17 Brilliant Product Landing Pages to Inspire You in 2024

Ammar Mazhar
Ammar Mazhar

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February 2, 2024

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase sales on their eCommerce websites, but it can be hard to know how best to do this. 

There’s so much competition online that it becomes critical to gain the slightest edge you can. 

A product landing page is one of the most effective tools available to create that edge.

That is, if it’s done correctly. 

Not sure how to create an effective product landing page? Not to worry. 

That's why we've created this blog post! 

Here you'll find all the information you need on product landing pages: an explanation of what they are, how they work, and the best practices for successful product landing pages so that you can boost engagement and increase purchases.

We'll provide product landing page examples at the end to help practically illustrate critical points. So let's get started!

What is a product landing page?

A product landing page is an essential part of any product’s marketing strategy. It’s a critical feature of any eCommerce site, whether you’re selling physical or digital products. Or even if you offer services.  

It’s a web page designed with the sole purpose of driving conversions and sales for a product.

It’s where a user or potential customer ‘lands’ when they want to explore your product or service in greater detail. 

The best product landing pages contain all the information customers need to make a purchase decision, from product benefits to pricing tables.

Product landing pages are more effective than product listings on product pages because they focus solely on one product or service. This helps customers quickly identify the product and its features before buying.

Product landing page example

Additionally, product landing pages contain compelling content that encourages visitors to take action—such as signing up for a free trial or making a purchase—through calls-to-action (CTA).

As you read this post, we'll dive into these features in greater detail. You’ll also find product landing page examples at the end that will show you just what your own landing page’s web design should look like. 

What is the difference between a product page and a product landing page?

Product pages are a section of your eCommerce website listing all products available. 

It’s usually part of the product catalog, which is organized like an online store. 


Product pages typically contain brief product information, ratings, and images.

They also feature product categories, subcategories, pricing, availability, and delivery options. 

They also usually include a search bar to help customers quickly find what they are looking for.

In short, product pages provide an overview of all the products available on the website and can help customers navigate the product catalog.

This is great for audiences that want to compare and contrast different offerings. 

In contrast, a product landing page is specifically designed to promote one product at a time. 

A few key differences also include:

  • Highlighting a single product’s features and benefits
  • Extensive copywriting that uses psychological triggers and tactics to overcome your buyer’s objections 
  • The web design, choice of words, images, and more are carefully crafted to get people to buy. 
  • It may provide other options to users, like the ability to sign up for a free trial. Or to book a demo or sign up for an event
  • The goal is to get users to take action right away on that one product landing page
  • So, users are not encouraged to explore similar products or alternatives like in standard product pages 

Your landing page is decisive in making your eCommerce store or business profitable. 

Explore the rest of the post to learn how to increase conversion rates and boost sales with the right tactics and strategies.

How can you drive traffic to your product landing page?

So, we’ve just learned what a product landing page is. 

You need to remember that it’s often a standalone page and businesses usually create a landing page to support a current marketing campaign. 

It’s not always linked to other more permanent web pages on your site. As a result, it’s unlikely that your audience will stumble on your product landing page unless you drive traffic to it. 

Here are some effective strategies for driving more visitors to your landing pages.

Infographic: How can you drive traffic to your landing page?

1. Email newsletters

You can use email newsletters to get more people to visit product landing pages. 

An email newsletter is a message sent with product updates and news to your email list - something that you should build from the start of your business. 

When you send a newsletter to your audience, include links to your product landing pages. And invite them to click on the link to get a special offer and find out more information about the product. 

For example, if you’ve launched a new product, send an email blast with exciting content about the launch. And make sure your dedicated landing page is set up. Link to the landing page and repeat the link a few times to ensure people open it. 

You can similarly create emails when there’s a major event like Black Friday or if you’re hosting a giveaway or something else. 

By leveraging your email newsletter, you’ll reach many more potential customers than just posting about your products on your website or social media accounts alone.

2. Paid ads

You can use paid advertising to drive traffic to product landing pages. Paid ads are online advertisements you pay for, such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

When done correctly, paid ads can effectively drive targeted traffic to product landing pages. In fact, ads and landing pages are a perfect pairing. 

You can, of course, create an ad and send users to your home page. But this isn’t the best practice, especially if you want to focus on sales and to make money immediately. 

However, a landing page is a must if you have a specific goal, like promoting an event, getting newsletter subscribers, donations, or just selling products. 

This is because paid ads can be costly. If you’re using a “cost-per-click” campaign where you pay a sum of money every time someone clicks on your ad, you want to ensure results. 

A product landing page helps you focus on showcasing your product features to the best effect. You can direct users to learn about your product benefits and take action. 

While ads are effective, and you need specific skills to leverage them, they’re often effective.

Depending on which platform you work with, you can target the right audience using specific keywords. And you can focus on people in certain locations and having specific intent when they conduct searches. 

You’ll be able to build effective ad campaigns that lead people to your excellent product landing page. And you’ll increase the chances of meeting your business goals.

3. Social media campaigns

Social media needs to be an automatic part of any marketing campaign. 

After all, billions of people spend hours a day voluntarily scrolling through content. 

It’s the perfect place to help drive traffic to your product landing page. 

Social media is powerful because it allows you to reach a broad audience quickly. There are two main ways to leverage this media: 

  1. Create social media ads
  2. Generate and share promotional content over time together with other non-promotional posts

You should leverage both means to reach your target audience. 

Here’s an idea for using social media to drive traffic to your product landing pages: create a giveaway contest!

Holding a contest and offering a prize will always gain traction on TikTok, Facebook, and other networks. 

Once you start promoting your giveaway, link to your product landing page to feature the giveaway and invite customers to try your product.

By combining the giveaway idea with your product details, you’ll engage and educate your target audience. And they’ll develop an interest in your product. 

This will allow you to reach all of your social media followers with your product promotion and increase the chances that they visit your product landing page and make a purchase.

4. Influencer partnerships

You can also partner with influencers to drive traffic to product landing pages. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that involves working with people who have a large following and influence over their audience.

By partnering with an influencer, you can leverage their reach and influence to get more people to visit product landing pages.

For example, if you have a product landing page for a new product you are selling, you could work with an influencer who endorses the product and includes a link to the product landing page in their post or video.

This would help you reach a much larger audience than just posting it on your website or social media accounts alone.

It is important to promote your product on multiple channels, such as social media, email, and blog posts. You can use these channels to drive traffic to product landing pages and increase sales.

For example, you can create social media posts with product images and links to product landing pages, write blog posts with product descriptions and product landing pages, or send emails with product promotions and product landing pages.

8 practices for your product landing page

Infographic: 8 Practices for your product landing page

1. Have a catchy headline

A landing page headline is one of the most important elements on product landing pages. They are the first thing potential customers will see when they visit your product page, and they can make a huge difference in whether or not people click through to learn more about your product.

A catchy headline should grab attention, spark curiosity, and entice people to learn more about your offer.

To create an effective product landing page headline, it must be:

  • Clear and concise
  • Targeted towards the correct audience
  • Explain what the landing page is about

There are several best practices for drafting a winning headline on your product landing page. Here are some ideas you can apply:

  • Use numbers or statistics
  • Make a promise
  • Include a keyword
  • Utilize emotional language

Crafting a catchy headline can grab attention and drive more people to your product landing page. This increases the chances that they will stay on the product page, read through the content, and eventually purchase your product.

2. Focus on the benefits

When creating product landing pages, it is important to focus on the benefits of your product rather than features. People are more likely to purchase a product if they understand how it will benefit them rather than just what features it has.

For example, imagine you sell high-quality locks. Instead of mentioning features like "reinforced steel" or "high-security deadbolt," focus on the benefits such as "keep your family safe" or " peace of mind."

By focusing on benefits, you can connect with potential customers emotionally and convince them that your product is worth purchasing.

People are only interested in what you have to offer if you help them somehow. So, focus on how your product or service can help potential customers, and you will create a successful product landing page that converts.

3. Include high-quality images and videos

Images and videos are powerful tools for product landing pages as they can grab attention and keep people interested. You can use product images, videos of your product in action, customer testimonials, product demos and more.

Adding visual elements to product landing pages can make your product more appealing and help people understand what you have to offer.

Ensure that your product images and videos are high quality, well-composed, and showcase the product positively. This will help you create product pages that stand out and draw more attention to your product.

4. Add social proof

It's said that people need to engage with a brand several times before they build trust.

However, if you're relying on expensive ad campaigns to drive product page visits, reducing the risk of people clicking away without making a purchase is important.

One way to do this is by adding social proof to product pages. Social proof demonstrates that the product is popular and has been used by others.

It is a great way to build credibility and trust in your product. You can include customer testimonials, product reviews, social media posts, and more.

Ask your customers for product reviews and use them to showcase your product in the best light. And if you have customers who are willing to shoot a video or take product photos, this can be an effective way to drive more product page visits.

Another way to provide social proof is to leverage user-generated content on social media. People often post about their experiences with products, and these posts can be used to encourage product page visits.

With social proof, you can make product pages more trustworthy and drive sales.

5. Create a compelling offer

Having a compelling offer on a product landing page is essential for turning leads into customers. A discount, trial period, or other offer can be an effective way to drive landing page conversions and attract more visitors.

 An attractive offer should stand out from the rest of the page, capture visitors' attention, and demonstrate your company’s commitment to helping them succeed.

When creating a product landing page offer, it's important to consider what type of incentive will best motivate potential buyers. 

Discounts can help incentivize people to buy or sign up right away, whereas free trials may be better suited for those hesitant to commit long-term. You can also add free training, ebooks, a personal coaching call, and so on. 

You could also give your users a lifetime package at a heavily discounted price or offer free updates, customer support, or other value-driven benefits to sweeten the deal. 

The key is ensuring people feel like they’re getting a powerful and rare deal when they’re on your product landing page. So, stack various benefits to create a compelling offer and make it urgent!

This means setting a time limit for how long the offer will be available or saying it’s a one-time deal only. Such psychologically-driven hooks are critical to make your product landing page boost sales. 

6. Include a strong CTA

A product landing page without a call to action (CTA) is ineffective. Your product page should have a strong CTA encouraging people to act and purchase your product.

Your CTA should be clear, concise, and visible. It should stand out from the rest of the product page and on specific items for a limited time only. This helps create urgency and makes it impossible to miss.

You can use contrasting colors, different fonts, and exciting visuals that draw attention to your call to action. Use buttons or other clickable elements to make it easier for people to take action.

Another critical factor that makes CTAs effective is the copy.

You want to create only a short and simple CTAs that are easy to understand. Keep it simple and direct, such as “Buy Now” or “Try It Today.”

The text in your CTA is direct and gives people a clear idea of what they should do.

Finally, ensure that the CTA is relevant and makes sense in the product page context. That is, be specific.

Virtually all landing pages use terms like “Subscribe” or “Add to Cart,” but be even more specific and convey the benefit of your product in the CTA.

For example, “Book a demo now” or “Get your free trial.”

This will more effectively convince people to take action and purchase your product.

7. A/B test for conversion optimization

A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of a product page to see which one is more effective in driving product sales.

You can test different elements of product pages, such as the copy, CTA, product images and videos, product descriptions, social proof and more.

You can also switch images, graphics, colors, and other elements.

By testing different versions of product pages side by side, you can determine which version works best and make changes accordingly.

You can't assume you have the best version of a product page even if you hire the best designers and copywriters. After all, what works for one product might not work for another product.

That's why landing page testing is essential to product success.

It allows you to analyze product page performance and make necessary changes to ensure product page success.

8. Use a plugin for landing page builders

As you've seen from the previous sections, creating a product landing page is complicated.

You have to combine design elements, copywriting, and more.

And if you run several ad campaigns or sell multiple individual products, you have to create product pages for each product.

Unless you run a profitable and large business, this could be too overwhelming and time-consuming. And not to mention expensive for any small business owner or individual. You’ll need to hire UX designers, writers, and web designers to make a single landing page. 

Fortunately, there are landing page builders and plugins that can help.

Look for a website builder or page builder like Mailmunch. It will quickly help you create product landing pages with drag-and-drop functionality, templates, and more.

By following these product landing page best practices, you can drive more product sales and ensure that your product pages effectively convert visitors into customers. With the right product page design, content, and CTAs, you can make sure.

18 stunning product landing page examples

So far, we've explained a product landing page and how to make it successful.

To show you product landing pages in action, here are 18 stunning examples that showcase product features and benefits, product images, product videos, social proof and more.

These product pages can inspire your product page designs.

1. Hubstaff

To start, we have Hubstaff’s product landing page. The page effectively captures the product's essence and follows the best practices of a well-optimized landing page.

Product landing page example: Hubstaff

2. Ingrid Arna

With a catchy but minimalistic landing page copy, this landing page fron Ingrid Arna is another great example of how to build a landing page that brings in a high number of conversions.

Product landing page: Ingrid Arna

3. The Premium Solution

The Premium Solution’s landing page is another example of a simple yet a praticle product landing page that gets the job done.


4. ExpressVPN

Browsing the internet safely without getting your identity stolen is a right that everyone should have. And ExpressVPN has expressed this point in their landing page perfectly; highlighting the benefit instead of the feature.

Product landing page example: ExpressVPN

5. Monday.com

This product landing page example from Monday.com is a great example of how you can keep your landing pages minimalistic, and still attract your target audience.

Product landing page example: Monday.com

6. Firstbase.io

A bit colorful, yet, highly effective, Firstbase’s landing page follows all the best pratices described above.

Product landing page example: Firstbase.io

7. Toronto School of Management

We like this landing page from Toronto School of Management because of it’s minimalistic and simple design that perfectly gets the message across.


8. MonsterInsights

By putting social proof front-centre of the landing page, MonsterInsights has done the right thing. Putting emphasis on customer satisfaction can be a great tactic to create trust with potential customers.


9. Hypotenuse.ai

Hypotenuse.ai is another company that is using social proof to great effect in it’s landing pages.

Product landing page example: Hypotenuse.ai

10. Grammarly Business

Grammarly’s rise to being the top grammar checking tool has been exponentially. One factor that has played an instrumental role in it’s success is landing pages like these. 

Product landing page example: Grammarly business

11. Semrush

Semrush is one of the best content marketing tools in the world. Because of their firm brand recognition, they don’t have to pull out all the stops to create their landing page, and can rely on a minimalistically designed landing page to get the job done.

Product landing page example: Semrush

12. Hibiscus Monkey

Hibscus Monkey is a women self-care brand aiming to provide top-quality self-care products at competitive prices. The landing page below very effectively encapsulates the benefits of the products they are trying to sell.

Product landing page example: Hibiscus Monkey

13. ContentCreator.com 

ContentCreator.com’s 14-day professional content creation course  landing page is another example of a great product landing page. After expounding how this course can benefit budding content creators, they have placed a CTA that can make signing up for the course easier for interested individuals.

Product landing page example: ContenCreator.com

14. Bowl by Coco

The use of imagery is perfect in this landing page from Bowl by Coco. Using product images can entice the customers into taking action, which, in this case, looks to be the case. 

Product landing page example: Bowl by Coco

15. Blendjet

Another example of using product images, Blendjet’s landing page checks all the boxes that makes a top landing page.

Product landing page example: Blendjet

16. Livechat

This example from LiveChat’s landing page is a top example of a landing page that uses a benefit-driven approach.

Product landing page example: Livechat

17. Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry’s has also used a benefit-driven approach in creating this landing page by expounding the benefits of using their products and claiming their effectiveness within 28 days.

Product landing page example: Juicy Chemistry

18. GoPro

If you are a content creator, you might have come across GoPro’s products on the internet. Besides their top-quality products, GoPros product landing pages are well-designed to give users the information they need to make the purchase decision.

Product landing page example: GoPro


When done correctly, this marketing element can be a powerful tool for eCommerce brands to increase product sales and maximize profits. Product landing pages can also help you to establish trust with your customers as they can provide detailed product information, product images, and customer reviews.

Finally, product landing pages are a great way to showcase product features and benefits in an easy-to-understand format that visitors can quickly scan through. So, landing pages are a great way to drive product sales and establish customer trust. 

Following the product landing page best practices outlined in this post, you can create product pages that will help convert your visitors into customers. With the right product page design, content, and CTAs, you can ensure your product pages are as effective as possible. 

So, boost your landing page optimization today and watch your product sales grow!

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