31 Brilliant Thank You Email Examples for 2024

Summra Ahmad
Summra Ahmad

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May 21, 2024

Did you know that thank you emails are among the most open emails? A thank you email is like a welcome mat. You expect to receive one in your inbox after you subscribe to a newsletter or a new page. However, this is where you begin the first interaction with your target audience.

As an email marketer, you’d want to deliver the desired message to the target audience as quickly as possible, right? So, when it comes to writing a thank you email, you, as an email marketer, have a whole creative canvas to yourself!

But first, It’s time you explore in detail what are thank you emails,  tips to write meaningful thank you emails, and their types. Time to dive in! 

What is a thank you email?

When you interact with a customer for the first time or conduct your first successful meeting with team members, you may feel the need to give them a quick response by saying thank you. 

So the next step would be to send a thank you note showing appreciation.

Sending a thank you email after an initial interaction for a job interview, hiring a new manager, or just giving a timely response is possible to accomplish. Whatever the objective might be, every industry can benefit promptly with an email that acknowledges every action taken.  

A thank you email is a clear example of your professional etiquette to maintain a positive relationship with your colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders. Moving forward, it may also help advance your career, create goodwill for the company name, and grow the email list

Welcome emails are an integral part of email marketing that is highly beneficial for the brands to lay a strong foundation with their customers too.

And let’s not forget a thank you note can inspire the recipient, making them feel confident in purchasing from you. 

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Types of thank you emails you didn’t notice before! 

When done building an email list, writing an email requires all of your attention. There are more than just a couple of thank you emails you can send to your email list. We have divided the thank you emails into four major categories. 

  • Business thank you note samples
  • Interview thank-you note samples
  • Appreciation thank you note sample
  • Thank you email for customers

Below are thank you email marketing templates to help you better understand the right format for thank you emails you can use. 

1. Thank you email for business

Sending an email can sometimes be too direct, which can upset the reader or cause any offense. It is crucial to say a polite thank you for your business matters. 

1.1. Thank you email to a client 

A thank you email to clients is often underestimated. Consider taking your time to thank your client for sharing information with other prospects. You’ll be both glad you did it. 

Take a look at the example below. 

Subject line: Thank you for the referral.

Dear Janine,

Thank you for referring (company name) to the (prospect client/business name) for the renovation. We are so excited to have the opportunity to bring forth our services to restore the original glory of the Victorian house for your friend.

We’d like to give you a 15% off on your next project to show our gratitude. We’d be happy to renovate your backyard patio whenever you are ready.

Warm wishes to your family.


Sarah Burroughs

1.2. Thank you email after meeting 

Had a conference meeting gone well? That’s great! Now is the perfect time to send a thank you email to the participants to let them know the importance of their assistance and presence in the meeting. A small dose of professional appreciation are always worth it. 

Subject line: The meeting was great!

Hi John,

I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me today at the orientation with new clients. I loved your presentation and the creativity.

It means a lot to me that you put hard work into it and did your homework. During the meeting, you gave some great ideas about the (subject of the session). Let’s have a brief discussion on how to implement those ideas.

Keep up the excellent work.


Sarah Burroughs

2. Thank you email for interview

Being professional demands that you send a polite thank you email about the interview. It helps represent the job seeker and the hiring manager as responsible individuals. 

2.1. When the interview is set up

Mention your name, position, and re-mention your desire for the designation and qualifications in this email. Feel free to mention specific details like “enjoying the discussion during the phone interview.” Express your gratitude for the opportunity. 

Take a look at one example down below. 

Subject line: Thank you for meeting with me

Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to conduct an interview. Our conversation about the team lead position was inspiring, and it was insightful to learn more about the role.

The job sounds more exciting than ever, and I think I would be an ideal candidate thanks to the master’s degree and relevant experience in the field.

Please feel free to contact me if you want. Thanks again for the opportunity.


Sarah Burroughs

2.2. When you are not granted a job  

It’s understandable if you are not enthusiastic about not getting the job. But a thank you note after a rejection can still help you build your network for future job opportunities. 

For instance.

Subject line: Project manager position

Dear Ms. Burroughs,

Thank you so much for taking the time to inform me that you have hired another candidate for the project manager position. While I am disappointed that I was not selected, I am still very grateful for the opportunity.

It was good to learn from your email that the chosen candidate had more years of experience under his belt, which is why I believe it was in the company’s best interest.

I hope that you’ll keep me in mind for future opportunities.

Best Regards,

Jane Doe

2.3. When there is no open position 

Conducting job interviews when there’s an open vacay is one thing, but more often than, it happens that companies receive open job applications randomly., When you get notified, as a professional, you should respond promptly. 

Subject line: Thank you for your interest in (company’s name)

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for sending an open job application to (company’s name).

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have any job vacancies that would match your skill set and profile. However, I will add you to our talent pool and notify you if there’s a good match.

Thank you for choosing us.

Best of luck,

Jane Doe

Senior Talent Acquisition

XYZ Company

2.4. Thank you email for showing interest in a company

As a hiring manager, you need to acknowledge that you have received the resume of a candidate, and send out an appropriate thank you email appreciating them for showing interest.

Subject line: Thank you for showing interest in XYZ

Hi Elizabeth,

We know you there are tons of companies out there, but we appreciate the time and effort you have put into applying for the position of [Position Name] at XYZ.

We will review your application and we will contact you if we find you a perfect match for the position.

In the meantime, you can checkout our socials for more information on XYZ. 

[Social Media links]

Thanks again for your interest in XYZ.


Samantha Jacobs

3. Thank you email for your appreciation

The ability to create and send a thank you email for appreciation has become increasingly valuable in the age of texting and instant messaging. Businesses and personal recipients alike appreciate the value of being addressed. 

3.1. Thank you email to boss 

It is appropriate to send a thank-you email to the boss when they give you a promotion, raise, or a bonus or did a personal favor. Writing a short thank you note is enough to express your appreciation. 

For instance.

Subject line: Thank you for promotion

Dear Sir,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for providing me with a bonus this month. I must say, it’s a happy surprise for me.

I feel motivated and appreciated for my dedication and efforts on the project were recognized. Thank you for the bonus right before the holiday. I shall put it to good use for the festivities.

I am grateful for this generosity. Thank you so much.


Sarah Burroughs

3.2. Thank you email to the employee 

Who doesn’t love a little appreciation now and then? It’s always a good idea to send a thank you note to employees individually to let them know their assistance is appreciated if they contributed significantly to the team, completed tasks way before the deadline, or if it’s their new job. 

For example.

Subject line: We appreciate your work

Hi Sarah,

I appreciate your help in getting the restaurant ready for the opening night.

You’ve been right there, helping wherever and whenever anyone needed help these past few months. Everything came together perfectly, and we are ready to rock n’ roll.

I’m looking forward to continuing working together.



3.3. Thank you email to your team 

Making deadlines meet is hard, so appreciating your team for achieving specific goals over the period will mean a lot to them. Needless to say that it sparks hope and confidence among the team members. 

For instance.

Subject line: We made it!

Hi Team!

Just to quickly let you all know that the project we worked on turned out to be one of the most successful. Each one of you put in a lot of dedication and effort, and I’d like to thank each one of you.

To show my appreciation, let’s plan a lunch this week. Warm regards!

Happiest Boss Alive,

Sarah Burroughs

3.4. Thank you email to a colleague 

A professional gesture such as an appreciation email thanking a colleague never goes unnoticed. Especially if your colleague is the unsung hero of the project or if you feel undervalued after helping a team member, a thank you email for appreciation will become a powerful tool to strengthen hope and work relationships. 

For instance.

Subject line: I appreciate your guidance

Hi Matt,

Thank you for helping me understand how to use CRM software. I appreciate you giving a detailed tutorial to help me complete the tasks faster.

Your willingness to help and train has me in awe and boosted my confidence. I’m grateful for your help.

Thank you very much.

Sarah Burroughs

3.5. Thank you email for a promotion

When you get promoted, it’s necessary to show your appreciation to your boss. Here’s how you can do it:

Subject line: Thank you for the recognition!

Hi Matthew,

I am writing this email to show my appreciation upon receiving a promotion from your company. It’s great to be recognized for my efforts and, moving forward, i will put be more putting more effort into my work, and helping the company achieve its goals.

Once again, I thank you for showing considerable faith in my abilities, and granting me this promotion.


Henry Mayhew

4. Thank you email for customers

Most businesses miss out on the opportunity to reach out to their users with follow-up messages expressing gratitude by saying a simple “thank you.” 

An automated thank you email is triggered based on users’ activities and interests. To help establish strong relationships with your customers, feel free to send them various thank you emails.

Take a look at thank you email examples for customers down below. 

4.1. Thank you for signing up email

Email marketers can send welcome emails in their sleep. But what about a thank you email to customers for signing up? Make sure you draft one or two. 

When someone subscribes to your product or service, they look for valuable information. This is why on Day 1, you should thank them for signing up. 

Thank you email for signing up by Final

4.2. Anniversary thank you email  

The purpose of thank you emails range from thanking someone to being a long-time customer or thanking them for being loyal to your product at the brand’s anniversary. Milestone celebrations via email have the desired effect on your regular customers. 

Take a look at the example below. 

Anniversary thank you email by theSkimm

4.3. Thank you for placing your order email

One of the most used and automated emails is about placing an order or thank you for shopping with us. As a customer makes a purchase, they expect to receive an order email immediately. These thank you letters are a must for email marketing campaigns.

Customized order placement thank you email

4.4. Thank you email for special days

There are 365 days in a  year - out of which there are some days that are more special than any other day. Special days require celebrations and acknowledgments, especially for the most contributing members of society. Depending on your brand’s personality, you may want to send a thank you email for such special occasions. 

Take a look here. 

Special day thank you email to celebrate Father’s Day

4.5. Thank you email for becoming a member 

What if a user requests access to the product or gated content? It’s the perfect occasion to send a thank you note to express your gratitude for their joining and allowing them to do so. This type of email has excellent potential to create customer satisfaction. 

Thank you note for becoming a member

4.6. Thank you for attending our event email 

Your business may hold or be part of certain events, like webinars, occasionally. It’s an ideal opportunity to reach out to the attendees and thank them for attending the event and their assistance. Feel free to say thank you on the same day after completing the event. 

Thank you for attending our event

4.7. Thank you for sharing our content email 

Creating content is a big deal when followers across different channels constantly share it. 

Feel free to write thank you emails to your customers for sharing your social media posts, eBooks, etc., that help boost the click-through rate

You need to focus on the fact that the CTA button is the final draw that makes the customer click on it. It’s your golden opportunity to highlight the sharing option to your email list. Such subscribers hold on to the information provided in the thank you email. 

A thank you email triggers the automation that helps you keep track of the users sharing content and reward them handsomely. 

Subject line:John, we thank you!

Hi John,

Thank you for sharing our eBook with your friends. It has helped us in getting new prospects, and for that, we could not be more thank full.

However, to show our gratitude, we have given you 50% off on your next purchase.

We hope that you continue to share the content we produce with your friends and family and help us to grow in the future.

Kind regards,

Josiah McDonald

4.8. Thank you email for a referral 

Never underestimate the power of good word of mouth or, in this case, an email. Thank you emails turn out to be a cost-effective strategy for email marketing campaigns. Why not track the customers who referred your product to their friends and then send a sweet thank you email?

A referral thank you email

4.9. Thank you email for support 

Did you ever be thankful for the support and trust a customer showed in your brand? Some customers turn out to be more memorable than ever. A thank you email for support telltales how much you appreciate your customers for their valuable contribution even during a crisis like COVID. 

A business cannot continue to grow without loyal customers. Feel free to contribute with a thank you note as a gesture of appreciation by giving a humble discount or a voucher.

Subject line:We appreciate your loyalty!

Hi Robert,

We are emailing you to tell you that, for the past year, you have been a loyal customer of XYZ. So, as an appreciative gesture, we are providing you with a loyalty voucher of $1000 that you can claim till the 1st of August.

We hope that you will continue to choose and help us grow more.

Kind regards,

Tabatha Smith

4.10. Thank you for your feedback email

Nothing is more important to a company than its customer’s feedback. It’s a valuable contribution from them expressing their experience with your product or service. Customer feedback is vital for business evolution, so make the most out of this occasion. 

Take a look at a thank you feedback email below. 

Feedback thank you email by Farm Burger

4.11. Thank you message for opening our email

There are subscribers in your email list who, no matter what, ALWAYS open your email and engage with the content.

So to, keep encouraging your email subscribers is to let them know how much you value their reading your email, set up a loyalty sequence email. This type of sequence is automation that helps figure out the specific action taken by the recipient. In this case, it’s about the open email rate

So once the user reaches a specific mark (like 15 emails in 30 days), you can send them a thank you email showing appreciation. 

Subject line: I see you like us!

Hi Sarah,

It has come to our attention that you have opened 15 of our emails in the last 30 days. It means you like hearing from us. Hurray!

Keep supporting us by becoming a member of our exclusive member's club, a subscription for which starts at just $5.99.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Graham

4.12. Thank you for your frequent visits email

Did you just notice a visitor checking out specific categories on your website frequently? It’s time to take advantage of this situation by setting up an automation to reward the frequent visitors with a special discount offer. 

Your chance of conversions is guaranteed to amplify with such emails, and your open rates will grow sooner uninterrupted. 

Thank you note for visiting the shop

4.13. Thank you for choosing us email

If you think you do not need an email thanking customers for choosing your brand, then you are sadly mistaken. 

In every industry, a plethora of services and products are available that can give your reasons to cry. Saying thank you for choosing us establishes a strong relationship with your buyer. They feel confident in placing an order from your brand. Thus, this email is why a customer builds trust in you and shows the customer they made the right choice choosing you. 

Choosing us thank you email by FireSafe

4.14. Thank you for booking with us email

Thank you emails to customers are most commonly used by the busiest service providers worldwide. Air companies are at the top of the list for bookings, and let’s not forget about the hotel or a restaurant booking at festivities. Such companies dig the booking emails. 

For instance. 

Booking with us thank you note

4.15. Thank you email for payment 

Imagine you paid for a business plan online but not receiving a confirmation email. It’s more horrific than The Nightmare on Elm Street! But an hour later, you receive the confirmation email. Whew! 

A payment confirmation email is a standard way to inform your customer about a successful purchase. This is why you must elevate your game by thanking your customer, especially if the email gets delayed due to technical glitches. 

Payment thank you email for a successful purchase

4.16. Thank you email for downloading content

Thank you note that downloading is one of the best forms of interaction with your customer that doesn’t go unnoticed.

You can keep track of the downloads to send out an exclusive offer or share new premium content customers can access even offline. Think about the conversation rate!

Downloading eBook thank you email

4.17. Thank you email for masked cart abandonment 

A major drawback of running an eCommerce store is that it doesn’t feel like being there in person. 

A customer who doesn’t ditch the shopping cart deserves praise. Thank the customer and website visitors for filling the shopping cart by sending a thank you for swinging by a note that ultimately is the nudge they need to make the final purchase. 

Don’t forget to add a personal touch for the user. 

Thank you email for masked cart abandonment

4.18. Thank you for contacting us email

An email is a game-changer if you know which type of email to send. How come? Suppose a customer downloads a form or sends an email inquiring about the product availability or even how to use the product. In that case, it gives you the chance to be ultra-creative for writing thank you note for contacting us. 

Of course, this email will contain valuable contributions for social media share buttons that increase the potential to reach the untapped market. So why not help your business build an email list longer than ever?

Subject line: Thank you for getting in touch

Dear Ashely,

Thank you for contacting us. We received your email inquiring about the availability of ABC. We are pleased to inform you that it is indeed available, and if you buy it today, you can get an additional discount of 10%.

Kind Regards,

Tom Collins

4.19. Thank you for registering for the giveaways email

Thinking of creating lead generation through email marketing?. So why experiment with a perfect giveaway announcement? Get to interact with customers and promote brand awareness with a thank you email after the subscriber enters a giveaway.

Thank you email for a giveaway

4.20. Thank you for the information email

So someone shared a piece of information you’d asked for and took the time to find it and sent it to you. The polite thing is to send a short thank-you note using words like “about’ or “regarding” to the specific information. 

Subject line: Thank you for letting us know

Hi Albert,

We received your email regarding our query about the availability of spaces for our shoot next month. Based on the information you provided, we were able to secure a space.

We thank you for your timely response, and, as an appreciative gesture, we are providing you 25% off on all of our content.

Avail of this offer before the end of the month, and support us so that we can continue to make high-quality content.


George Matthews

4.21. Thank you for raising concerns email

Let’s say your project manager voiced some concerns about your work, and you can still thank them with a positive note. It shows that you value their input. The same goes for your customer. A customer may have to say something about the product or service if not satisfied for genuine reasons. 

Raising concern thank you email

So writing a thank you email lets them know you value their concern instead of dismissing them. 

4.22. Thank you email for timely response 

It might be hard to respond to every email sent by the customer right away, right? 37% of the email responses get delayed for a couple of reasons like you are away, or it’s a holiday.

Don’t worry. You are not alone in this. However, people always appreciate prompt responses. It makes them feel confident, springs up hope of being listened to, and of course, it’s all about appreciation. 

A good timely response thank you email

Your recipient will appreciate a timely response email to their query. Take a look at the automated generated response if you cannot reach your customer right away. 

Best words and phrases to say in thank you email

So if you are thinking of writing an email, ideally the gratitude is addressed to a single recipient. It’s always better to say thank you to each person individually as discussed. There are many ways to say thank you or show much-needed appreciation before the conversation begins. 

Take a look at some of the best words and phrases you can use to write in an email marketing templates

Infographic: Best words and phrases to say in a thank you email

Pick any one of these words, or feel free to be more creative with the “thank you’s” all together. 

How do you write a perfect thank you email? 

Every email is unique. Sending a thank you email is not as simple as it may sound. After all, how difficult can it  be to write a thank you letter to the person you just interacted with, right? 

Well, it’s more complicated than you can imagine. 

Infographic: How do you write a perfect thank you email?

When you feel like you may lose your visitor or a prospective job, it’s easy to overthink and ruin the minor details from subject lines to sign-off. 

So if you want to press the send button with utter confidence, follow these tips to write a perfect thank you email. 

1. Use a clear subject line 

A subject line is a key to your email that makes or breaks the chance to improve the open email rate. It’s better to resist the urge to sound clever and witty when writing a subject line.

A simple subject line works the best. The email subject line should convey the message. Consider including the recipient’s name, giving the subject line a personal touch. 

A few examples of effective subject lines for your reference: 

  • Thank you for your time (name)
  • Thank you for (give a reason for sending the email) 
  • Grateful for your (reason to send the email)
  • Thank you (name) for meeting with me etc. 

2. Acknowledge the recipient 

After the subject line, you need to acknowledge the email recipient. For instance, a formal email to the hiring manager must include a proper greeting like “Dear,” “Mr.” or “Ms.”

If you are familiar with the recipient already, feel free to address by their first name. If writing an informal email, be more creative in greeting. For instance, informal greetings can be; 

  • Hi 
  • Hello 
  • Good morning 
  • Good evening etc. 

3. Express gratitude 

Email length can vary depending on the purpose. It’s preferred to limit the size of the email to three brief paragraphs. So start your email with the expression of deepest thanks. Showing gratitude in the opening describes what the recipient did for you to be thankful for. 

Mention the specific detail(s) that revolve the message around that very reason. For instance, you can send a thank you email to your customer to sign up. Keep the tone professional but polite along with the genuine sentiment. 

4. Consider the format

 A laptop, tablet, or mobile phone are the most common devices to check emails right away. While drafting a quality thank you email, use easy-to-read fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. 

Use a clear font size too. To emphasize a specific term or offer, bold the phrases. The right format helps increase the readability of your email. 

5. Be concise

Take a look at the sample if you are unsure how long or short your email should be. Usually, it is preferred to be concise with your message. A long email is a deadbeat, and the reader will lose interest in long paragraphs. 

For instance, after a phone interview, the desired thank you email (on average) should consist of 85 - 150 words. Whether you are a job seeker or hiring manager, writing a thank you note can leave a great impression. 

6. Close your email 

Concluding your email is as crucial as the opening. Its recommended to sign off with a positive impression on your recipient. In the case of a formal email, you can use a professional email signature, just like we discussed earlier. If writing a casual thank you email, use your first name, too. 

For instance, you can add these words in the closing statement. 

  • Sincerely
  • Thank you 
  • Thanks again 
  • Kind regards etc. 

7. Share contact information 

Any email is incomplete without the contact information. However, it also depends on the situation to include the contact information. The recipient already has your email address. 

For a professional, personalized thank you email, develop a signature that includes the phone number, place of business, and job title. It is unnecessary when emailing colleagues, but this contact information will help create new connections, such as hiring managers. 

8. Proofread

After completing the final mail draft, it’s time to review it. Take a thorough look at the written message for the target recipient. Make sure there aren’t any spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or any other typo.

An error-free thank you letter represents your strong communication skills and helps maintain professionalism. You can even use tools like Grammarly to reduce errors. 

When to send a thank you email?

On several occasions, you may feel the need to send a quick email. You can send several types of emails to a customer, but a thank you email suggests that you value them (since writing even a short email is time-consuming). 

So you can write a thank you email to your online customers since you don’t meet them in person or to the remote employees. You can also send a follow-up thank you email if you meet with the recipient in person. It emphasizes valuable contributions in the shape of gratitude and gives the chance to discuss them with email recipients in detail. 

Some scenarios to write a thank you letter can include; 

  • Sending a thank you not on task completion 
  • Sending a thank you note for a gift 
  • Sending a thank-you note after a job interview 
  • Sending a thank-you note for professional advice and so on. 

When it comes to sending thank you emails, don’t delay. Send it within 24 hours after your first interaction with the recipient with a catchy subject line. The key to becoming a strong communicator is to follow up every step of the way. It goes both ways, for the individual and the company as well.

For instance, if interviewed for a new job, you can send a prompt response that very afternoon. If you send a thank-you note any later, the hiring manager will react differently to your email, thinking you are slow to respond. 


The thank you email examples will help you out to write exemplary thank you letters to your customers, employees, boss, colleagues, or even a business partner.

The best part is that you can use email marketing software for bulk email marketing to create standalone emails and customize them with a plethora of creative email marketing templates that best meet your needs for the day. Your thank you note will set the tone with the recipient. If you follow the examples above, you will have a great letter to help you stand out and achieve your goals. 

FAQs - Thank You Email

What should be the subject for thank you email?

  1. Thanks for reaching out!
  2. You’re more than welcome!
  3. Appreciate you connecting with us
  4. Hi, Thanks for signing up!
  5. Your sign up just made our day!
  6. Thanks for the opportunity!
  7. We are grateful for your contribution!
  8. Thanks for joining the gang!

How do you say thank you in an email professionally?

  1. Thank you for your time
  2. Appreciate the heads up
  3. We are most grateful for your contribution
  4. I sincerely appreciate the assistance
  5. I appreciate you taking the time out for this
  6. Thank you for your reply
  7. Thank you for connecting with me

Do thank you emails matter?

Yes. Thank you emails do matter because they show the recipient that you took the time to read their email and appreciate what they had to say.

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