22+ Best Email Marketing Services, Softwares and Platforms (2024)

Summra Ahmad
Summra Ahmad

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July 11, 2024

Is email marketing a priority for you in 2024? Are you looking for the best email marketing service, fit for your business?

Email marketing platforms can be a great way of creating creative newsletters and email marketing campaigns. But do you know which one is the best fit for your business?

To make your decision process more accessible, we have compiled a list of the best email marketing services available.

From the ease of content creation through responsive HTML email templates, tracking metrics like click-through rates and analytics, to automation using user behavior, email marketing lead generation software is available with a host of capabilities and budgets that cater to a vast set of user preferences.

What is an Email Marketing Service (EMS)?

Did you know at least 3.9 billion people worldwide use email daily to communicate? Be it for business purposes or promotional reasons. Email marketing services help brands to focus on creating engaging content with a bare minimum of effort.

Most email marketing services offer users the ability to collect data and email IDs, enter them into a database, and generate reports. The service also provides security measures to help protect the user's and readers' information.

Apart from these great features, some email marketing services available on the market provide additional tools to make email marketing campaigns more effective. Some of these extra tools include the following.

  • Email editor 
  • Drag and drop builder 
  • High-resolution images 
  • Responsive HTML templates 
  • Reminders, scheduling, automation, etc. 

Therefore, email marketing is the most powerful digital marketing tactic for businesses when it comes to converting leads.

Are you worried about the pricing? There are many affordable options available that won’t break the bank and help you grow your business.

Why Do You Need an Email Marketing Service?

Email marketing is more than just a cost-effective marketing tool for marketers. It is also, on average, more result-oriented for the business. Email marketing can help companies in the US get a 4400% ROI.

This is because of the ease of usage that email marketing provides. A good email marketing service gives you the control you need and allows you to establish direct contact with your customers.

It is essential to understand that your success with an email marketing campaign depends on the email marketing software that you employ in your business. If careful, you can avoid ending up with software offering fewer features and a low deliverability rate.

This is why we have researched to find you the best email marketing services available to help you make an informed decision.

Email Marketing Services Comparison Table

Before purchasing and subscribing to an email marketing service, let's check out some of the best email marketing services based on their ratings and areas of expertise.

Best Email Marketing Services Businesses Can opt For.

1. Mailmunch

Price: Starting from $19.99/monthly 

Free Trial: Yes 

mailmunch software

Mailmunch has been a stalwart in the lead generation and email marketing community since its inception. It has evolved into a complete email marketing tool that provides marketers with a 360-degree view of their campaigns. 

From creating landing pages, emails, forms and popups, coupons, and spin wheels, you can cover a lot of email marketing tactics.

Its benefits include:

  • 100+ templates for emails, forms, and landing pages
  • Automation to improve conversion rates
  • Advanced analytics to track all campaigns
  • Journey builder to create precise funnels

Mailmunch’s white-label email marketing software allows you to customize the platform according to your choice and then sell it to your customers. You can generate leads, increase sales, and boost conversions with personalized emails representing your brand. 

Offering three pricing plans, users can opt for the basic plan for free to create landing pages, forms, and popups and conduct basic analytics. 

What Makes Mailmunch the Best Email Marketing Service?

2. Hubspot

Price: Starting from $45/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

hubspot software

Hubspot is the complete package for a simple owner-user type of operation for similar tools. While Hubspot offers a lot more, they are not strictly just an email marketing tool but a whole CRM services suite. This includes emails, social media posts, and blog publishing.

Prices start at $45 monthly for marketing to 1,000 contacts with features like conversational bots, list segmentation, and form follow-up emails. Their upgraded package offers up to 10K marketing contacts, manage your team, Salesforce sync, and Lead scoring.

Features and benefits of using Hubspot:

  • Complete marketing suite with email marketing, CRM, social media, and blogs.
  • Track your email deliverability rates.
  • You can store unlimited contacts but pay only for contacts you use in your marketing.
  • Great online training resources.

3. Mailchimp

Price: Starting from $10/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

mailchimp software

With brands like Vimeo and TED as clientele, you would look to no other email marketing software than Mailchimp. Well regarded in the industry, their software boasts uncomplicated usability while holding the fort with what most companies would look for in their email marketing software.

You are also buying into Marketing CRM, Creative Assistant, Forms, and Landing Pages right from the get-go. The more advanced packages will allow you Advanced Segmentation, Behavioral Targeting, and Customer Journey Builder.

They also have a great ‘pay as you go’ option for those who infrequently run their email marketing campaigns.

Features and benefits of using Mailchimp:

  • Free plans for up to 2000 subscribers. 
  • Ease of setup. 
  • Customizable campaigns. 
  • A/B testing. 
  • Reporting ability tracks most key metrics like open rates, CTR, and unsubscribe rates.

4. ActiveCampaign

Price: Starting from $15/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

activecampaign software

ActiveCampaign is a great customer experience automation software that manages your contacts and sales process with many integrations. Your email marketing automation is empowered with personalized campaigns that you can create for your subscribers.

Their prices start at $15 monthly and go up to $279 monthly, but you get discounts for annual payments. ActiveCampaign is great if automation is a key focus for your sales process.

Features and benefits of using ActiveCampaign:

  • Automation abilities that improve user interactions.
  • Data Migration and Implementation for seamless integration.
  • A large number of Integrations with popular software

5. Omnisend

Price: Starting from $16/monthly

Free trial: Yes


Omnisend is an email & SMS marketing automation platform specifically built to help ecommerce stores understand and communicate with their customers better. From list-building tools like popups and landing pages, to email and SMS campaigns and automated workflows, in-depth reports and customer journey maps, Omnisend enables large teams or one-man shows to drive more sales and save more time. Omnisend is free for 500 emails/month with all features included. Paid plans start from $16/month, unlocking services like a dedicated customer success manager and advanced reporting, but all plans benefit from 24/7 support.

Features and benefits of using Omnisend:

  • Pre-built automation workflows to follow customers throughout their customer journey and get more sales consistently
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop email builder that cuts in half the average time it takes to create emails
  • Mobile-optimized popups and forms to help you grow your email and SMS subscriber lists

6. Klaviyo

Price: Starting from $25/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

klaviyo software

Best known for online shops, Klaviyo offers SMS and advanced email functionality to email marketers. The email editor is easy to use and offers responsive email templates for users. 

Personalizing emails with the available templates is easy with product recommendations and dynamic blocks, Not to mention, there are customizable flows—e.g cart abandonment flows, welcome flows, and more. Users are offered advanced reporting capabilities and provide customized benchmarks for the businesses. 

The free plan sends emails up to 250 emails and 50 SMS contacts. Klaviyo allows the users to track website interactions for emails, automation, and segmentation. Data is protected into individual profiles in a CRM to understand their buyers.  

Features and benefits of using Klaviyo:

  • Get the important data into one place. 
  • Create a custom audience for Facebook advertising campaigns. 
  • Powerful segmentation based on behavior, browsing, properties, and more.
  • Use visitor behavior to send triggered emails.

7. Sendinblue

Price: Starting from $25/monthly  

Free trial: Yes 

sendinblue software

Sendinblue is a cost-effective way for small companies to delve into the automation of their email marketing strategies. You are limited to 300 emails a day in the free version starting with unlimited contacts. They offer simple autoresponder features and are priced well.

Prices start at $25 a month for up to 10k email contacts, and no limit on the number of emails sent. Advanced features include marketing automation, telephonic support, and multiple landing pages. SMS marketing can also be added to your account, but that can change the pricing based on sending requirements. 

Features and benefits of using Sendinblue:

  • Plenty of templates to start your design.
  • The ease of use is high for DIY entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Offers free SMTP servers for bulk email marketing service for automated or transactional emails. 
  • AI algorithms ensure email deliverability. 

8. MailerLite

Price: Starting from $10/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

mailerlite software

If you are in the market for an easy-to-use email marketing software, then MailerLite might be just what you are looking for. Their platform has an intuitive drag and drop interface to speed up your design. This is especially useful for a busy business owner who prefers running email marketing by themselves and shy away from advanced features that clutter your email marketing plan.

Their premium subscriptions include Newsletter Templates, the ability to use Custom Domains and Popup Promotions, and Custom Templates. 

They also offer add-ons like the ability to publish as many websites and landing pages as you require for a monthly $10 extra or priority support with MailerPro to help you import subscribers, create templates, webforms, and analytics for your metrics for $100 a month.

Features and benefits of using MailerLite:

  • Intuitive interface using drag and drop for designing emails.
  • Library of email templates.
  • 24/7 live chat and email support get you up to speed in no time.
  • Free Plans for up to 1,000 subscribers.

9. ConvertKit

Price: Starting from $29/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

convertkit software

ConvertKit is great for you if you are a content creator. If you are a blogger, writer, course creator for example, then ConvertKit is definitely for you. If you have up to 1,000 subscribers, it is free and ConvertKit’s autoresponder has easy-to-build series templates with drag and drop visual editor features that make building autoresponders quick and intuitive.

A/B testing, email templates, landing page builder, automated workflows, and a lot more can be achieved with ConvertKit. 

Features and benefits of using covertKit:

  • Integrations for popular platforms like Paypal, WordPress, and many more
  • Automation for your sales funnel

10. GetResponse

Price: Starting from $15/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

getresponse software

Another really good email marketing platform we like is GetResponse. With email automation, templates, segmentation, and personalization, GetResponse is ready for your marketing funnel. One of the best features is its integration with Facebook Pixel for successful retargeting.

Features and benefits of using GetRepsonse:

  • Easy set-up autoresponders like welcome emails, follow-ups, and lead nurturing.
  • Facebook Pixel Integration for advanced retargeting.

11. Campaign Monitor

Price: Starting from $9/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

campaignmonitor software

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing software offering user-friendly features for beginners to help them target their audience. 

As a service provider, they offer responsive email templates that can be customized with a drag and drop builder. The personalizations are easy to adjust using the contact data. Users can optimize the emails and deliver them at the best time by automating the email list. 

With Campaign Monitor, users can send campaigns to five contacts with the basic free plan with 2,500 emails a month. Pricing increases as the contact list grows; therefore, most users opt for an Unlimited plan. 

Features and benefits of using Campaign Monitor:

  • Offers drag and drop builder to use email templates. 
  • Allows email designers to lock sections of the templates for restricted access. 
  • Provides mobile-friendly responsive design for emails. 
  • Allows users to build hyper-targeted segments and send highly personalized emails. 

12. Constant Contact

Price: Starting from $20/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

constant contact

One of the fastest-growing email marketing services, Constant Contact is an easy-to-use and user-friendly software for beginners. 

Users can manage email lists, email templates, contacts, marketing calendars, and send unlimited emails. Once an account is created, email tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing tools, free image library, Facebook ads integration, list segmentation, and Shopify store integration. 

The live support system with phone calls, emails, and community support is vastly helpful for the users. 

Features and benefits of using Constant Contact:

  • Offers free email template builder to customize. 
  • Helps organization to develop strategic email marketing with marketing automation. 
  • Powerful eCommerce platform for customers to enhance the shopping experience. 
  • Creates Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. 

13. Moosend

Price: Starting from $10/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 


Moosend is meant for you if the price is a big concern. It is an affordable email marketing software for small businesses looking t use automation features, email list building tools, landing pages, and a lot more. 

Moosend has flexible payment options where you either pay for subscribers or the number of emails sent. This helps you work out the best bang for your buck, especially if you are just starting. Automation features are available in all pricing plans being offered so that you can personalize your subscriber’s journey from the very beginning. 

Features and benefits of using Moosend:

  • Flexible charges make Moosend affordable.
  • Easy to use templates or create your own.

14. FluentCRM

Price: Starting from $129/Year

Free trial: Yes

Infographic: FluentCRM

While a business may require numerous supports to grow, an intuitive CRM and email marketing automation are two things you must take care of before anything else. And FluentCRM can help you with both. It is a self-hosted CRM plugin that helps with email marketing automation as well. 

You can store as many contacts as you want without worrying about paying extra. And as a bonus, you can segment your audiences according to their behaviors, actions, previous interactions, etc. Not to mention, creating automation funnels and setting email sequences based on your segmentation is just a matter of a few clicks. 

FluentCRM offers seamless integration with 30+ popular plugins, including Learndash, WooCommerce, LifterLMS, Memberpress, etc. Not to mention, you can enjoy most of the features for free. 

Features and benefits of using FluentCRM:

  • Unlimited storage and email campaign running facilities 
  • Add your contacts to a specific lists, tags, or you can do dynamic segmentation 
  • Automation funnel that supports conditional logic 
  • Granular reports on your marketing campaigns, funnel performance, and A/B testing facilities of the subject lines

15. LeadsAPI

Price: Starting from $29/monthly

Free Trial: Yes

Best Email Marketing Service: LeadsAPI

Leads API is an amazing tool to acquire leads through the most complex websites at scale instantly. If you need to contact people from different departments regularly, this tool is just for you.

The free plan lets you extract 1000 leads from 100 domains from any website all in one go. You can then buy plans for 2000 to 10000 domains. It also has an API if you need to get leads from more than 100 domains simultaneously.

Features and benefits of using Leads API:

  • Free plans for up to 1000 leads
  • Upto 100 domains at a time
  • Export to JSON or CSV formats
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to customize
  • Fresh, verified leads 
  • No long-term commitment

16. Retainful

Price: Starting from $29/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

retainful software

Retainful is packed with features that can help you boost conversions, sales, and customer retention rates. Apart from emails, you can send Dynamic coupons for future purchases. You can run a Referral program to increase your Word of mouth sales & acquire new customers. 

Send the right emails at the right time without even being there. It is like having someone else do the work for you while concentrating on your core business.

Features and benefits of using Retainful:

  • Customer journey builder
  • Drag & Drop email editor
  • Real-time analytics
  • Pre-built workflows templates
  • Customization & Personalization

17. AWeber

Price: Starting from $20/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

AWeber software

AWeber is packed with features that can help you boost conversions, sales, and customer retention rates. Apart from emails, you can send dynamic coupons for future purchases. You can run a referral program to increase your word of mouth sales & acquire new customers. 

Send the right emails at the right time without even being there. It is like having someone else do the work for you while concentrating on your core business.

Features and benefits of using AWeber:

  • Customer journey builder
  • Drag & Drop email editor
  • Real-time analytics
  • Pre-built workflows templates
  • Customization & Personalization

18. weMail

Price: Starting from $5.9/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

wemail software

weMail is a WordPress email marketing platform, especially for SMBs. weMail is at the same time simple yet powerful with usages and features. weMail has multiple sending APIs that allow you immense possibilities in sending automated newsletters and saving money. It has become one of the most reliable email automation solutions amongst marketers in recent years.

Features and benefits of using weMail:

  • Multiple email sending gateways, and the option to switch to them anytime you want.
  • Versatile form-building features collect email addresses, and you can place them anywhere on your site.
  • Robust WordPress integrations like WooCommerce, WordPress sSync, uUser rRegistration, etc.
  • Clean and clear analytics to measure the performances of your email campaigns.
  • Different payment gateway options to sell products at ease.

19. Growbots

Price: Starting from $119/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 


Using Growbots' AI-powered target list creator, you can personalize and automate campaigns straight through to lead-generation and follow-ups. It's a power-pack of automated features that takes the headache out of setting up and launching email marketing campaigns, following up leads, and generating sales.

Growbots gives you access to in-depth tracking and an actionable, targeted understanding of your campaign performance. Other features include detailed reports, automated database updates, split testing, and integrations with CRM software platforms such as Hubspot and Salesforce.

Features and benefits of using Growbots:

  • Build up databases 
  • In-depth tracking of campaigns 
  • Split testing as much as you want 
  • Automated databases

20. Drip

Price: Starting from $49/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

drip software

If you're a blogger or digital marketer, be sure to take a look at all that Drip offers. It's streamlined for eCommerce down to the last T. It offers various automation tools, customization is a breeze, and the sales funnels are a superb edge.

You can easily integrate Drip to your existing website-builders such as WooCommerce or WordPress, making opt-in signups and popups quick and easy to apply. It's also a great tool to increase lead capturing.

The visual workflow builder split testing tools, and email segmentation is features that truly set Drip apart from its competition. The software enables you to target customers and convert leads to sales more effectively.

Features and benefits of using Drip:

  • Visual workflow builder
  • Split testing tools
  • Email segmentation
  • The software allows to target customers and converts leads
  • Personalize each message in bulk email batches

21. Sender

Price: Starting from $11

Free trial: Yes

sender software

The sender is perfect for start-ups and small businesses who want to launch email marketing campaigns.

It’s straightforward to use and one of the most effective free marketing tools that still ensures results. It gives you free rein on creating jaw-dropping newsletters. You don't need to be an HTML pro to be creative here. Sender offers various templates to customize and create unique and personalized email campaigns using photos, images, and videos.

Features and benefits of using Sender:

  • It has a powerful analytics feature to help you track each email from delivery to open rate 
  • Use the collected information to build detailed buyer profiles for future campaigns

22. Pabbly

Price: Starting from $24/monthly 

Free trial: Yes 

pabbly software

Pabblyy is an online email marketing software offering tools like online form building, email marketing, subscription billing, and email list cleaning. 

Small businesses looking for straightforward email marketing software will find Pabbly affordable and user-friendly. The features expand to marketing automation, list management, autoresponder emails, subscribers segmentation, and more. 

Users can integrate emails without any additional charges boosting marketing performance. Sending personalized bulk emails to prospects in just one click makes you a proud user. 

Features and benefits of using Pabbly:

  • User-friendly drag and drop email editor. 
  • Collect leads and consumer-related information via subscription forms. 
  • Removes invalid emails from the list. 
  • Offers email automation on pre-set schedules to engage subscribers.

23. Ontraport

Price: Starting from $79/month 

Free trial: Yes 

ontraport software

When you think of email marketing, Ontraport will not be on the top of your list. However, they have been in the email marketing business for over 13 years and have the best customer relationship management tool. 

Campaign Builder is the core feature that allows marketing automation and lives reporting so users can collaborate with others in real-time. The software provides a block-based editor with several hover buttons, making building campaigns convenient. 

Small businesses may not pick it as their first choice due to the high basic pricing plan starting from $79, allowing only 1,000 contacts, which is not scalable. However, it is a tool best for sales-driven businesses. 

Features and benefits of using Ontraport:

  • Use custom objects to store, manage and automate. 
  • Drag and drop pipelines for businesses. 
  • Unified contact history tracking buyer’s journey. 
  • Offering lead scoring and routing.

24. Userlist

Price: Starts at $99/month for up to 5,000 users

Free Trial: Yes

Userlist is a complete email marketing solution built specifically for SaaS.

It offers all the functionality the SaaS company needs to communicate with users and leads. Because of this, you won't find complex features that you don't need in the app nor will you have to pay for functionality that you'd never use.

With Userlist, you can deliver all kinds of SaaS-specific behavior-based email campaigns:

  • User onboarding emails
  • Lifecycle emails
  • Lead nurture sequences
  • And other marketing emails like newsletters and one-off broadcasts

It also has features that help manage customer relationships — in-app messages, advanced segmentation, complete user management, and more. It is full support for company accounts, including complex many-to-many relationships between companies and users.

Why use email marketing services?

With the advent of social media, emails might seem like an outdated marketing tactic, but here’s the thing: 44% of users keenly check emails for brand promotions, seasonal sales, and discount offers. At the same time, only 4% of total users visit social media for ad campaigns. 

However, the reality is quite different. Email marketing is crucial to the success of any business and can fit in all types of business process. It’s a quick, scalable, cost-effective, and flexible way to:

  • Reach and retain customers
  • Create personalized messages
  • Promote products, services, and events
  • Convert leads into sales
  • Incentivize customer loyalty
  • Maintain and nurture customer relationships
  • Collect valuable insights

According to the latest available data, global email users stand at an unprecedented 4.03 billion

By 2024, this figure is expected to reach 4.48 billion.

Coupled with the fact that over 50% of consumers prefer brands to contact them via email, it’s easy to see how this type of marketing can be a powerful driver for success. 

The statistics also show that around 306.4 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2020.

If you want to use these numbers to your advantage, you’ll need a rock-solid strategy. You’ll also need a multifaceted solution that takes care of every aspect, from lead generation and analytics to campaign building and automation. 

How to choose the right email marketing software?

Having the right kind of software to suit your specific needs is vital for the success of your marketing campaigns. It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. The best free marketing tools can help grow your audience and increase sales, but how do you find one that ticks all of your boxes?

how to choose email marketing software

There are multiple email platforms free of charge and reasonably priced that rank amongst the best in the market. One of these is Mailmunch. It’s a well-rounded solution with tailored tools to fulfill your specific requirements, whether you’re a blogger, solopreneur, enterprise CEO, NGO owner, or start-up entrepreneur.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the pertinent features you’ll need to consider when choosing the right solution.

1. User-Friendliness

An overly complicated and confusing platform will likely result in poor campaign execution and performance. 

To optimize your time and resources, you’ll want a user-friendly solution that doesn’t hinder your workload management.

Mailmunch’s platform is intuitive and comes with a vast range of personalization options. A simple drag-and-drop editor, hundreds of customizable templates, and high-quality images mean you can set up a finely-tuned campaign within minutes.

2. Effective Lead Generation and List Building Capabilities

To expand your business, nurture leads, and drive more sales, you need to build your email list consistently. 

Mailmunch provides a fully-equipped toolkit to help you do just that.

You can build your email list effectively with numerous opt-in form types, exit-intent triggers, and advanced display rules. 

Mailmunch also comes with a range of powerful integrations, purpose-built landing pages and templates, and A/B testing. These tools help generate leads, lower cart abandonment and boost conversion rates. You could use a simplified CRM for the next step of lead nurturing.

3. Targeted Campaign Options

Campaigns are a central component of successful marketing strategies. You’ll want a complete suite of tools with bulk email options, automation, and customer-responsive capabilities. With Mailmunch, you can schedule high-deliverability broadcasts, configure autoresponder sequences, and launch targeted drip campaigns.

4. Intuitive platform design 

Email design is usually customized according to the campaign. However, it is a true reflection of the brand image. The email marketing service you decide to use must have an intuitive platform design. 

An easy-to-use dashboard with user-friendly and straightforward responsive templates allows the user to create faster campaigns. 

5. Pre-built email templates  

Do you want to build an email from scratch? No one wants that anymore! Email marketing services, the best ones, offer their users pre-built email templates for all email marketing intents and purposes. From newsletters to announcements and beyond - all templates are easy to customize that fits your brand. 

6. Responsive email builder

Gone are the days when you had to take a course just to use an email marketing service. These days, several of the top-notch email marketing services offer multiple tools that make the use of custom templates easier. The drag and drop builder is one of the tools.  

All you need to do is click, drag and drop the pieces within the template like spacers, text, dividers, etc. 

7. Send personalized bulk emails 

Ready to send personalized bulk emails? More than 50% of the emails are opened on a mobile device. So if you want to send bulk emails, your email marketing platform must come with a mobile-friendly interface. 

Sending unlimited emails in bulk allows the marketers to reach a wider target audience, increasing the ROI, open rate, and CTR. 

8. Best sending limits 

Startups want an email marketing platform that doesn't hold on to their email marketing campaigns. No one wants to be limited to just a few emails, right? 

For instance, If you have 1000 email subscribers, you should send them at least four emails per month. 

As your email list grows, you have to ensure that the software does not limit you to sending emails to help reach your ROI goal. 

9. Flexible pricing 

Even for email marketing services, a massive budget is a big NO! You do not want a tricky tool that may not even provide you with the best tools. 

Opt for high-end tools at affordable prices. Always. Throwing a lot of money for a tool does not always justify the software's credibility. Look for an email marketing tool that will not rob you of, and grow your business with a flexible pricing plan for all types of businesses. 

10. List management 

When choosing the right email marketing resource, make sure the tools increase the open rate and CTR while reducing the unsubscribe rate and bounce rate. 

A high-level tool allows you to manage the lists of subscribers accordingly. The integrations allow even deeper metrics to improvise the email campaign according to each email list. 

11. Spam folder protection 

Every marketer wants to preview their email campaign to see how the template, image, and content are displayed on different devices. The professional online email marketing services offer A/B testing to ensure you can decide which version of email to send to your subscribers. 

Besides, if you want to avoid landing in the spam folder, the test campaigns prove to be provocative in that matter. You can catch any material that can trigger spam reports. 

12. Powerful Analytics Tools

If you don’t know how well your campaigns perform, you won’t improve your strategy or identify setbacks. Mailmunch’s data analytics tools track performance for each campaign and deliver targeted reports and insights.

powerful analytics

13. Integrations and plugins 

Any good email marketing software offers integrations with other business applications. CRM, eCommerce, and CMS are just common examples. 

Integrations and plugins help personalize the emails and send them to specific target audiences based on their buying behavior with your brand. 

14. World-class support

A live chat? Yes, please! Despite how good an email marketing software might be, you still need someone to rescue you in case of crisis. For instance, startup staffing agencies could use live support, reaching the customer agent whenever their clientele faces troubleshooting issues or any other common problem.Live support means reaching the customer agent whenever you face troubleshooting issues or any other common problem. 

The software that does not offer a live chat is just not worth it.

15. Marketing automation capabilities 

Nothing sounds more satisfying than marketing automation. Combine the consumer behavior data with the personalized content you want to send as a message. Every email marketing service should offer a simple, easy to use but efficient marketing automation for email marketers. 

Now that you know what to look out for, here are seven other free email marketing software solutions. Keep in mind that some of these options don't include a full suite of features in their basic versions.


Finding an email marketing solution is not hard. You need to try the free trials before buying a plan. With the help of this blog, you can now make a clear choice that fulfills your business needs. 

Most email marketing services offer robust features, but it also comes down to the pricing plans. Mailmunch is one of the best email marketing services available that even offers better pricing plans than Mailchimp (no offense!). 

As an ultimate email marketing and lead generation platform, users can drive revenue to their businesses without hassle. If you are just getting started with your new business, explore Mailmunch to learn more about how it best fits your pocket.

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