How To Write A Reminder Email? 23 Templates For You To Steal In [2024]

Ammar Mazhar
Ammar Mazhar

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April 25, 2024

Reminders are the notion that you have forgotten something. Now amplify this concept in email marketing, and you’ll realize that most product-based businesses rely on successful sales based on reminder emails. Figuring how and when to send a reminder email is a dilemma. It represents the urgency of the matter but also without sounding too rude or straightforward at the same time. 

So how do marketers balance the need to satisfy their customers while getting things done first? 

In this article, you will learn the easy-to-follow craft of creating a reminder email encouraged by businesses and best practices with legible examples. 

What is a reminder email?

A reminder email is a type of email that is sent to remind people of upcoming events, deadlines, or other essential tasks.

A reminder email can be a gentle reminder or just a friendly reminder. It can be sent at any time to remind people about an event or deadline. The email's subject line should be catchy and informative so the recipient knows what it is about.

These emails are usually sent 1-2 days before the event date.

A good reminder email also should have a friendly greeting and be written in a conversational tone. The content of the email subject line should be personalized to include the recipient's name, and it should be clear when the event will occur.

Why is it important to send a reminder email?

Reminder emails are a great way to get people to take action. Companies use these emails for many different reasons.

For instance, they are also a great way to help people remember something they might have forgotten.

A friendly tone is essential in these reminder emails. It's important not to sound too pushy or aggressive in the email. Emphasis is on the subject line because it will be the first thing people see when they open the email. 

Plus, some of the significant benefits of sending a reminder email also include: 

  • It can help you grow your customer base by reminding people about your product and services.
  • It also helps you save money because it keeps people from forgetting about their subscriptions, so they won't have to pay late fees or penalties on their credit cards. 
  • Another benefit is that it encourages customers to make purchases before they forget again, leading them back into your store and increasing revenue.

When to send a reminder email?

It can be confusing not knowing when you should send a reminder email. Sometimes marketers can cross-send an abandonment email as a reminder email, but it will not be as effective because of the intent. 

Here are some identified situations companies can benefit from sending an informed reminder email. 

Infographic: When to send a reminder email ?

1. Late payment reminder

Business etiquette is to pay before or at the deadline. Things can go awry or slow down for multiple reasons, mainly when things are being run on a credit basis. But as a seller, you still have the right to earn that money, right? A payment reminder is necessary when a deadline for payment has passed and funds are still questionable.

2. Missed work deadlines reminder

Advanced technological systems and remote work platforms have allowed employees to collaborate and work together from thousands of miles away. Even working under the same roof, if an employee is behind their schedule, it's a red flag for the management. Sending a reminder email to complete the deadline is crucial instead of falling behind on the project. 

3. Important event reminders

Some events, dates, or other deadlines are too important to be missed. What if you had a meeting with an international client but missed it due to another engagement? A gentle reminder email schedules in advance will work wonders for you to stay in the pipeline. 

4. Interview reminder

If a potential candidate is running for a new job or needs a follow-up on their interview coming soon, a follow-up reminder email is much appreciated. It gives them a winning chance by being on time or not annoying the manager with tons of messages, either. A carefully timed reminder email for a follow-up will help you stand out (a few days after sending a thank you email for the interview).

5. Link building reminder

Link builders have a lot on their plates regarding link-building campaigns. Despite a high open rate, the actual response rates can be low in recipients' inboxes because your email might have been buried under similar emails. So your prospect is distracted and may never get to open the email.

Most link-building campaigns become successful after a  reminder email is sent. So why not give a gentle nudge to your prospect to see how they feel about your previous email?

6. Collaboration reminder

A marketer always looks for progressive collaborations to boost their brand’s image. A hectic routine can mess up the schedule. Mostly they have to face a situation where they promise to get back with more details only to miss out on the initial message. A reminder email can help to establish the right contacts to see if both parties are on the same page.  

7. Sales reminder

The rabbit is out of the hat! Sales reminders are tricky at their best. To attract the attention of potential customers, reminder emails are crucial, and so is the intent of the call to action to convert them without being too nosy.

A simple sales reminder email will do the job as long as you offer a unique selling point with a clear intent to showcase a niche product or service. 

8. Product launch reminder

Businesses keep on evolving their product’s features and introducing new tools. Sending a product launch reminder email is all about utilizing the most effective means of communication. For instance, sending a web or mobile push notification can also work, but a reminder email should follow. 

9. Content promotion reminder 

Promoting content? Email outreach is the most common tactic, similar to link building. Content promotion reminder emails capture the attention of the blogger or the influencer regarding a fruitful collaboration over a podcast, webinar, or even a blog. These emails can be precise and constructive with a clear message and a simple subject line stating the intent. 

10. Digital PR reminder 

Digital PR is fast becoming a favorite for trending brands. But it's no easy feat. it can be related to content promotion or sharing a significant achievement, but to do so, you need to contact the respective journalist or PR associate working on the press release. According to Mailshake stats shared, following up after two days increases the chance of getting blacklisted or spam.

How long should you wait before sending a reminder email?

The ideal timing for sending a gentle reminder email will vary depending on the intent and situation. For a deadline, the best practice is to send an email on the first business day and the very next day after a deadline is missed. 

According to Propeller, if a deadline is unclear, wait at least 1-2 weeks after the last correspondence to have more clarity. Indeed recommends waiting for 3 days before sending a reminder email when you haven’t heard back from an interview. You can also schedule reminder emails using Mailmunch and auto-send them.

How to write a reminder email? 

The most crucial element of a reminder email is the tone. Find a striking balance between intent and urgency. However, the gentler the tone, the better. 

First time working on a reminder email? Some ways are listed below to craft well-written reminder emails. 

Infographic: How to write a reminder email ?

1. Subject line

What good is a subject line, after all, it’s a reminder only? But it is also the first thing that appears in the inbox. A great subject line assures the recipient you are human and that the message is essential, not automated. 

The recipients may not know you well enough, and your address may not be on the contact list either. Therefore, use power words in subject lines like “Action Required” or “Deadline Closing.” Be precise with the subject line enough to get people’s attention. If it’s a follow-up reminder email, just write “Following Up,” and that will do. 

2. Greeting

Like any other email, reminder emails should start with a salutation. Make the message easy to understand and professional for a gentle reminder email. 

People often find salutations tricky, but this is the easiest part. Take these common tips into account when writing a salutation.

  • Using standard terms like “Dear” is a best practice (especially if it's a formal relationship). 
  • “Mr., Ms., or Mrs.” is common for a more formal reminder email. If not, a simple “Hello” will suffice, too (without a name).

3. Situation

Begin writing the friendly message, the ultimate purpose of the reminder email. Explain the specifics with references, dates, and details to avoid ambiguity. For instance, a big project might be coming up, and the person supposed to work on it needs a gentle reminder. 

You can start the body in a similar tone: 

  • “Thank you for agreeing to our terms and conditions to start this upcoming project.” 
  • “Congratulations on achieving the milestone. We are sure it will help you to move forward.” 

4. Solution

While explaining a situation may sound like rough terrain, a reminder email at this point is softer in tone. It helps the small business or the individual of interest you’re communicating with be more valued. 

For instance, in case of outstanding payment, you can mention the amount and number of days in the message body. 

“We sent an invoice to you on X December 2021. The amount outstanding is $234.”

Explaining the situation goes a long way in the following manner. 

“Please pay the invoice immediately, as we are a small business and rely on timely payments. This helps us to ensure our continued support”.

So even if the customer is running behind their payments, it could be due to any legitimate reason, which is why being polite is the best chance of getting a response.

5. Action

What do you want recipients to do? Tell them in exact words. Whether it's the payment that needs to be paid or a meeting they need to attend, be clear about the date and other specifics. You are less likely to achieve any outcome by making the recipient angry.

For instance:

“I am contacting you on behalf of the complaint filed about a bad experience at our restaurant. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what happened. We will do our best to offer aid to you”. This example can be used in restaurant management.

If a customer has filed a complaint, a payment deadline is long surpassed, and you do not want to focus on the consequences. Even if the recipient is being unreasonable, keep the tone formal but affirmative, explaining the proceedings you’ll have to follow due to protocol. 

6. Sign-off

Permanently close a reminder email formally and politely. Add your eSignature at the end that mentions your name, designation, and the company you work for. However, the need for a descriptive sign-off may vary based on the situation.

4 Mistakes to avoid in writing a reminder email

Keeping the guidelines of writing a gentle reminder email in mind, some valuable insight was gathered about things to avoid. Following a structure for reminder emails eliminates the chances of risk. However, common mistakes do occur, which can be avoided.

Infographic: 4 Mistake to avoid in writing a reminder email

1. Not getting to the point

Trying to be polite does not mean moving around the main subject. A friendly message tone can be firm as well. You’re writing a reminder email with a specific reason, so be precise and clear. This will keep your email structured. 

2. Embarrassing the recipient

Recipients have received your email but didn’t respond. It can be embarrassing in the case of a payment reminder. It can be embarrassing to remind someone of their dues past the deadline. So whether it's your second or third follow-up reminder email about payment, keep a gentle tone for the email, making it focused.

3. Not providing a solution

The purpose of sending a reminder email is to get a prompt response from the recipient. Be clear in your email about the action you expect the recipient to take. Tell the person about the situation and give the solution by asking or politely requesting them.

4. Communication deficiency

Sometimes, a recipient may not respond to your reminder email. Therefore a follow-up reminder email rules out the possibility that your email didn't get through or that it was buried so deep in the inbox that the recipient never saw it.

23 Reminder email samples

It's time to look at some reminder email templates that will provide you with further direction on reminder letter format and methods. 

1. A payment reminder email (to client)

Dear Hannah,

We are yet to receive payment of $130 in respect of invoice (4352), which was due for payment on 1 September 2022.

This invoice is 16 days past the due date and is causing us problems. Please let us know when you can pay the amount.

Best regards,

2. Reminder email to boss  

Hi John,

I sent you a request for leave earlier this week, 1 September 2022. I'm planning to attend a wedding with my family. Can you kindly confirm whether my request for a leave of absence has been approved?

Once my leave request is approved, I can book my flight. If you’d like to discuss my request, please let me know.


3. Reminder email after meet up 

Hi Sarah,

It was so good to meet you and your team the other day at the seminar. I’ve put together a list of future topics that can be discussed.

For our team:

Topic 1
Topic 2
Can you please confirm whether these topics will be relevant, or did I miss anything? Let me know if this works for you so I can schedule a follow-up meeting.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

4. Polite follow-up reminder email 

Hi Sarah,

I am just following up to check if you got the chance to read my previous email.

I shared some topics of interest for the seminar but haven't heard from you yet. If you are confused or have a detailed insight into the shared topics, we’d be happy to schedule a call for a meeting.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

5. Webinar event reminder email 

Thank you for registering for Mailmunch Event 2022!

As a reminder following are the details of the event:

Event name: XYZ

Event date: 123
Location: XYZ
Dress code: XYZ
Press here for directions on Google Maps.
Please visit our website or contact us at our email address [email protected].
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Mailmunch Team

6. Meeting reminder email 

Hello Sarah,

This is just a reminder about our meeting scheduled for 15 September 2022 at 4 PM.

I’ve attached the link to Google Meet and added details.

I look forward to talking to you!

7. Second email follow-up reminder email (after no response)

Dear Hannah,

I hope you are doing well.

I sent you an email last week about the delayed invoice payment. I still haven't heard back from you. If you have received this email, a prompt response will be much appreciated regarding the reason for the delay in payment.


8. Zoom meeting reminder email to participants 

Dear all,

This email is a friendly reminder that we have a daily standup Zoom meeting at 11:30 AM. If anyone is unable to attend the meeting, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the meeting!


9. Appointment reminder email 

Dear John,

Just a quick reminder from Dr. Strange about your appointment on 20th September 2022 at 4:00 PM.

If you want to reschedule, please respond to this email or call us at 123-456-123.

We look forward to your well-being.

10. Job interview reminder email to HR 

Hi Ed,

I just wanted to confirm my availability for the first round of interviews at 2 PM and that you have my Skype ID. I will talk to you soon.


11. RSVP reminder email 

Hi Phil,

Can you please confirm RSVP by Saturday, 17 September, so I know how many tables to book ?

call/text/email us for confirmation.


12. Professional email reminder to a coworker 

Hi Jones,

I hope you had a good start this week! I’m reaching out because I’m still waiting for the file from you, which I was expecting last week.

Please let me know when you can send it. I need it urgently since the due date for the related task is coming up soon.
Kind regards,

13. Interview follow-up reminder email 

Dear Ed,

Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I enjoyed the conversation and learned about your company and job description in detail.

Please let me know if there’s anything you need throughout the hiring process.

Once again, thank you for your consideration. Sincerely

14. Quick response reminder email 

Hi Jones,

I’m reaching out because I shared a report with you earlier today. I need to submit the latest FAQs, for which I need your prompt response.

Waiting for your feedback.


15. Reimbursement request reminder email 

Dear employees,

Please send me your medical invoice by Thursday so I can wrap up reimbursements by the following week.


16. Follow-up communication reminder email 

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for making this seminar a priority on such short notice. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to expedite the arrangements.

Best regards,

17. Link-building reminder email 

Hi Phil,

I’m reaching out to follow up on my previous email on the possibility of adding a link to your website/blog.

I think we will be an excellent fit for the desired category, as it will best describe your product’s value.

Let me know what you think.

18. A guest posting reminder email 

Hi Phil,

We’d love to write a featured blog for your website (name) with a link to our blog. We write quality content that might be of use to your audience.

We can discuss this collaboration via email or a quick video call - whichever works best for you.
Waiting for your response. Best,

19. Follow-up reminder email (for link building) 

Hi Phil,

How are you doing this week?

The last time we spoke, you were interested in a link exchange for your onsite blog.

Are you still interested?
I'd appreciate it if you could let me know which blog you'd like to link to.
Talk soon.

20. A broken link reminder email 

Hi Jones,

I’m an avid reader of your blogs which is how I found a broken link on one of the blogs. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love to contribute a new link to replace the broken link.
Let me know what you think.

21. Content promotion reminder email 

Hi Sarah,

Last week I sent you newsletter ideas. Did you have a chance to review them?

I’m excited to write for the first-ever newsletter for our website (name), so I’ve attached an outline post.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts about it.

22. PR reminder email 

Hi Jones,

This is a reminder email regarding a case study I sent over two days ago. We are ready to schedule an online interview to go along with the details.

I will ask the following questions during the interview.

Question 1
Question 2
Let me know if you are comfortable with these questions.

23. Collaboration reminder email 

Dear Elijah,

The newsletter sent this week got me thinking about your writing style.

Have you had a chance to work with our company (name) before? If not, we’d love to provide some solid references that will be worthy of your company’s newsletter.

Waiting for your response.

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