11 Attractive Newsletter Ideas to Keep Your Subscribers Engaged

Rukham Khan
Rukham Khan

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April 6, 2023

Are you having trouble engaging your email subscribers?

While it’s proven that email marketing is a great tool to connect with customers, build relationships, and share your messages, it often proves quite difficult to keep them engaged.

Subscribers tend to disengage if they feel your content is impersonal, repetitive, or boring. The key lies in knowing your audience and delivering fresh content.

To inspire you, and give you fresh ideas, we’ve compiled a list of sure-shot newsletter ideas you can use to keep your subscribers engaged.

1. Blog Posts

You don’t always have to wait for people to visit your blog and discover your latest posts. One way to engage people and make them return to the blog is to send them an email snapshot of posts they may have missed since their last visit.

This works well with short posts, recipes, quick tips, or when sharing excerpts from a longer post.

When you send blog posts through email, call your subscribers to action by asking them to share content on social media. Add easy sharing options in the email by adding sharing buttons.

2. Blog Round-ups

Blog round up email screen shot

If done right, blog round-ups are an excellent way to keep your subscribers engaged. Not only do you get to share content with your subscribers, but your subscribers get to enjoy a curated, thematic collection of posts from your website.

You can create a round-up around your brand’s best performing posts and share them with new subscribers to give them a taste of the content you offer.

You can create a blog post around a certain topic so your readers can derive maximum value without having to search through your blog. If you’re an outdoor brand, you could send an email linking to all the best posts you have regarding outdoor equipment. Another blog round-up could be a collection of outdoor adventure stories you’ve published.

3. How-to emails

A ‘How-to’ email basically focuses on a feature that your product offers and explains how best to use it to the reader’s advantage.

How-to emails are a great way to introduce your product and also teach your subscribers about how it works and the benefits it offers.

At Mailmunch, we’re creating an email series around our core features. Some of these are:

We’ve gathered videos and content we have available for each, and we’ll send a single email on each feature linked to a video that shows how to use that specific feature to make the most out of Mailmunch.

Such emails not only entice people who are considering whether to buy or not, but it also provides real value to existing customers who get to learn directly from you.

4. New Product Announcements

product announcement email screenshot

While your company toils away to bring out a new product or feature for the benefit of the customers, it's a good practice to get them pumped about it. You can get them excited about new products or updates by sending them a product announcement email.

This way not only will your subscribers know what’s coming their way but you’ll also create buzz for your brand.

To create an exciting, informational product announcement email, use:

  • big, bold headings
  • Catchy subject lines
  • Deliver main benefits
  • Use an active and exciting tone of voice
  • Links to promo videos/blog articles/FAQs

5. Coupons and Discounts

People love receiving good offers so they’ll definitely enjoy it if you send them emails that give discounts or offer coupons.

For a higher conversion rate, increase the urgency of your offers by making them time or quantity limited to immediately attract subscribers.

To add an extra level of urgency, you can consider using countdown timers or in stock counters in your emails.

coupon email screenshot

In this example from UGmonks, they’ve created a short and simple coupon email.

A bold headline greets you with a 15% off coupon. The copy entices you to avail the coupon as soon as possible as it’s only valid for 48 hours, this creates a sense of urgency for the recipient. Then they add a call to action to take the reader to the website and complete the purchase.

6. Holiday Emails

A good way to keep your subscribers engaged, and to show them you’re human and caring is to send them holiday emails.

By sending them an email whenever Christmas, 4th of July, or Eid comes around, you show them that you care about them, thus solidifying your relationship with them.

The good thing about holiday emails is you can design them without any motive. A simple greeting sent to your subscribers’ inbox will suffice.

But if you want to go a step further, you can offer them holiday based discounts and offers to bring a smile to their face. This way they’ll tend to associate your brand with the positive feelings attached to holidays

7. User-Generated Content

Creating newsletters with user-generated content has a two-fold advantage:

First, subscribers are more inclined to read these emails as they know they have a chance of being featured. This gives them more incentive to read your emails: who doesn’t like being in the spotlight?

Second, user-generated content is a tool for social proof. When you add user-generated content, it shows people willingly engage with your brand which gives you credibility. People will be more trusting of your brand.

User-generated content can include anything from customer stories, home videos, photos, or ideas.

8. Company Story Emails

Company stories are a great way for people to learn about your brand and build a connection with you.

If you share company conception stories, inspirations for your products or services, or why you got into the game in the first place: these can make for personal relatable stories that your subscribers can connect with in a meaningful way, and ensure they engage with your brand.

Let’s look at an example from Jack Mcdade, a designer and web master:

company story email screenshot

Jack Mcdade has sent a really personal email over here outlining the struggles he had to go through in his professional career. His target audience consists of other designers and developers so this story hits home for most people. Having a relatable story such as this makes his brand super relatable to his audience.

You can find the complete email here.

9. Industry news

Not all emails have to be directly related to your brand if your aim is to keep your email list engaged.

A good idea to keep subscribers coming back to your email is to share relevant industry news. This works best if your customers are B2B or if media and content is a strategic profit center in your business

You can collate news around your industry, the new, the ups and downs, the latest and greatest to keep your readers informed.

10. Feedback Emails

When a person buys from you, they’ve earned a right to have a say. Not only this, but people enjoy sharing their thoughts and opinions. So if you wish to keep your subscribers engaged, ask them for feedback. This will help you improve your product or service as well.

In such emails, you can ask for a product review a few days after your product has been shipped. At this time, the customer has you fresh in mind and will be most willing to give feedback.

You can easily do this by designing an autoresponder campaign. Where an email gets triggered X days after a consumer buys your service or product. This automates the email process while still keeping your subscribers engaged.

11. Webinars


With a webinar, you can provide free, valuable information to your target audience and turn them into engaged leads and hopefully convince them to become customers.

To promote your webinar and attract interest, send a drip campaign to your newsletter subscribers, and increase the urgency of sign-up with each email leading up to the email. Do be careful with this strategy because you don’t want to be too pushy with your offer.

Let your subscribers know clearly what they can expect to learn from your webinars and give them the time when it goes live.


These 11 newsletter ideas consist of all sorts of emails you can use to keep your subscribers interested and engaged in your emails. The basic idea behind all these suggestions is to think about how you can serve your subscribers. The more value you provide them, the higher their willingness to click on your emails.

Do you have some other newsletter formats you send to your subscribers? Let us know what we missed.

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