17+ New Year Email Ideas with Examples and Templates [2024]

Aqsa Mughees
Aqsa Mughees

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April 30, 2024

New Year is when your prospects are determined to drive change, start fresh, and set resolutions for the year ahead. So, it serves as one of the best times to reach out to your potential buyers, who are likely to respond if you send them relevant content and value propositions that are convincing enough. 

Tap the users’ current needs based on their aspirations and yearly goals with targeted New Year email campaigns. Adding some wit and humor usually pays off, as people are likely to show interest in emails and messages that are not cut and dry!

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Where people do not have any shortage of celebrations and things to be happy about before wrapping up the year, businesses also have this one final chance to hit their sales targets.  

Around 80% (Emarsys) of businesses consider email marketing the ideal way to increase customer loyalty and retention. So, if you have not yet thought about the New Year or holiday email marketing campaigns, here’s your chance to make the most of it! 

How to prepare for your New Year’s email campaign

new year campaign steps

Here’s how you can prepare for your end-of-holiday season, New Year email marketing campaign:

Step 1

Clean and build email list and avoid sending your email to those subscribers who have never opened your email since it will only cause your bounce rate to increase. 

Step 2

Segment your audience correctly so that you deliver valuable content to interested people. It will automatically increase your email open and click-through rates. 

Step 3

Keep in mind that your users will get bombarded with new year wishes and greetings at the end of the year, so carefully time your new year email to increase the open rate. 

Step 4

People prefer mobile phones to tablets and desktop computers, so make sure your email design is mobile-friendly. Your email design should be optimized and responsive across all devices.

Step 5 

A/B test all the elements of your email, such as subject line, email copy, and image and video content, before sending it out to your audience. 

Campaign types 

new year campaign types

Here’s a list of New Year email campaign types you can use as a part of your marketing strategy:

1. Post-Christmas campaign

Despite the long holiday, getting over the infectious festive mood and celebratory vibes is hard. So, it doesn’t hurt to prolong Christmas. People are usually in high spirits, making it an excellent time to tout your products and services. 

Just make sure to adjust the frequency because too many emails can mess up your open rates since no one likes the constant bombardment of emails.  

2. New Year's Eve campaign

What most businesses ignore these days is building a solid relationship with the audience instead of throwing promotional content all the time. So, for once, you can ditch all the marketing tricks and greet your audience warmly with New Year's wishes. 

Show love and appreciation to your users by sending personalized emails for a better responses. 

3. New Year’s resolution campaign

Supportive New year email newsletters are a perfect way to encourage your users who are planning on taking a fresh start and rebooting their life for the year ahead. 

Here are a few ideas you can implement for your New Year’s resolution email:

  • Instill positivity among your users. Create a copy that sends positive vibes and encourages users to stick to their plans for the future. 
  • Focus on showcasing products that can help fulfill resolutions. You can segment your audience accordingly for relevance and better results. 
  • You can also add reward programs to your product or service that encourage the users to achieve their goals and buy your products simultaneously. 

4. Post-Celebration campaign

Even though once Christmas is over, it seems like the whole holiday season is done with, the truth is that the Christmas emails and sales are on. It is the perfect time to remind the audience of your brand and re-engage them. 

Sending out emails saying “we miss you already” can be an excellent way to engage with your audience. Give your loyal customers a relationship boost at the start of the new year. However, since most people will be already shopped out, offer massive discounts, loud enough to make them want to impulse buy. If you cannot afford such massive discounts, try decorating budget-fit items with incentives such as free shipping, gifts, etc. 

Top 8 New Year email campaign ideas

Since New Year also marks the end of the year, plenty of New Year templates can be used as campaign ideas to cheer your audience up! Here are some of them:

1. Give a review or round-up of the user activity

Personalization adds a human touch to your digital messaging, essential in building trust and relationships with your loyal customers, considering how automated and robotic everything has become. 

So, take this opportunity to talk to your user one-on-one about how the last 12 months played out. Pull the metrics of their unique activity with your business which can make the users feel special, realizing how much you care about their relationship with your brand. 


2. Connect with the users’ resolution plans

New Year is the perfect opportunity to hit the right chord by aligning your brand content with users’ resolutions. 


3. Give a recap! 

New Year emails tend to land in our inboxes between December and mid-January. You can use such emails to highlight your brand milestones, achievements, favorite moments, or a simple recap!


4. Send a power-discount New Year email to continue the holiday season festivities

Include a power deal in your New Year email as a pleasant surprise. Not only will it increase your platform engagement, but it will also ensure that your subscribers are hooked to your future emails. 

new year email tailor brands

Give your sales revenue a final boost with the Mailmunch email marketing tool. Offer promotions and special new year deals using free, conversion-optimized new year email templates and holiday email templates to squeeze maximum sales juice. 

5. Thank your customers for the wonderful year

Usually, at the end of the year, consumers think about all kinds of subscriptions they’re engaged with and decide if they want to continue using them moving forward. An email newsletter thanking the subscribers can prevent churn and help in building long-term relationships with the customers. Make it look authentic and personalized while shaping the copy.  

thankyou email

6. Keep it short and sweet

Sometimes it’s best to be concise and to the point. Make sure to align the graphics and images to the brand persona and target audience. 

new year email cheer

7. Send next year predictions

People like to anticipate what you will bring next year and generally what the trends are likely for that particular industry. So, especially if you are a fashion brand, you can send a New Year email newsletter about the trends that will likely hit the market next year. 

new look and trends in new year email

8. Simple New Year greeting

Simplicity goes a long way. You can keep your new year email simple and to the point. 

banana republic
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6 examples of New Year email subject lines

A subject line that rocks are crucial, especially regarding emails from the holiday season, because everyone is all geared up to shop, and brands are pumped up to execute their rigorous email marketing strategy. A solid email subject line sets you apart from other emails in the inbox and makes the users open your email. 

Email subject lines should be intriguing. Consider using the following phrases:

  1. Last chance in this Year
  2. Free what?
  3. Get the First Look! The New Year’s Collection is Here! 
  4. Top 10 Presents for New Year! 
  5. 5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals Next Year
  6. 20.21% Off

10 tips for creating killer New Year email campaigns

  1. Ensure your email copy is to the point, witty, and creative. Humor your audience, they tend to love it!
  1. The design of your email should be minimalist. Do not overdo your email. 
  1. Your email should be responsive across all devices, especially mobile phones. 
  1. Avoid using a “no-reply” email address.
  1. Use a familiar sender name in your email for a better one-on-one experience for the user.
  1. The subject line of your email should be short, bold, and punchy.
  1. Time your email perfectly to increase the open rate. 
  1. Too many emails can overwhelm the user, so set the frequency that works. 
  1. Always A/B test your email. 
  1. Always respond to email replies. It builds trust, loyalty, and relationship. 

Top 9 New Year email campaign examples

1. New year, same us!

2. Glitch year in review

3. No time like the present!

4. Last year's greatest hits

5. New sweaters

6. Last sale of the year

7. Get it before it's gone!

8. Get your new look

9. Simple new year sale

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