What is a Shipping Email? 12 Best Practices To Write It In 2024

Ammar Mazhar
Ammar Mazhar

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April 25, 2024

Imagine a customer who was looking to buy a product visiting your website. They see the product exactly when they want to buy it. Congratulations! You have landed your first customer. 

After going through the product review with an excellent score, they entered the phase of the checkout process. But uh-oh. 

How will a buyer confirm their order? That’s when a shipping email saves the day by shaping the user experience post-order. 

A lack of a shipping confirmation can have a devastating effect on your sales. Confirmation emails are not to be confused with receipt emails. These are the transactional emails that showcase the details of the order. But what is the exact use of a shipping confirmation email? Is it the same as the order confirmation email, or is it different? 

This blog will cater to all queries related to shipping confirmation emails, tips, and best examples. 

What is a shipping email?

A shipping confirmation email is sent to a customer by a company, either online or offline, to confirm that the order has been shipped or delivered. It reinforces the brand’s reliability, thus improving the potential cross- and up-selling opportunity. 

The shipping email should contain at least the following:

Why sending a shipping confirmation email important?

Sending a shipping confirmation email is an essential step in the customer journey. It keeps the customer updated on the progress of their order and helps build customer loyalty. It’s essential to deliver the message to the right customer. But there are other reasons for sending shipping confirmation emails.

Infographic: Why sending a shipping confirmation email is important ?
  • Consistency of your domain - It is efficient for delivery purposes. For instance, using the email @mailmunch.com - all the time ensures that the shipping email (or any other email) being sent is safe and from the company itself. 
  • Builds and improves reputation - Any shipping email is anticipated with high open rates. It is excellent to maintain a strong reputation.
  • Achieve brand consistency - All shipping emails sent to the customer are consistently branded with the same information, like adding tracking links. 
  • Easy to update email - Any email address or logo change can be easily updated on the shipping email effortlessly using the Mailmunch drag-and-drop builder. 

What is the difference between order and shipping confirmation emails?

Customers often confuse order confirmation emails with shipping confirmation emails. Both are transactional emails. However, an order confirmation is sent before a shipping confirmation email in the customer's journey. 

Order confirmation emails indicate that the order is successfully confirmed, indicating to customers that they will receive their order soon. 

Shipping confirmation emails tell that online store owners have sent the ordered items. 

12 Tips for writing the best shipping confirmation email

Infographic: 12 Tips for writing the best shipping confrmation email

1. Notify the customer of the shipping

One tactic is to provide details on the item a customer has ordered when their order is being shipped to them. All that is required is instruction on how to use the products. It may also be about the product ingredients you think your customers will find interesting.

2. Thank the customer

You can either send a thank you email saying “thank you for choosing us” or simply thank the customer and confirm their order details. Expressing gratitude at the start of the email is a win-win.

Let your clients know how much you value them. Simple words like thank you or “have a great shopping experience with us” go a long way. It helps manage the brand voice too. 

3. Provide and personalize the order details

Whatever products are ordered, add their details to the shipping confirmation email. One way to optimize these emails is to include important product information. Start with a personalized greeting and a precise message body that explains how to best use the product. Make it sound like this product was custom-built just for them. At this point, cross-selling is an excellent tactic too to retain customers. 

4. Recommend additional products

You can accomplish many goals with only one action by shipping confirmation emails. Although shipping confirmation is the primary goal, you can make the most of these emails to boost future sales. 

In your email, you can also suggest a helpful product, especially if it complements something they've recently bought. One of the great tactics of shipping confirmation emails is to cross-sell things.

5. Include links to your customer support

Consumers will have inquiries about delivery procedures or other items in your store. You must be approachable to give your clients the most satisfactory experience possible. You have the chance to let them know you are available to respond to their inquiries by letting them know you can be reached via the shipping confirmation email. Include your customer service hours, phone number e-business card, and email address as a proactive strategy to accomplish this.

6. Give an estimated delivery date

One element of a shipping email that thrills a consumer is the package's delivery date. To ease the customer's mind and avoiding WISMO, the email should highlight relevant information, like the tracking details, rather than having them wait and ask questions. Adding bold text to these facts could be another tactic to draw the reader's attention.

7. Promote your loyalty program

Consider mentioning your loyalty or rewards program in your shipment and delivery email if you have one.

People who recently purchased from you are eager to get their goods, so adding them to your program is a beautiful way to maintain momentum and foster customer retention.

Thanks to that excitement, you'll probably see strong conversion rates for your invitation.

8. Include tracking links

The most crucial part of a shipping confirmation email is the tracking link, which enables clients to watch the progress of their orders in real-time.

Tracking links not only reassure clients that their delivery is being delivered but also makes them feel eager.

Because everyone checks the status of their order daily, your customer may watch their new purchase arrive at their doorstep when you include a tracking link in your shipping email.

9. Make your emails mobile friendly

How does a push notification sound to you? Shipping emails induce customer loyalty. Period. But making a shipping email more mobile-friendly is another tactic to master. A mobile-friendly shipping confirmation email must include push notifications. It acts as a reminder that they are about to get an email dropped in their inbox. 

Besides, the email body should be supported by iOS and Android users both. Use elements that are not too heavy and 

10. Don’t forget to include social media

One effective strategy for increasing foot traffic to your store is to invite your consumers to join the online community.

For instance, links in your delivery confirmation emails can point customers to your social network pages so they can follow you there.

Additionally, you can request that they photograph the purchased items and tag you in them.

11. Use creative designs

Using graphic designing, you can illustrate various things in your emails. When adding tracking links, you can highlight the links with an upbeat and colorful graphical representation and design the delivery address with a more subtle choice. Illustrations are an excellent way to become creative with shipping confirmation emails. 

12. Organize your content by color

Even though shipping confirmation emails are frequently brief and to the point, you shouldn't compromise on your branding or tone. Consistently branding your emails is a crucial part of cementing your reputation in the eyes of your subscribers. 

Use a set confirmation email template that is colorful and sets precedence for the emails. Or you can use brand colors too in the background, banner, font color, and CTA. 

9 Examples of shipping emails

Since shipping confirmation emails are a type of transactional email, their open rate is higher, adding the opportunity to add value to the transaction. We have compiled some of the best examples of shipping confirmation emails to inspire you. 

1. Smiles D 

A simple thank you email confirming the order is what a customer would love to know about. You can add details about the product, order number, shipping delivery address, and total charges. Platforms delivering food services can best use it, displaying the image, price, and pick up and drop off location. Take a look at the image below. 

Examples of shipping emails: Smiles D

2. oVertone

A shipping confirmation email can also include details about the exchange and returns policy by adding a quick note. You can do so in a quirky way, just as oVertone did at the bottom of their email. 

Examples of shipping emails: oVertone

3. Goat Story

A simple confirmation order with a personalized greeting is what a customer is looking forward to hearing. Goat Story kept their cool with it, alongside adding a CTA for tracking. 

Examples of shipping emails: Goat Story

4. Chewy 

Primarily, the use of colors in the shipping confirmation email is based on the logo color, focusing on the branding with the standard shipping details. 

Examples of shipping emails: Chewy

5. Trucky 

Keeping true to its branding, the shipping confirmation email by Trucky is smartly represented with the colored illustration. In contrast, at the bottom of the email, you can also see recommendations for new products. 

Examples of shipping email: Trucky

6. Tobi 

Tobi uses a detailed minimalistic design for their shipping confirmation email to confirm that they received the order. They also added the details about the estimated delivery time with the order date and name. Plus, two CTAs are given at the bottom of the email, giving customers a choice to remain updated about the shipment.

Examples of shipping email: Tobi

7. Shine 

The simple shipping confirmation email shows the banner with the brand logo and order number. The message is broad and clear, with a title and a description telling customers about the order status. The CTA reveals the order details, while the other hyperlink will land the customer on the website. 

Examples of shipping email: Shine

8. Allbirds 

What we love about this email is the order confirmation and the fact that it states that the order is yet to be shipped. 

Examples of shipping emails: Allbirds

9. Fitbit 

The colorful approach with this shipping confirmation email is groovy. The product display and the catchy message are easy to relate to. Shipment details are shared under the banner, while a tracking link is shared. 

Examples of shipping email: Fitbit

11 Shipping confirmation email templates

Now that you have seen some of the best shipping confirmation email examples, it's time to open your mind to creating unique email templates. The list below will help you brainstorm an effective and optimized shipping email template. 

1. How product works 

Shipping email templates: How product works

This template by Ipsy represents an appealing template for its target audience, confirming the shipment and a catchy CTA telling you how to best use the ordered products. 

2. Basic confirmation email 

Shipping email templates: basic confirmation email

A simple-to-follow shipment confirmation email states the important shipping details, an image of the product, and the quantity. Adding a CTA allows you to direct the customer to the landing page of your choice. 

3. Thank you for your order 

Shipping email templates: Thank you for your order

A thank you note template confirming your order shipment says it all to the customer! You can keep the details as simple as possible by adding the product’s name, price per item, and total price. 

4. Order is shipped 

Shipping email templates: Trendy

In this shipping confirmation email template, only the message is loud and clear with a personalized greeting and the number of days it will take to ship the order. Also, you can add the contact details at the end of the email. 

5. Shipping confirmation email update

Shipping email templates: shipping email update

To keep a constant connection with your customers, you can communicate with them using an updated status similar to the one shared above.

6. Upsell/cross-sell in the shipping email 

Shipping email templates: Upsell/Cross-sell in the shipping email

Once the order is shipped, you can also use this opportunity to upsell or cross-sell relatable items for future purchases. It guarantees that customers will return to the website. 

7. Get feedback 

Shipping email templates: Get feedback

Creativity isn’t always filled with images and colors. It can be something as simple as a message with two different CTA buttons directing to two other landing pages. For instance, you can ask for their feedback about the purchase experience. 

8. Referral programs 

Shipping email templates: Referral programs

You can add powerful social media platforms to grow a solid customer base. After all, referrals are a premium opportunity to increase followers and customers. 

9. Shipment notification 

Shipping email templates: Shipment notification

A shipment notification email can consist of a tracking link, a headline, a delivery date, an image of the product, and a reminder about the product notification. Plus, you can add some FAQs, especially if it's a gadget. 

10. Ongoing campaign 

Shipping email templates: Ongoing campaign

A shipping confirmation email can also include details about any ongoing promotions too. You can keep the template straightforward. It reminds customers of your generosity towards them. 

11. Special requirement for delivery 

Shipping email templates: Special requirment for delivery

To ensure your customer has a positive experience, you can add special requirements for successful delivery; for instance, someone may need to sign for the package in case of your absence. 


Shipping confirmation emails are the most effective email marketing strategy that drives sales, playing a crucial role in retaining customers. 

However, you need to build a longer-lasting and higher-value customer relationship possible with Mailmunch. The powerful segmentation and personalization features make it easier for marketers to create or edit the email template as they please. 

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