75+ July Newsletter Ideas For Your Marketing Campaigns in 2024

Ammar Mazhar
Ammar Mazhar

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June 12, 2024

Have you ever wondered why businesses and organizations send out newsletters? The answer is simple - they're a great way to connect with customers and build brand loyalty.

July newsletter ideas example

An example of an email celebrating a national event relevant to the business’s industry

But the most important reason why businesses use newsletters is that they have the best conversion rates. 

Email marketing campaigns, like sending transactional newsletters, create a return that’s multiple times what you invest into it. 

If you haven’t already, you should focus on building your newsletter list and creating engaging content. 

Why July is Critical for Maximizing Your Newsletter Engagement

July is the midpoint of the year, and it's the perfect time for you to send out newsletters to keep your audience in the loop. This month presents a unique opportunity to create engaging content and promotions.

People go on vacations, unwind, and celebrate major holidays like the Fourth of July. Most brands have exciting sales during this time, and there are many interesting events. 

People actively look for sales and offers and are open to promotional content. So much so that companies like Macy's celebrate ‘Black Friday in July’ and send subscribers special offers during the month. 

July newsletter idea example

Knowing what to share and when will give your sales a boost

And that's why we're here: to provide you with exciting ideas for your July newsletter!

This article will cover all the important events you should leverage in July. We’ll also look at content, design, and writing tips to help build your July newsletter campaign.

So, let's get started.

July newsletter ideas for month-long events

Month-long events are an excellent opportunity for you to run a longer campaign. 

You can leverage a popular and existing theme throughout the month without tiring out your audience or losing relevancy. 

July has a few interesting themes and events for a full month.

This creates opportunities to run special offers and discounts and launch new products or services. 

Here are the top newsletter ideas for month-long events in July

1. Independent Retailer Month

July Newsletter idea: Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer Month is a July annual celebration of small, indie retailers. 

It focuses on unique brands that contrast popular and well-established chains and businesses. 

And the goal of this event is to encourage people to spend dollars within their community to create a more sustainable city, town, or environment. 

This is the perfect event for you to leverage the focus on smaller companies and shine a spotlight on yours. 

Be active during this month and do the following:

  • Use relevant hashtags in your social media
  • Create on-site and online marketing campaigns highlighting your role as an indie retailer
  • Collaborate with other small businesses too
  • Feature the importance of supporting local businesses and so on

You get to build goodwill during a time when people are more open to supporting independent retailers. 

2. National Anti-Boredom Month

This week-long event encourages people to stay creative and active throughout the month of July. You can use this opportunity to engage customers through online games, scavenger hunts, contests, and more.

We recommend hosting giveaway contests on your website and social media.

July newsletter idea for National Anti-Boredom Month

These activities not only help keep customers entertained but also help promote your products and services.

Remember to keep to the theme of anti-boredom and provide helpful tips and advice on how people can stay entertained while at home.

3. Ice Cream Month


July is National Ice Cream Month in the United States, making it an ideal opportunity for businesses to promote their offerings related to ice cream.

Or to tie up with ice cream restaurants. For example, you could collaborate with an ice cream company to create content around the theme. Or you could have a unique flavor linked to your brand.

In this way, leveraging month-long events and cleverly using creative content, you can be part of a national or global phenomenon and get more attention.

July Newsletter Ideas for Week-Long Events

Now, let's look at week-long event ideas.

There are many interesting events that last a week in the month of July.

They're great if you want to build a marketing campaign longer than a few days but don't want to extend them for months.

Here are some major July week-long events you should know about.

1. Clean Beaches Week

The clean beaches week event is the perfect time to build your brand reputation as an environmentally conscious company. You can use this week to showcase your products or services that are sustainable and eco-friendly. You could also create content around clean beaches, such as blog posts, videos, and infographics.

By participating in the event, you will be able to spread awareness of environmental conservation while increasing brand loyalty and reach with customers.

July newsletter idea for Clean Beaches Week

Some specific newsletter ideas include featuring eco-friendly products, relevant blog posts, and highlighting any clean beach initiatives your company is undertaking. Work with charities or an environmental agency to make an impact and build goodwill.

2. Shark Week

July newsletter idea for Shark Week

This is a fun one!

Shark Week is a once-a-year event where the Discovery Channel runs a TV marathon focusing only on sharks.

This event has a lot of potential for your brand to get attention because it's become a cultural phenomenon.

July newsletter idea for Shark Week

I suggest using humor in the form of memes, short videos, GIFs, and other content that resonates with your target audience. And of course, use shark images and make shark references in your email content!

3. Capture The Sunset Week

July newsletter idea for Capture The Sunset Week

July is about long summer days filled with sunshine and beautiful sunsets. That's why Capture The Sunsets Week is the perfect opportunity to engage with customers and promote your brand.

You should create social media posts featuring stunning sunset photos from all around the world. This will help you boost engagement and reach on social media and show that you're part of the community online.

Remember to use popular hashtags like "#CaptureTheSunsetWeek", "#SunsetLovers," and others to be more visible.

Then share these posts with your newsletter subscribers and ask them to join the conversation online.

July Newsletter Ideas for Day-Long Events

Now, we come to daylong events, which are great to run short campaigns.

And you'll always have ideas because July has many day-long events.

This means that you'll have exciting content ideas for almost every day of the month. And because these events are varied, you'll also reach people with different interests or from varied communities.

We've created a comprehensive list of events in July for your newsletter ideas. Let's look at some day-long event ideas and how to use them to promote your business.

1. International Joke Day

July Newsletter Idea for International Joke Day

This is the perfect chance for you to feature jokes in your email newsletters. Ask your subscribers to reply with their own jokes to get more engagement.

2. American Zoo Day

July Newsletter Idea for American Zoo Day

If your company is selling products related to animals, this event is a great opportunity for you to promote your brand. Showcase photos of wild animals, promote your animal-friendly products, and share interesting facts about wildlife in emails.

3. National Post Worker Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Post Worker Day

Nothing wins people's affection like appreciating essential workers and the community. National Post Worker Day is a great chance to show your appreciation for postal workers and the postal system.

Send out a thank you email to your local post workers and share stories of how they have helped you and the community.

4. World UFO Day

July Newsletter Idea For World UFO Day

If your audience is interested in sci-fi, this day offers you a chance to create some content that's out of this world (pun intended).

Create interesting theories about aliens, feature products related to space exploration, and create engaging posts for social media and your email list.

5. International Plastic Bag Free Day

July Newsletter Idea For International Platic Bag Free Day

The environment is everyone's responsibility, and this day is the perfect opportunity to promote environmental awareness.

Let your subscribers know the importance of reducing plastic bag use and share sustainable solutions such as reusable, paper, and biodegradable bags.

You can share emails linking to articles and videos discussing the issue and initiatives your business has taken to reduce plastic bag consumption.

6. National Stay Out of the Sun Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Stay Out of The Sun Day

This is an excellent opportunity to provide helpful information to your subscribers.

Inform them about the effects of excessive sun exposure and share tips on how to protect yourself from its harmful rays.

You can also feature products that help to keep your skin healthy and safe in the sun. Such a campaign shows that you care about creating awareness about significant concerns.

7. National Eat Beans Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Eat Beans Day

This can be a fun and informative campaign for your health-conscious subscribers.

Share the nutritional benefits of beans and feature recipes for delicious bean dishes.

You can also write about different cuisines if you run a food blog, restaurant, or culinary-based business.

This will give your subscribers an opportunity to explore different recipes that they can make with beans.

8. Independence Day

July Newsletter Idea For Independece Day

Independence Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate freedom.

Send out emails wishing your subscribers a happy Independence Day and featuring patriotism-related products. Offer discounts and free shipping on products related to the holiday.

9. National Graham Cracker Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Graham Cracker Day

Everyone loves graham crackers, and you can use this day to drive your sales and make your audience relate to your brand more.

Some email newsletter ideas include promoting recipes featuring graham crackers and sharing ideas on making them even more delicious.

10. National Fried Chicken Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Fried Chicken Day

Delicious food will always capture your subscribers' attention. Use this day as a chance to promote your recipes or link to amazing fried chicken recipes on the internet.

You can also capture your subscribers' attention by sending them some delicious recipes of famous restaurants they can try at home and get same taste very cheaply.

For example, you can send your subscriber jimmy john's kickin ranch recipe. which is discuntinued by the resturant and people still wants it.

And if your business isn't related to food, don't worry. You can create memes, GIFs, or videos featuring fried chicken variations and share them in your emails.

11. Tell the Truth Day

July Newsletter Idea For Tell the Truth Day

This event gives you a chance to have fun and engage your subscribers.

Share 'confessions' light-heartedly and challenge your subscribers to do the same. Make sure to keep it upbeat, creative, and entertaining.

Tell the Truth Day is one creative event that will help you generate User-Generated Content and build a conversation with your brand.

12. National Strawberry Sundae Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Strawberry Sundae Day

Food will always be a great way to engage your subscribers. Share pictures of delicious strawberry sundaes and feature products related to the event, such as ice cream, sauces, and toppings.

You can use the strawberry sundae theme in the form of graphics and in your writing to make the email more attractive.

13. World Chocolate Day

July Newsletter Idea For World Chocolate Day

Chocolate is a universally loved treat; this is the perfect day to remind your subscribers about it.

Let your audience know that it's World Chocolate Day and that you're celebrating. And use chocolate-related phrases and imagery to entice your subscribers.

Combine people's love of chocolate with a special 'treat' in the form of an offer, and you'll win over your audience.

14. National Video Game Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Video Game Day

The video game community is a passionate one, and this day can be used to build relationships with your subscribers.

Celebrate popular games and use video game references in your emails.

Also, try to collaborate with gaming events, communities, and businesses local to you to build your email subscribers and engage them.

15. Math 2.0 Day

July Newsletter Idea For World Math 2.0 Day

Math 2.0 Day is about celebrating the achievements created by combining Math with technology. If you're a tech business or an academic one, this event is great for demonstrating your expertise and connecting with people interested in technology.

Share projects, new developments, or interesting knowledge related to Math 2. And encourage your subscribers to learn more and share their knowledge.

16. Liberty Bell Day

This day celebrates the Liberty Bell and is an excellent opportunity to connect with your subscribers.

Share pictures and stories related to the iconic bell in your email content. If your brand is about history, tourism, or cultural matters, you should focus on this day.

17. National SCUD Day

July Newsletter Idea For National SCUD Day

This refers to 'National Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama Day' and is about relaxing and stepping away from the drama.

Use this day to create an uplifting email with positive messages asking people to simplify their lives. You can relate your products and services to this message but don't make it too sales-y.

18. National Sugar Cookie Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Suger Cookie Day

Sugar cookies are a favorite, so use this day to your advantage.

Associate fun, simple pleasures, and food with your marketing messages and encourage your audience to indulge in a sugar cookie. As you do so, you can talk about your brand and build engagement about your mutual love for sweet things.

19. Teddy Bear Picnic Day

July Newsletter Idea For Teddy Bear Picnic Day

There's a day for everything; this event is about embracing whimsy and having fun.

You can use this opportunity to be creative, use cute teddy bear graphics in your emails, or even create a unique 'teddy bear picnic' offer.

Encourage your readers to step outside and embrace their child self. You can also ask them to share their Teddy Bear Picnic pictures with you and your subscribers.

20. National Kitten Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Kitten Day

This day is all about celebrating kittens, and it's a great way to connect with your subscribers.

Share pictures of cute kittens and include discounts on products related to cats. Ask your audience to share photos of their cats or simply appreciate those in the email.

21. National Piña Colada Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Pina Colada Day

You can work with themes related to tropical locations, holidays, the beach, and more on National Piña Colada Day. Use the whimsical nature of Pina Colada to create an upbeat email campaign.

22. National Clerihew Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Clerihew Day

Clerihew Day celebrates the eponymous poem genre - a lighthearted type of often humorous verse.

You can challenge your audience to test their creativity by writing their Clerihew poem.

This could be an email campaign with a twist, making for an unusual and engaging email newsletter.

23. Cheer Up the Lonely Day

July Newsletter Idea For Cheer Up the Lonely Day

On this day, we celebrate the importance of supporting those who need it.

Create an email campaign that speaks to people who are feeling lonely and encourage supporting the vulnerable and lovely in society.

24. Marine Corps Creation Day

Another celebration that focuses on national pride and togetherness.

Send an email with discounts on products or services that embrace the Marine Corps and their constituent values.

25. World Population Day

July Newsletter Idea For World Population Day

Awareness is critical to tackling overpopulation and its related concerns.

Build your brand image by showcasing your eco-friendly initiatives and products. Celebrate the day by bringing attention to this vital issue and educating your readers about its effects.

26. Simplicity Day

July Newsletter Idea For Simplicity Day

On this day, celebrate the power of simplicity.

Talk about how your products or services make life easier and simpler for your customers. Showcase how your brand is mindful of the needs of its customers.

Additionally, educate your subscribers about the power of cutting down on clutter and embracing simplicity.

27. Etch a Sketch Day

July Newsletter Idea For Etch a Sketch Day

The Etch a Sketch is a popular classic toy with great potential for a creative email campaign.

Use the charm of this old-school toy to engage your readers by asking them to share a sketch or old memories of the toy.

28. National Eat Your Jello Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Eat Your Jello Day

Jello is a favorite of many, and it can be an excellent topic for an email campaign, especially if you're into food and desserts. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage your readers by discussing their favorite Jello flavors, recipes, and more.

29. Embrace Your Geekness Day

July Newsletter Idea For Embrace Your Geekness Day

Today, embracing your 'geekiness' means belonging to a community and sharing a love of a particular topic.

Share your readers' favorite geeky topics and encourage them to share their stories of embracing their inner geek.

30. National French Fry Day

July Newsletter Ideas For National French Fry Day

This one is a classic! Celebrate the versatility of French Fries and its fandom - this is especially great for restaurants, cloud kitchens, food trucks, and more.

31. Shark Awareness Day

July Newsletter Idea For Shark Awareness Day

Sharks are scary, but there are also many myths about them. Shark awareness day is about creating awareness about sharks and their role and importance in the ecosystem. This is a great opportunity to leverage my interest in marine life and animals.

32. National Mac and Cheese Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Mac and Cheese Day

Mac and Cheese is another classic favorite for many. You can use the opportunity to send out recipes and discount codes or even hold a contest around it. Just focus on the goodness of mac and cheese, and you'll have people's attention.

33. Pandemonium Day

July Newsletter Idea For Pandemonium Day

Make things interesting for your newsletter subscribers by introducing the concept of Pandemonium Day.

It's all about having fun and creating chaos in life. Share ideas that people can do to break away from their routine and embrace the chaos.

You can also use the theme of chaos to give random surprises and offers via your newsletter.

34. National Give Something Away Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Give Something Award Day

On National Give Something Away Day, you can create campaigns focusing on giveaways and discounts. use this day to boost customer engagement by offering enticing discounts or freebies.

35. National Pet Fire Safety Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Pet Fire Safety Day

People are willing to listen when you talk about their pets and their safety.

Take this opportunity to reach out to pet parents and share tips about the dangers of fire around pets, how to protect their pets in the event of a fire, and any other related advice.

36. World Snake Day

July Newsletter Idea For World Snake Day

Snakes are frightening but exciting creatures, and it's an excellent opportunity to educate your readers about these animals.

Share facts, information, and stories about snakes and how to protect them and their habitats.

37. National Corn Fritter Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Corn Fritter Day

You can celebrate National Corn Fritter Day by sharing unique recipes and ideas for this ever-popular dish.

As you can see, there are events almost every day of the week. And there are many ways you can use these days to engage your readers and build a stronger connection with them.

Let's look at many other events in July that you can celebrate with your newsletter subscribers.

38. World Emoji Day

July Newsletter Idea For World Emoji Day

The emoji culture is a significant part of our digital lives, and World Emoji Day is an opportunity to celebrate this unique expression. Use emojis in your marketing and create challenges and polls with your readers by asking them to create unique stories using emojis.

39. National Lottery Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Lottery Day

National Lottery Day is all about celebrating the excitement of playing lottery games. You can use this day to promote your lottery-style special offers, discounts, and promotions.

40. World Listening Day

July Newsletter Idea For World Listening Day

It's amazing to have a single day focused on the art of listening. Show your users that you're listening and encourage them to stop and truly listen. Create challenges by asking people to listen more or invite people to speak while you listen via feedback forms and surveys.

41. Nelson Mandela International Day

July Newsletter Idea For Nelson Mandela International Day

This day will be dedicated to the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. Talk about his inspiring work and celebrate his life by encouraging people to make a difference in the world. Creating content for this day will build a positive brand reputation.

42. National Caviar Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Caviar Day

Make National Caviar Day a fun event with your newsletter subscribers. Share recipes, discounts, and special offers related to caviar. You can also use this day as an opportunity to educate people about the history of caviar and how it has evolved over the years.

You can be creative in many other ways on caviar day by creating contests and other fun activities.

43. National Daiquiri Day

July Newsletter Idea For Natinal Daiquiri Day

If you want a fun theme to celebrate, then National Daiquiri Day is it! Invite your readers to share their favorite daiquiri recipes and stories. You can also get people to vote on the best recipe or create challenges asking them to create their own daiquiri creations.

44. National Hot Dog Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Hot Dog Day

Hot dogs are a classic summer favorite. You can't go wrong using hot dog graphics with drawn-on arms and legs and making your newsletter subscribers smile. You can also feature discounts from hot dog shops and recipes for unique takes on the classic dish.

45. National Ice Cream Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Ice Cream Day

Everyone loves ice cream! Celebrate National Ice Cream Day by creating social media posts and email campaigns that feature ice cream offers. Try to collaborate with local ice cream shops and get your subscribers to take advantage of their discounts.

46. National Moon Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Moon Day

The moon has a great deal of significance for many cultures. Celebrate National Moon Day by creating content about the moon and its mysteries. Talk about the myths, legends, and stories associated with the moon, and use moon graphics in your content. You can also celebrate events on a full-moon day to make it extra special.

47. Space Exploration Day

July Newsletter Idea For Space Exploration Day

Harness the wonder of space exploration by celebrating Space Exploration Day. Share stories about this topic by sharing the latest news and being part of communities such as Astronomy Magazine. You can also invite readers to submit their stories and photos of the sky.

48. International Chess Day

July Newsletter Idea For International Chess Day

Chess has been around for centuries and is still popular today. Use International Chess Day to celebrate this game’s history and cultural significance. Hold online and offline chess tournaments, offer discounts on chess sets and books, create polls about favorite chess players and strategies, etc.

49. National Lollipop Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Lollipop Day

Celebrate the joy of lollipops with your readers. Ask them to share their favorite flavors and stories related to lollipop memories. You can also link this theme to summer, being carefree, or childhood.

50. National Junk Food Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Junk Food Day

You will always win people over with junk food! This day is excellent for food trucks and restaurant owners. As well as foodies everywhere. This is the perfect chance for you to create emails featuring indulgent recipes, reviews, and other fun activities.

51. National Hammock Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Hammock Day

Embody the spirit of summer and relaxation by celebrating National Hammock Day. Invite your audience to participate in the festivities by creating challenges and asking them to share photos of their hammock or stories about their favorite hammocks.

52. Gorgeous Grandma Day

July Newsletter Idea For Gorgeous Grandma Day

If you want a wholesome and heart-warming theme for your newsletter, then celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day. One of the best ways to leverage this event is to encourage people to share pictures of their grandmas. Or encourage grandkids to dress up with their grandmothers and share photos or create a fun video.

53. National Parents Day

July Newsletter Idea For National Parents Day

National Parents Day is a great time to celebrate parents' contribution and thank them for their love and support. You can feature discounts on products related to parenting, or you can even give away freebies to all the parents who subscribe to your newsletter.

56. Tell An Old Joke Day

July Newsletter Idea For Tell An Old Joke Day

It's fun to be silly, even in a newsletter. Celebrate Tell An Old Joke Day by sharing your favorite jokes or asking subscribers to share theirs.

57. National Cousins Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Cousins Day

Many people have meaningful and special relationships with their cousins. This event is an excellent opportunity to get people to take pictures with their cousins or share them from childhood. You can also invite cousins to your store for a special discount or offer.

58. National Drive-Thru Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Drive-Thru Day

This is another food-related theme that you can use for your newsletter. Celebrate National Drive-Thru Day by featuring discounts and offers from drive-thrus. Make sure that these offers are different from discounts and offers through other means.

59. National Tequila Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Tequila Day

Target adults with your July newsletter by celebrating National Tequila Day. This is the perfect chance to go with a party theme if relevant to your brand and industry. Create a drinks-centered promotion and include recipes for incredible tequila-based drinks.

60. National Thread the Needle Day

July National Thread the Needle Day

This interesting event has multiple meanings. One meaning is related to sewing, another is metaphorical and is about finding a way through two different views, and another is to do with the Yoga pose para balasana.

So, this means that you can opt for any interpretation of this event depending on your newsletter's theme and audience.

61. National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

Hot fudge sundaes are one of the most favorite desserts of all time. Use this day to celebrate the deliciousness of hot fudge sundaes by offering discounts and deals. You can also share recipes and ask people to share pictures of awesome hot fudge sundaes.

62. National Wine and Cheese Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Wine and Cheese Day

This is a great day to pair wines with cheeses and get people to share their favorite wine and cheese combinations. You can also create a challenge that asks people to share their unique pairings and recipes.

63. National All Or Nothing Day

July Newsletter Idea for National All or Nothing Day

If you want to motivate your audience, then this is the perfect event for you. People in sports, business, and any other field can use this day to push themselves towards their goals. You can even create a challenge by asking people to commit to one big thing this week and use your newsletter to feature exciting stories.

64. National Aunt and Uncle Day

Aunts and uncles play a big role in many people's lives. Use this day to thank them for their contribution and encourage others to do the same. You can also ask your audience to create social media posts or videos about their aunts and uncles.

July Newsletter Idea for National Aunt and Uncle Day

65. National Creme Brûlée Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Cree Brulee Day

Desserts make great newsletter topics and creme brûlée is a classic favorite. Celebrate this day by featuring amazing recipes for creme brûlée and other desserts. You can also create a challenge where you ask people to share pictures of their own creations!

66. National Chili Dog Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Chili Dog Day

When you combine people's favorite foods, you get the best of both worlds. National Chili Dog Day is a perfect event for foodies to celebrate. Use this day to feature discounts on chili dogs, and interesting recipes, or create a challenge where people have to create their own chili dog recipe.

67. National Milk Chocolate Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Milk Chocolate Day

When it comes to chocolate, people can be particular about what type of chocolate they like. Use this day to feature the pleasures of milk chocolate. You can offer discounts on products that contain milk chocolate or even create a challenge by asking people to create milk chocolate recipes.

68. National Chicken Wing Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Chicken Wing Day

There's no limit to how creative you can get with chicken wing recipes. Use this day to feature some unique recipes and feature discounts on products related to chicken wings. Ask your audience to share family recipes and secrets to making the best chicken wings!

69. National Lasagna Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Lasagna Day

Lasagnas are a family favorite that can be enjoyed in many different ways. Use this day to create lasagna specials and get the word out that it's Lasagna Day.

70. National Lipstick Day

There are so many ways you can use the theme of lipsticks for your newsletter. You can feature discounts on lipsticks, share tips on how to apply lipstick properly, or have a contest where people can win free lipsticks.

July Newsletter Idea for National Lipstick Day

71. Support Public Education Day

Want to build your reputation in your community? Then use this day to show your support for public education. Feature stories of local teachers and students or create special content related to education.

72. National Cheesecake Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Cheeseake Day

Another globally popular dessert is cheesecake. Feature stories about how cheesecake has become an international favorite and create videos and stories showcasing different varieties of cheesecakes.

73. International Day of Friendship

July Newsletter Idea for International Day of Friendship

What better way to end your newsletter than with a reminder of the importance of friendship? Create a special social media hashtag on the topic of friendship and encourage your audience to participate. Use this day to spread the message of kindness and understanding.

74. National Father-in-Law Day

July Newsletter idea for National Father-in-Law Day

This is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for all the fathers-in-law out there. Encourage content about how fathers-in-law have made an impact in people's lives or provide tips to help strengthen relationships between fathers and sons and daughters-in-law. This type of material makes for engaging newsletter content.

75. Harry Potter's Birthday Day

July Newsletter Idea for Harry Potter's Birthday Day

The Harry Potter fandom remains vital today, and many people grew up reading the books and watching the movies. Use this day to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday - it will surely get a lot of attention. Let people share their favorite characters and moments from the books and movies, or create challenges for fans to recreate their favorite scenes.

76. National Avocado Day

July Newsletter Idea for National Avocado Day

Avocados are a global favorite when it comes to food. Use this day to feature recipes that contain avocados. You can focus on its health benefits or talk about how it's great at parties in the form of guacamole.

It's a versatile fruit that lets you get creative with your marketing and content!


Keeping your newsletter subscribers engaged and interested can be a manageable task. You can use the events in July to craft interesting content for your newsletters.

With the right mix of creativity and promotion, these July events can effectively boost customer loyalty and engagement. So, get ready to surprise your customers with something special this July.

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