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Martin Zhel
Martin Zhel

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March 16, 2023

Email marketing is a damn difficult job.

You need to think about growing your email list, segmentation, copywriting, setting up autoresponders and tracking conversions and sales.

To help you with your job, I decided to create a list of the best email marketing resources I have found online.

I put the links in different sections to help you navigate and find the resources that will be the most valuable to you and your business.

Growing your list

In this section, I’ve gathered a list of resources to help you grow your email list.

It includes setting up your strategy, using the right channels, creating lead magnets and even some laws that you should be aware of.

42 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List by MailMunch

6 Inbound Marketing Experts Reveal the 6 Enduring Keys to List Building by ActiveCampaign

How to Use a Giveaway to Accelerate the Growth of Your Email List by ShortStack

Lead Magnets: Email List Building on Steroids by ConversionXL

How to Use Exit-Intent Popups to Grow Your Email List by MailMunch

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List With Facebook Contests by Social Media Examiner

How to Grow Your Email List With Facebook Promotions by Social Media Examiner

3 Ways to Grow Your Email List With Twitter by Social Media Examiner

Email Unsubscribes – Embrace Those Who Reject You by Convince & Convert

How to Master International Opt-In Requirements by Litmus

Email list segmentation

Email list segmentation is the key to getting better results from your campaigns.

It allows you to make your messaging more relevant to your subscribers. As a result, you will increase your open rates, CTR, conversions and sales.

In this section, I’m including three of the best guides I’ve found on the topic:

How to Segment Email Lists for More Opens, Click-Throughs and Conversions by Zapier

27 Ways to Slice & Dice Your Email List for Better Segmentation by HubSpot

Effects of List Segmentation on Email Marketing Stats by MailChimp

Targeting Your Marketing: Advanced Segmentation by ActiveCampaign


Deliverability is the first thing you should think about when starting an email marketing campaign.

If people are not receiving your emails, then it doesn’t matter how good your campaign is. They aren’t going to see it.

So to ensure your message gets in their inbox, check out the following guides:

6 Reasons Your Emails Have Bounced (And What to Do to Improve Your Bounce Rate) by ContactContact

10 Tips to Keep Email Out of the Spam Folder by SendGrid

How to Make Sure Your Emails Land in Gmail’s Primary Inbox by Convince & Convert

Engagement with your list

This is the biggest section, primarily because there are so many aspects to engaging your email list.

You will find resources on issues such as why people are not opening your emails and how to improve open rates.

You will learn the best time to send emails to your list, and how to write better subject lines and email copy.

Other guides focus on strategies and getting more clicks from your campaigns.

The #1 Reason Why Your Email Open Rates Are Diving

What’s the Best Time and Day to Send an Email? By Mailmunch

“Do Not Reply” Address? Don’t Bother. by AWeber

How to Write Catchy E-mail Subject Lines and Increase Open Rates by MailMunch

Improve Your Open Rates with These 12 Subject Line Tweaks by ConstantContact

Why You Should Split Test Email Subject Lines by AWeber

Thank Your Subscribers For Signing Up by GetResponse

What's a Good Email Open Rate & Click Rate? [Benchmark Data] by HubSpot

10 Examples of Highly Effective Welcome Emails by VerticalResponse

Viral Email Marketing Strategies by ActiveCampaign

15 Email Newsletter Examples We Love Getting in Our Inboxes by HubSpot

Resending Email: Good Idea or Terrible Idea? by SendGrid

How Your Customers Actually Read Your Emails by ConversionXL

8 Ways To Keep Your Email Engagement Alive & Lucrative by ConversionXL

9 re-engagement emails that won us over for good by Emma

How to create an effective welcome series by Mailmunch

14 Ways to Get More Clicks In Your Emails by IncomeDiary

Improving Email Click-Through Rates with Video by Wistia

Email Design and Usability

You will never get good results from your email marketing if you have ugly emails.

That’s why email design, usability, and readability are keys.

In the following guides, you will learn if you should use plain text or HTML emails, how to format them, what fonts to use and how to make them mobile-friendly.

You will also learn the rules for using images in your emails and setting up clickable buttons.

11 Mistakes That Make Your Email Newsletter Absolutely Unreadable by ContantContact

Easy to Read Fonts in Newsletters by ActiveCampaign

Plain Text vs. HTML Emails: Which Is Better? [New Data] by Mailmunch

10 Essential Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Emails by Mailmunch

PNG, GIF, or JPEG? Which is the Best Image Format for Email? by Litmus

A Guide to Animated GIFs in Email by Mailmunch

A Guide to Bulletproof Buttons in Email Design by Litmus

Why Fancy Email Templates Aren’t The Answer by ConvertKit

Free Email Editor and Free Email Templates by Mailmunch


The reason for getting into email marketing in the first place is to grow an email list so you can convert your subscribers into customers.

In this section, I’ve gathered useful guides on the topics of conversion and making sales.

You will learn how to set up your marketing funnel, promote products, do A/B test campaigns, improve your conversion rates and grow your business.

Understanding the Marketing Funnel: 5 Strategies to Improve Your Email Marketing by AWeber

How to Generate More Sales From Your Email Marketing Campaigns by ConversionXL

The 5 Magic Elements That Boost Email Marketing ROI Into the Stratosphere

The “4 Ps” of Persuasive Email Copywriting by GetResponse

How to Promote a New Product Using Email Marketing by GetResponse

9 Effective Email Unsubscribe Pages by HubSpot

3 Tested Email Marketing Templates You Can Use Right Now by CopyBlogger

Intro to Transactional Emails by MailTrap

A/B Test Your Email Marketing by Zapier

Nine A/B Tests You Should Run on Your Newsletter by Convince&Convert

How to Make Your Confirmation Emails Not Suck (and Make Money) by ConversionXL

The Advanced Guide to Promotional Emails That Convert by ConversionXL

Marketing Automation

To market effectively to your list, you can’t send your emails manually.

You will need to automate your campaigns so everybody gets the same experience no matter when he or she joins your list.

At the same time, you want to send campaigns based on behaviors of you subscribers, their segmentation, buyer personas, etc.

In this section, I listed resources to guides that will teach you how to set up your email autoresponder series, how to structure your sequence and how to optimize it for more clicks and conversions.

How to Create a Simple Autoresponder Series to Keep Your Leads Hot by GetResponse

7 Ideas for Your First Autoresponder Series by ContantContact

7 Steps to Create Your Best Automated Follow-up Sequence by ActiveCampaign

The Triggered Emails You Need to Make Your Marketing Automation Work by HubSpot

A Simple 4-Step Plan for Building an Email Autoresponder that Works by Copyblogger

6 Ways To Re-Optimize Your Email Auto-responder Campaign To Improve Opens, Clicks, and Sales by ConversionXL

5 Secrets to Attracting More Clients with Automated Drip Email Marketing by Bidsketch

Making Money with Email Marketing and an Autoresponder Series by IncomeDiary

Marketing Automation for Everyone with Infusionsoft by Convince&Convert


In this section, you will find guides that will help you understand how email marketing fits into your overall business strategy.

You will learn how much your email subscribers are worth so you know how much to invest into growing your list.

Also, you will learn what business goals you can achieve with email marketing, such as engaging your audience and converting them into buyers.

What’s An Email Subscriber Worth? By ConvertKit

128 Effective Ways to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign by ActiveCampaign

75 Email Newsletter Content Topics You Can Use ASAP by VerticalResponse

13 Business Goals You Can Achieve Through Email Marketing by Convince&Convert

25 Emails That Target Each Stage of the Customer Lifecycle by ActiveCampaign

Email Analytics (Tracking & Measurement)

To be able to improve your email marketing campaigns, you must track and measure everything.

You need to understand how email marketing companies track opened emails (and how some emails might be read without being opened).

Also, you need to know how to set up goals in Google Analytics so you know which campaign was responsible for your traffic, conversions and sales.

How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals to Track Email Signups by GetResponse

How Do Email Marketing Companies Track Email Opens? by AWeber


I decided to a make a section especially for eCommerce businesses and how they can use email marketing to get results for their business.

I have included guides on dealing with shopping cart abandonment and what emails to use to bring people back to your site to finish their orders.

The Data-Driven Guide to Abandoned Cart Email & Cart Abandonment Remarketing

13 Amazing Abandoned Cart Emails (And What You Can Learn From Them) by Shopify

4 Ecommerce Transaction Emails You Should Be Optimizing (And How to Do It) by Shopify

The Hidden Benefit Of Cart Abandonment Emails by LemonStand


In this section, I’m sharing some case studies of people who have achieved great results from email marketing.

The first three case studies are about how three companies from very different industries grew their email lists.

The fourth guide is about how the customers of Rejoiner used email to generate more than $60M in revenue.

I’m also sharing how not knowing about email derivability can hurt your business big time!

Case Study: How Prairie Homestead Grew Their List to 50,000 Homesteaders Strong by AWeber

How Emily from Jones Design Company Added Over 1,100 Subscribers to Her Email List by AWeber

The Super Simple Way I Grew My Email List Overnight Using ShortStack [Guest Post] by ShortStack

How Rejoiner's 350+ eCommerce Customers Have Used Lifecycle Email to Generate $60M+

How Gmail Defeated 10 Famous Bloggers

Full Email Marketing Guides

I also decided to include links to 4fantastic full email marketing guides that cover every aspect of it in full detail.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing by Zapier

I like this guide from Zapier because they spend time clearly explaining the differences between various email marketing apps.

You will get a pretty good idea about the pros and cons of each one, which will help you make a better decision when it comes to choosing the right one for your business.

The Complete Guide to Email Marketing by ConvertKit

The guide from ConvertKit includes some great stories, examples, and strategies on growing your email list.

You will learn which channel to use, how to create and set up your lead magnets, how to promote them, etc.

It also contains important information on sales, doing product launches, setting up your sequence and using influential triggers.

The Ultimate Guide To Successful Email Marketing by Vero

The guide from Vero provides some great information on tracking results and optimizing your campaigns.

It goes deeper into everything when it comes to creating killer content, including writing great subject lines and email copy, creating effective call-to-actions and developing content ideas that matter to your subscribers.

The Modern Guidebook to Email Marketing by Campaign Monitor

This guide covers deeply how to build a quality email list of engaged subscribers.

You will learn the anatomy of sending effective emails, the best tips for sales copywriting and how and when to send your emails.

Final words

Thank you to everybody who suggested links for this email marketing resource page.

It took me quite some time to filter all the blog posts and guides I have received. I removed duplicates and left you only with the good stuff.

I organized the guides into sections so it will be easier for you to find resources on topics that are of greater interest to you.

Enjoy! :)

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