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January 12, 2022

Are you looking for an average 4,300% ROI on your next marketing campaign? Are you tired of endless social media campaigns with limited click-throughs and conversions to actual sales? Let's talk about why you should consider free email marketing services for your brand.

this article goes into the best choices to get started with.

What is Email Marketing?

With the advent of social media, emails might seem like an outdated thing of the past. However, the reality is quite different. Email marketing is crucial to the success of any business. It’s a quick, scalable, cost-effective, and flexible way to:

  • Reach and retain customers
  • Create personalized messages
  • Promote products, services, and events
  • Convert leads into sales
  • Incentivize customer loyalty
  • Maintain and nurture customer relationships
  • Collect valuable insights
  • ...and much more

According to the latest available data, the number of global email users stands at an unprecedented 4.03 billion. By 2024, this figure is expected to reach 4.48 billion.

Coupled with the fact that over 50% of consumers prefer brands to contact them via email, it’s easy to see how this type of marketing can be a powerful driver for success. The statistics also show that around 306.4 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2020.

If you want to use these numbers to your advantage, you’ll need a rock-solid strategy. You’ll also need a multifaceted solution that takes care of every aspect, from lead generation and analytics to campaign building and automation.

How to Choose the Best Free Email Marketing Software?

Having the right kind of software to suit your specific needs is vital for the success of your marketing campaigns. It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. The best free marketing tools can help grow your audience and increase sales, but how do you find one that ticks all of your boxes?

There are multiple email platforms free of charge and reasonably priced that rank amongst the best in the market. One of these is Mailmunch. It’s a well-rounded solution with tailored tools to fulfill your specific requirements, whether you’re a blogger, solopreneur, enterprise CEO, NGO owner, or start-up entrepreneur.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the pertinent features you’ll need to consider when choosing the right solution.


An overly complicated and confusing platform will likely result in poor campaign execution and performance. To optimize your time and resources, you’ll want a user-friendly solution.

MailMunch’s platform is intuitive and comes with a vast range of personalization options. A simple drag-and-drop editor, hundreds of customizable templates, and high-quality images mean you can set up a finely-tuned campaign within minutes.

Effective Lead Generation and List Building Capabilities

To expand your business, nurture leads, and drive more sales, you need to build your email list consistently. MailMunch provides a fully-equipped toolkit to help you do just that.

With numerous opt-in form types, exit-intent triggers, and advanced display rules, you can build your email list effectively. MailMunch also comes with a range of powerful integrations, purpose-built landing pages and templates, and A/B testing. These tools help generate leads, lower cart abandonment and boost conversion rates.

Targeted Campaign Options

Campaigns are a central component of successful marketing strategies. You’ll want a complete suite of tools with bulk email options, automations, and customer-responsive capabilities. With MailMunch, you can schedule high-deliverability broadcasts, configure autoresponder sequences, and launch targeted drip campaigns.

Powerful Analytics Tools

If you don’t know how well your campaigns perform, you won’t know how to improve your strategy or identify any setbacks. Mailmunch’s data analytics tools track performance for each campaign and deliver targeted reports and insights.

You can use Mailmunch for free or opt for a plan starting from $6.99 a month. Now that you know what to look out for, here are seven other free email marketing software solutions. Keep in mind that some of these options don't include a full suite of features in their basic versions. We’ve included pricing to help you decide.

1. Mailmunch

Driving sales and conversion in the competitiveness of today’s digital era can be a difficult task. Mailmunch is a complete lead generation and email marketing platform that offers businesses complete control of their digital marketing campaigns. Not only does Mailmunch promise leads from the traffic, but it also reduces your cart abandonment rate.

It gives you the freedom to build, deliver and grow your business with fully responsive and optimized ready-to-use email and pop-up templates.

You can build your own email lists through powerful integrations and use them for successful well-targeted campaigns. Features like advanced segmentation, automations and drip campaigns help you capture and nurture leads, increase conversion and boost revenues. Mailmunch is an all-rounder app that takes all your store’s marketing and conversion needs into consideration.

Mailmunch’s white label email marketing software allows you to use our email marketing and lead generation platform as your own solution. You can customize the platform according to your choice and then sell it to your customers. Mailmunch gives you complete control over the all-in-one email marketing and lead generation platform for your own customers. With Mailmunch’s white label email marketing software, generate leads, increase sales, and boost sales with a personalized service all under your own brand.

2. Growbots

If you want to tap into an existing database with more than 100 million contacts, then be sure to take a look at what Growbots can do for you. Building up databases is the first and most time-consuming step of successful email marketing campaigns. It's precisely what this software does for you. Pricing for the full suite of features starts from as little as $119 per month, which is low for the convenience it adds to your marketing efforts.

Using Growbots' AI-powered target list creator, you can personalize and automate campaigns straight through to lead-generation and follow-ups. It's a power-pack of automated features that takes the headache out of setting up and launching email marketing campaigns, following up leads, and generating sales.

Growbots gives you access to in-depth tracking and an actionable, targeted understanding of your campaign performance. Other features include detailed reports, automated database updates, split testing, and integrations with CRM software platforms such as Hubspot and Salesforce.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is an excellent platform that focuses on actioning, updating, and automating data collection. It offers customer segmentation, customizable and comprehensive reports, and analytics, branded templates, automation, and campaign building. Its segmented email lists make it easy to streamline and monitor each campaign's performance.

With Hubspot, you can store up to 1 million contacts, and it offers top-notch CRM features incorporated into the software platform. Focusing on your customer relationship management is effortless with its high-quality features. Automated customer records, a full suite of Gmail and other marketplace integrations, and practical tracking tools are all a part of the package.

Hubspot offers a unique inbound approach that turns strangers into customers and ultimately into marketers. This one-of-a-kind approach is the perfect solution for multi-level marketing strategies. You can gain access to the Hubspot CRM tools free of charge. When you're ready to increase your efforts and volume, you can cross over to its priced plans from $50 per month.

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is rapidly growing into one of the most effective email marketing services globally. Its user-friendly platform that's a breeze for beginners to understand plays a large part in its success. Accessing, updating, and managing your campaign calendars, contacts, and email lists are quick and easy. You can also create templates in no time.

You have unlimited emails with Constant Contact, making it superb for young companies that plan to grow exponentially. On top of that, it offers comprehensive tracking and analytics, social media integrations, and a highly effective Shopify integration. It's an excellent product that gives you room to grow.

When you're ready to expand, you can opt for its Email Plus account that offers even more automation possibilities. It also includes A/B testing, online donations, coupons, drip campaigns, and polls. Its streamlined approach helps you to maximize your campaigns with highly targeted email content.

The provider offers one of the most accessible customer support networks. You can reach a consultant 24/7 via a live chat feature on its site or join one of the interactive online communities.

You'll find plenty of training resources, as well as online or one-on-one seminars with highly trained team members. The customer support you can expect from Constant Contact is one reason why the service is fast becoming a strong contender in the market.

5. Drip

If you're a blogger or digital marketer, be sure to take a look at all that Drip offers. It's streamlined for eCommerce down to the last T. It offers various automation tools, customization is a breeze, and the sales funnels are a superb edge.

You can easily integrate Drip to your existing website-builders such as WooCommerce or WordPress, making opt-in signups and pop-ups quick and easy to apply. It's also a great tool to increase lead capturing.

The visual workflow builder, split testing tools, and email segmentation are some of the features that truly set Drip apart from its competition. The software enables you to target customers and convert leads to sales more effectively.

You can use Drip to send bulk email batches while still personalizing each message. It allows you to connect and engage your potential clients personally, increasing conversion rates through eCommerce automations. There’s also customizable reporting and analytics for detailed data on how much revenue every email generates.

You can use the free trial period to maximize your efforts before getting on board with a subscription from $49 per month.

6. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is another powerful email marketing platform perfect for marketers, bloggers, and authors. The user-friendly software makes it easy to set up and start campaigns without needing a master's degree. Although it's much simpler than most other platforms, don’t underestimate its potential. ConvertKit is a unique platform and a powerful sales generator.

You can instantly add content upgrades with email signup forms and even set up triggered incentives. Additionally, the automated responders allow drip emails without any manual inputs required.

Subscriber segmentation is another excellent feature that allows you to divide and track existing and potential customers. You’ll also get valuable insights into each campaign's effectiveness to help your team focus on making sales rather than generating leads. It's a top-notch email marketing tool with a targeted approach.

You'll find features such as customizable templates, A/B testing, workflow creators, and more included in the software. There are also paid newsletter options and you can even use the platform to sell your products and subscriptions.

Moreover, ConvertKit offers educational tools and material for a short learning curve. It has a free trial to get you started with pricing from as low as $29 per month.

7. Sender

Although this software may seem tame compared to others, that’s why it’s so popular. Sender is perfect for start-ups and small businesses who want to launch email marketing campaigns.

It’s incredibly easy to use and one of the most effective free marketing tools that still ensures results. It gives you free rein on creating jaw-dropping newsletters. You don't need to be an HTML pro to be creative here. Sender offers various templates to customize and create unique and personalized email campaigns using photos, images, and videos.

It also has a powerful analytics feature that helps you track each email from delivery to when the consumer reads it and any click-throughs. You can then use this information to build more detailed buyer profiles for future campaigns.

A Final Word

As you can see, there’s a world of options available to get your email marketing strategy up and running. If you execute it wisely with the right software solution, you can significantly benefit by driving leads and boosting conversions.

Focus on personalizing each campaign using features like drag-and-drop builders, customizable templates, autoresponder sequences, and broadcasting. Remember to check your analytics regularly to enhance your email marketing strategy for continuous improvement.

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