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Aqsa Mughees
Aqsa Mughees

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February 8, 2023

As a lead generation and email marketing suite designed especially to help businesses execute their digital marketing campaigns, we believe in offering the best to our clients without causing a dent in their pockets. Therefore, we are excited to announce a Mailmunch design revamp!

Through fully responsive and optimized, ready-to-use templates for every business need, Mailmunch enables you to create stunning landing pages, emails, and pop-up forms

Our software is intuitive and easy to use. The drag and drop builder comes pre-loaded with hundreds of templates to allow you to easily and quickly build forms, emails, and landing pages.

What’s New?

Keeping in mind your feedback, Mailmunch has upgraded its software as a first step towards a bigger and better platform. There are major improvements in the product infrastructure, workflows, speed, and interface for you to make the best of Mailmunch. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the details. 

1. Modern Interface

modern interface

We have revamped the interface for a modern look and easy access to different features, enhancing the user experience. Our teams have restyled the platform for a contemporary feel, including usability improvement through clear button designs, a clutter-free screen, and an obvious feature hierarchy. 

2. Enhanced Power

Believing in giving our clients control and power over their marketing efforts, we have given you everything you need under one umbrella. In other words, our software has become more robust and dynamic yet simpler and uncomplicated to use. So, save your time by getting a holistic lead generation experience with integrations, automations, and an intuitive drag and drop builder. We promise to keep innovating our software to give you more power without compromising on the ease of usability. 

enhanced power

With our tech geeks constantly working on evolving the product into an indispensable tool for marketers, prepare to see Mailmunch as one of the leading email companies in the future. 

3. Higher Efficiency

The improvements in user interface and power of the software are instrumental for performance gains. The modern navigation makes it simpler for users to find different features.

higher efficiency

Besides, the improved load times enable them to save time which they can devote to other business needs. Mailmunch provides an opportunity for novice users to feel confident working within a single platform to generate leads and boost sales efficiently. 

What’s in it for you?

Here’s how you can benefit from the new, bigger, and better Mailmunch platform:

  • Save time with everything right in front of you. Besides, the easy access to features and a smooth, improved workflow to create, deliver and monitor campaigns can enhance your productivity.
  • Experience ease of usability through the minimalist interface.
  • Get everything under one roof with full control over your marketing efforts, now and in the future. 
  • You can have access to everything and anything you require for your lead generation strategy with zero coding required. 

We have consecutively been awarded G2 badges for being a leader and high performer, gaining the trust of not only small businesses but also big enterprises. Continuing to strive towards making your businesses grow, minimizing your effort, and maximizing the output, Mailmunch is up for a consistent polish up and upgrade.

Start optimizing your digital marketing practices with new, simpler, and powerful Mailmunch!

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Aqsa Mughees

Aqsa Mughees works as a Content Lead at Mailmunch with 5+ years of experience in creative content strategy. With a grip in digital content creation for the tech industry and an undying love for writing, she is crazy about helping businesses grow through content marketing.


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