39+ Best Shopify Apps for eCommerce Store Success (2024)

Summra Ahmad
Summra Ahmad

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May 14, 2024

Running an eCommerce store is quite different from running a physical store. The online store owners have to oversee email marketing, checkouts, shipment orders, page speed, and what not. Luckily, Shopify apps help the store owner to manage their web store with ease. 

To grow revenue and boost sales, you need to look for the best Shopify apps taking your online store to the next level.  You need the right tools (apps) to prompt the store and sell products, and encourage customer loyalty - which is possible in just a few clicks. 

There are quite a number of apps you can use to your advantage with the best Shopify apps combined for you in this article.

To make cart shopping a successful experience for your customer, you better hurry to get your hands on the most suitable Shopify apps for your precious store. 

But if you are not sure where to begin, in this blog we have listed down the Shopify apps for an eCommerce story success. 

How to Choose a Shopify App

No one enters the grocery store without a checklist, right? 

Even with the checklist, your grocery shopping takes a long, and to imagine putting items in your cart from each aisle randomly is a nightmare! 

Your hunt for the best Shopify app is exactly like that. 

To ensure that your Shopify store success becomes a reality,  pick the right Shopify app for your online store, keep 4 things in mind before making the final decision. 

1. Focus on your needs 

Every brand’s focal point varies. Where one may want to build credibility the other might want to increase customer loyalty. If you are not sure about your needs, start by focusing on your problems like high cart abandonment, low conversions, or surplus inventory, etc. 

2. Shortlist the apps

Once your needs/problems are identified, you can start looking for the Shopify app. For instance a keyword search, like an abandoned cart,  is helpful to locate the relevant app. 

You have the benefit of finding the right app within the Shopify App Store faster, thanks to the directory of products categorized and subcategorized to find specific apps faster. 

3. Evaluate your apps 

Consider the factors like usability, pricing, and feature set for Shopify app evaluation. While some apps may offer a free plan, others  offer  demos. Go through their site reviews too to make sure it is worth investing in the paid plan. This way you can narrow down the most suitable Shopify apps for your eCommerce store

4. Monitor performance 

The real work begins by testing the Shopify app. It is crucial to evaluate the installed app for a few weeks. Analyze the results, if it performs well, go for it, if not then keep looking for the one that is a better fit for your online store. 

Best Shopify Apps for eCommerce - It’s a Download Date Night! 

Customer retention is one of the most common goals for a Shopify store’s success. If your customers are not driven enough, the abandoned cart rate is likely to increase.  

So in an effort to cut down your research, we have divided the best Shopify apps into 9 categories you can choose from to boost sales.   

  • Marketing 
  • Store essentials
  • SEO specialties
  • Search engine and ads 
  • Social proof 
  • Page builder 
  • Sales conversion 
  • Loyalty program 
  • Cart abandonment recovery
  • Order fulfillment

Must-Haves For Marketing  

Marketing is the soul of any business. For online stores, you need the best Shopify apps that do not only upgrade the rating but also bring in traffic. Find new customers or reconnect with existing ones with the top marketing Shopify apps for your online store. 

1. Mailmunch 

Rating: 4.7

Famous for: Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Mailmunch for email marketing 

Why use it: The answer to boosting sales lies within your email lists. And guess what? Mailmunch is an easy-to-use platform that helps store owners to communicate updates, products, offers, and promotions by sending emails. 

Mailmunch is the perfect option for email marketing, so once installed you can deploy all sorts of lead capture forms on your online store. Marketing automations by Mailmunch let you easily manage the emails by assigning contacts tags to sort and filter your lists for segmented email marketing campaigns. 

Also, you can build your own customized Shopify pages within minutes using a drag and drop builder. Say goodbye to coding responsibilities! 

Drive sales and build loyalty with Shopify pages that convert
Mailmunch is the perfect email marketing platform to create fully responsive Shopify pages.
Create SEO friendly pages today!

2. Oberlo 

Rating: 4.4 

Famous for: Dropshipping 

Use Oberlo for dropshipping 

Why use it: Dropshipping should be on your to-do list when it comes to online stores. It is an increasingly popular way to sell products, increasing customer satisfaction. 

Oberlo allows its users to import products from AliExpress directly into their Shopify store. So the store owner can directly ship the items to customers without any delay. It is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms helping people succeed.  

A key feature is inventory management. So there’s no need to buy inventory in bulk. Instead as a Shopify app, it allows you to focus on the marketing of your store to help it grow quickly. 

3. SMSBump 

Rating: 4.8

Famous for: Text Marketing, SMS Automations, and Chat

Experience text marketing with SMSBump 

Why use it: Imagine automating the texts as part of your  SMS marketing. 

That’s what SMSBump does for you. 

Shopify store owners can create SMS and MMS for their marketing campaigns tracking customers. The text automation includes notifications like abandoned carts and customer reactivation so that customers do not miss the chance to subscribe or forget to buy the item from your store. 

A picture narrates a thousand words, which is why text marketing (like MMS) can boost conversion too. Customer satisfaction is easy to focus on, thanks to the SMS segmentation, and detailed in-app analytics. 

With text messages, timing is everything, so with this Shopify app, you can send messages to the target audience at their local time zone. Try Giphy or Pexels, either works great with SMSBump. 

4. GetSocial: Sharing and AnalyticsInstagram Feed for Shopify by Tagembed

Rating: 4.8

Famous for: Social Automation & Dark Social for eCommerce

GetSocial Shopify App

Why use it: Social Media is an integral part of online marketing. It's one of those tools that, if used properly, can drive a lot of traffic for little relative cost.

The GetSocial app allows you to place social sharing buttons throughout your website so your visitors can share them with their networks and get you more organic traffic.

Their analytics dashboard lets you track shares and referrals over time and you can even check shares per device, the medium where your content gets shared and percentage of shares by each medium. The app itself is easy to install and use, it doesn’t affect page load times (good for SEO).

5. Instagram Feed for Shopify by Tagembed

Famous for: Collect, Curate & Embed in few clicks

Why use it: Unlock the power of Tagembed's Instagram feed for Shopify and revolutionize your online store. By using this app, you can captivate your audience with stunning self-generated content, fostering trust and authenticity.You can even seamlessly customize the feed to align with your brand's aesthetic, creating a visually captivating experience. With moderation controls, you have the final say in what appears, ensuring a high-quality and relevant feed. The setup is hassle-free, even for non-technical users. Add Instagram Feed to Shopify to elevate your Shopify store with Instagram feed, and watch as engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction soar to new heights.Stay ahead of the competition and create an immersive shopping journey for your customers today.

Store Essentials

In this section, we’ve put together a list of apps that make your store look like… well a store. These are all rounder apps that legitimize your store and improve your visitor’s experience while providing you an overview of how your store is performing.

5. McAfee Secure

Rating: 4.7

Famous for: Increase sales

McAfee Secure shopify app

Why use it: First things first, you need to ensure that your website is safe from data breaches and instill trust in your customers.

McAfee is one of the best security plugins you will find in Shopify’s app store. The free version lets you display a trust badge and security seal for up to 500 visitors a month. The paid version offers unlimited Trustmark views and shopper identity protection among other nifty features.

The good thing about McAfee is that its an easily recognizable brand. When a visitor sees one of their badges on your website, they feel more comfortable shopping from you.

When you click on the seal, a complete menu pops up to inform visitors of all active security protocols: The plugin even lets visitors rate the trustworthiness of your website, which is crucial feedback to keep improving your Shopify store.

6. Langify

Rating: 4.8

Famous for: Multiple Languages

Langify shopify app

Why use it: Langify is a translation app that lets you host your store in multiple languages to reach a wider customer base. If you’re selling products that have an international buyer base, this app is a must-have.

The app automatically detects a visitor’s default language settings to translate into that language, and it also lets visitors manually select a language of choice.

Most importantly, Langify includes SEO support for translation of meta-tags.

The translations have to be done manually but the results are worth it in the end. What makes the app really stand out is the excellent customer support they provide for each step of the process.

7. Bold Product Options

Rating: 4.8

Famous for: Product Options & Customization

Bold Product Options shopify app

Why use it: People like to feel special and unique.

One way to make them feel special when they buy something from you is to give them customization options. That’s where the Bold Product Options app comes in.

This app lets you add unlimited customization to your products with the option to add conditional logic to show/hide options based on what custom fields are selected.

The added price of customizations is shown to the customer, and the custom fields also show up in the order summary.

All these options let the buyer feel like they’re in control and helps you build a satisfied customer base.

8. Conversific Store Analytics

Rating: 4.9

Famous for: Store Analytics and Industry Benchmarks

Conversific Store Analytics Shopify App

Why use it: Conversific Store Analytics is a must-have app for any store owner who’s serious about making sales and scaling business.

It's a data specific app that gathers and processes information for industry-wide and store specific use. 

You can access marketing and conversion insights, competitor benchmarking reports, product insights and future forecasts for a 360 degree approach to your store’s strategy.

The selling point of Conversific is that it handles the number crunching and presents insights in an easy to digest manner. The reports and insights are actionable and allow you to make better decisions and grow your business through them.

9. Doofinder

Rating: 4.9

Famous for: Product search and discovery

Why use it: Let your customers find exactly what they were looking for in milliseconds. 

Doofinder is one of the most popular product search and discovery apps on the Shopify store. It delivers personalized search results based on individual preferences in under 25 milliseconds.

The app provides you with a number of AI-powered tools to deliver superior search performance to your store visitors. Visitors can make use of voice or visual search to look for the products they want.

Doofinder also provides autocomplete functions, smart suggestions, and ‘did you mean’ recommendations in their search results.

SEO Specialties

Did you know that the top three organic Google search results get 56.4% of all clicks for any given keyword? You can optimize your store for search engines so that they pick up on your store and index you. 

9. SEO Image Optimizer

Rating: 4.7

Famous for: SEO Optimizer

SEO and Image Optimizer Shopify App

Why use it: Page loading speed matters a lot for user experience and Google rankings. A slow loading page is a surefire way to send your visitors away.

An important factor in page loading speed is the size of images. Ideally, you want to use small size, web-optimized images without losing any of their quality. This is where the SEO image Optimizer comes in.

As the name suggests, it does the single job of optimizing your images for web so you can draw in more SEO traffic.

The best part is, it is absolutely free to use.

10. ALT text

Rating: 4.8

Famous for: SEO Image ALT Tags

ALT text Shopify App

Why use it: Alt text is the description for an image inside the HTML code. ALT text gives context to an image to help search engines index it. Reader programs developed for blind users also use this alternative text, and they display it if the image fails to load.

Alt text is another simple application that boosts Shopify SEO by assigning Alt attributes to your images easily.. With this app, you can automatically apply Alt text to all the images in your store based on a template of your choice.

Search Engines place a relatively high value on alt texts (alt tags) to determine what is on the image. With this app, you can give your store visibility a good SEO boost.

11. SEO Manager

Rating: 4.8

Famous for: SEO Ranking

SEO Manager Shopify App

Why use it: SEO manager is an all-rounder app that lets you monitor and edit the most crucial SEO aspects.

The app not only assists you in implementing SEO measures but also makes it easy for you to understand them. SEO manager allows you to take control of how search engines see your shop and gives you real-time feedback about the success (or failure) of your search engine optimization efforts.

The features allow you to edit titles and meta descriptions. The app offers suggestions to edit your pages according to your target keywords, and scans SEO issues for you, along with other advanced options.

SEO manager also integrates with Kit, Bing and Google search console.

Must-Haves For Search Engines and Ads 

Apps are a fundamental building block for Shopify stores. Imagine achieving your target sales just with a quality ad put together? Take a look at the best search engine and ads app for your Shopify store.

12. Google Channel 

Rating: 4.4

Famous for: Advertising and Marketing 

Advertising on Google Channel 

Why use it: It’s simple, Google ads are one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Google Channel makes it easy for you, regardless of your budget (which is great!) to list the products for free. 

You can increase sales just by listing your products on Google and running Smart Shopping campaigns (paid ads) to reach shoppers on Search, YouTube, Gmail, and so on. 

If you want the products to be discoverable on Google properties and advertise them prominently, the free plan is your ticket to boost sales.

13. Suite for Google Shopping Feed 

Rating: 4.9 

Famous for: Sourcing and Selling Products 

Sell products on Feed for Google Shopping 

Why use it: An organic virtual shopping experience is made possible with the cleverly designed support system for Suite for Google Shopping Feed 

CedCommerce is the Google Premier Partner that helps new businesses advertise on Google for USD 150. The new store owners can also use credits for Google Ads account once spending the initial amount in the first month of using this Shopify App. 

The best part of using Google Shopping Feed is the easy product listing, a great key feature that helps eCommerce store owners to sell their products globally in a smooth way. 

14. Adroll 

Rating: 4.6

Famous for: Personalized Ads 

Make ads work with Adroll

Why use it: Thinking to get a free plan?  Adroll is your chance to attract and engage customers across multiple channels in a personalized way. Rewarding customers with emails, ads, and other such  solutions is a powerful means to increase sales and decrease the abandonment rate. 

With the help of machine learning technology, online store owners have a better chance of understanding their customer’s preferences and intent when they click on your Shopify store. 

So, advertising and remarketing campaigns are much-needed sales content for merchants to give a slight push to improve conversion. Also, Shopify store owners can integrate the emails and ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other 500 networks.   

Must-Haves Shopify Apps for Social Proof 

Before making any sales, you need to create credibility for the Shopify store. Show your social media activities and engagements with the social proof Shopify apps. 

15. Nudgify 

Rating: 4.5 

Famous for: Sales and Conversion 

nudgify app

Make your social existence prominent with Nudgify 

Why use it: When you think of social proof, keep Nudgify in mind. Increasing sales and conversions with Sales Pop and Social Proof Notifications(Nudges) is just one of the key benefits eCommerce platform owners can enjoy. 

Encourage customers to click on “purchase” with relevant messages on pages of the Shopify store. The pre-built Nudges play a crucial role in reducing the bounce rate on your homepage. 

Fortunately, online store owners can include these Nudges to the product and Add-to-Cart pages. A free plan is offered to the users so you can start scaling your business within budget. 

16. Fomo 

Rating: 4.3 

Famous for: Increasing Conversions 

Focus on conversion with Fomo 

Why use it: Do you want to show off your Shopify store? No problem. Fomo brings you one step closer to achieving customer loyalty. How? It lets you integrate with dozens of apps like Mailchimp and Instagram etc to display the collected product reviews from various sites, display newsletter signups, and a lot more.  

A key feature that you will fall in love with is that it shows live traffic! Pretty great, huh? 

So if you are looking to increase conversions and want to create solid social proof, Fomo is your go-to option.  

17. Fera 

Rating: 5.0 

Famous for: Social Validation by product reviews

Fera promotes sales for your Shopify store

Why use it: Boosting sales is not easy in the high-rise competition right? Fera is one of the easy-to-use platforms that take care of your online store’s social validation with the promise to increase conversions. 

It includes banners, carousels, and countdown timers for eCommerce platforms. Fera is best suited for larger stores. Now you can collect product reviews, ratings, and photo widgets with just a single click. 

So if you have enough revenue in your bank accounts, you can maximize the social proof, maintain the brand image with reviews, photos and video management, and a lot more! 

18. Product Reviews

Rating: 4.5

Famous for: Reviews, Email sequences, Testimonial & Photos

Product Reviews Shopify App

Why use it: Shopify Product Reviews allows you to add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as each other to encourage sales.

This Shopify app is best used in conjunction with Stamped.io Reviews.

It's an app that helps automate the emails you send to your customers, to request for reviews after you’ve fulfilled their orders. More so, your customers can directly review their experiences from the emails you send them.

Once your customers submit their reviews via email, they automatically get uploaded to your store for all your visitors to see.

19. Testimonials and Photo Reviews

Rating: 4.9

Famous for:  Reviews, Email Sequences, Testimonial & Photos

Product Reviews and Testimonials Shopify App

Why use it: Online shopping comes with inherent risks and people are slow to trust websites. These days, almost every customer reads reviews before making a decision to buy products from an online store.

By using this app, you can showcase all your customer testimonials at one place in a nice grid or slideshow format. You can even collect testimonials from past customers using their frontend submission form.

To add further credibility to your store, the app lets customers post reviews with product pictures, which is as close as it gets to holding the actual product.

20. Sales Pop for Social Proof

Rating: 4.7

Famous for: Live Sales Notifications

Sales Pop Shopify App

Why use it: Sales Pop is another handy social proof app that shows visitors live notifications of other people buying products from your store.

These notifications give your store a stamp of validation and make visitors more likely to make a purchase decision. By showing notifications, you’re creating an impression that your store has many customers who feel safe buying products from you.

The app is easy to set up, is mobile friendly, and allows you to customize the design of notifications to your wishes.

Must-Have for Page Builder 

What are the odds of your Shopify pages succeeding? Your pages need to load quickly without any intervention or you lost an impatient customer. Take a good look at the page builder Shopify apps. 

21. GemPages

Rating: 4.9

Famous for: Endless customization ability to create compelling, conversion-optimized store pages.

Why use it: Standing out is hard if you are just using the same Shopify themes as everyone else. To really differentiate your online store, you'd better create visually stunning, unique selling experiences. Using GemPages is the easiest, quickest, yet most effective to create incredible store pages that impress customers and sell more. The best part is you don't need to know any coding and design knowledge.

Just choose from its growing library of 65+ ready-made templates for any page type and any industry to get selling faster. You can then make your mark by adding visuals, fresh content, and other GemPages' design and sales-boosting elements that come out of the box. 

You can make use of GemPages' free plan, which allows you to create all page types, publish one page, and get live chat support. Upgrade to higher plans as you grow, its paid plans start from $29/month.

Experience GemPages now and see for yourself how it can help take your storefront to the next level!

22. PageFly 

Rating: 4.9 stars 

Famous for: Create High Converting Pages 

PageFly creates high converting pages 

Why use it: If you are a small or medium-sized store owner looking to work on your Shopify store growth, this is your chance to manage the site with confidence. 

Think of PageFly as one of the efficient tools to create the best landing page for the eCommerce platform. 

Users have options to create sales, landing pages, coming soon pages, product pages, pricing pages and there’s a lot more ground to cover. Instead of struggling with multiple products or collections pages one by one, why not let PageFly take care of landing pages?

Create a perfect sales content page that qualifies for the emotion, logic, and sense of urgency for your loyal customers. 

Just forget the hassle of slow product pages taking longer than expected, with PageFly, your page performance will improve immensely. 

23. Shogun 

Rating: 4.7 

Famous for: Shopify’s Themes and Customization 

Shogun customizes the Shopify themes

Why use it: The best key feature of using Shogun as your page builder is to get excellent designing and customizing for your eCommerce platform. 

Sadly, Shopify’s built-in page editing offers only a limited styling option. The good news is that you can avail their free plan as a Shopify alternative page-building tool! 

The user-friendly page builder is reasonably priced if you want to opt for unlimited themes and customization for beginners. Do not let the fear of page speed slow you down anymore, Shogun does not compromise the page speed so store owners can look forward to having exceptional experience improving customer satisfaction. 

24. Page Studio 

Rating: 4.3

Famous for: Drag and Drop Builder 

Use Page Studio for their drag and drop builder 

Why use it: Learning how to code online is the least favorite option right? How about if we told you that Page Studio can create all kinds of Shopify pages (like an email landing page, about us page, homepage, and much more!)? 

Freelancers, designers, and marketers can edit Shopify pages an unlimited number of times with the built-in components, one of the key features of Page Studio. The media files are backed by premium global CDN so page speed is not an issue anymore. 

Creating a personalized page with no-code workflows is easier, faster, and highly responsive on all devices. 

Must-Haves for Sales Conversion 

Got slow-moving traffic on your Shopify store? You need to accelerate the conversions or your Shopify ship is going to sink just like Titanic. Grow quickly with any of the following sales conversion Shopify apps. 

25. sixads 

Rating: 4.5 

Famous for: Increasing Conversion by Free Traffic 

Sixads runs high-performing ads 

Why use it: Every Shopify store owner has one question in their mind “how to increase sales?” which is why sixads is the perfect solution for boosting sales. 

This Shopify app is created to drive the online traffic to your Shopify pages by running high-performing ads.  Whether it’s reading articles or searching for a tutorial, sixads removes the headache with the free trial experience for potential customers.

Are you having a hard time with Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads?  Guess what -  Shopify integration is made possible by sixads that encourage customers to buy from the list of displayed products in your store. All you need to do is approve the personalized visual ads, and texts to encourage customer retention. 

26. Sumo 

Rating: 3.7 

Famous for: Conversions and Sales 

Sumo helps to increase conversion and sales 

Why use it: Looking to grow your email list, power conversions, and boost sales? You can do so with Sumo, a FREE lead-capture app that offers smartly designed templates. Once your customers are on board, sending auto-response becomes easy. 

Being an easy-to-use platform, you can use the free version with unlimited forms and subscribers or can get a paid subscription. 

Sumo helps to boost sales by offering Shopify integration, encouraging customers with desired incentives, reducing the cart abandonment rate, automating emails,  and growing your customer base with valuable emails.  

A secure and SEO-friendly platform is your key to getting started and set up in minutes! 

27. ReferralCandy 

Rating: 4.8 

Famous for: Referral Marketing Program  

Time to reward customers with help of ReferralCandy

Why use it: Rewarding customers with great word-of-mouth marketing is what ReferralCandy offers the excited Shopify store owners. 

A 30-day risk-free trial is the best way to test how ReferralCandy helps grow your customers, your online store, customize the landing pages and emails, and a lot more. 

Redeeming points are old news. The best part of using this Shopify app is that your customers will be happy with the earned store discounts or cash rewards thanks to referring their friends. 

Also, you can now focus on diverse language-speaking audiences thanks to the localization feature that allows you to display copies in 12 languages! Sounds great right? 

28. Tidio Live Chat

Rating: 4.8

Famous for: Live Chats and Automation 

Tidio Live Chat Shopify App

Why use it: As a store owner, one of the most painful feelings is when you lose potential customers. You’re often so busy with operations and serving other customers that there are always a few visitors who go unaddressed.

Tidio Live Chat takes care of this problem.

Tidio Live Chat lets you chat with, and serve multiple customers at one time. And if you’re swamped dealing with too many people at any given moment, Tidio lets you send canned responses to frequently asked questions.

With LiveChat's BotEngine extension, you will also be able to set up an automated bot that can handle your customers' requests.

29. Shopney

Rating: 5.0

Famous for: Shopify mobile app builder

Why use it: How do eCommerce stores drive traffic to their website? It is not a coincidence that all eCommerce giants have their own mobile apps to use web traffic to their advantage. Therefore, Shopney is the best-rated mobile app builder for Shopify and Shopify Plus that can work like a charm to convert your website visitors into mobile-app users.


With Shopney, you can convert your Shopify store into a mobile app in minutes without any code or design skills, boost sales by providing fast check out, in-app live chat feature, limitless rich push notifications, and abandoned cart notifications. 

Also, Shopney provides you with 8 different layout options to make sure your product looks appealing. That means you can impress customers more with your product photos and increase your sales!

Must-Haves for Loyalty Program 

How hard is it to retain customers? Customer loyalty matters the most to the online stores. So why not come up with the Shopify app shaping loyalty rewards? Take a look below. 

30. LoyaltyLion 

Rating: 4.5 

Famous for: Rewards and Referrals 

LoyaltyLion creates connection with customers 

Why use it: Loyalty rewards are the next best thing that can encourage customers to make the purchase. The more card points, the more customer demand will increase. LoyaltyLion is popular as a Shopify loyalty provider for eCommerce platforms. 

Shopify store owners can create awarding points for signups, site visits, purchases, reviews, social follows, and so on. Let’s not forget that discount codes are also in the picture allowing more customers to redeem loyalty points too. 

Shopify store owners also have the opportunity to take full advantage of loyalty emails to encourage customers to return using their eCommerce platform. 

31. Smile

Rating: 4.7 

Famous for:  Rewards and Loyalty

Smile encourages customer care as a top priority 

Why use it: Rewarding customers with exclusive perks, attractive discount codes, and intriguing them with a loyalty points program is what Smiles do for your Shopify store success. Popular as one of the best Shopify apps, you can focus on customer retention through referrals, pop-ups, points, campaigns, and boost sales just like that! 

The loyalty program is all about earning points for every action (placing an order, leaving reviews, etc), saving abandoned carts, focusing on customer retention with redeem points, coupon codes, and even gifts.  

It’s time to save money on expensive and unpredictable ads to a one-stop solution that aligns the modern reward program with your Shopify brand. 

32. Growave 

Rating: 4.9 

Famous for:  Loyalty Program Reward, Product Reviews 

Product reviews are possible with Growave 

Why use it: An all-in-one marketing tool but an easy-to-use platform that helps support your eCommerce store by collecting photo reviews on autopilots, creating points programs, in-store cash, and much more to count on. 

Growave is all about empowering the online store owners to taste the perks of having loyalty and rewards, reviews, and wish lists all from one place instead of multiple apps. 

Wanting to boost customer satisfaction does not happen easily, so if you want to increase conversions, gift cards are just one of the many key features you can avail. 

If you want to strengthen the customer-brand relationships Growave helps to increase engagements with nudges, grow your community, and also lets customers have easy access to selected products in the wishlist. 

Must-Haves for Cart Abandonment Recovery 

A frustrating issue running an online store is that customers vanish into thin air before making a transaction. Browse the following Shopify apps to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 

33. BayEngage 

Rating: 4.8 

Famous for: Abandoned Cart Recovery 

BayEngage discovers abandoned carts 

Why use it: One of the most common problems for Shopify store owners occurs when the wishlist items are orphaned in the shopping cart. 

BayEngage is an email marketing app, a Shopify alternative, that helps to send emails and newsletters just in a short time-span. It’s best to customize the email content so that you can encourage customers to purchase the item and also can connect with prospective shoppers. 

Considered to be one of the best Shopify apps, it has everything you need to come up with the juiciest email recipe to reduce the abandoned cart rate. 

For email automation, you can use over 60 email templates in a clever way to address the abandoned carts winning back your lost customers. 

34. Recart 

Rating: 4.8 

Famous for: Conversions and Automation

Recart reconnects you with your online customer

Why use it: Are you looking to convert ghosting prospects into loyal customers. Then, Recart is one of the coolest Shopify apps to use for abandoned cart recovery. 

Shopify store owners can send personalized automated messages to each customer making them feel valued enough to complete the checkout process and purchase the product. 

Recart is a user-friendly option for those who are looking to convert their visitors into subscribers. Plus, it also provides an automated Facebook messenger campaign that assists Shopify stores, so that online store owners can focus on sales content to attract more customers. 

35. Omnisend

Rating: 4.8

Famousfor: Intuitive omnichannel marketing tools

Why use it: If you were to dream up an email marketingplatform specifically for ecommerce, you’d get Omnisend. It’s packed withfeatures designed to help you grow your store, increase sales, and improvecustomer relationships.

Omnisend gives you the tools to build yoursubscriber list and send email, SMS, and push messages all from one place.There are advanced segmentation options, pre-built templates for signup formsand emails, plus ready-made workflows for welcome series, cart abandonment, andpost-purchase messaging. The Email Builder also links to your Shopify store,allowing you to instantly add products to your emails—including image, title,price, and description.

Best of all, your marketing actions can be entirely automated. Welcome emails, recommendations, birthday offers, SMS reminders, and review requests. Once you’ve got your messages the way you want them, Omnisend will send them at the right time so you can make sales while you focus on other things.

36. Gravitate - Smart Cart Recovery 

Rating: 4.8 

Famous for: Cart Recovery 

Gravitate brings more customers to Shopify home

Why use it: As the name suggests the Smart Cart Recovery ensures the Shopify store owners with a quality opportunity for recovering orders. One of the latest key features is the Facebook Messenger Integration that allows creating mixed recovery email sequences. 

The reason you can opt for the Smart Cart Recovery app is that in social media, you need to tailor the content according to the platform you use. Sharing images to Instagram is cool, but isn’t it best if you can have a conversation with customers through abandoned cart recovery attempts? 

So if emails are your main focal point of concern, this app is compelling enough to try. Within a 14 days free trial offer you can evaluate its results. 

Order Fulfilment

One of the most sensitive and crucial stages of an online store experience is order fulfillment. You have to make sure that things go smoothly and customers feel pleasant placing orders with you. Here are some Shopify apps that can vastly help improve your store’s checkout experience.

37. Order Printer Emailer

Rating: 4.9

Famous for: PDF invoices, receipts, packing slips

Order Printer Pro Shopify App

Why use it: This app adds a very nifty feature to your store and makes your life, and your customer’s experience that much better.

With Order Printer Emailer, you can automatically provide customers with downloadable PDF receipts and invoices, saving you time and support requests.

The set-up is fairly simple. You just add the ‘PDF download link’ link to your desired page, follow the instructions and then customers can download receipts and invoices when they need them.

38. Persistent Cart

Rating: 4.9

Famous for: Customer-Oriented 

Persistent Cart Shopify App

Why use it: How many times has it happened to you that you added items to your cart using your phone, but upon returning to the website on a pc, you found it empty? And for the life of you, you can’t remember the 4 items you added there. Ah well, you don’t want to go through the hassle again so you just give up.

Now if you were the store owner, you just lost a potential sale on 4 items. After putting in all the work into setting up and marketing your store, and finally having people pick out items, it’s a pity to lose sales because the cart didn’t load selected products.

Persistent Cart app offers your visitors a better shopping experience by ensuring that they can come back any time to find their shopping cart items in place. It’s easy to install and at a price of $3.99/month, it’s a small price to pay for a huge potential uplift in sales.

39. Reveal by Omniconvert

Ratings: 5.0

Famous for: Increasing Retention and Lifetime Value

Why use it: If you need help in understanding how to acquire, retain and delight your customers while reducing Customer Acquisition Costs and improving Customer Lifetime Value, then Reveal is the app for you. Reveal monitors and analyzes customers’ behavior across different channels and helps you segment them into different groups based on their buying patterns (using the RFM model).

With the data you obtain, (and the conveniently segmented customer groups), Reveal helps you predict customers’ buying behavior so you can create personalized offers, create highly personalized email flows and campaigns, build dynamic custom audiences for retargeting high-value customers, and attract new audiences similar to them. 

It has a free plan available, plus 30-day free trial on the premium paid plans to help you get started.

40. PH Multi Carrier Shipping Label App

Rating: 4.6

Famous for: Live carrier rates, shipping label printing, order tracking in real time

Order Fullfilement App PH Multi Carrier Shipping Label App

Why use it: The Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app allows you to display exact shipping prices at checkout, print shipping labels with a single click, request carrier pickups, and track orders within your Shopify store. The app is the best if you want to save time and cost. As the name implies, the app supports all major carriers: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Stamps, Aramex, Blue Dart, Australia Post, Canada Post, and more enabling you to ship globally. This app saves you from juggling multiple shipping solutions letting you select your preferred shipping services to ship to all domestic and international destinations.

This shipping app includes multiple parcel packing options: cost-effective weight-based packing and box-packing. Customized delivery costs for each shipping service based on product weight, price, location & more. Adding predetermined handling charges & percentage discounts on the shipping cost.

Also, if you offer free or flat-rate shipping to your clients, the app automatically selects the lowest shipping option for order fulfillment helping you save a considerable amount, and displays the estimated delivery days on the Shopify checkout page. Get 24x7 customer chat, phone email & zoom call support & a 14-day free trial. Based on your requirement you can choose among the $9/mo, $29/mo, $49/mo, and $99/mo subscription plans.

41. Appmaker

Rating: 4.8

Famous for: Converting Shopify stores to mobile app

Best shopif apps: Appmaker

Appmaker is an innovative Shopify app that allows store owners to easily transform their Shopify store into a fully featured, customized Shopify store mobile app. With Appmaker, store owners can create a unique mobile app experience for their customers, using features including easy product browsing, secure payments, push notifications, and more. 

Appmaker  also provides store owners with access to powerful analytics, so they can track and analyze user engagement with their app and make informed decisions to optimize their store experience. Additionally, Appmaker's intuitive interface makes it easy for store owners to customize their app and keep their customers engaged. 

With Appmaker, shopify store owners can create a mobile app that is tailored to their store’s needs and provide their customers with a personalized experience. 


There are literally tons of Shopify apps available to give the much-needed boost you need to rank on search engines, boost sales, improve conversion rates, get high-quality product reviews, and a lot more. Even most of these apps are worth a shot too. 

The above list of best Shopify apps is EXACTLY what you need as part of your marketing strategy for all the right reasons. This list may not be the most definitive guide but it’s definitely a start so you can better understand the types of Shopify apps you can opt for. 

Don’t forget, if the app you choose doesn’t work for you, there’s always room for more apps you can try (hurray to free trials!)

Our suggestion? 

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