How Mailmunch Drove Libération’s Leads to 3000 Per Day!

How Mailmunch Drove Libération’s Leads to 3000 Per Day!

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May 29, 2023

Generating leads is pivotal for the success of any business. They need leads to nurture them and convert them into paying customers. But most importantly, they need to have qualified leads that can help them grow their business.

The latter was the problem Libération, a French newspaper company, faced. Then, in 2020, they came across Mailmunch, and ever since then, everything has changed for them for the better.

This is their success story.

What is Libération?

Libération is a prominent French media company that was founded in 1973. It is a daily newspaper that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, sports, and international news. In addition to its print edition, Libération has a robust online presence and publishes content on its website and social media channels.

Libération has a reputation for being a left-leaning newspaper that champions progressive values and social justice issues. Its readership primarily comprises urban, educated, and politically engaged individuals interested in independent journalism and critical analysis of current events.

The problem

Before Mailmunch, Libération’s tech team developed embedded bars that weren’t easy to change. They created landing pages, popups, and sidebars using Unbounce, Actito, Typeform, and SmartFocus. But these products didn’t provide Libération with any significant results.

Moreover, Libération’s subscriber count was stagnant for a while. Because of the lack of qualified leads, they couldn’t nurture leads to purchase their subscriptions.

The Solution

Since 2020 Mailmunch has solved these pain points by providing easy-to-use, changeable, and easy-to-deploy forms and popups. Libération also uses the Mailmunch landing page templates to attract readers to their gated content.

Libération could effectively and quickly target the right buyer personas with Mailmunch’s Exit pop-ups, embed forms, topbars, scroll boxes, and sidebar widgets. 

According to Libération, Mailmunch is used by their marketing team, acquisition manager, and interns for various marketing needs.

According to Libération: 

“Mailmunch is an excellent option because they offer 1,000+ landing page templates and over 500 forms and popups. Moreover, the webhook is easy to parameter, and its drag-and-drop email and automation builder is user-friendly. The customer support is excellent and reactive, even if we are in France. We have replaced the other tools that we were using with Mailmunch. Thank you Mailmunch!”

Moreover, Libération says that the onboarding process of Mailmunch was easy to navigate and rated it 10 out of 10.

How has Mailmunch helped Libération collect more leads?

With Mailmunch’s forms and popups collection, Libération has found that its lead generation has increased exponentially. 

Libération shared that they generate about 10,000 to 12,000 leads per month, of which 35% are due to Mailmunch’s forms and popups. 

Libération also shared that by sharing a website popup, they proposed that visitors receive a digital edition of their newspaper for free by email. The popup performed well, and they generated 3000 leads in a day!

Mailmunch has also increased Libération’s trial subscribers. Take a look at the bottom bar on Libération’s homepage. 

Libération's bottom bar made with Mailmunch

This bottom bar is built using Mailmunch and has increased Libération’s trial subscriptions by 30%. Because of this, Mailmunch has now become a vital part of Libération’s revenue generation strategy. 


Mailmunch's lead generation solutions played a significant role in increasing Libération's leads by 3000 per day. By creating targeted forms and pop-ups, Mailmunch was able to effectively engage with Libération's audience and drive more traffic to their website.

Mailmunch's A/B testing feature allowed for optimizing headlines and call-to-action buttons. Additionally, the integration of Mailmunch with Libération's existing marketing stack provided a seamless and efficient workflow for the marketing team.

Through the partnership with Mailmunch, Libération improved its overall marketing strategy and increased its brand visibility, resulting in significant lead generation growth.

Libération is now generating thousands of leads per day with Mailmunch. Are you ready to take your lead generation strategy to the next level? Then Mailmunch has the solutions you need to generate the best results for your company.

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