11 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales and Conversion in 2021

Sania Khan
Sania Khan

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October 27, 2021

Running a Shopify store is not a piece of cake. The process of lead generation and sales can be overwhelming. Every Shopify store owner is looking for ways to bring in customers and grow profits. They require help from Shopify apps to assist them with their stores.

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Being a Shopify store owner, you already have a lot going on under your nose. You have many responsibilities and let’s be honest, you cannot be a jack of all trades to look after every minor detail yourself. While every department needs your attention, you cannot look after every functionality, marketing campaign, or optimization requirement.

Goals to Achieve

Below are some of the goals and objectives you want to achieve with Shopify apps. You want to

  • Drive a lot of customer traffic to your online store
  • Improve your email marketing impact
  • Increase the visibility of your store
  • Kickstart your sales
  • Boost and grow your profits
  • Handle your inventory needs
  • Rewards your customers

Monetizing a store is a claim that many will make but, only a few will do. That's why, we have gathered the finest Shopify apps to increase sales. Let’s go through the ten best Shopify apps to increase sales and boost conversion in 2021.

1. Mailmunch

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Mailmunch and Shopify go hand in hand. Driving sales and conversion in the competitiveness of today’s digital era can be a difficult task. Not only does Mailmunch promise leads from the traffic, but it also reduces your cart abandonment rate. Mailmunch is one of the best Shopify apps to build and design customized pages for your store.

Key Features

Their digital marketing toolkit is helpful in collecting leads and providing engaging experiences via  

  • Multiple form types
  • Exit-Intent technology
  • Advanced triggers
  • Powerful integrations
  • Beautifully designed landing pages
  • Automated welcome emails
  • Broadcast campaigns
  • Different templates to play with

You can craft stunning emails through their various email marketing tools. Mailmunch is an all-rounder app that takes all your store’s marketing and conversion needs into consideration.  

2. Firepush

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(Source: https://getfirepush.com/)

Firepush is an all-in-one robust app. It is an omnichannel platform that offers services across three main channels; SMS, web notifications, and email marketing. Omnichannel strategy refers to using multiple channels for reaching out to your customers to enable them a seamless shopping experience. Since SMS boosts open rates up to 98%, most apps rely on mobile messaging services. The most significant selling point of Firespush is its simplicity.

Key Features

  • Abandoned cart recovery rate improvement
  • Targeted promotional campaigns
  • Timely notification to the customers for discounts and sales
  • Omnichannel reach improves automation and reduces wasted market spending
  • Advanced suite of reporting tools
  • Firespush easily integrates with other apps for lead generation

Firepush is constantly evolving and introducing new features to facilitate store owners continually.

3. PushOwl

16 Shopify store logos showing clients of Pushowl


As the name suggests PushOwl app works by pushing notifications. Do you have plans to supplement your email and live chat marketing? Or Maybe both these channels do not suit your audience. Then push notification strategy may be the right way to go for you. Since cart abandonment rate is a pressing concern for store owners, this app works best for such situations. Web push notifications are a great way to attract new customers and retarget those who bounce to other platforms or websites.

Key Features

  • Great app to send notifications when a customer abandons a cart
  • Tailored and customized campaigns serve as a reminder for completing purchases
  • Back-in-store reminders for sold out products
  • Alerts for sales and discounts in time
  • Highly responsive layouts and notifications that work across different devices and operating systems like desktop, laptop, and mobile phones  
  • Provides cross-channel support and robust analytical tools for different campaigns

So if you are looking to retarget your customers, the PushOwl app is only a click away.

4. Referral Candy

Services Referral candy provides to different stores

(Source: https://www.referralcandy.com/)  

Do you know the power of positive word of mouth? How impactful is a happy and satisfied customer? On average, one customer will tell at least nine others about their pleasant experience. Imagine your sales skyrocketing if you use a referral program to your benefit. As the name suggests, ReferralCandy works on incentives and referrals. Bring in referrals, and you get to pick the rewards of your choice. How cool is that?

Key Features

  • Includes an automatic reward delivery system which consists of referral reminders
  • Has a dashboard for proper referral recording and management
  • Customized incentive program
  • Performance monitoring and tracking through analytics
  • Easy and smooth integration with Shopify App
  • 30 days free trial period


5. TrustPulse

Popup showing CTA button and services ofTrustpulse

(Source: https://trustpulse.com/)

TrustPulse believes in growing businesses through honesty and trust. With TrustPulse, Shopify owners can now increase their conversions by 15%. Most people trust recommendations from actual users. TrustPulse operates on that principle. TrustPulse allows its customers to witness real-time activities from real people, which helps in boosting site conversions.

Key Features

  • It automates the real power of social proof to influence customers
  • Tracks the real-time activity of every customer on the website, including purchases, signups, etc
  • Smart targeting of the right customer at the right time through social proof
  • Notifies regarding recent purchases, analytics, visitor activities, and conversions

It is an innovative, quick, easy to set up, flexible, and customizable app to suit your needs.

6. Smile

Gift box/reward shown in mobile and the text reads benefits of using smile app

(Source: https://smile.io/smile-ui)

Smile.io will give you a smile with its promise to turn your valuable sales into repeated purchases. Smile believes in not just lead conversions but loyal advocates of the brand. Through its incentives and rewards, it keeps its customers satisfied and happy. They build a seamless customer experience by integrating with multiple platforms and tools.

Key Features

  • loyalty program including incentives and rewards
  • VIP customers can upgrade to additional rewards to take advantage of high level customized services
  • has a referral program that builds loyalty in existing customers and can track and monitor referrals
  • You can integrate it with Klaviyo, Omnisend, and similar services
  • Easy to set up, configure, execute, customize, and launch reward programs on Shopify within a day


7. Conversio

Text talking about app specialty along with CTA buttons

(Source: http://convers.io/)

Converio is a platform for email marketing automation. It sends out automated cart abandonment emails, newsletters, and follow-up emails. Conversio helps the Shopify store owners when they need to chase after a customer who abandons the cart. It not only reminds them to complete the transaction but also make more purchases. It acts as a money-building tool for your store.

Key Features

  • Known as the optimization specialists
  • Grow sales through CRO (conversion rate optimization)
  • A data-led service that improves sales through analytics and constant testing
  • Identifies potential bottlenecks in the customer journey and improve through rigorous testing
  • Conducts an audit to unlock the true potential of your web data

Isn’t that amazing how you can optimize your sales growth with deep analysis, insight, and rigorous testing?

8. Oberlo

4 graphics showing steps to get started with the app

(Source: https://www.oberlo.com/dropshipping)

Oberlo is one of the most useful apps that allow maximum integration with other apps and tools. It has a dropshipping feature, which will enable you to add products to your store from anywhere online and dropship or sell them directly to your customers. You can import products from trusted Oberlo suppliers from hundreds of sources, including AliExpress and Oberlo Marketplace, to your Shopify page. You can track those shipments easily with a few clicks.

Key Features

  • Offers automatic order fulfillment process
  • Inventory management
  • Customize products and product page according to your needs
  • 24/7 customer support to track orders, handle queries, contact suppliers, or manage inventory  

There are millions of products online; you can now customize your listings according to your choice and needs. So sign up to Oberlo now.

9. Advoz

mobile phone ad along with starting price package and CTA buttons

(Source: https://advoz.com/)

Social media advertising plays a crucial role in building a brand’s reputation. Advoz is a free Shopify app for store owners who need professional advertising services. It helps you create social media ads for Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc., intending to drive more audience.

Key Features

  • Provides high-quality content and ads
  • Customized and accurate targeting
  • Real-time analytics and tracking
  • 24/7 customer support to assist with queries and glitches in the system
  • A weekly quota of ads and campaigns

10. PayWhirl Recurring Payments and Subscription

Paywhirl homepage with CTA buttons and picture of a tab and features of the app

(Source: https://app.paywhirl.com/features)

Paywhirl is a flexible subscription payment software that provides widgets to manage your bills, receipts, and transactions. It will take care of sell-subscriptions, pre-orders, and payment plans. It simplifies payments for your recurring customers so you can get paid on time, every time.

Key Features

  • Builds an embedded customer portal in your website to help customers manage their subscriptions
  • Automatically schedule payments and charge for recurring payments
  • Responsive layout for any device to accept payment from a laptop, mobile phone, etc
  • Payment flexible software
  • Embedded payment widgets and checkout points along with customized invoices  

11. Growave

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers your Shopify store with product reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and UGC. Best for small and medium-sized Shopify stores to have loyalty & rewards, reviews, wishlist, Instagram, and UGC from one place instead of several separate apps.

Key Features

  • Increase lifetime value and customer engagement, give your best customers the VIP treatments, boost brand loyalty by loyalty and rewards program.
  • Simplify the buying process with wishlist, send personalized reminders with powerful buying triggers: drop in price, back in stock, on sale, running out of stock.
  • Collect reviews on autopilot. Showcase reviews across channels: website, social, Google search, Google Shopping.
  • Turn your Instagram content and user generated content into shoppable galleries and allow your customers to shop directly from the posts.
  • Simplify account registration, Growave enables one-click login through: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, Amazon, Line.

Trusted by 13000+ brands globally, Growave can help you build sustainable business.

Having said that, you will come across many Shopify apps apart from the ones mentioned. Your role as the store owner is to identify your needs and capabilities to find the most suitable app for you. Just remember the world is your oyster; play around with different options available, and only then can you find suitable solutions to your business needs.

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