15 Strategies for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Aqsa Mughees
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March 9, 2023

A well-thought-out holiday marketing strategy can help increase revenue while still retaining customers by improving relationships.

It is important to prepare ahead of time for Christmas or any holiday campaign to take advantage of the opportunity and ensure that effective strategies are applied. The marketing ideas, when executed correctly, entice consumers to make more purchases. Here are the main components of an effective holiday marketing campaign that results in a positive shopping experience.

15 strategies for successful holiday marketing campaigns

Brands can make the holiday shopping season profitable by implementing the right marketing strategies, techniques, and innovations. Here's a list of the best holiday marketing ideas to help companies boost sales and build long-term customer relationships.

Personalize your website for a holiday marketing campaign

The holiday season will generate nearly 30% of a company's annual revenues, making it the ideal time to increase revenue. So, the strongest holiday marketing campaign can be the optimization of your website for holiday shoppers.

A redesigned homepage and Christmas holiday themes show a higher level of engagement, which enhances the user experience. You can spruce up your website by adding certain elements that will look fresh especially during the holidays.

Tips for personalizing your website for holiday marketing promotions

Feature festive CTAs

Holiday-themed calls to action are an excellent way to get online customers interested in shopping. Take the time to customize your CTAs so that you can get the most sales during the holiday season by using the right content and color.

Maintain a clear messaging style

The messaging on your website should be clear but expressive. It should state the advantages that consumers would get from buying your products or services.

Personalize your holiday greetings

Use customized greetings messages and eye-catchers on the live chat widget to attract website visitors' attention and invite them to look at the holiday offers.  You can also show their best travel destinations in a single travel flyer. All you need to do is be creative in order to catch people's attention.

Design banners or pop-ups with information about a big site-wide sale or a large sale on an entire product category.

Improve website loading speed

Even a one-second delay will result in a 7% drop in conversions. Page loading speed has an impact on website visitors' experiences, particularly during the holiday season.

Provide early access to VIP customers

Before the holiday hustle and bustle, reward your customers with early access offers. It helps convince customers to make a purchase ahead of the holidays. Your followers will feel unique because they will be able to get a good deal before everyone else.

You can also reward your loyal customers by sending Christmas email campaigns or Black Friday emails with a healthy discount reserved for them, exclusive rewards for customers who participate by sharing their stories, photographs, and feedback, and early-bird sales on social media to generate buzz before the holiday season begins.

How can you make your holiday marketing campaign more successful by allowing early access?

Give premium customers early access

This will help you keep your best customers by providing them with unique holiday sales and offers.

Delight your customers

Giving VIP customers a sense of exclusivity and special treatment will keep them coming back for more.

Start your sales early

Starting your sales early, before the holiday rush, would help you. It makes managing and fulfilling orders simpler before the holiday rush.

Use social media to promote holiday giveaways

Giveaways are a low-cost way to engage your fans, gain new followers, and generate excitement for an upcoming event. Typically, asking followers to comment, post, like, and participate in your giveaway is a perfect way to increase participation.

Giveaways have long been used by brands to drive interest and boost sales of their goods or services. You can quickly get your target audience excited about the upcoming holidays and your brand by using prizes and promotional contests.

You can easily range from a Twitter hashtag contest to a photo caption contest on your Facebook page, running a festive quiz, or making a wish contest, depending on the size of your team and budget.

Boost the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign

The majority of shoppers tend to browse items and place orders while on the go. You can't afford to underestimate the influence of mobile phones and should instead concentrate on a razor-sharp mobile marketing campaign for the holiday season.

Optimizing your mobile applications for the holidays will help you increase revenue and establish a good customer experience.

The following are some of the best mobile marketing strategies:

To ensure the best possible customer experience on your mobile platforms, use A/B testing.

Consider your onsite mobile experience as you optimize your messaging. Filling out forms on a mobile device, for example, can be time-consuming. Expanding mobile CTAs will improve the onsite user experience.

Take advantage of video marketing


There is no better way to convey a holiday message than with a video. Video marketing allows you to promote your overall brand, not just products.

Incorporate holiday-themed messages into the video campaigns. Get creative with video to spread the holiday cheer in your holiday marketing campaigns, whether it's a festive webinar invite video sent via email or a video added to your customer page to wish all of your customers holiday cheer. You can create one using a free video editor.

Here are some holiday video marketing tips:

Create a holiday theme

You can quickly create a Christmas holiday theme by using music with bells, holiday-style content, motion graphics, etc.

Personalize your CTA

Build festive CTAs for various audiences and occasions. Consider adding more focus to the marketing as the holiday gift-giving season approaches.

Shoot in high-definition videos

The higher the resolution, the easier it is to extract stills from the video. If you have the budget, employ a photographer to take stills separately during your video shoot.

Collaborate with the influencers

Collaborating with influencers is the most effective holiday marketing strategy. It creates buzz around your brand because influencers often post about upcoming holiday shopping events on their social media platforms.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing in your holiday marketing strategy?

Influencer-based holiday marketing campaigns help you gain more recognition by targeting niche consumers.

During the holidays, these promotions also boost ad opportunities for brands.

This marketing strategy will assist you in reaching new markets and raising brand awareness.

Influencers will help you increase website traffic, revenue, and return on investment (ROI) during the holiday season.

Give free gifts to increase holiday conversions

Brands can increase their sales using the marketing campaign for providing free gifts with each purchase during the holidays. It's a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.

Also, it makes the customers happy and encourages them to buy. You may offer a low-cost item that does not require additional shipping costs.

How can giving free gifts be a successful Christmas marketing strategy?

Free gifts will make everyone feel special.

They demonstrate that you care by sharing the holiday spirit with them.

It acts as a powerful conversion booster, ensuring that you get as many sales as possible.

Offer holiday package deals to boost average order value (AOV)

For holiday sales, product packages are a smart idea. Customers love them because they have more value than single-product solutions. They are also available at a reduced price.

You will increase the number of purchases and the average order value by selling combo items at discounted prices. It is crucial, especially for ecommerce companies.

To build attractive packages, use the following holiday marketing tips:

Promote on social media

You can group related items together and promote them on your website and social media platforms.

Choose the combinations carefully

To make a better price, combine your best-selling goods with complimentary items.

Make it more compelling by naming your combinations or providing a hashtag to attract people through social media platforms.

Surprise your consumers with upselling ideas

This holiday marketing campaign is a true winner, and it piques consumers' interest in a convincing way. Upselling ideas not only increase revenue but also improve customer loyalty by addressing their needs and delivering what they want.

Here are some tips for upselling ideas that will delight your customers:

Offer your customers free shipping if they upgrade to a certain amount.

To capture more customers, appeal to their emotions by promoting similar items during the purchasing journey.

Enable your customers to add upsell products to their orders during the checkout process.

Extend your holiday campaign's deals for late shoppers

Many brands expand their holiday marketing campaign offerings in order to attract late customers. Extending holiday campaign deals will benefit brands indirectly in the following ways:

Create brand loyalty by giving consumers time to develop faith in your brand if they are unfamiliar with it.

Strengthen customer relationships by focusing on late shoppers who missed out on holiday offers and developing deeper relationships with them.

Make a bond with new customers by offering exclusive last-minute deals.

Create user-generated content

Make holiday-themed hashtags and invite consumers to share their photos, videos, and success stories with them.

Build your content across your preferred platforms, and tailor your marketing to various consumer groups and campaign levels.

Build a central landing page for all details related to your seasonal deals, including promotional emails, advertisements, and social media updates.

If your company has a partner or affiliate program, you could also enlist your partners to help spread the word about your campaign and create more buzz around it. As an additional incentive, you could provide them with a performance-based bonus on top of their usual commission or offer a discount for their audience.

In general, the product reviews and tutorials your partners create is a valuable source of UGC that can be just as effective as personal recommendations.

Use social proof as a holiday marketing strategy

Did you know that if a product page contains images from social media, people are more likely to buy it?

Using social proof in the form of images, feedback, or stories will help shoppers feel more confident about making a purchase. One of the most powerful tools is social proof, such as ratings and feedback or awards the product has received.

How will using social proofs as part of your holiday marketing strategy be beneficial?

Having featured images of real customers using your product helps ensure third-party validation.

Online shoppers search for unedited views to aid them in making online buying decisions.

User-generated content about your services can help to set consumer expectations and lower cart abandonment rates.

Use offline channels

Using offline channels as part of a holiday marketing strategy can be very effective. During the holidays, businesses should consider concentrating their advertisements on offline platforms such as TV and radio ads to capture the attention of consumers.

What are the advantages of an offline marketing strategy for your company?

Reach out to potential customers

You can reach out to potential customers who might have missed out on holiday offers via online shop, online channels or offline channels.

Reach out to a larger audience

Effective eye-catching promotions and TV commercials help you reach a wider audience, making your holiday marketing more effective.

Improve brand recognition

By using TV and radio advertising, you can increase brand recognition.

Run paid campaigns

With the rise of online shopping, it's more critical than ever for your company to be noticeable online and stand out from the crowd.

Regardless of your industry, you can run paid ads on well-known social media platforms. Google Ads is an excellent place for seasonal information. You can tailor your advertising campaign based on where your target audience is located.

Why is email marketing the most effective tool for holiday marketing?

Email marketing is an ideal opportunity to reach out to not only current customers, but also to help create even more leads.

Email is the most effective means of direct communication with your target audience since it can be accessed directly from mobile or tablet devices.


One of the best opportunities to invest in an emotional relationship with your target audience is during the holidays. You are setting yourself up for total success for the upcoming holiday season by segmenting your customers for a truly personalized experience, making your campaigns easy to share, and promoting the best deals that are consistent across all of your platforms.

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