete instructions like “Click the link below to register to the upcoming webinar.” You see how clear and more effective the second option is. The instructions do not have to be lengthy, they have to be precise.

You have the essential elements for a thank you page and what you need now is a checklist before you start building a thank you page. Read on to know what I have in store for you.

Thank you Page Checklist

Before you build a thank you page, you have to consider a few things. Lucky for you, I have made a checklist that includes everything you should know when strategizing the thank you page. Here are the things this page should do:

Convey a message

The thank you page should tell your subscribers or buyers that they are now interacting with your business. It is essential to show your human side here. You have to make them realize that they have made the right decision to add value.

Offer them a benefit

You have to set expectations with your thank you page. Offer them something in the form of ebooks, pdf, emails, or even discounts as this increases the motivation towards purchasing. You have to be very clear about your offers and have to deliver them as promised. Even if you’re not offering them something right on the thank you page, promise them something for the future. For example, “Thanks for subscribing. You’re now eligible for a new user discount. Get 15% off on your first purchase.”

Increase website visitors

Your thank you page should always lead your subscribers or buyers back to your website as well. Add a navigation menu on the thank you page. Increasing visitors is never a bad thing. You can take your users directly to the website using the navigation menu. Your subscriber or buyer may not want to take your desired option and may think of doing something else. Adding navigation will increase website visitors as well as improve user experience.

Warm-up users with additional content

In addition to the CTA, you added to your thank you page, you can also offer more value to your subscribers or buyers. You can link your thank you page to valuable content that they would like to see. This can build your website's reputation as an insightful resource and warm-up your subscribers or buyers for what they will get.

Improve sharing

You can always use the thank you page as an opportunity to increase your customers. Your buyer can do this for you in a most effective way. Use the thank you page to encourage sharing. Your product/service is good enough that they purchased it. Give them the option of sharing their decision to buy your product by adding social media sharing options on your thank you page.

I have discussed the essentials of the thank you page and the elements you should consider when strategizing this page. One other thing that I must say here is don’t overuse the thank you page either by loading it with unnecessary information. Yes, not using thank you page can affect your sales, but overwhelming the user with the thank you page can also have the same impact. With this article, you know what you should do with a thank you page. You have to be selective and try not to cram a single thank you page with excessive information

Go ahead and start strategizing for your thank you pages using this guide. I know you don’t like leaving your money on the table.

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