15 Inspiring Ideas for Your Easter Email & Subject Lines [+ Templates]

Summra Ahmad
Summra Ahmad

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January 31, 2024

Spring is here, folks! And soon you will enjoy the festivities of the Easter holiday too with your friends and family and exchange gifts. But did you know a consumer is willing to spend an average of $179.70 during the Easter holiday? For people, Easter is a festive occasion with the ideation of cute bunnies, colorfully painted eggs, and lots of food followed by an egg hunt. For an email marketer, the Easter holiday brings the golden chance to increase their conversions and email open rates for the business. 

It is time to start new email marketing campaigns during the Easter season to garner the target audience's attention. So whether you want to increase your product sales or boost online engagement, it is the perfect moment to connect with your readers. 

Easter email marketing depends on your offer. Thinking of creating unique emails and outdoing all your competitors this holiday season? Mailmunch’s got you covered with the latest HTML Easter email templates! Easy to create and edit with our intuitive drag and drop builder, customize the template to your liking!

Easter email templates

What is an Easter email?

An Easter email similar to a Christmas email or New Year email is sent out before the holiday festivities begin for celebratory and sales purposes with special offers and discounts to improve the sales, conversion rates, and click-through rates. 

Businesses can make great use of this festive by creating and designing Easter emails using custom-built templates with the chance of improved conversions. Companies offering stellar products and services can use the holiday to their advantage by creating promotional emails and targeting the products with low sale rates.

Why should you send an Easter email marketing campaign?

Easter is one of the biggest holidays in the world, taking part in this season can lead to you gaining a competitive advantage.

reasons to create Easter email campaign

1. Exceed sales 

According to the National Retail Federation surveys, consumers’ total spending during Easter is estimated at $18.1 billion. It suffices to say that 8 out 10 Americans want to celebrate Easter as a holiday with much enthusiasm for product sales. 

9% of the people spend Sundays shipping (online) on Easter Sundays, while 8% plan to shop in physical stores. In the U.S, the trend of spending your Easter shopping is one of the top activities for consumers after Christmas. 

Easter email open rate

2. Uphold the traditional marketing 

It's a traditional email marketing 101 - offering customers the same product but with a lower price tag is best to start on April 1 for Easter. Discount offers are the most popular Easter promotion ranging from 20% to 30%. 

It means your chances of open email and conversion rate are boosted 20x higher

3. Engagements on festive occasions

Easter is a popular time to travel around, get to the families, and move headlong. Email marketers can use this event to create Easter-themed merchandise and promote it via an email marketing campaign. Festive occasions have higher engagement rates after the New Year. 

4. Increase subscribers 

While promoting the products with promo codes and discount offers is great, Easter emails also increase the email subscribers big time. During the festive season, consumers are less likely to ignore an email. Selling products with a holiday theme is a pretty classic way to become a favorite sender in your subscriber’s inbox. 

How to write the perfect Easter email newsletter?

Easter sales are not as high as Christmas or Black Friday sales. But one thing for sure is to create and implement the holiday email marketing strategy with something “eggstra” special to boost the conversion rates!  

create Easter email newsletter

Here’s what you need to do to create a perfect Easter email newsletter campaign

1. Create relevance to Easter 

Easter email campaigns offer the opportunity to highlight the products and services more festively. Easter also signals the arrival of spring, reflecting the warmer weather and bright sunny days ahead. The Easter email newsletter reflects these vibes to offer spring offers and discounts. 

2. Create an Easter email template 

What’s the better way to promote seasonal products than the holiday itself? Many goods have high sales on Easter. To keep the content more engaging and persuasive, use Easter email templates. A custom email template reflects the season and has more significance for the subscriber because such email newsletters are associated with traditional sales. Hence it boosts the conversions. 

3. Use email marketing tools 

Implementing the Easter email template is a good strategy, but it's smart to use email marketing tools instead of creating it from scratch. There is plenty of email software that offers free and premium Easter email templates. For instance, you can visit Mailmunch’s email template library to use an HTML email template to start your Easter email marketing campaigns. 

4. Use catchy Easter subject lines 

Your Easter email subject line should be catchy, simple, and engaging. At first glance, it should capture the subscriber's attention, and they should be able to understand what your email newsletter is about. 

If offering any promo code or discounts, use it in the subject lines with festive emoticons. For instance: “Save $20 this Easter🥚! Find your voucher in this email!”

5. Personalize the email 

A personal touch to the email newsletter warms up the heart (and pocket). Personalized email content helps to encourage the recipients to look for more details about the products on sale. 

Keeping your target audience's personality (or demographics) in mind, use their personal preferences to create a generic mass email. 

6. Offer an Easter game! 

Why not offer a magical Easter spin wheel? Or maybe an egg-perfect coupon? Inviting your audience to play a spin game adds more merriment improving the conversion rate. You can even come up with a virtual egg hunt! Place the offer, time, and reward in your email newsletter and ask recipients to play it. This type of engagement also offers greater email deliverability for your future Easter email campaigns. 

7. Be mindful of regional differences

There’s more to Easter than an egg hunt or colored eggs. Easter reflects the tradition that may vary from one region to another. For instance, people celebrate Easter with parades and share bunnies' chocolates in other countries instead of regular egg sharing. Tailor your Easter email campaign to unique demographics. 

15 Inspiring Easter email examples

Are you intrigued to create your Easter email campaigns? Let’s go through the examples listed below for ideation. 

1. Rituals Cosmetics - Product promo

This email displays the use of simple animation that explains how the Easter gift finder works for the website. Simple, creative, and usable are the best qualities in this email campaign. Take a look below. 

ritual costmetic email

2. DJI- Easter sale

Easter season means huge sales! DJI designed a minimalistic Easter sale email, making it very easy for their customers to understand. Want to learn some tips and tricks for technically complex products sale? Learn from DJI’s email template below. 

DJI easter email

3. Planet Organic - Wellness based 

With everything going on globally, offering sales or promotions revolving around the pandemic can be an attractive factor. Planet Organic involves both Easter and Covid in their Easter email, which has many open rates. However, a better CTA could have been added. 

Planet Organic easter email

4. Hotel Chocolat - Easter egg range 

Eight weeks before the Easter holiday, Hotel Chocolat came up with a bouquet of Easter eggs! The Easter egg range surely was mouth-watering for the visitors on their website. The email template is a perfect example of nurturing the visitor as a customer. 

hotel chocolat easter email

5. Crate&Barrel - Amusing wordplay 

What we loved about Crate&Barrel’s Easter email is the use of CTA (which is fun-intended) and connected to a vibrant gif. The bunny salt shakers surely are the missing article on one’s table, isn’t it? After this email, the visitor will be intrigued to add the Easter décor for their family dinner. 

Take a look! 

crate&barrel easter email

6. Lenox - Easter basket 

Lenox is always one step by adding Easter drip campaigns for the festive occasion. However, this first email is all about filling the Easter basket with décor items at the time of Easter. Notice how they have cleverly not mentioned any discount offers yet. At this stage, they are focused on intriguing the visitor. 

lenox easter email

7. Tesco - Easter egg 

What’s not to love about a chocolate egg on an Easter day? Tesco decided to make their customers happy with a graphic of their finest coconut egg filled with white truffles and handcrafted by award-winning chocolatiers. Take a look at the classic chocolate egg below. 

teso easter email

8. EyeBuyDirect - Limited-time offer 

Discounts are the best incentives when the customer can “see” the offer, right? EyeBuyDirect created a hard refuse an urgent offer for the customers with the smart tactic of Buy One, Get One offer below. 

eyebuydirect easter email

9. Fortnum Mason - Sparking inspiration 

Honestly, the Easter email is creative and gives Alice in Wonderland vibe to the visitor for sure. F&M has a unique understanding of their website visitors and readers, so they know how to inspire them to click on the CTA impulsively. 

fortnum mason easter email

10. Grace&Stella - Easter egg hunt 

The Easter enthusiast visitors are always up for an egg hunt. Grace&Stella garnered the attention of their customers with the 50% offer for a hidden Easter egg hunt. The email is crafty and colorful, reflecting the Easter vibes. But, first, you need to abide by the rules to avail of the offer as mentioned in the email below.  

grace&tella easter email

11. Scarosso - Reminder email 

Do you feel your customer is chickening out and ready to abandon the cart? Once the Easter egg hunt is on, explain the rules to the subscribers by sending a single or a sequence of reminder emails to persuade them not to skip the fantastic adventure this Easter. 

scarosso easter email

12. OliveNation - Easter sale 

Take a look at the phenomenal Easter email by OliveNation with a creative touch of chocolate theme parallel to the type of products they sell. It’s the perfect recipe for the next best Easter cake (as products are mentioned below) and the email campaign too! 

olivenation easter email

13. Trainline - Easter travel offer 

Did you ever try sending a minimal Easter email campaign two months in advance? Trainline successfully implemented this technique by personalizing the content according to the festivities. However, they didn't use the standard Easter theme (but only the content. But guess what? Low train fares caught the attention of the readers! 

trainline easter email

14. The Cromwell Cottage - Easter weekend 

What started as a four-week early practice for The Cromwell Cottage became a huge email campaign success. The email below depicts a floral spring design indicating the Easter weekend that people can enjoy with a spectacular dish on their menu for the day. Amazing, right? 

cromwell cottage easter email

15. Stocklot - Easter deals 

Are you thinking of smart trading? Stocklot email campaign for Easter consists of a simple and easy-to-understand message with an egg-themed image reminding of the festive deals. 

Take a look. 

stocklot easter email

15 Best Easter subject lines ideas

A subject line is a text that recipients see when they first receive an email. To gain the most out of the subject line, you should optimize it for your target audience. 

On arrival of Easter, customers will be receiving many Easter emails, and you need to make sure your email gets opened. 

Here are the 15 best Easter subject lines that you can use to ensure your email is opened. 

  1. Hoppy Easter! 
  2. We’re egg-cited for Easter! So we’re giving you a DOUBLE DEAL
  3. Enjoy 25% OFF for EVERYBUNNY🐰
  4. 📢50% off is hoppin’ away in just hours
  5. Any-bunny want to save $20? 🐇 🌷
  6. Hop to it! Easter Sale!
  7. Get Egg-Cited for up to 50% Off!🎀
  8. 50% Off EVERYTHING. Thanks, Easter Bunny! 
  9. Save 10% on your Easter break
  10. Last Chance For Easter Savings
  11. This Easter Sale Ends Tonight! 
  12. Celebrating Easter at Home; 
  13. The Best Thing to Do With All Those Easter Eggs 🥚
  14. Happy Easter🐣 — Enjoy FREE Shipping! 
  15. Look what hopped in!🥚🐰🐥

Send your Easter email with Mailmunch

Easter is a fun time for consumers and work time for marketers. Use this holiday festivity to your advantage by creating an Easter email marketing campaign your subscribers will love! 

Mailmunch is always up and about providing classic, modern, and festive HTML email templates for all verticals. With the help of an email marketing template library now you can 

  • Create fun spin wheels for the Easter Egg hunt 
  • Offer Easter-themed coupons for discounts 
  • Custom-design your Shopify landing page for Easter and a lot more! 
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Frequently asked questions

What is an Easter egg in an email?

An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, a hidden message, or a feature in an email. Most businesses use this tactic in Easter email campaigns. An Easter egg in an email can be displayed in the form of an image, message, or a hidden feature. When finding this Easter egg, the customer usually wins something. 

What do you put in an Easter newsletter?

To make your Easter newsletter a success, start with a short but catchy subject line, spice it up with Easter humor within 30-40 characters, share the company news, latest updates, share an eBook, add graphics for appeal and email signature/footer relevant to the Easter campaign. 

When should I send Easter emails?

To get the most, the best time to send your Easter emails would be 10 to two weeks before Easter. You can also resend them close to Easter as a reminder. If you have a specific promotion, you can send the Easter promotion seven to 10 days after Easter. 

What is the best time to send an Easter email?

Regardless of your location, the best time to send an Easter email is between 10-11 AM since 42.5% of the users check their emails in the morning, especially on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

To whom should you send an Easter email?

Email marketers can send Easter emails to the younger generation, with 85% of them being 18-34 years old. The younger target audience is more likely to plan easter egg hunts, browse the web pages, and open gift vouchers to shop online. 

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