12 Email Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2024

Chanelle Smith
Chanelle Smith

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April 25, 2024

The beauty of email marketing lies in its versatility. It’s a tool that serves countless purposes across every industry, and no two marketing emails will have the same look, intent, or result. That’s why we love making connections with marketing professionals and learning about the email marketing practices they’ve found most effective -- each of them has some slightly different wisdom to share.

So in the spirit of sharing wisdom, here’s a roundup of twelve email marketing influencers who impressed us already this year! Along with their bios, we’ve linked you to some recent writing of theirs that you should add to your email marketing reading list. We think you’ll be just as impressed with them as we are!

Jon MacDonald

Jon MacDonald is Founder and President of The Good, conversion rate advisors who convert more of your existing website traffic into buyers. Jon and the team at The Good have made a practice of advising brands like Nike, Xerox and Adobe on how to see online revenue double through The Good's Conversion Growth Program™.

If you can learn to identify your different types of customers and how to deal with them, your ability to convert those customers will grow.

Check out Jon’s writing over at The Good: The 7 Types of Customers and How to Convert Them

Dave Sutton

Dave Sutton is the bestselling author of Marketing, Interrupted. He is a leading authority today on Transformational Marketing – enabling businesses to reach, connect and engage with customers in a way that gives them a reason to care, a reason to buy, a reason to advocate and, most important of all, a reason to stay. He is the founder of TopRight, LLC. and the co-author of Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science of Marketing -- the definitive statement of a new business discipline designed to create sustained, profitable, organic growth.

An effective email marketing campaign, doesn’t interrupt and try to grab attention -- it provides value to the audience… it’s relevant.

Check out Dave’s writing at Top Right Partners: 4 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Rocks

Toni Hopponen

Toni is CEO and Co-Founder of Flockler, a platform that helps brands to collate, analyze, and display user-generated content on their services, increasing conversion rates and dwell time. Flockler's current clients include Penguin Books, Eurostar, Royal Mail, and many more. Toni is passionate about social transforming the traditional marketing: how real-time social data can enrich your customer data, enabling to create personalised shopping experiences for consumers online and offline.

Check out Toni’s writing at Flockler: 3 Steps to a Successful Giveaway Campaign

Summy Lau

As Fundraising Editor, Summy Lau brings hands-on experience in nonprofit development, event fundraising, publishing, copywriting and design to Winspire News. She creates blog content, infographics, templates, eBooks and other resources to help fundraising professionals and volunteers exceed their fundraising goals. Her two favorite perks of working at Winspire: hearing nonprofit success stories and dreaming of new bucket list destinations.

Check out Summy’s work at Winspire: 3 Keys to Writing Mobile-Friendly Event Emails (that reach 65% more people!)

Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes is an account manager at 21 Handshake, a strategic digital marketing company focused on growing relationship-driven businesses. A self-described lifelong learner that thrives on detail, Sarah loves using her curiosity and attention to detail to help others succeed.

Sales leads are a little like fresh produce. The longer they’re allowed to sit without being inspected or utilized, the greater the chance they’ll lose their utility altogether.

Check out Sarah’s work on the 21 Handshake blog: Nine Word Email Template Revives Sales Leads

Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson is a content marketing consultant to the world's top experts and growing startups like LinkedIn, Zendesk, Adobe, Quickbooks and more. He also teaches over 200,000 monthly readers how to start and grow profitable side businesses through his blog and podcast.

The best content marketing strategy is designed to answer the most pressing questions your target audience has—to educate and transform them.

Check out Ryan’s blog: Ryan Robinson

Bill Walls

Bill Walls has a degree from the College of Arts and Technology in England and over 30 years of experience in business. Bill started InTouch Marketing and has built the business from the ground up. When Bill isn’t driving the vision and direction of InTouch Marketing, you can find him catching up on English Premier Soccer, PGA golf or his television series of the moment. And, if England is playing in a soccer tournament somewhere, everything stops!

Check out Bill’s writing at InTouch Marketing: Your Guide to Email Marketing Success in 2018

Jamie Leszczynski

As the Senior Vice President of Client Relations at ABC Creative Group, Jamie Leszczynski oversees all account service, including media buying, social media management and public relations. Jamie’s varied background in executive and nonprofit leadership as well as ownership of her own small business has helped elevate ABC account service from exceptional to exemplary. She shares the passion and vision of ABC’s clients, advocating for their brands, approaching them with new ideas and assuring all projects stay on time and budget.

Check out Jamie’s writing at ABC Creative Group: How to Write an Effective Marketing Campaign

Chris Onyett

Chris Onyett is a managing partner at Roketto, a leading Canadian inbound marketing and web design agency. Through a full-funnel approach, they help brands greatly scale their reach, profits, and worth.

Check out Chris's team on the Roketto blog: 8 Easy Strategies for Building Your Email Marketing List in 2018

Adrian M. White

Adrian M. White is a marketing and design professional from Silver Spring, Maryland who has studied and practiced multiple forms of marketing including email marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, public relations and more. She obtained an MBA in Marketing from Hampton University in 2009 and continues to utilize her skills and experience as an industry marketing professional. She also pours her design and marketing skills into her two businesses, AMW Site Designs, a Washington D.C. based boutique web and graphic design firm and Market with AMW, a digital marketing blog for entrepreneurs. Adrian continues to be passionate about catering to small businesses and helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

Check out Adrian’s writing on the AMW blog: Components of an Awesome Email Newsletter

Eric Keating

Eric Keating is the VP of Marketing at Zaius. Eric has over 10 years of experience helping top consumer brands grow by improving their understanding of customer behavior. Prior to joining Zaius, he was the vice president of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) division at Kantar Millward Brown, where he productized and scaled research solutions to maximize customer satisfaction and profitability.

While your buyers may haveopted in, that doesn’t mean they won’t decide to opt out if you abuse their trust.

Check out Eric’s writing over at Zaius: Get a Handle on Rising Unsubscribe Rates

Jordan Behan

Jordan Behan is the Marketing Manager at Vonigo, a business management and online booking platform that helps increase sales and streamline the operations of mobile service companies and organizations.

Check out Jordan’s writing on the Vonigo blog: The Simple Guide to Email Marketing for Field Service Companies (Part 1)

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