7 Marketing and Automation Platforms to Check Out in 2021

John Davier
John Davier

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July 4, 2023

With each passing year, your competition in the market is constantly increasing. But thankfully, so is the range of marketing and automation tools at your disposal. Being a step ahead of your competition depends largely on which cutting edge tools and technology you use for your marketing campaigns.

Marketing and automation tools and platforms give you a chance at an increased efficiency of your marketing campaigns and can help you save a lot of precious time. Here are 7 amazing marketing and automation platforms you must try in 2021.

1. Mailmunch

If you are looking to convert abandoning visitors on your website into leads, Mailmunch is just what you need. Mailmunch is a service platform that lets you create eye-catching and responsive opt-in forms in multiple formats. So you don’t have to rely on just one way of collecting leads.

This SaaS can help you create popups, embedded forms, top bars, slide boxes, and much more. Whenever a visitor on your site is about to leave, the exit monitoring technology on Mailmunch detects the exact moment when they’re about to leave. Immediately, a beautiful lightbox pops up asking the visitor to subscribe.

You can customize your opt-in forms by choosing from a wide range of themes, backgrounds, colors, and fonts to match your web page. All opt-in forms and pop-ups here are mobile-optimized, so you don’t have to worry about your mobile traffic either.

You can opt for the free plan or choose between the paid Essential and Pro plans, according to your needs.

2. Narrato.io

Content is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in digital marketing. No matter how good your marketing strategy is, without quality content all your efforts would be in vain. Narrato’s content ordering platform is a one-stop solution for all your content needs, be it for your website copy, blog posts, product descriptions, or articles. The platform boasts of thousands of vetted expert freelance writers.

Narrato employs smart algorithms that match the project you post to the best-suited freelance writers on the platform. Writers who pick the jobs have to deliver the content within 24 hours (even the revisions are turned around in 24 hours), which paces up the content creation process significantly. You can also ask for revisions any number of times and accept the job only when you’re satisfied with the content.

The platform also has a built-in plagiarism check to ensure your content is completely original. Narrato offers a free image recommendation tool as well, where you can find tens of thousands of high-quality images for your blog posts and articles.

And to welcome you to the platform, your first article hardly costs you anything here!

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is a marketing automation tool that helps you with almost everything your marketing campaign needs. It is an all-in-one marketing platform that assists with email marketing, landing pages, eCommerce, traffic generation, marketing automation, webinars, and more. It is especially good for creating effective email campaigns to increase your sales and subscriber engagement.

It also has a feature called Autofunnel, that is designed to automate your online sales from the first touch to confirmed sales. Ready-made, pre-designed marketing campaign templates with landing pages, emails, webinars, and sales pages are integrated into one smooth flowing sales funnel.

The Webinars feature on GetResponse lets you connect with your audience to increase conversions and engagement. The integrated webinar software is easy to set up and doesn’t require installation. You can share files in many formats and add YouTube videos to your presentation, host moderated discussions or private chats with your attendees, share your screen during your presentation, brainstorm ideas, and promote collaboration using interactive whiteboards.

In fact, you can even promote your products and special offers during your webinar using call-to-action buttons.

You can choose from a number of different plans, starting from a basic plan at $15 a month

4. Engagebay

Engagebay is another multifunctional marketing, sales, and CRM platform that marketers can hugely benefit from. It covers almost every realm of marketing and automation, from email marketing to sales & CRM to managing your social media posts. It lets you automate your email marketing campaigns by setting up emails that are triggered by the actions of visitors on your website.

The CRM tool helps you organize all your email contacts, track deals, and the sales pipeline to grow your sales, and build stronger customer relationships. Apart from this, all your emails, calls, notes, and lead progress are tracked automatically so you don’t have to spend your time on the mundane data entry tasks.

The Service Bay lets you maintain and organize all your support tickets and issues in one place. You can view open, closed, and new tickets and track the status of every support ticket in one place. You also get complete visibility into the efficiency of your overall support team and individual agents. It lets you automate your customer service processes with ticket routing, escalation, and task creation.

The lowest plan on this platform starts at $8.99 per user per month but you can also try their free plan to start with.

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp started as an email marketing platform but is now invested in marketing automation as well. It is one of the most popular platforms for email marketing. Mailchimp helps you with marketing CRM, creating audience dashboards, tags, segmentation, personalization, and predicting demographics.

The platform offers solutions in creating landing pages, social posts, and ads. Mailchimp has design tools too that can help you build your brand by designing your website,  storing all your photos, documents, and other files in one convenient location, setting a default logo to include in each campaign and re-use your assets to keep all your marketing consistent, among other things.

The content studio on Mailchimp makes it easy to find, share, and repurpose your marketing content, so your team can work on campaigns together. The platform makes it easy to build, launch, and measure campaigns across different channels. Mailchimp is also very easy to integrate with other apps and tools you’re using for your marketing campaign.

You can opt for a free plan or more advanced paid plans starting at around $10 a month.

6. Ontraport

This is another all-in-one marketing platform that manages your automated marketing campaigns. Ontraport manages all your promotional pieces so that everything is seamlessly connected. The CRM tool on this platform stores every customer click, purchase, and action throughout your campaigns so that you can manage all your contact data in one centralized hub and keep a detailed record of every contact. This also helps in personalizing and customizing future campaigns for each contact.

The email marketing tool on Ontraport allows you to create beautiful and mobile responsive emails with just a few clicks and send them to any group of customers instantly or on a schedule you choose. It also lets you incorporate images, video, buttons, and more to make your emails visually appealing for your audience.

You can create attractive pages that show off your products and services; capture your page visitors’ attention, information, and payments with forms that sync data directly to your contact database and eCommerce system; and easily create, launch and manage your entire membership site.

The platform also has a marketing analytics tool that lets you measure and improve your marketing results, giving priceless data about leads and customers. It aims at answering questions like  “Where are my best customers coming from?” and “How long does it take for prospects to become customers?” to help you optimize your marketing. The tool tracks page visits, email clicks, referrals, lead sources and more to understand how your leads are engaging with your promotions.

Ontraport has 4 paid plans with the basic plan starting at $79 a month.

7. Hubspot

Hubspot is a very popular all-in-one marketing platform that almost every marketer is familiar with. The tools on this platform include the CRM tool, marketing hub, sales hub service hub, and the CMS hub. It is such a popular inbound marketing software that now there are a lot of HubSpot alternatives. The CRM tool lets you organize, track, and build better relationships with leads and customers. And the biggest benefit here is that this tool is absolutely free.

The CMS hub is a content management software that’s flexible for marketers, powerful for developers, and gives customers a personalized, secure experience. Its most popular features include the Drag-and-Drop editor, SEO recommendations, and the website themes.

The Marketing hub is a marketing software that helps you grow traffic run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale. The Sales hub helps you get deeper insights into prospects through email tracking, automate tasks, and close more deals faster.

Service hub is a customer service software to help you connect with customers, create tickets, receive customer feedback, and gather a knowledge base.

Other than the free CRM tool, most other products begin with a Starter pack priced at $35 per month.

Summing up

You could already be using certain tools and platforms to assist your marketing campaigns. But in a competitive environment, you need to constantly raise your game and experiment with various aspects of your business, including marketing and even product pricing!

These 7 platforms cover almost every area of marketing that you may need help with. So go ahead and try out a few. The results would certainly be in your favor.

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