9 Welcome Email Ideas To Use in 2022

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December 20, 2021

The main concern of a marketer is to let new subscribers know who you are and what you offer, and make them choose you over your competitors. The number of email users is increasing day by day and that’s not it. Do you know most people check their emails as much as 15 times a day? Yeah, that’s correct, 15 times a day.

Now you might think, do they even want to hear from you? Yes! Of course, they do. The people who signed up for your website expect a welcome email from you, they want to know if they made a good decision when choosing you. This introduction will let your subscribers know where you stand and why should they choose you. Even if you think that they might already know you, you should go ahead and introduce your brand to them.

Now let’s talk about what exactly this email is and how you are going to craft it.

Welcome Emails

A welcome email is a message that is sent after someone confirms having an interest in your brand/company. Basically, the purpose of this email is to register a new customer, like welcoming someone new to your family.

Welcome emails are not like other emails as this email will set the tone for how you do your business and what your customers should expect from you.

You can also let them know the number of subscribers you have, this would reaffirm their decision to join you. In a welcome email, you would make your customers feel safe by ensuring them that their personal details are safe with you.

How to Craft Welcome Emails

A welcome email should always start with a greeting and should sound genuine. It should express your gratitude towards the subscription of a new customer. You can start with a simple “Welcome!” or “Thank you for joining us!”.

You need to introduce yourself to the new customer. It is better to keep this information short and to the point. Give a brief introduction of what your company is about. Let them know and understand what they signed up for.

After the introduction, you need to add what your customers should expect from you, for instance, information about any upcoming discounts, promo codes, or about a new collection being launched. Keeping them in the loop will make them feel more welcome.

Next, you might want to ask your customer to add you to their contact list, only to make sure they get your emails in their inbox. Sometimes emails get stuck in the spam folder and if they have saved your contact, your emails will directly go to their inbox.

Lastly, you need to leave the conversation open. That means letting your subscribers know you will be sending them more informative emails, for instance, upcoming sales, etc. This will keep them alert for your emails and they are going to look forward to what’s next.

To get a deeper idea of how to craft a welcome email, you can refer to our article “Your Monster Welcome Email Guide: Tips, Examples, and How-tos

9 ideas to use in your welcome email

Here are some of the ideas to build trust and turn your subscribers into permanent customers.

Do not go hard on promotions

Your welcome emails should not be promotional all the time. You need to give some emotional touch to them. Create an emotional and welcoming message for your audience.

Choose a beautiful design and try to pay attention to every detail. Your welcome email needs to be as close to your brand as possible. It should resemble what your brand portrays so that your customers get used to the tone of your brand. You can propose a house warming message and offer some discount to the new customers so they feel welcomed.

Why this idea works :

  • It reflects the brand
  • Short and to the point email.

Personalize Your Message

Let’s talk about a welcome email that leaves an impression, a personalized welcome email. This email helps attract attention from new subscribers and builds trust. You need to make them feel a part of your family by adding a personal touch. You might want to use phrases like ‘Welcome to the family! or ‘Welcome to the crew!’ You can offer assistance in your subject lines as well. Begin with a phrase like “Not sure where to begin?”.

Why this template works :

  • It has a friendly tone.
  • Personalized email using subscriber’s name.
  • Guides them regarding what to do next.

Tell Your Story

In the “story-infused” welcome email, use stories that are a part of everyone’s life and a means of sharing information. Now if you tell your company’s story in the first email, it would make your audience understand you and your vision, paving the way for a deeper connection.

Relatability is what sells these days. People don't want to feel alien to things rather they want to feel included. That is exactly what you will do by telling your story.

Using emotional language and providing an instant solution will leave a mark on your subscribers and they will cherish it.

Why this idea works :

  • It has an emotional tone that connects people with the brand.
  • Provides solutions to user’s pain points.
  • The story keeps the email interesting

Use a Good Old Discount Tactic

Who doesn’t love saving money right?

Giving a discount is a very successful way of engaging new subscribers to your email.

Having a 10% or 20% discount on their first purchase would pursue them to buy more from you. Also, you could always add a “Hello friend!” or “Here’s your 10% off discount code, Enjoy!”.

The discount code actually works like a magnet to attract customers, and it benefits both them and your business. Customers get their desired product at a lower price and the business gets to make more sales.

Why this idea works :

  • It has a positive friendly tone.
  • A discount code grabs more customers.

Keep it Simple

A plain text email can always work! It looks like it was sent from a personal account, not an auto-generated email platform. Add a special offer like free goodies to make your welcome email look special to your audience.

Why this idea works

  • A special offer is mentioned.
  • Email sent from a personal account grabs attention.

It’s Time for Some Promises

The “company promise” welcome email works wonders if used properly. There’s no better way of getting a response from your audience than making a promise to them. You need to explain your vision to them and then present the company’s promise. The purpose of writing down your company promise and sending it to your audience is to make them familiar with what your company is all about. Make them understand what you value. No doubt this would leave a great impression on the target audience.

Just remember, make promises that you can fulfill.

Why this idea works

  • It has a friendly tone
  • Subscribers are looking forward to something
  • Makes the subscriber feel hopeful

Send out letters

Everyone loves the feeling of receiving a letter. So why not send your audience a beautiful welcome letter?

Sending a welcome email letter to your subscribers would bring a positive response with a sense of personal touch. The addition of a sender’s signature makes the letter more unique. The new subscribers will feel welcomed and included. An amazing touch would be to add the name of your subscriber at the start like “Hey Emma” and end it with words like “Team XYZ”.

To make yourself more approachable, add contact options in the end.

Why this idea works

  • Friendly tone
  • Contact options are available

Offer Help

Ever thought about giving your new subscribers some instant tips in your welcome email? It can work wonders both for you and your audience.

Letting your new members know what they should do next is a sweet gesture. A lot of customers have questions about your product but you’ve got them covered! If your company is some sort of a service app, these tips will be like a starter pack for what is ahead for your customers/subscribers.

End your mail with a diversion phrase, for example, “ Were these helpful? go to our website/app for more!”

Why this idea works

  • A great welcome gesture
  • Simple tips to help the users.

Keep it Short and Fun

The welcome email doesn’t always have to be a lengthy one. All you have to do is deliver the message in a compelling way, add a discount code, put some fun animation, and just send it. Add some gifs if you want to make it interesting. People don't really like formal emails these days and adding a gif can lighten the mood.

Why this idea works

  • Discount code available
  • Fun and engaging elements
  • Simple and to the point email


We’d like to stress the importance of a welcome email. This is the point where you’re starting to build your brand’s identity and reputation. You can not afford to lose perspective by ignoring those raise hands that opted you. You have the opportunity - make the best of it.

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