70+ April Newsletter Ideas For Your Marketing Campaigns In 2023

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July 4, 2023

If you haven't already, now is the time to build your email list and grow an irresistible fan base. One of the best ways to do that is by sending out awesome newsletters this April. 

Newsletter content is essential to any successful email marketing campaign, yet too many brands' emails go entirely unnoticed. That's why it's essential to focus on content to keep your audience engaged throughout the month. While this might be a challenge at first, by following our 70+ April newsletter ideas, you'll be able to create more engaging and valuable content in no time. 

So, let’s get started!

April newsletter ideas for month-long events

1. World Autism Awareness Month

April is World Autism Awareness month. Take this opportunity to create awareness among your target audience. Below are some newsletter ideas, 

  • Organize a donation or social media campaign to help the cause and invite people to join and promote through the newsletter.
  • Highlight the latest research and advancements in the field of autism.

This newsletter by Havly Inc. is a great example! 

World Autism Awareness Month: April newsletter idea

2. Ramadan Newsletter

Ramadan is a time to share and care for others. In your newsletter, you can promote prayer times, Taraweeh guidelines, or info about how to fast, etc. Also, 

  • Offer special discounts to attract more customers.
  • Share tips for balancing work and spiritual obligations during Ramadan.

This newsletter by Qatar Airways is a great example, 

Ramadan newsletter: April newsletter idea

3. National Poetry Month

April is a National Poetry Month! It’s a great time to promote creativity and love for literature. 

  • Share information about local poetry special events and readings happening in the community.
  • Share a different poem every day throughout the month, highlighting a variety of poets and styles.
National poetry month: National newsletter idea

4. Stress Awareness Month

Educate your audience with stress management tips & tricks to have better mental health. 

In your newsletter, you can, 

  • Offer tips and resources for coping with everyday stress. 
  • Share the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for stress reduction. 

Stress Awareness Month: April newsletter idea

5. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Your furry friends need love and support. Educate your audience about the rights of animals and pets at large. 

  • Highlight laws and regulations that protect animals from cruelty and abuse.
  • Feature the work of animal welfare organizations, and encourage readers to get involved and support their efforts.
Prevention of cruelty to Animals: April newsletter idea

6. Move More Month

Physical activity is the key to a healthy lifestyle. April gives you a great opportunity to, 

  • Share how different types of physical activity can be incorporated into daily life.
  • Organize a challenge for readers, such as a “30-day fitness challenge” or “walk a mile a day” challenge, to keep them motivated and engaged.
Move More Month: April newsletter idea

April newsletter ideas for week-long events

1. Laugh at Work Week

April 1-7! Celebrate the Laugh at Work Week with the following newsletter ideas, 

  • Share office-related pranks ideas, ridiculous requests that customers have made, or a daily joke or pun to start the workday on a lighthearted note.
  • Collaborate & promote a "Humor in the Workplace" podcast or webinar featuring comedy writers or stand-up comedians.

2. National Library Week

April 23-29 marks National Library Week - It’s a perfect time to recognize the critical role librarians played in developing local libraries.

  • Mention books or other published material that has inspired you.
  • Let readers know about upcoming events, such as book clubs, author talks, and workshops happening at the library during National Library Week.
National library week: April newsletter idea

3. National Volunteer Week

Promote volunteerism during April 16-22, 2023, and publish a newsletter that, 

  • Features stories about volunteers and their impact on the community.
  • Provides tips for parents and educators on how to encourage youth to get involved in volunteerism.
National Volunteer Week: April newsletter idea

4. Every Kid Healthy Week

Celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week from April 24-28, 2023. In your newsletter, you can provide, 

  • Fun ways to engage your kids with physical activities 
  • Information about the importance of sleep for the younger kids
  • Ideas on a healthy diet for kids 
  • Wellness policy for schools
Every Kid Healthy Week: April Newsletter Idea

5. Passover Week

This week gives you an opportunity to,

  • Provide ideas for Passover-themed crafts and activities.
  • Share a list of Passover-friendly products and where to find them.
Passover week: April newsletter idea

April newsletter ideas for day-long events

Following are some of the great ideas for April day-long events.

1. National Handmade Day

April 1, 2023, is the National Handmade Day. In your newsletter, you can, 

  • Share DIY tutorials or craft ideas for making handmade items at home.
  • Encourage readers to take action and get involved in local initiatives or programs that support children and families.

2. National Love Our Children Day

Love your children, they are the ultimate blessing from God. Promote the love for children and the innocence they carry on April 1, 2023.

  • Offer tips on how to create a positive and nurturing environment for children.
  • Share quotes, poems, or artwork created by children that celebrate the joy and wonder of childhood.

3. April Fool’s Day

Apr 1! On this day, promote some pranks and play ideas or introduce some unique ways to pull off the perfect prank. 

This April Fool’s Day newsletter is a great example, 

April Fool's Day: April newsletter ideas

4. National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

April 2 is the National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day!

  • Share a collection of delicious and unique recipes featuring peanut butter and jelly as the main ingredients.
  • Host a giveaway for a basket of peanut butter and jelly products and encourage subscribers to share their favorite ways to enjoy PB&J for a chance to win.
National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day: April Newsletter Idea

5. National Reconciliation Day

April 2 is National Reconciliation Day, on this day you can, 

  • Invite readers to share their own stories and experiences of reconciliation.
  • Recognize the contributions of Indigenous peoples to the ongoing process of reconciliation.
National Reconciliation Day: April Newsletter Ideas

6. World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day is on Apr 2. 

  • Create an educational article or video to help readers better understand autism. 
  • Discuss the latest research in the treatment of autism, including new therapies and interventions.
World Autism Awareness Day: April Newsletter Ideas

7. International Children’s Book Day

This day gives you an opportunity to promote book-reading habits among children. You can, 

  • Host a giveaway to encourage readers to enter for a chance to win.
  • Interview an author or publisher and share the insights behind their work.
Internationl Children's Book Day: April Newsletter Ideas

8. Palm Sunday

The day is celebrated with the processions and distribution of blessed palm leaves in homes and churches. On this day, you can 

  • Emphasize understanding the context of the day 
  • Remind your readers of the welcoming of Jesus into our hearts 
Palm Sunday: April Newsletter Ideas

9. World Party Day

April 3 is the World Party Day! In your newsletter, 

  • Share a list of cocktail recipes from around the world.
  • Use this day to offer discounts on international travel packages to encourage readers to experience different cultures.

10. National School Librarian Day

April 4! In your newsletter,

  • Encourage community members to visit and support their local school library.
  • Highlight some of the technology available in the library, such as 3D printers, robotics kits, and digital cameras.

11. International Carrot Day

On April 4, share the love of carrots with your readers. In your newsletter, 

  • Share carrots' role in maintaining healthy eyesight and skin or carrot-based dessert recipe ideas, such as carrot cake or carrot bread.
  • Introduce interesting facts about the history of carrots, including different varieties.

12. Gold Star Spouses Day

Gold Star Spouses Day is celebrated on April 5. You can, 

  • Offer resources and support for gold star spouses, such as counseling services and support groups.
  • Highlight the sacrifices and contributions of Gold Star Spouses and their families.
Gold Star Spouses Day: April Newsletter Idea

13. National Walking Day

Promote the idea of walking for healthy life on April 6. In your newsletter, 

  • Share information on popular walking routes in your community.
  • Highlight the many benefits of walking, including improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, and stress relief.

14. National Student-Athlete Day

Recognize the accomplishments of students on April 6, also, 

  • Feature a Q&A with a professional athlete who also had a successful student-athlete experience.
  • Offer advice for student-athletes on how to manage their busy schedules, prioritize their time, and take care of their mental and physical health.
  • Educate them on how to open their own bank account for college students for the first time and better manage their resources.

15. International Day of Sport for Development and Support

April 6 is celebrated as the International Day of Sport for Development and Support. Newsletter ideas include 

  • Partner with other organizations to host a virtual roundtable discussion on this topic.
  • Create a video campaign that showcases the positive impact of sports in different communities around the world (if you have a YouTube channel, you can use YouTube video editing software for this purpose).
International Day of Sport for Development and Support

16. National Burrito Day

April 6 is National Burrito Day. In your newsletter, 

  • Share a list of fun and interesting burrito-related facts and trivia to share with readers.
  • Feature the history and origin of the burrito, including different regional variations. 

17. National Tartan Day

National Tartan Day is celebrated on Apr 6.

  • A feature on modern tartan fashion and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.
  • Highlight the history and significance of tartan patterns and their connection to Scottish heritage.

18. Good Friday

Good vibes on Good Friday! Apr 7 is a great opportunity to populate your newsletter with ideas,  

  • A feature on the art and music that has been inspired by Good Friday throughout history.
  • Highlight ways that your church or community can serve and reach out to others on Good Friday.
Good Friday: April Newsletter Idea

19. National No Housework Day

April 7 is the National No Housework Day. 

  • Offer a special promotion or discount on cleaning services or home organization products.
  • Share recipes for easy, no-prep meals that can be made without dirtying many dishes or pots and pans.

20. World Health Day

On April 7 you can promote the following ideas in your newsletter:

  • Highlight important global health issues and the role of public health in addressing them.
  • Create a list of "health heroes" who have positively impacted the field of health and wellness.

21. Easter Sunday

Celebrate Easter Sunday with your loved ones on April 9! You can share the following ideas in your newsletter. 

  • A guide to decorating your home for Easter, including DIY crafts and egg decorating tips.
  • Suggest various gift ideas for Easter, such as chocolate Easter bunnies, Easter baskets, and other treats.
Easter Sunday: April Newsletter Idea

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21.1. An “Egg-citing” hunt

Easter Sunday Email Template From Mailmunch

21.2. The hunt is on

Easter Sunday Email Template From Mailmunch

22. National Name Yourself Day

It's fun to celebrate National Name Yourself Day on April 9. 

  • Offer tips and advice on the legal process of changing your name.
  • Share messages about the power of names and the importance of self-expression.

23. National Siblings Day

Show some love for your siblings on April 10. 

  • Create a poll asking readers to share their favorite memories with their siblings.
  • Highlight the special bond that siblings share, even if they live far away from each other.
National Siblings Day: April Newsletter Idea

24. World Homeopathy Day

Learn the effectiveness of homeopathy on April 10. You can populate your newsletter with the following ideas;

  • Provide educational content on the history and principles of homeopathy and the science behind its effectiveness.
  • Educate your subscribers on the latest research and advancements in homeopathy
World Homeopathy Day: April Newsletter Ideas

25. National Submarine Day

April 11, 2023, is a great opportunity to pay tribute to the submariners who have served and continue to serve in the Navy. You can share,

  • An article on current submarine technology and advancements.
  • Ideas on how to celebrate the first modern commissioned submarine

26. National Pet Day

Show some love to your furry friends on April 11. 

  • Through social media contests, invite pet owners to share photos of their pets and offer a prize for the cutest or most unique image.
  • Suggest pet-friendly products and services.

27. National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Celebrate the love for the grilled cheese sandwich on Wed, Apr 12, 2023!

  • Share some pairing ideas for grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Offer a tutorial on how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, including tips and tricks.

28. American Civil War

In your newsletter, 

  • Highlight the role of both men and women during the American Civil War.
  • A Q&A section where readers can submit questions about the Civil War and have them answered by experts in the field.
American Civil War: April Newsletter Ideas

29. Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743. On this day you can promote, 

  • Spotlight on his most famous quotes and how they still apply to modern society.
  • A special offer or sale on Thomas Jefferson-themed merchandise, such as books, prints, and souvenirs.
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday: April Newsletter Ideas

30. National Lunch Count Day

It's a great opportunity to promote healthy lunch on April 13. 

  • Share a list of healthy and delicious lunch ideas with your subscribers. 
  • Highlight the importance of proper nutrition for children.

31. National Alcohol Screening Day

April 6 is National Alcohol Screening Day!

  • Encourage individuals to take an online alcohol screening test and provide a link to a reputable screening tool.
  • Share statistics on the impact of alcohol addiction on the workplace, including absenteeism and productivity loss.
National Alcohol Screening Day: April Newsletter Ideas

32. International Plant Appreciation Day

Run a go green campaign on April 13 to celebrate, International Plant Appreciation Day. In your newsletter, you can

  • Share information on how to properly care for international plants in different climates.
  • Showcase some of the most unique and beautiful plants from different parts of the globe.
International Plant Appreciation Day: April Newsletter Ideas

33. National Scrabble Day

April 13 is National Scrabble Day. Design your newsletter keeping in mind the following ideas, 

  • Dive into the history of the game including interesting facts and trivia.
  • Create a Scrabble-themed crossword puzzle and send it to subscribers as a fun way to celebrate this day.

34. National Gardening Day

April 14, 2023, gives gardening enthusiasts an opportunity to show some love for gardening. 

  • Share tips for a fresh start on a vegetable garden.
  • Create a special section for kids that includes fun gardening activities for getting them involved in gardening.
National Gardening Day: April Newsletter Ideas

35. National Pan American Day

On April 14, add the following ideas to your newsletter;

  • Offer travel tips for those interested in exploring the Pan-American region.
  • Share a list of books, films, or music from the Americas that celebrate the diverse cultures of the region.

36. International Moment of Laughter Day

Laugh out loud on April 14 to celebrate the International Moment of Laughter Day!

  • Share a list of recommended comedy movies or TV shows for readers to watch and enjoy.
  • Encourage readers to share their own funny stories or jokes in the comments section of the newsletter.
International Moment of Laughter Day: April Newsletter Ideas

37. Tax Day

Encourage the reader to become a tax filer on this day. In your newsletter for Tue, Apr 18, 2023, you can,

  • Highlight the benefits of filing taxes as a non-resident in the USA.
  • Launch Tax Day Q&A: Answers to Commonly Asked Tax Questions and Concerns.
Tax Day: April Newsletter Ideas

38. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 15, 1865. In your newsletter, you can talk about,

  • A look back at the event, and how it has impacted 
  • You can also uncover some of the facts, figures, and details of the assassination

39. Husband Appreciation Day

As its name suggests the day is celebrated to appreciate your better half on Sat, Apr 15, 2023.

  • Share inspiring stories about the importance of husbands in families.
  • Share tips and advice for keeping the spark alive in a marriage. 

40. National Laundry Day

On April 15th,

  • Feature the best laundry hacks and tricks to make your life easier.
  • Share a recipe for a homemade laundry detergent or fabric softener, along with instructions for how to use it.

41. World Art Day

Appreciate art, & creativity on Sat, Apr 15, 2023!

  • Give your subscribers some art prompts, and encourage them to share their creations with a branded hashtag.
  • Give readers a glimpse into the creative process of an artist, including sketches and rough drafts.
World Art Day: April Newsletter Ideas

42. Emancipation Day

On April 16, you can add the following ideas to your newsletter,

  • Send out suggestions on how to support racial equality and social justice.
  • Share inspiring quotes about freedom and emancipation to commemorate the day.
Emancipation Day: April Newsletter Ideas

43. World Voice Day

World Voice Day is celebrated on Sun, Apr 16, 2023!

  • Spotlight on different types of voices and the unique challenges they face.
  • Offering a free voice assessment or consultation.

44. Patriot’s Day

On Mon, Apr 17, 2023, you can share the following ideas to engage the readers, 

  • Share a list of patriotic books or movies to read/watch on this day.
  • Offer a special Patriot's Day discount for subscribers who make a donation to a veterans' or military support organization.

45. World Hemophilia Day

World Hemophilia Day is celebrated on April 17, 2023!

  • Promote virtual events and fundraisers for hemophilia organizations and research initiatives.
  • Share information on the latest advancements in treatment and research for hemophilia.
World Hemophilia Day: April Newsletter Ideas

46. World Amateur Radio Day

On Tue, Apr 18, 2023, World Amateur Radio Day is celebrated, 

  • Introduce readers to the different types of amateur radio, such as voice, digital, and satellite communication.
  • Highlight the role of amateur radio in emergency communication and disaster relief.
World Amateur Radio Day: April Newsletter Ideas

47. National Columnists Day

National Columnists Day is celebrated on April 18!

  • Offer exclusive access to a national columnist's upcoming column for email subscribers.
  • Create a "National Columnists Day" special newsletter edition featuring a variety of columns from different writers.

48. National Haiku Day

In your newsletter on April 17, you can share the following ideas,

  • Feature on how to write haiku, including examples and explanations of the traditional haiku structure.
  • Share examples of haikus found in popular cultures, such as haikus in songs or haikus used in advertising.

49. National Look Alike Day

National Look Alike Day is celebrated on April 20!

  • Share some tips to find celebrity twins.
  • Share your favorite celebrity doppelgangers.

50. Earth Day

The goal of Earth Day on Sat, Apr 22, 2023, is to save the earth's environmental hazards! You can share, 

  • Tips on going green 
  • How to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment 
  • Spotlight local environmental organizations
Earth Day: April Newsletter ideas

51. English Language Day

Promote English as a language on Sun, Apr 23, 2023!

  • Examine how English is used in music, movies, TV shows, and literature.
  • Share interesting English idioms and phrases.

52. World Book Day

Sun, Apr 23, 2023, is World Book Day!

  • Create fun quizzes such as "Can you guess the book from the opening line?"
  • Reach out to local authors or well-known authors in your community and feature them in your newsletter.

53. National Telephone Day

April 25 is National Telephone Day!

  • A look at how telephone technology has shaped our personal and professional lives.
  • A feature on the importance of having reliable phone service during emergencies.

54. World Malaria Day

Tue, Apr 25, 2023, is a great day to,

  • Raise awareness about the ongoing challenges faced by communities in malaria-endemic regions.
  • Share resources and organizations that readers can support to help in the fight against malaria.
World Malaria Day: April Newsletter Ideas

55. World Penguin Day

On this day on April 25, 2023,

  • Create a "Penguin of the Month" feature in your newsletter and highlight a different penguin species.
  • Share a "Penguin-themed" crossword puzzle or word search for your readers to enjoy.

56. World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Promote safety and health at work on Fri, Apr 28, 2023!

  • Offer advice on how to create a culture of safety within a company.
  • Create infographics that visually explain important safety concepts, such as ergonomics, fire safety, and emergency preparedness.

This newsletter from Jackson and Wilson is a great example that talks about the numbers on safety and health at work. 


57. National Rebuilding Day

Last Saturday of April is National Rebuilding Day. 

  • Cover construction techniques that can make homes more resilient to natural disasters.
  • Share information on volunteer opportunities available in your area and encourage readers to sign up to help out.

58. Honesty Day

On Sun, Apr 30, 2023, encourage the importance of honesty at work and in life!

  • Create a list of book, movie, or podcast recommendations that promote honesty and integrity.
  • Remind subscribers of the legal and ethical implications of dishonesty in business practices.

59. Eid Day 1

Evening of Fri, Apr 21, 2023, is the first Day of Eid!

  • Share a selection of traditional Eid recipes that readers can try at home.
  • Provide a list of fun and engaging activities that families can do together to celebrate Eid, such as making Eid cards, hosting a picnic, or decorating the home.
Eid Day 1: April Newsletter Ideas

60. Eid Day 2

Eid Day 2 will be on Sat, Apr 22, 2023!

  • Share tips on how to dress for Eid and offer beauty advice for creating a festive look.
  • Provide information about various charitable organizations and opportunities for readers to give back and make a difference during Eid.

61. Eid Day 3

Last Day of Eid is Sat, Apr 24, 2023!

  • Provide a gift guide featuring unique and thoughtful Eid presents, such as homemade crafts or jewelry.
  • Create a curated selection of gift ideas for friends and family celebrating Eid, including clothing, home decor, and traditional sweets and treats.

62. International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day will be celebrated on Sun, Apr 30, 2023!

  • Share upcoming jazz events and festivals happening in your local area or internationally.
  • Provide a list of recommended jazz albums or songs to celebrate International Jazz Day.
International Jazz Day: April Newsletter Idea

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