Confirmation Email: 9+ WAYS to Use Them to Make More Money [2022]

Martin Zhel
Martin Zhel

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January 12, 2022

Confirmation emails are among the most important emails that your customers expect.

When someone buys from you, that is the way to let him know his order has been processed and he will receive his product or service.

Confirmation emails are also among the most opened emails. The average opening rate is about 114 percent.

(The number is correct – most people open these emails more than once).

Since people read these emails so much, why not use this as an opportunity to make more sales? You know what they say – it is six times easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one.

In this post, we’re going to cover 10 smart ways to use confirmation emails to make more money for your business.

Monetize on referrals

One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising, says motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn.

That way, when people are happy with your service, they will be more likely to recommend your products to others.

In fact, 83 percent of consumers are willing to refer after a positive experience, even if only 29 percent do.

At the same time, people are four times more likely to buy when referred from a friend. In fact, it is estimated that around 65 percent of new business comes from referrals.

You can easily get new customers to make referrals straight from your confirmation emails. All you have to do is offer them some kind of reward in exchange.

Airbnb has been monetizing from referral programs by offering cash credits in their confirmation emails.

airbnb referral confirmation email

You get $35 when you refer a friend and he travels with Airbnb, and 65$ when they host. You can use this money to book apartments in the future.

Referrals drive 900 percent year-to-year growth for first-time bookings, which is not true for other channels.

Encourage customers to share on social

Forty percent of millennials are “somewhat likely” to make a purchase based on a friend’s recommendation on social media.

This means that if you get more people to share your products with their friends, you will likely make a lot more sales.

And who better to share your products with than your newest customers?

Encouraging them to do that in the confirmation email is the best time to do so, because they are just happy with your purchase and they’d love to brag about it to their friends.

Unfortunately, only 3 percent of major UK retailers encourage customers to share their purchases. So just by asking, you will be way ahead of the competition.

Amazon asks customers to share what they bought as soon as a transaction is completed:

amazon purchase

Use it as an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell

As we mentioned before in our blog post 14 Smart Ways to Upsell Your Customers, people are far more likely to accept your upsell offer if you do it after the purchase.

So upselling and cross-selling in your confirmation email is your best way to increase your sales.

Dollar Shave Club is doing an incredible job with that.

dollar shave club upsell order confirmation email

In their confirmation email, they tell you at what date your next box will ship. Then they ask you if you want to add more products to your order.

By having that time after order and before shipping, they give their customers a chance to think “Hey, I want something else as well.”

When upselling in a confirmation email, make sure that your upsells are not the first thing your customer sees.

Upsell and cross-sell only highly relevant products, and don’t offer way too many options. Keep them at no more than five.

Reward customers for loyalty (encourage them to purchase again)

A sad fact is that only 32 percent of customers come back and buy again in the first year.

At the same time, it is six times easier to sell to an existing customer. So you should do your best to make sure people come back and buy from you again.

A study shows that customer satisfaction is not enough to drive repeat purchases.

That’s why your best bet is to reward customers on their first purchase with a discount for their next order. That way they will be more likely to return.

You can easily offer people 10 percent to 30 percent off.

This is how GoDaddy rewards you in their confirmation email:

godaddy upsell order confirmation email

If you want to make the discount code a limited-time offer, give them a higher percentage – like 50-60 percent.

The fear of losing will convert more customers.

Add relevant links and contact information to answer questions

Sixty-eight percent of customers say they leave because they are dissatisfied with a service.

This means that the best way to bring them back is to provide them with exceptional customer service.

You must be really good at understanding the needs and the problems people might have when buying from you.

They will definitely have questions after the purchase, so they must know how to contact you.

Be sure to include your contact information in the confirmation email to make it easier for your customers.

Airbnb is doing anamazing job here by listing the phone number of your host, as well as allowing you to send him a message.

airbnb contact host

They also have links to their customer support page where you can send a message to their help center.

airbnb customer support

After customers contact you enough, you will know what their most common questions, concerns and problems are.

Then you can prepare a special FAQ page and link to it from your confirmation email.

You can even create a mini version of your FAQ right in your confirmation email to help customers better.

FAQ questions email

Additionally, you can also link to your return and exchange policy. That way you will save them the time to search for it when they need it.

Things happen with your products – maybe your customers didn’t order the right size shoes or the product isn’t what they thought it would be.

So they must know how they can return it or change it.

Make your confirmation emails mobile friendly

With 39.2 percent of emails being opened on mobile, you don’t have a choice but to make your emails mobile-friendly.

The first thing to keep in mind is to use a shorter subject line length. While desktop clients can display up to 60 characters on mobile, the subject line length is limited to 25-30 characters.

Be sure to use a pre-header text to provide additional information about the email you have sent.

You can see how it looks on iPhone 6 using Gmail as an email client.

preheader text on mobile

The preheader length is different depending on email clients and device, so experiment with this to get the best results.

With both the subject line and preheader, you must make it clear to your customers that this is the confirmation email for their order.

Keep your copy short and concise. Be sure to format the content of the email to make it easily scannable.

Don’t forget that the screen size of a mobile device is much smaller, so not so many elements can be displayed.

It’s good if you can use larger fonts to make it easier to read.

Remember that not all images are displayed by default in mobile devices. So be sure to prepare a “no images” experience.

In other words, your customers must be able to read and understand your email even if the images are not visible.

Optimize your inbox view

The first thing is to be sure your confirmation emails have been delivered in the inbox of your customers.

We talked a bit about this in our blog post Why People Open Emails (Backed by Research).

Both gateway and spam filters can stop your emails from getting in the inbox.

When emails are blocked by gateways, they don’t even reach the spam folders.

If the email passes through the gateway, it will be additionally checked by the spam filters.

They will check the reputation of the sender, subscriber engagement, and content to determine if your email should go in the inbox.

You can use tools such as GlockApps to check if your emails are being delivered for all major mail clients and in what folder.

This will help you a lot when it comes to optimizing your deliverability rates, as you will manage to spot problems and remove them.

Don’t forget that, for Gmail, your emails can also land in the promotional tab.

Check out the blog post How I Got Out Of Gmail’s “Promotions Tab Jail” to learn how to optimize your emails for Gmail.

Send your confirmation emails immediately after purchase

This might sound silly, but people want to see confirmation emails in their inbox immediately after they made a purchase.

That way they know their order was successful and their products will be shipped and delivered.

A delay in a confirmation email will make them suspicious. The last thing you want is for people to not trust you.

So make sure you automate this process with the right technology.

Use confirmation emails to generate more reviews for your products

Ninety percent of customers read reviews about a company before buying from it, and 88 percent of them trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Seventy-two percent say that positive reviews make them trust a brand much more.

Not only are that, but 31 percent are likely to spend more money when a business has excellent reviews.

These stats point out how important customer reviews are for your company. But the biggest problem for most businesses is how to generate more of them.

A great option is to use confirmation emails to increase the number of reviews you get.

The timing is what matters here. Ask for a review as soon as the customer has a positive experience from buying from you.

This is why using the confirmation email is such a good idea. The experience of buying from you is still fresh; people will be more likely to leave a review if you ask them.

Be sure to use words like “Thank you” to show your appreciation to your customer. That way, he will be more likely to leave a review.

Don’t forget to use images to draw attention to your call-to-action.

For example: DSW sends an email with a great, attention-grabbing image that resonates with their audience.

dsw order confirmation email reviews

(Customer journey doesn’t end when they click the purchase button)

Test your confirmation emails before sending

Confirmation emails are the ones that we often set up and forget about.

Be sure that you occasionally check and test them.

You must be sure that they are displayed correctly in all major browsers on all major devices. The last thing you want is to have broken links and unreadable confirmation emails.

You must also be sure that the confirmation emails are actually sent after a purchase.

In conclusion:

Don’t forget that the main purpose of your confirmation email is to confirm the order of your customer.

This should be the main focus. Everything else, such as asking for referrals, reviews, social shares, upsells and cross-sells, should come second.

Don’t overdo things either. Focus on several strategies in your confirmation emails. Test and see what works better for your business.

Trying too hard might turn off your customer; your goal should be to keep him in the long run.

Remember that you can also send follow-up emails, so don’t put everything in the confirmation email alone.

Do you currently monetize on confirmation emails? How do you use them to make more money for your business?

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