50+ Best Lead Generation Software and Tools (2024 Update)

Summra Ahmad
Summra Ahmad

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July 9, 2024

Putting your business in front of the right people is perhaps the most challenging thing you’ll ever do. While several people visit your website every day, few ever make their way back. And that’s how most lead generation services are forgotten. 

Lead generation ensures that you engage customers when they show an interest in your service. It consequently enables you to market to the right people, bringing your products services in front of people who genuinely need them and converting them into paying customers.

Companies use various lead generation strategies to increase this pool of prospects. But since your competitors are also scouring for leads online, getting the attention of the same people is not easy.

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What is lead generation software?

Before you start building your sales funnel, it is crucial to recognize the kinds of marketing software solutions that target various stages of the funnel to increase conversions. 80% of marketers witness more leads, and 77% notice higher conversion rates after automating their marketing workflows.

Lead generation software is a similar marketing automation tool that helps businesses gain leads online. It targets the top of the funnel, gaining contact information from prospects that enables you to market to them. As a company's prospects move down the funnel, some will eventually convert and generate revenue for the business. So by bringing you more leads, lead generation software increases your conversions and, ultimately, your revenue.

Why do you need lead generation software?

Lead generation tools are highly advantageous because it attracts the desired leads with minimal effort. The sales team can focus on customers in a more personalized way eliminating the cold leads right from the beginning.

Other reasons for using lead generation software are mentioned below.  

1. Better customer insight 

To better deal with your customers, ask the right question to understand the W’s behind their buying behavior. 

Lead generation software lets the marketers capture useful data from website visitors who convert into customers. Even if the visitor does not buy the product or services, the collected data is helpful to understand the reason behind the incomplete sales funnel. 

Having a better insight about why/why not a customer picked your product will also highlight the best features and worst features of your product. A lead generation tool identifies the customer’s needs quickly. 

2. Improved qualified leads 

Are your leads qualified? Sometimes the number of leads does not matter because not all of them will be qualified. A cold or lukewarm lead will make it difficult for the marketers to target or perhaps the ROI will not be favorable at all. 

To score and analyze the customer data, a lead generation tool offers track engagements, customer interactions, and personal information once they sign up for a subscription. You can create email campaigns based on the lead value to get qualified leads faster!  

3. Excellent marketing tactics 

You cannot create a marketing campaign without customer insight. Analytics is a powerful feature that allows you to evaluate the best way to reach your target audience. Not only you can attract more audience but also retain the existing customers in a shorter period of time. 

With the right information build your marketing campaigns with solid leads. You can filter high-value customers from cold leads with a lead generation tool. 

4. Become time efficient 

Automated workflows are always preferable when it comes to lead generation. Destress and declutter your dashboard with the best tool offering sales reps the ability to identify qualified leads faster. 

Manually filtering the lists of leads is a draining process. Instead using a lead generation tool saves your time speeding up the process by collecting the customer behavioral data which allows you to remove the cold leads. That way you can work directly towards planning and strategizing over marketing campaigns. 

How to choose a lead generation software

Different lead generation companies design their products differently and not all of these are created the same. When integrating with a lead generation software tool, look for the following factors. 

1. Ease-of-use

 Well-developed lead generation software solutions are designed for marketers, not web developers. They should be easy to use, without dabbling in code, and intuitive enough to be used across entire teams.

2. Integrations 

With marketing automation gaining increasing popularity and adoption, businesses are trying to automate every stage of the sales funnel, including customer support. To preserve seamless operations, any new tools that you acquire should sync well with your pre-existing Martech stack.

3. Analytics

 This holds true for any type of automation tool you’ll use for your business. You should be able to analyze every piece of data that you’re collecting to optimize software use, streamline your marketing efforts, and improve customer interactions.

4. Scalability

 The eventual goal of each company is to maximize its ROI and grow. With increasing dependency on technology, look for solutions that can grow with you. Your lead generation software should be able to handle your expanding operations and growing email lists.

5 Crucial steps of the lead generation process

Entire lead generation is a five-step process that attracts online traffic, converts them into leads, and nurtures them into buyers. It includes:

1. Identifying audience

The process begins with identifying your audience and finding channels where they are most active. You need unique, branded content that adds value while also promoting your industry, business, and services to reach out to them. 

2. Nurturing existing and potential customers

Enhance the impact of your lead generation process by making your visitors feel exclusive and honored. Send them a customized email at every milestone they achieve or interact with your website. 

For instance, you can congratulate them on completing a trial and motivate them to buy the premium version. This may increase interest and turn visitors into paying clients.

3. Lead scoring model

By evaluating and scoring your leads, you can identify which ones are worth nurturing. Moving them throughout the sales cycle, you need to picture your lead positioning for better targeting and communications. 

4. Converting leads into customers 

Your business’s marketing team focuses on reaching the audience, attracting leads, building and retaining their interest, and nurturing them into buyers. Meanwhile, the sales team must ensure by replying to their queries, assisting them with the purchasing process, and helping with reclaims and refunds to enrich their experience.  

5. Assessing process

Lead generation is not a linear process but a continuous cycle. You need to repetitively bring new leads and convert them into buyers and retain them to avoid low sales. One productive way to do so is by identifying your failures or the steps at which the lead dropped off. 

The best software for lead generation for businesses

The key to choosing the best lead generation solutions is learning about their types. Lead generation platforms are divided into multiple categories helping businesses to nurture leads, grow sales, attract new audiences.  

The most common types of lead generation tools businesses can use are:

  • On-page lead generation - Opt-in forms and campaigns drive the leads from the website. 
  • Email marketing - Leads are nurtured with campaigns for better engagements. 
  • Email address finders - Find the prospects, convert them into leads and have them added to the email list. 
  • Prospects and outreach - Visitors’ contact information is collected, and potential leads are reached out. 
  • Customer relationship management tools - Leads are connected and tracked 
  • Advertising tools - Social media plays a crucial role in paid ads and drives traffic to the website.
  • Communication tools - Live customer support tools help brands to generate leads. 

Sounds like a lot, right? The good news is you do not have to use all of the tools for lead generation right away. Plan and then utilize any of these tools. 

On-page lead generation and email marketing 

1. Mailmunch 

Best lead generation tool - Mailmunch

Mailmunch’s email marketing tool makes it easy to engage website visitors and turn them into leads. Choose from a wide variety of opt-in forms that are easy to set up on your website so you can immediately start growing your email list. Create compelling calls to action, track exit intent, and choose triggers so your leads can keep coming in. 

The extensive collection of opt-in forms is fully customizable. You can personalize backgrounds, colors, texts, and even emojis, so your campaigns attract the most eyeballs, in turn bringing you high conversions.

Lead generation features include

Price: Mailmunch offers a free plan too however, the basic pricing starts from $19.99 a month. 

Free trial: Yes 

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2. Hubspot 

Best lead generation tool - Hubspot

Hubspot’s marketing software is an all-in-one suite of tools that enables businesses to grow traffic, capture more leads, and market to them via email and ads. While it is on the pricier end, Hubspot comes with an extensive list of features that make it worth your while.

Running successful marketing campaigns, attracting visitors, and converting them as customers is possible using Hubspot. Many features allow you to create automated workflows, manage their social media accounts email campaigns, and focus on lead generation. It's a perfect choice for several small businesses. 

Lead generation features
  • Landing page builder
  • Forms
  • Analytics
  • Conversational bots and live chats
  • Ad management

Price: Between $50 to $3200 a month.

Free trial: Yes

3. OptinMonster

Best lead generation tool - OptinMonster

Thinking of converting website visitors into leads and customers? OptinMonster is your chance to grab the attention of the visitors by building campaigns unique to your leads. As an email marketing tool, users benefit from using custom-built templates to personalize their target displays. 

Users have the creative control to create stunning popups, spin-wheels, slide-in windows, etc. OptinMonster is a user-friendly tool, so beginners can use it easily too! 

Lead generation features include
  • Upsell, down-sell, or cross-sell offers for average order value (AOV)
  • Offer targeted promotions for segmented lists 
  • Integrate and grow the email lists

Price: The basic plan starts from $9 a month. 

Free trial: No 

4. MailChimp 

Best lead generation tool - MailChimp

Another popular email marketing tool used mostly by bloggers and small businesses, MailChimp, expanded into several sectors, including eCommerce allowing entrepreneurs to build their online stores and use it as a multichannel marketing hub. 

MailChimp is a dominant player when it comes to email marketing and automation. Users also can embed CRM features if using the latest version of MailChimp. Website and Commerce plans are completely differentiated based on the pricing plans and the services.  It allows users to access seven marketing channels, one-click automation, use basic templates surveys, and create custom domains. 

Lead generation features include
  • Complete campaign transparency. 
  • View success and click-through rates. 
  • Ability to manage subscribers and unsubscribers list. 

Price: The standard plan starts from $17 a month for 500 contacts, whereas, the premium plan starts at $299 based on 10,000 contacts. 

Free trial: Yes 

5. Qualaroo 

Best lead generation tool - Qualaroo

Whether you are a freelancer, a small business, or a large enterprise, Qualaroo is a successful customer-feedback tool that allows users to collect and analyze feedback data. When a visitor visits the website, a popup appears on the display asking questions. These popups are like chatbots, asking users’ preferences. 

Users can create mini customer surveys in the form of popups. The data is easy to analyze with AI-based techniques like sentiment or text analysis. 

Lead generation features include 

Price: The available pricing plan starts from $100 a month. 

Free trial: Yes 

6. ProProfs Survey Maker

Best lead generation tool - ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is a versatile tool for creating engaging surveys to generate leads. Using this software, you can design various surveys and web forms to capture respondents' data.

The tool offers beautiful built-in survey templates that can be customized per your needs. Apart from streamlining your lead generation process, it also helps in decreasing the website bounce rate.  

Lead generation features include

  • Third-party integrations
  • Advanced reporting
  • Built-in intelligent analytics
  • Customizable web forms and surveys

Price: Apart from the free plan, the basic pricing plan starts from the $0.05 response/month (billed annually).

Free trial: Yes

7. Picreel

Best Lead Generation Tools: Picreel

Looking to generate more leads? Look no further! Picreel is a delightful lead-generation tool that helps you increase your website engagement with delightful popups and forms. The software comes with an intuitive CSS popup editor and a huge template library to get started with popup marketing, no matter what kind of business you run or the types of leads you want. The tool is simple to use, integrates well with over 700+ other apps, and comes with dedicated support and a knowledge base.

Lead generation features include:

  • Intuitive drag-&-drop builder
  • 100+ prebuilt popup templates
  • Advanced onsite targeting and segmentation options
  • Works on both desktop and mobile websites
  • Integrates with all major CRM, email, and marketing automation tools
  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Inbuilt A/B testing features to optimize your popups

Price: Basic plan starts from $14/month.

Free Trial: Yes

8. TrustPulse

Best lead generation tool - TrustPulse

Without trust, can you focus on lead generation? With social proof, attracting leads is easier. As a lead generation tool, TrustPulse, tracks real people's behavior and sends notifications as someone takes action, like buying a product or viewing the details, signing up for a subscription, and more. 

It’s a powerful plugin tool that is easy to use (perfect for beginners) and is proven to boost conversions and sales for businesses. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Smart targeting using advanced target rules and timing control 
  • Custom design options to make the site brand-oriented 
  • Easy setup without any coding 
  • Updated analytics to track conversion rate 

Price: The monthly basic plan starts from $5. 

Free trial: Yes

9. WPForms

Best lead generation too - WPForms

Are you thinking of getting customer feedback soon? Try WPForms to fulfill the purpose. As a lead generations tool, you can also use it for survey forms. The plugins allow the users to custom design the forms for each campaign and upload them on the website within just a few clicks. 

The best part is that the drag and drop builder does not require any coding so users can embed the forms easily in blogposts, sidebar widgets, footers. Marketers can generate valuable feedback and generate new leads faster using WPForms. In addition, it works best with WordPress websites. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Customization with drag and drop builder. 
  • Pre-built form templates. 
  • High-performance forms with smart conditional logic. 
  • View leads in one place with data entry management. 

Price: The basic plan starts from $79 a year. 

Free trial: Yes 

10. Constant Contact 

Best lead generation tool - Constant Contact

Popular as an email marketing and automation tool, it allows users to create and send custom emails to subscribers to boost conversion rates. Users manage their websites and even social media channels to attract prospects and convert them into qualified leads. 

It is best suitable for small businesses looking for SEO tools, analytics, email segmentation, and a website builder. Improve your B2B prospect efforts by creating a new email campaign is created and sent using Constant Contact can help convert and engage customers. With the real-time analysis, you can optimize the mobile-optimized templates too! 

Lead generation features include 
  • Create custom surveys 
  • Engage with the social media campaigns 
  • Receive analytical reports 
  • Use advanced analytics 
  • Simple management system 

Price: Offers tiered pricing plan starting from $20 a month. 

Free trial: Yes 

11. Sendinblue 

Best lead generation tool - Sendinblue

A cloud-hosted and mobile-friendly email marketing tool that optimizes the email segment sent to the audience and improves workflow automation. Sendinblue’s smart scheduling features create targeted email campaigns without coding skills. 

Users can A/B test the email templates to improve their emails and make their newsletter more attractive for the email subscribers. From small to medium businesses, they can automate their email marketing within a budget. Start by creating a transactional email create landing pages and Facebook ads. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Create transactional and trigger-based emails. 
  • Advanced segmentation to filter the email subscribers.
  • Customizable triggers based on the purchase date.

Price: The basic plan starts from $25 with 40,000 emails a month. 

Free trial: Yes 

12. ActiveCampaign 

Best lead generation tool - ActiveCampaign

Best suited for small businesses, ActiveCampaign is the email marketing tool offering marketing automation and business CRM. It's easier for businesses to manage their customer relationships, turn prospects into leads, and build better connections. 

The data is stored on a single platform, making marketing and sales easier to collaborate. Businesses can follow their lead, segment the email lists and create campaigns with a user-friendly interface. 

Lead generation features include 
  • User-friendly activity dashboard 
  • Reporting analytics 
  • Campaign management 
  • Data import/export 
  • Customizable templates and reporting stats 

Price: The basic plan starts from $15 a month. 

Free trial: Yes

13. Selzy

Selzy is a beginner-friendly email marketing platform that is great for small and medium-sized businesses. With its all-in-one tool for email marketing, it will help you generate leads, boost sales, and grow your company.

The platform offers signup forms and popups to grow your contact list. Email automation allows you to guide your leads down the sales funnel on autopilot. And extensive analytics will help you optimize emails for maximum efficiency.

Lead generation features include

  • Email marketing automation
  • Features for list growth and management, including list hygiene
  • Detailed but digestive reports on metrics

Price: Starts from $7/month billed yearly for 1000 contacts
Free trial: Fully functional forever free plan with all the necessary features and a limit of 15000 emails/month and 1000 contacts

Email address finder tools 

Email address finder tools

15. Prospect.io 

Best lead generation tool - Prospect.io

Talk about a modern-day sales automation platform, then think about Prospect.io. Popular as a lead generation tool, it's useful for marketers to nurture their leads by extracting the information about the prospects and verifying the emails collected. 

Users benefit from tracking emails, giving them insight into open email rates, click-through rates, and signups. The Chrome extension lets users find prospects faster and launch their new cold email campaigns in just a click. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Email verification 
  • Email finder
  • Templates and variables 
  • Campaign stats 
  • Clicks, bounces, and conversion tracking 

Price: Basic plans start from $99 a month and use up to 2,000 credits a month. 

Free trial: Yes 

16. Hoovers 

Best lead generation - Hoovers

Popular as a sales acceleration tool, it helps clients’ businesses leverage data and analytics by focusing on building email lists and prospects in a streamlined way. 

Hoover claims to have one of the most comprehensive business databases allowing its users to target prospects and build stronger relationships with the target lists. This way, users can have a more relevant list of prospects with an increased chance of converting as a lead. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Filter prospects for promising leads. 
  • Leads are transferred to CRM tools.
  • Dynamic lists automatically update contacts for correct information. 

Price: Custom pricing is offered.

Free trial: Yes 

17. AeroLeads

Best lead generation tool - AeroLeads

AeroLeads is an email marketing tool used to generate email addresses. Founded in 2015, it helps to qualify leads by extracting the data of prospects (other businesses). It also provides the prospect's business details, including name, contact, company, profession. 

Finding a prospect’s contact information is easier. Users need to sign up, add the plugin to their Chrome, search LinkedIn, AngelList, or CrunchBase and bring the new additions to possible leads. The collected information 

Lead generation features include
  • Find business emails from LinkedIn
  • Chrome extension, Firefox extension, Email Finder, Email Verifier, CRM integration, etc.
  • Content discovery 
  • Contact import/export 

Price: Their services start from $49 per month. 

Free trial: Yes 

18. Contact Out

Best Lead Generation Tools: Contact Out

When you are looking for connections and business opportunities on LinkedIn, this extension will provide you with essential contacts and details in an intuitive interface. After searching through the whole page displays the results directly on your screen and gives you access to their email address as well as additional details such as profile URL, name, title, and job titles.

Lead generation features include:

  • Email Lookup
  • Search Portal
  • Data Enrichment
  • Keep your ATS up to date
  • Email Outreach

Price: Basic plans start from $29 a month and use up to 1,800 credits a year.

Free trial: Yes

19. GetProspect LinkedIn email finder 

As a lead generation tool, GetProspect offers solid options for finding leads’ email addresses and managing contacts. First of all, the software has an explicit focus on data enrichment. Its extension allows getting email addresses from website and LinkedIn pages, while the desktop version has an enormous B2B database supported by CRM features. They let sales teams keep the information on leads in order and search for data with filters and keywords.

Importantly, with it, you can handle single and in-bulk extraction and verification of data. That is why you should see GetProspect as a perfect tool for targeted outreach and B2B prospecting.

Lead generation features include

  • Email finder (by domain and LinkedIn)
  • Email verifier (single and in-bulk)
  • B2B Database with CRM
  • Data Enrichment

Price: GetProspect offers a free plan with 50 valid emails and 100 verifications a month. Paid plans start at $49.

Free trial: Yes

Prospect and outreach tools 

Prospect and outreach tools

20. Lusha

Best lead generation tool - Lusha

Sales and marketing professionals can find more leads using Lusha, a B2B contact database. If you are looking to find information about your existing contacts or prospects, Lusha is the ultimate driving solution. Now in just a few clicks, you can get the publicly listed people. Also, get Chrome’s browser extension to scan the profile pages automatically when visiting the social networks. 

It’s an easy-to-use database with rich information to create email campaigns for the segmented list to boost conversion rates. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Offers contact management 
  • Allows third-party integrations 
  • Data import/export 
  • Online contact database 

Price: The basic plan starts from $29 a month. 

Free trial: Yes

21. Hunter 

Best lead generation tool - Hunter

Hunter makes it incredibly easy for sales and marketers to reach out to other professionals with simple but powerful tools. Hunter crawls the web and indexes publicly available professional email addresses. 

The data is easily accessible via a simple user interface to find the right person in a company or find how to contact already identified professionals. Besides that, you can easily automate the whole outreach process with Hunter by verifying the emails you found in the app and setting up simple and powerful cold outreach campaigns.

‍Lead generation features include
  • Email lookup
  • Email verification
  • Cold outreach automation

Price: Hunter pricing Free plan includes 25 free email lookups and 50 email verifications a month. Paid plans start at $49/mo.

Free trial: Yes 

22. Jotform 

Best lead generation tool - Jotform

The best thing about JotForm is that it's suitable for businesses of all sizes! Companies are enabled to create the survey forms without worrying about having an in-depth knowledge of CSS or JavaScript. 

Forms are customizable in terms of the content you choose to add, then the user’s location, and other field types set a character limit when adding information for the field type. Users can use over 10,000+ custom-built form templates with the form builder for all types of organizations for payment forms, lead generation forms, contact forms, and so on. 

Lead generation features include
  • Survey builder and distribution 
  • Multimedia support and branding 
  • Real-time reporting and analytics 
  • BI tools integration 

Price: Starts from $20 a month.  

Free trial: Yes

23. Unbounce 

Best lead generation tool - Unbounce

As a lead landing page platform, Unbounce is most suitable for SaaS and agencies interested in creating custom-built landing pages. It can be easily done with the drag and drop landing page builder. Also, users can A/B test the landing page they created to evaluate the one with high performance. 

The Conversion intelligence and Smart Traffic feature give Unbounce a competitive advantage to convert more leads. Running a highly-target campaign to reach the entire sales funnel requires a custom-build landing page therefore its importance cannot be neglected. It saves time and builds high converting pages in bulk simultaneously. 

Lead generation features include
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • SEO management 
  • Real-time editing 
  • Free customizable templates 

Price: The paid plan starts from $80 a month up to 20,000 visitors 

Free trial: Yes

24. FUNEL.io

Best lead generation tool -FUNEL.io

The first-ever B2B decentralized lead generation platform developed on blockchain Technology offers decentralized leads, giving users full control over their leads and generating real-time fresh data according to the target market.

Funel.io claims as a lead generation platform, they claim not selling the same lead to two different users will eventually increase the conversion rate of prospects. It’s a powerful lead generation tool that functions as a bridge between your business and customers. Where you get complete access to create, manage, & track all of your lead generation activities on a single, powerful, blockchain-based platform.

Lead generation features include

  • Real-time verified emails and phone numbers.
  • Complete ownership of leads
  • Easy to use leads manager
  • Automation enabled 
  • Free CRM tool

Price: The basic price starts from $62 a month

Free Trial: No

Lead nurturing tools

Lead nurturing tools

25.Vibe App

Best lead generation tool - Vibe app

Vibe App’s web extension brings you the complete social media snapshot of a prospect. It fetches key social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail) associated with an email address. Not only this, but you can also garner insight into the prospect’s organization, work details, and interests so you can qualify them, customize your marketing efforts, and reach out. All this by simply hovering over an email address. 

By targeting the right prospects, Vibe App helps you optimize your cold calling efforts and also form meaningful relationships.

Lead generation features include
  • Easy download
  • In-depth social media data
  • Support for multiple platforms

Price: Free

Free Trial: N/A

26. Typeform 

Best lead generation tool - Typeform

Typeform is a form builder. While surveys are ideal for gaining customer feedback and insights, they still double up as great lead generation tools. They’re also fun to take which means visitors may be more likely to fill them up and leave their email addresses.  

Collecting data like this can help you understand the direction that you want to take with your product and also segment your leads by pursuing those most relevant to your service.

Typeform offers a great user experience and keeps the surveys engaging.

Lead generation features include
  • In-depth customer details
  • Support for both mobile and desktop

Pricing: $35 a month.

Free trial: No 

27. Badger Maps

Best lead generation tool - Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a mobile app solution that offers planning, routing, and other features that allow you to spend less time driving and scheduling, and more time closing deals.

User-friendly, highly customizable, and 100% mobile, Badger is specifically designed to increase salespeople’s productivity. It's all made possible by integrating Google Maps, CRM data, route optimization, schedule planning, and lead generation for a salesperson. 

Data is also sent through the CRM helping the user to understand the current activity within the field and reporting the insights too. 

Lead Generation features include
  • The “Places” tool helps you find potential customers on a map
  • Generate leads by business category
  • Get lead details - phone number, website, hours, and more
  • Add the best leads to your route or account list

Price: Starts at $49 per user/month

Free trial: No 

28. Proof 

Best lead generation tool - Proof

What started as the early-stage SaaS startup is now one of the lead generation software helping websites increase their conversions with social proof, customization, and A/B testing. Proof implements the social proof with messaging popups that appear on the website. 

The real-time social proof keeps the visitors engaged and shows that website is being used by other people as well. It boosts a visitor’s confidence leading to higher conversions. 

The average conversion rate using Proof is 10-15%. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Live visitor count 
  • Ecommerce conversion tools 
  • Localization 
  • Free templates for popups 

Price: The basic plan starts from $29 a month with 1,000 visitors. 

Free trial: Yes 

29. Discover.ly

Best lead generation tool - Discover.ly

Small businesses can have a handful with Discover.ly - a browser extension displaying additional information from social media platforms. The software is simple to use, as users can easily find public information from social media profiles. 

All you need to do is insert the contact details, and build your prospect list. With Discover.ly companies can find exciting leads to increase sales opportunities. In addition, the collected information is easy to embed with the other CRM tools by exporting the prospect list for the marketing campaign.  

Lead generation features include 
  • Exports lead to the CRM tool 
  • Find social profiles on Gmail 
  • Fins social profiles on LinkedIn/Twitter

Price: Free version is available 

Free trial: N/A

30. Albacross 

Best lead generation tool - Albacross

“98% website visitors don’t leave their contact details”, touts Albacross’s landing page. It’s this 98% of visitors that they’ll help you target.

Albacross tracks visitors as they navigate through your company website. With this data, users can easily qualify leads and fetch their email addresses. This enables businesses to hand-tailor marketing pitches to the pain points of every target.

Qualifying leads in this manner helps you zero in on the right people. This may be the only kind of cold-calling that works since it only takes place after establishing interest.

Lead generation features include
  • Personalize website and offers account-based marketing 
  • Identifying visitors in large numbers with lead database 
  • Offers email scrapper and scheduled alerts 

Price: Basic pricing plan starts from $40 to upwards of $1089.

Free trial: Yes

31. Wisepops 

Best lead generation tool - Wisepops

Are you thinking to create popups for the website? If yes, Wisepops is the answer for you. As the name suggests, this lead generation software lets the users create the best popups! 

These popups are mobile-friendly so no major changes occur if you view them on a smaller screen. With Wisepops grow your email lists, reduce the cart abandonment rate, convert visitors into paying customers with ease. Users are enabled to use 30+ targeting and segmentation options to send the right message. 

In addition, you can select the page(s) for the campaign to show! 

Lead generation features include 
  • Email and CRM integration 
  • Goal tracking and analytics 
  • A/B testing and scheduling 

Price: The basic pricing plan starts from $29 a month. 

Free trial: Yes 

32. RightHello

Best lead generation tool - RightHello

Enjoy an endgame with qualified leads landing in your inbox every day thanks to RightHello. Start by creating a personalized cold email sequence for your target audience. Best suited for the global B2B tech market, marketing agencies, and SaaS companies, all can benefit from qualified leads with over 90% email deliverability

Marketers can find the companies and contacts, custom filters them in 10 different ways. However, with time, this lead generation software can become hefty. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Prospecting tools 
  • Lead segmentation 
  • Campaign management 

Price: Based on per user 

Free trial: No 

33. LeedFeeder 

Best lead generation tool - LeedFeeder

Start lead generation campaign by finding the right prospects with LeedFeeder. It's the best way to find potential customers by targeting new companies and industries you didn't focus on initially. Utilize the data and use it for your marketing campaigns for better outreach. 

It is possible to connect the qualified leads with the Google Analytics account. Then get access to the insights about the collected information like industries, contact details, employee count, and behavioral data. Integrate the collected data for seamless prospects. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Offers product quality score. 
  • Browsing behavior tracking. 
  • Lead revisit notifications. 
  • Lead sync with CRM. 

Price: The basic pricing plan starts from $59 a month. 

Free trial: Yes 

Search marketing/sales tools 

Search marketing/sales tools

34. SEMrush 

Best lead generation tool - SEMrush

A solid SEO tool that allows the marketers to extract the key data about their target audience via link building, and site auditing tools. Key features are usable under one account only. SEMrush is best known for running a health check for the websites with the identified keyword intent to expand the research capabilities including the Site Audit functionality. 

It is particularly great for those with limited technical SEO knowledge eliminating any confusion. It helps to improve lead generation and boosts qualified leads from the desired target market. 

Lead generation features include
  • High competitor research 
  • On-page SEO performance analytics 
  • Competitor analysis for winning strategies 

Price: Basic pricing plan starts from $99.95 a month. 

Free trial: Yes

35. Ahrefs 

Best lead generation tool - Ahrefs

An all-rounder SEO tool known for its unrivaled link building, Ahrefs gives tough competition to SEMrush. 

However, the competitive advantage is seen in the shape of the much detailed website audit report in terms of technical SEO information. Marketers can pinpoint the errors and identify the room for improvement faster that may otherwise hurt the search ranking. 

Lead generation features include
  • Google, Amazon, and YouTube keyword research.
  • Search analytics functionality. 
  • Rank track to monitor site’s performance  

Price: Basic pricing plan starts from $99 a month. 

Free trial: Yes

36. Google Analytics

Best lead generation tool - Google Analytics

The best way to utilize Google Analytics is to hire a developer for event tracking, and custom metrics to make it a worthy investment for your business. 

Users can optimize their landing pages, improve the advertising strategy for a better website performance easily. In addition, it also offers dozens of free tools that are easy to integrate and improve data collection by increasing the website performance and improving the mobile application analysis too. 

Lead generation features include
  • Easy campaign management (traffic). 
  • Tracking the conversion goals. 
  • Generate audience reports. 

Price: Free

Free trial: N/A

37. Yoast SEO plugin 

Best lead generation tool - Yoast SEO Plugin

For WordPress websites, the Yoast SEO plugin is the best option to up and run the show. It will not solve all of your SEO problems. However, it does ensure that the basic SEO essentials for the relevant content are taken care of. 

For new beginners, it's user-friendly and gives them a basic understanding of SEO-optimized content that should be inserted within the online connect such as titles, headings, keywords, and so on. It plays a key role in improving the readability of the content that plays a key role in reduces the bounce rate. 

Lead generation features include
  • Paragraph structures are focused. 
  • Identifies keyword density. 
  • Focuses on keyword use in subheadings 
  • Permalink cleanups are analyzed. 

Price: The paid version begins at $49.93 a month. 

Free trial: Yes

Advertising tools

Advertising tools

38. Google Ads

Best lead generation tool - Google Ads

Why not put an ad in front for the related terms? Google Ads is the ideal choice for ad placement on search engines. It chances of website visitors on your page increase and therefore so does the conversion rate opportunity.  

Setting any ad campaign is free! For small businesses with a limited budget, it's an excellent and affordable choice to fulfill their advertising needs. The company is liable to pay for the advertisements on a pay-per-click basis. 

Lead generation features include
  • Custom-based copy for advertising 
  • Reach board audience for qualified leads 
  • Easy to select the ad to reach the target audience 

Price: Custom budget with flexible pricing options. 

Free trial: N/A

39. AdRoll 

Best lead generation tool - AdRoll

Put your business in front of potential leads while browsing the web pages or social media with AdRoll. 

As a lead generation tool, the display ads and social ads are the dynamic duos needed to achieve the email marketing campaign goals. Start with automation, and get hands-on rich insights to tweak as per the business requirement to grow more sales. 

Lead generation features include 
  • Ads are placed on basis of the target audience (consider the demographics).
  • Globally compliant with privacy regulations.
  • Campaign insights available. 

Price: The basic starter plan is free but the growth plan starts at $19 a month. 

Free trial: N/A

Communication tools 

Communication tools

40. Intercom 

Best lead generation tool - Intercom

Intercom is a messaging tool with chatbots that enables businesses to offer personalized communication and gauge real-time customer intent. Chatbots keep prospects engaged and immediately provide them solutions to their problems. And immediate gratification also builds brand preference.

Intercom loops interested prospects to representatives in real-time so businesses can quickly close the deal without losing customer interest. You can also track on-site behavior once a prospect is in the system and further personalize support and marketing.

Lead generation features include
  • Automated customer support
  • Email and web chat queries on one platform
  • Integrations with entire tech stacks

Price: Starts from $87 with customized pricing. 

Free trial: N/A

41. MobileMonkey

Best lead generation tool - MobileMonkey

From small to big enterprises, MobileMonkey is a free lead generator that allows users to create chat blasts, drip campaigns, website chat dialogues, subscriber forms, and opt-in questionnaires. 

Because it is an automated chatbot-based lead capturing tool, lead generation is also possible via multiple channels such as SMS, Website live chat, and other social platforms. Plus, you get the unified inbox that allows you to display the conversations across all channels as it automatically captures the name of people who interact with you. 

Lead generation features include
  • Create chat drip campaigns for Facebook Messenger.  
  • Inquisitive chatbot builder. 

Price: Basic pricing plan starts at $19 a month. 

Free trial: Yes

42. CallPage

Best lead generation tool - CallPage

It started in 2015, and works as the AI-based VOIP product best suited for the sales and marketing team. 

Companies like Audi, Idea Bank are using CallPage to generate millions of businesses around the world. Businesses interested to increase the sales calls and decreasing the response time can have a better service with CallPage.  

It's a callback automation tool that users can utilize to connect with the prospects, converting them into leads. Installing a widget on the site is workable to stay automatically connected with the rest of the team too. 

Lead generation features include
  • Built-in CSS editor to customize the widgets. 
  • Offers call recording, scheduling, and campaign management. 
  • Offers auto-responders too. 

Price: Starters plan begins at $29 a month. 

Free trial: Yes (up to 15 leads)

43. Drift 

Best lead generation tool - Drift

To create more leads and to enhance your brand’s presence, you need to improve customer experience. Drift is your lead generation software used for conversations unified sales by connecting the buyers and sellers by empowering their experience. 

The Conversational Marketing category is created by Drift for the sole purpose of real-time engagement with customers. It helps generate the revenues faster and aligns the sales and marketing data with the Revenue Acceleration Platform. 

Lead generation features include
  • Target account management for insights 
  • Visitor intelligence to accelerate deal cycles. 
  • Real-time personalization for relevant conversations. 

Price: Custom pricing plan based on the user intent. 

Free trial: Yes

44. Acquire 

Best lead generation tool - Acquire

Acquire is another live chat tool that allows real-time interactions with customers to qualify prospects into leads. 

Automating the chat process is easier with a lead bot. Thus, it gives a distinct edge you do not have with CallPage. The sales team is supported via live chat, email, co-browse, video calling, MS, chatbots, and screen share for improved engagements. 

With all communication touchpoints, and storing of customer’s profile is completed, it gives users the opportunity to optimize their sales approach by understanding customer’s behavior on the website. 

Lead generation features include
  • Offers activity dashboard, alerts, and escalation. 
  • Users have access control to grant permissions. 

Price: Estimated plan to start at $90 a month. 

Free trial: No

45. Tawk.to 

Best lead generation tool - Tawk.to

Tawk.to is similar to Drift and Intercom - a live chat tool. Easy to install and quick to use as a widget, it allows the users to set up a call or chat taking less than a minute and also monitor the progress of the chat. 

The easy integrations allow users to experience the tool at its maximum capacity and on par with other apps. Therefore, this free lead generator tool is suitable for small businesses who want a decent live chat experience with their users. 

Lead generation features include
  • Live chat functionality. 
  • Chat interface allowing to view 4 chats side by side.
  • Visitor typing preview. 

Price: Basic plan starts from $19 a month. 

Free trial: Yes 

Calendar scheduling tools 

Calendar scheduling tools

46. Calendly

Best lead generation tool - Calendly

Businesses have the chance to schedule meetings, sales calls, and more with Calendly. It is an ideal lead generation tool for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and sales teams. As the name suggests you can set the schedule that best suits your email marketing requirements. 

You can choose a qualified prospect and set the meetings and calls with them accordingly.  For a personalized feel, you can also add your email signature too. Add links in your emails for the web view or mobile view - all is possible with this user-friendly free lead generator. 

Lead generation features include
  • Efficient booking by syncing the calendar. 
  • Power of automation for follow-ups. 
  • Integrations with Stripe and PayPal for payments. 

Price: Basic pricing plan starts from $8 a month. 

Free trial: Yes

47. Limecall 

Best lead generation tool - Calendly

A callback tool, offering a personal one-on-one conversation with the potential leads turns them into qualified leads. Limecall enables a widget action offering free calls after every 30 seconds, and scheduling too. 

Lead generation features include
  • Call recording 
  • Call monitoring 
  • Prospecting tools and progress tracking

Price: The paid plan starts from $149 a month. 

Free trial: Yes 

48. Doodle

Best lead generation tool - Doodle

Schedule appointments, or meetings, whatever is the high priority task for you - use Doodle to get the best collaboration for updates and reminders under one roof. 

Similar to Calendly, it allows users to pre-select the best times for meetings within the organizer. Schedule meeting with multiple groups is easier with Doodle. As a cloud-based appointment scheduling platform its useful for both, small and large enterprises. 

Lead generation features include
  • Autodeifnes the guest time zones.  
  • Makes scheduling collaborative. 
  • Visual snapshots for the users. 

Price: The paid plan starts from $6.95 a month. 

Free trial: Yes

49. Appointy

Calender Scheduling Tool: Appointy

With Appointy, you can wave goodbye to coordinating your meetings & appointments over phone calls and emails. This software automates scheduling so you can save time and focus on qualifying, winning, and serving more leads, faster. Whether you are a small or large enterprise, Appointy helps you cut down on excess admin work and increase productivity.

You can manage and visualize all your meetings and events, in real-time, from a single, easy-to-view dashboard. Furthermore, you can also color-code appointment types to identify them at a glance, reschedule with a simple drag-and-drop, set reminders, block time, and do much more.

Lead generation features include

  • Automated scheduling with real-time calendar sync.
  • Integration with Square, Stripe, and PayPal for easy online transactions.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics options.
  • Inbuilt marketing tools to attract and retain customers.

Price: The paid plan starts from $19.99 a month.

Free trial: Yes

50. Clearout - LinkedIn Prospecting Tool

Clearout Prospecting tool is the leading solution for B2B prospecting on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It gives real-time and pre-verified contact information of the leads including email addresses and phone numbers. It allows you to build lead lists based on your ideal customer profiles from scratch and gives you full control over the lead generation process. It offers both a LinkedIn Chrome extension and in-app search functionality. This enables the users to identify potential leads at ease, whether they're on or off the LinkedIn platform.

Lead generation features include

Email finder (by domain and name)

Email verifier (instant and in-bulk)

In-App Search

LinkedIn Chrome Extension

Data Enrichment 

Price: Clearout offers 100 free credits. Paid plans start at $21.

Free trial: Yes

51. Ozonetel CX Platform

Ozonetel provides an invaluable tool for lead generation, ensuring prompt and personalized engagement with potential customers. With our system, reaching leads within 30 minutes becomes a reality, allowing you to prioritize high-value prospects. 

Ozonetel’s proprietary Conversational AI adds another layer of efficiency, enabling the automation of conversations tailored to your specific campaign needs. Additionally, Ozonetel addresses the critical challenge of lead leakage by employing advanced features like number masking, effectively preventing offline interactions between prospects and agents.

Lead Generation Features Include:

  •  Auto Dialers
  •  Number Masking
  •  Unified Dashboard
  •  Automated Callbacks
  •  Click to Call

Price: Custom Pricing, depends on customer requirements 

Free trial: Yes

52. Calday

Calday empowers businesses to streamline the scheduling of meetings, sales calls, and other important engagements. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and sales teams will find it to be an excellent lead generation tool, offering flexible scheduling options tailored to their email marketing strategies.

Identify high-potential prospects and effortlessly set up meetings and calls with them. To provide a personalized experience, you can embed your email signature and include convenient links for web and mobile views, ensuring a seamless user experience. Calday is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for simplifying scheduling while boosting your lead generation efforts.

Lead generation features include
  • Automated Reminders
  • Time Zone Detection
  • Calendar Sync
  • Custom Branding
  • Analytics and Reporting

Price: $0, also included Pro plan just for $12 per month.

Free trial: Yes, 7 days free trial

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A fitting lead-generating software can be a game-changer for your market. It's an easy process to increase traffic and gain more business revenues. When choosing among the various lead generation software, apply our suggestions to attract high-quality leads, and convert your business into a thriving lead sales company.  

Only the best lead generation tool can attract, nurture, and convert leads into customers. With the marketplace going through constant variations, your buyers are also facing regular changes.

You have to remain open-minded when you accept proposals that can help transform your business. With a suitable lead-generating process, you can achieve all that and flourish an active buying community.

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