How To Grow Revenue With White Label Email Marketing Software

Eman Zahra
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March 21, 2024

In a cut-throat market, businesses need to stay on top of their game, and keep exploring opportunities to give them the competitive edge. With the right services, you can become an industry leader and increase your revenue. The software industry is booming right now. According to statistics, 86% of marketing companies will be running completely with the help of software and apps this year.

To have a competitive advantage in the marketing industry, you need to give your customers something that makes them stand out. An email marketing software is exactly the thing to provide you that edge. But providing it to your customers isn’t that simple. It takes time to develop a solution, extensive research, high costs, and many resources to make it possible. Sounds like a great amount of work, doesn’t it?

Well, what if we tell you that you can have a ready-made solution for your customers? White labeling email marketing is becoming a common practice nowadays. If you don’t know what it is and why you need it, read this blog till the end.

Let’s cover the basics:

What's a White Label Solution

A company that produces a product or service may sell it to other companies for rebranding and reselling, so they may sell it to their customers. The reseller companies can customize the platform according to their choice and then sell it to their own customers. This product or service that gets rebranded is called a white label solution.

The notion is to provide the services, products, and solutions under the resellers’ names without having them create their software. With that done, both the provider and the resellers get benefitted. The original creator’s products get sold and the reseller makes extra revenue without creating their own product.

Email Marketing White Label Solutions

There are many companies that white label their email marketing solutions. These companies have complete email marketing solutions and some have much more than that. We’ll discuss the tools white label email marketing software offer later in the article. If you are looking to find a perfect solution for reselling, you have to compare all such solutions.

At present, there are many small businesses present in the market that need to run campaigns and enhance their sales. Email marketing is their need and many are struggling to find a solution that can fulfil their needs. This means, providing the answer to these businesses can earn great revenue for you. To save your expenses and your time, we suggest you white label email marketing software.

Before you choose a white label email marketing software, here are a few things you should look for in the proposed solution.

Services Offered by White Label Email Marketing Software

When buying white-label email marketing software, make sure it offers some or all of the following services. There are many services that email marketing software offers. We have enlisted a few of them:

Pop-up Forms

Pop forms are a particular type of overlay page that pops up on the screen when a user or customer clicks a call-to-action, any other page component, or even when he lands on a particular page. The purpose of pop-up forms is lead collection. The prospects enter their information including emails, which is collected in the database of the website. This information is then used to target the prospects through emails.

An email marketing software that gives the freedom of building pop-up forms gives a competitive edge to the customers making the whole solution more attractive to the buyers. White label email marketing software that offers this tool should take precedence.

Landing Pages

Before you white label email marketing software, see if the solution has a landing page builder in it as well. Like pop-up forms, landing pages are also used for lead generation.

A landing page includes persuasive ingredients such as testimonials, contact forms, and benefit-oriented copy to persuade readers to adapt to an offer. Your customers will need this feature for their businesses. Many solutions in the market provide ready-made templates for landing pages, making it even easier to get started.

White label email marketing software that can build landing pages along with other email marketing tools is most popular.

Ready-Made Templates

Ready-made templates for email campaigns are a shiny feature that only industry-leading email marketing software provides. With this feature, your customers can get started with their campaigns without putting effort into design and copy. A white label email marketing software with ready-made templates for the customers should be one of your first choices.

These templates are the reason people stay connected with business owners and eventually purchase the service. Therefore, you should make sure you offer the best templates to your clients to run their business campaigns.

Broadcast Emails

Broadcasts are single emails that are sent to a batch of subscribers. Broadcast emails are used to make an announcement, and to update all of the subscriber list about it. Rather than sending individual emails to each subscriber, broadcast emails do the deed in one go.

A white label email marketing software should provide this feature to make it easier for you to resell. The broadcast tool is an attraction for email marketers hence having this in your solution will make it more attractive to potential customers.

Drip Campaigns

Along with other services in email marketing, a drip campaign is an important one that sends drips messages to email subscribers or customers over time. They are automated and are sent out when a customer performs an action. The action triggers an email series and carries on according to the next option a subscriber chooses.

Drip campaigns are about sending emails to targeted customers and promoting services. There are usually 2-11 emails in one drip series that are spaced between a specified time.

Email marketers need this tool to run personalized campaigns, and hence when you white label email marketing software, this is one of the first things you make sure it has.


The autoresponders automate email replies. The automation is triggered by certain actions by users on the website or as a response to emails sent directly.

Autoresponders can serve as an automated reply to certain emails or as confirmation/next step emails when visitors take an action.

Most of the autoresponder emails are confirmation emails that are the most classic example of autoresponders, but they have diverse methods. This service is essential for your customers as well as their clients. Your white-label email marketing software should take care of this feature.

Benefits of White Labeling Email Marketing Software

In hyper-competitive markets, agencies or resellers have to provide solutions and services that are of good quality to stand out from the herd.

White label email marketing is a promising way to gain profits by reselling the email marketing software of another company. We have enlisted the benefits of white labeling email marketing services for small business:

Zero Coding

The best white label email marketing software facilitates you and your clients to formulate eye-catching, responsive emails from scratch without ever having to peek at a line of code.

Using email marketing software, your customers can easily generate templates keeping in view their clients’ vision.

Plus, employing white label email marketing software is just a matter of dragging and dropping numerous design ingredients onto the page. No additional labor is required.

Cost Cuts

Developing a new software package requires large investments. You have to pay for a multitude of resources and the costs can quickly pile up. If your solution needs to have all the services we mentioned above, the burden of building it ground up is going to be a massive project, both by money and time. However, investing in an existing solution that has already been proven to be a good solution is more cost-effective and beneficial for your business.

Everything in One Place

Another benefit of purchasing a white label email marketing software is that the platform will facilitate you to organize all of your customers in a single dashboard. No multiple log-ins or logouts are required for different customers. This paves room for optimum efficiency.

Rebrand and resell

When you buy white label email marketing software, you can also resell it. It is yours to keep or share with others. You’ll get the price you invested in it in a few resells while keeping the software yourself for your customers. You can also set your own price tag for the services. Plus, the ability to customize campaigns for different clients is a value-added feature that allows you to set your own price tag.

It all depends on how you determine to use the software.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to providing authentic services to your business clients such as email marketing, don’t wait to hire or train any team. Don’t wait for months and years to create your own software. But instead, go for the white label option. Look for suitable white label solutions and serve your clients by rebranding that software and set your price.

Choose the time-saving, money-saving way of taking the white label email marketing route and set yourself up for higher revenues.

Make your customer happy so that they stay with you for the long term and become your product advocates, thus creating a value-adding cycle for your brand.

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