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Momina Ayaz
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May 8, 2024

If you got a new sign-up just now, when should they expect to receive your welcome email?

The answer is immediately! The customer lifecycle is getting shorter and shorter. Growing competition means businesses are fighting for customer retention and running after every single lead.

For this reason, you need to run multiple well-timed email campaigns and immediately follow up. But even if you only have 10 subscribers on your list, reaching out to each and everyone promptly is not easy. Hand-typed emails can add a personal touch, but they’re useless if they lead to delays, errors, and missed opportunities.

Autoresponders, on the other hand, automate your email outreach. They do the heavy-lifting so you can get back to prospects instantly and nurture your relationship with every single lead.

Great email autoresponders shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you’re just getting started with email automation, we’ve found the best free autoresponder tools for you.

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What’s an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a pre-defined, automated email triggered by a visitor’s action. It serves to push each lead closer to conversion. Autoresponders can be sent out both as a single email or as an email sequence, depending on the trigger and your goal. A sequence of autoresponder emails is commonly called a drip campaign.

A trigger is an action that prompts the autoresponder sequence. It can be a new sign-up, a link click, or a product purchase.

Do autoresponders help you convert?

Picture this. A new visitor ventures on your blog trying to learn tips to reduce customer churn, but then they see a link to your exclusive and free eBook for reducing customer churn. Now, they do want to reduce churn, so they’ll quickly enter in their email address, and turn into your lead. This is a trigger event.

Since it’s impossible to get back to each lead yourself, a preset automated email sequence is sent.

The first email hands them the eBook but also welcomes them to your subscriber list. The second email tells them more tips about customer churn so that your brand is now an expert in their eyes. The third email suggests they try out your free trial. Eventually, they try out the service, enjoy using it, and pay for a subscription.

Now, that’s a conversion.

In this manner, autoresponders build relationships and nudge your leads down the sales funnel so you don’t lose a single prospect along the way. They are also easy to launch and offer immediate follow-ups so your customer experience is always impeccable.

Our picks for the top 7 free autoresponder tools

free autoresponder tools for email marketing

Autoresponders usually come as an extension of complete email marketing software packages. A lot of these popular email marketing solutions have free plans ideal for small businesses or email marketing novices. Note that as you grow, you’ll probably have to invest some of your marketing budget into a paid version if you require additional functionality.

Until then, here’s our list of dependable free autoresponders that help you get started.

1. SendInBlue

SendInBlue was launched as an email marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses but has since expanded. This service is GDPR compliant and packs a punch with very high email deliverability.

The automation options are advanced and you can send some of the best trigger-based emails through the platform. SendInBlue’s free autoresponder can be paired with SMS marketing, which is hard to find on a free plan.

You can also build emails both on the desktop and mobile.

This free autoresponder solution is ideal for small lists but frequent email blasts. It also works great with drip campaigns as there’s no subscriber limit.

SendInBlue is recommended for ecommerce businesses that are just starting out.

Free plan specifics: email builder, templates, SMS marketing, blacklist, transactional emails for online businesses, heat mapping and A/B testing, chatbots

Autoresponders triggers available: basic (subscriptions) and some advanced (page visits, product purchase, transactions)

Sending limit on the free plan: 300 emails a day to unlimited contacts

Standout features: SMS marketing, mobile email editor, transactional emails

Cons: limited in terms of free templates, automation, and reporting with no sales or social conversion data

2. Moosend

Moosend’s free autoresponder is rich with features that are on par with most paid tools. Most of the Moosend features stay the same across plans but there’s a limit on the free version. Its easy usability also makes it a great and complete introduction to email marketing services.

Moosend is recommended for companies looking for a complete email marketing solution to experiment with. You can always pay once you hit your subscriber limit.

Free plan specifics: email builder, templates, sign-up & subscription forms, analytics, segmentation, A/B testing,

Sending limit on the free plan: Unlimited emails but 1000 subscribers

Autoresponder triggers available: All access; basic subscriptions and advanced (link clicks, ecommerce, complete onboarding sequences)

Standout features: No Moosend branding, complete email marketing automation

Cons: fewer native integrations as compared to other services.

3. Mailchimp

The popular all-in-one marketing solution is a household name in email marketing. One of the first ones to launch a free plan, Mailchimp comes with a lot of credibility attached with its brand, and most key features strung into the offering.

The email marketing service provides the ability to manage your audience (subscriber, unsubscriber, and non-subscribed). Mailchimp features an extremely robust email builder and impressive analytics.

Free plan specifics: email builder, templates, segmentation features, built-in CRM, A/B testing, surveys

Autoresponder triggers available: basic (subscription) and some advanced (cart abandonment and product recommendations)

Sending limit on the free plan: 2000 subscribers

Standout features: behavioral targeting, extensive collection of integrations

Cons: basic templates only, no multi-step autoresponder sequences

4. MailerLite

With its extremely rich feature set, MailerLite is easily one of the best free autoresponder tools out there. Both fast to load and easy to navigate, it boasts a great user experience so marketing teams can focus on creating powerful email campaigns, rather than wasting time learning new tools.

This service, like SendInBlue, has great deliverability and also offers HTML support so you can completely customize your email templates. And of course, the advanced automation options work like a charm if you’re looking for a dynamic autoresponder.

Free plan specifics: email builder, templates, segmentation features, HTML support, A/B testing

Sending limit on the free plan: 12000 emails per month, 1000 subscribers

Autoresponder triggers available: basic (subscriptions), and some advanced (link clicks)

Standout features: send emails by timezone

Cons: limited email templates, no spam, and design testing

5. Omnisend

Omnisend is email marketing software built specifically for ecommerce websites. It combines multiple marketing streams like email, SMS, and social media into one platform to help you drive maximum impact from your digital marketing efforts.

Online businesses can create engaging autoresponders with Omnisend’s predefined visitor workflows like cart abandonment and product purchases. You can create various campaigns for website visitors, new buyers, repeat buyers, and subscribers.

Free plan specifics: email builder, templates, sign up forms, boxes and pop-ups, reports, segmentation, coupons in emails, A/B testing

Sending limit on the free plan: 15000 emails per month, 2000 emails daily, unlimited subscribers

Autoresponders triggers available: basic (subscriptions) and some advanced
(product purchase, cart abandonment)

Standout feature: A/B testing and website tracking, 5 segments

Cons: limited marketing automation, issues with mobile responsiveness, limited integrations

6. Mailmunch

Mailmunch is a lead generation and email marketing platform. With a vast collection of opt-in forms and FREE HTML email templates, it enables businesses to implement their email marketing from start to finish. And the free autoresponder is extremely customizable.

If you don’t have an email marketing budget, you can benefit from Mailmunch’s handy email marketing integrations that help you stack up additional features onto Mailmunch for free.

Mailmunch also works great if your main goal is building an email list and delivering lead magnets.

Free plan specifics: pop-up form builder, email builder, templates, one autoresponder and one site, unlimited forms, integrations with other email marketing platforms, analytics

Autoresponder triggers available: basic subscriptions and time-delays

Sending limit on the free plan: No

Standout features: extensive template library and lots of customization options

Cons: limited marketing automation

Get started with a successful autoresponder email campaign with Mailmunch to improve your metrics and conversions with optimized landing pages, emails and automations. Drive high-ROI campaigns in just a few clicks with easy access to the email templates library.

7. SendPulse

SendPulse offers a powerful multi-channel marketing solution along with customized user experience. You can create personalized, automated emails, and multiple mailing lists. The features remain the same across plans and you only have to pay for a greater email and subscriber cap.

SendPulse is great for both beginner and advanced marketers due to its rich feature set, but the email cap in their free autoresponder package limits usage for small and medium-sized businesses.

Free plan specifics: email builder, templates, analytics, segmentation, SMS marketing, A/B testing, resend to non-openers feature, chatbots

Autoresponder triggers available: All access; both basic (subscriptions, date-based) and advanced (clicks, ecommerce, transactional emails)

Sending limit on the free plan: 15000 emails per month (12000 transactional emails), 500 contacts

Standout features: resend to non-openers feature

Cons: limited integrations, 20 MB media storage space


So there you have our top picks for free autoresponders. While these solutions may offer limited email caps or a smaller feature set in their free versions, they are still powerful enough to experiment with autoresponders and run campaigns that drive conversions for your business.

You can also test these solutions without committing any money to them to see what works best for your business. In this manner, you’ll only pay for software that will lead to successful email marketing for your brand.

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