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April 17, 2024

Many small businesses look to minimize costs at the startup stage. They don’t want a huge overhead due to hiring specialists for every aspect of the business but don’t want to compromise on providing top-tier services.

So, in such a case, the only way forward is to invest in a white label software. White label software is proving to be the required game changer in the field of SaaS. They are leveling the playing field for small businesses to grow and stand among the lines of giants by eliminating the need for experience in technology and marketing. 

If you’re interested in buying white label software, then we have compiled a list of all the best white label SaaS platforms that can help you in achieving your goals. But first, let’s talk about what it is white label software.

What is a white label software?

White label software is unbranded software that a company leases or rents from a vendor and then rebrands to sell as its own for a profit. 

White labeling is extremely popular in the SaaS and marketing industries. With little to no overhead, you can get to the market quicker and start selling.

What type of businesses can use white label products?

If you are wondering whether you can use white label products, then here is a list of some businesses that can use white label solutions to scale their business and generate additional revenue:

1. Agencies

White label products are used mainly by agencies. They already have loyal clients, so they can provide other services without hiring additional resources through white label software.

For example, an agency that specializes in WordPress development has a client who wants to develop a lead generation and email marketing tool for him. So, instead of building an email marketing tool from scratch, they can purchase a white label email marketing tool and brand it as their own, and leave the maintenance of the product to the white label solution provider.

2. Companies that want to fulfill a specific requirement

Many companies can benefit from white label software to fulfill their client's unique and specific needs. 

Let’s say that you are an email marketing company, and one of your customers asks you to add SMS marketing support for them. You can refuse the customer, but that means you lose additional revenue.

Instead, you can reach out to a white label SaaS service provider that offers SMS marketing and use their product to fulfill your customer's requirement.

3. Businesses based on white label products

If you know how to get clients and have excellent contacts, and want to work on developing your business, then you can set up a company that resells white label SaaS products. This “agency in the box” solution takes care of almost everything.

Why do you need white label solutions?

There are numerous advantages to having a white label solution. Some of them are

1. It saves time and money

The biggest advantage of white label software is that it saves product development time and, consequently, saves money. You don’t have to hire and train developers to build your product; you can just lease from a vendor and brand it as your own.

2. Helps in scaling your business

One of the reasons for the popularity of white label SaaS is that it helps quickly scale your business. You can quickly add new features to your product and attract new customers. Also, you can move into new target markets with white label solutions. 

For example, let’s say you are a lead-generation platform that also wants to provide email marketing solutions. It will be hard for you to expand into the field of email marketing if you don’t have the necessary information and don’t know the features required to do effective email marketing.

In such a case, the best thing to do is to go to an email marketing white label platform and lease their product. 

3. Offer tailored solutions

Different clients have different requirements. White labeling allows you to fulfill the demands of your clients and also allows you to provide them with solutions tailored to their specific needs. 

White label solutions allow you to be relevant in the hyper-competitive world of SaaS, where something new is launched daily to captivate consumers.

Sounds impressive, right?

So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the best white label software that can benefit your business.

9 Best SaaS white label platforms in 2024

Here is a list of the nine top white label platforms that can help you get to the market quicker, save time and money, and help you scale your business.

1. Mailmunch for email marketing and automation

Mailmunch's white label page

If you are looking for an email marketing and email automation white label platform, then Mailmunch has all you need. 

A renowned name in the field of email marketing, Mailmunch has been pushing the boundaries of what is capable of email marketing with its suite of top-tier email marketing and automation features. Here’s a complete list of all the white label solutions you can get from Mailmunch:

1.1. Forms and popups

1. Gamification tools

2. Lead magnet delivery

3. Countdown timer

4. Integrations

5. Template library

6. A/B testing

1.2. Email marketing 

1. Email template library with 1,000+ email templates

2. Highly intuitive and user-friendly drag-and-drop email builder

3. Email Scheduling

4. Guaranteed email deliverability

5. Email validation

5. AI subject line generator

6. AI image generator

1.3. Email automation

1. Pre-built recipes

2. Drip campaigns for behavior-driven campaigns

3. Advanced segmentation options

4. User-friendly drag-and-drop automation builder

Mailmunch also provides advanced analytics that gives real-time insights into your email marketing campaigns. Mailmunch also offers both SSO and API integrations.

If you face any hiccups in using any of the features mentioned above, Mailmunch’s 5-star rated customer support can help you get sorted. 

You can get tier 1,2, and 3 customer support round the clock. Also, Mailmunch’s first response time is less than 5 minutes. 

You get a custom price if you are interested in Mailmunch’s white label offerings. Moreover, you have to contact customer support to get the process started.

2. SocialPilot for social media automation

SocialPilot's white label page

Are you interested in putting your social media growth on autopilot? Then SocialPilot is the right tool for you. SocialPilot is a social media automation tool that helps keep you on top of your social media game. Here’s what you can do with SocialPilot’s white label offerings:

2.1. Publishing & scheduling

You can schedule and publish your customized posts on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook groups, Pinterest Boards, TikTok, Google Business Pages, and more. 

Also, with SocialPilot, you can get a birds-eye view of your social media strategy and execution directly from the dashboard and can choose to dive deeper into them.

Moreover, you can customize the entire look of Social Pilot’s tool to match your own branding. You can set up your personalized email address that integrates seamlessly with your existing email workflows.

2.2. Analytics & Reporting

SocialPilot offers highly advanced analytics and reporting that allows you to remain one step ahead of your competitors and helps you curate your social media strategy accordingly.

You can also white label your social media reports. Just customize them with your branding and share them with your clients.

You can get a free trial of SocialPilots white label offerings without providing your credit card information, and you can also cancel anytime if you don’t like it. Moreover, you can change plans as well.

With SocialPilot, you can scale the heights of new successes, enter new markets, and augment your revenue streams. 

3. Simvoly for building websites and funnels

Simvoly's white label page

For building highly engaging websites and high-converting sale funnels, Simvoly should be the ideal pick for you. Simvoly’s should be suitable for customers who want highly customized websites and eCommerce funnels.

Here’s what you get with Simvoly’s white label SaaS offerings:

  1. Customizable layouts, fonts, and colors
  2. Faster page builds with an advanced drag-and-drop builder
  3. Easy to use CRM to organize website visitors, segments, and tags
  4. Provide robust eCommerce solutions to your customers 
  5. An affiliate system that allows you to assign commissions to those bringing customers to your website.
  6. 500+ templates for funnels, websites, forms, and popups
  7. You can provide customized pricing plans to your customers and allow your payment processor to collect subscriptions directly from the users from their billing section in the builder.
  8. No coding is required

You can get started for just $2.75/month or request a demo to see Simvoly in action.

4. PPC Ninja for PPC white labeling

PPC Ninja's white label page

PPC ads can help you scale your business exponentially, and no one does PPC ads better than PPC Ninja. PPC Ninja is a white label solution provider with expertise in handling not just Google Ads but also Facebook, Instagram, and Bing Ads.

PPC ninja provides the following white label SaaS services:

  1. PPC landing page design
  2. White label banner ad design
  3. Analytics monitoring and feedback
  4. Keyword research and copywriting
  5. Dedicated team for your PPC builds
  6. No long-term contracts, only monthly subscriptions
  7. Top-tier customer support
  8. Custom-branded monthly PPC reports

PPC Ninja offers three price plans for their white label services. For small or local businesses operating in a local area, they offer five services for $550. 

For businesses operating in multiple locations, the price is $750. The price for a national company is $1000 for multiple campaign types and up to 30 campaigns.

5. Rankur for online reputation management

Rankur's white label page

Rankur is an online reputation management tool that enables customers to crawl upto 100M pages per day and filter out any news, conversation, and mentions related to their company, brand, or enterprise. 

You can white label the entire Rankur tool and rebrand to match your branding. The features you get are

  1. Social media management and monitoring
  2. Web monitoring 
  3. Analytics and Reporting
  4. AI technology for sentiment analysis and opinion mining

You can get Rankur’s white label solution for just $298/month. To activate your white label, contact Rankur’s customer support via email, and they will help you with the URL settings.

6. SalesPype for CRM automation

SalesPype's white label page

If you want a cheaper and faster solution to acquiring leads, then SalesPype can do it for you. SalesPype is a CRM automation tool that automates all aspects of lead generation and sales. It’s a one-stop-shop solution for your lead generation and nurturing requirements. 

You can connect all your lead generation sources to SalesPype and get one central place for managing your pipelines.

Their white label solution has the following features:

  1. User-friendly and unbranded CRM
  2. Automation
  3. Sales pipelines
  4. Emails and video emails from your brand
  5. Unbranded forms and surveys
  6. Ringless Vmail
  7. 2-way texting
  8. Phone and power dialer
  9. Direct mail and gifts
  10. Branded mobile app
  11. Branded Zapier app

SalesPype has three white label price plans. If you choose a quarterly plan, you must pay $685/month to access all the features of SalesPype’s white label solution. The next is the semi-annual price plan, where you have to pay $1300/month. The annual plan is for $2,499/year. 

7. WotNot for building chatbots

WotNot's white label page

Chatbots have emerged as the main drivers of customer support and lead generation in the past few years. They have changed how customer interactions with brands happen and are quickly becoming a necessary part of every organization's business strategy. 

If you are interested in having a chatbot solution for your business, then WotNot will pull out all the stops with its white label chatbot offerings.

  1. Custome branded chatbots
  2. Customized payment plans
  3. Regular product updates
  4. Instant 24/7 customer support
  5. Reporting and insights
  6. Custom native integrations

For white label solutions, WotNot offers custom pricing depending on the specific feature requirement of the customer.

8. Howuku for conversion optimization

Howuku's white label page

Businesses are always looking to make their websites, landing pages, and product pages optimized for conversions. If you are looking for a CRO solution, then Howuku is your best bet. 

Howuku offers a complete array of UX tools for your marketing team to make your website conversion-worthy. Here’s a complete list of what their white label solutions entail:

  1. Dynamic heatmaps
  2. Session recordings
  3. Onsite A/B testing for improving engagement
  4. Website personalization to effectively target your audience
  5. Video feedback and annotation drawing for collecting descriptive feedbacks
  6. Conversion funnels for drilling down into visitors’ details
  7. Event tracking automation for specific events
  8. Traffic analysis 

Being a ready plug-and-play solution, Howuku can seamlessly integrate with your existing software. Howuku also offers custom domain, email, and CSS stylesheets; and you can also avail of their dedicated customer support for tech support.

Feels right? Then you can start using Howuku’s white label software for 14 days for free. And the best part is you don’t have to provide your credit card information.

9. VivfyScrum for project management

VivfyScrum's white label page

Are you looking to organize your development and product projects on a single platform? Then look no further than VivfyScrum. VivifyScrum offers the best white label project management solution for resellers to large corporations.

Here’s what VivifyScrum’s white label solution has to offer:

  1. Custom branding to make the tool your own
  2. Lets you use your own domain to access the tool and allows you to provide custom URLs to your customers
  3. Flexible payment options for your and your customers' needs
  4. Training on how to use the app and tech support
  5. Custom white label documentation for your brand
  6. Instant availability of newly launched features
  7. Custom development of new features for your customers

Also, you can custom brand the board in the app to match your branding. Moreover, the app has an in-built white label time tracker and work logs that help you keep track of your team’s activity.

An invoicing section is also included in the app that allows you to invoice your clients directly from the app. What’s more, is that you can integrate the app with other apps that are part of the Zapier ecosystem.

4 Tips for choosing the best white label SaaS platform

After reading through all the white label softwares described above, you might be thinking, “wait a minute, how should I decide which software to choose that aligns perfectly with my business and goals?” Well, fret not! Here are a few tips that can make your decision-making process easy.

Infographic: 4 Tips for choosing the best white label SaaS platform

1. Understand the customer's needs

Your choice of white label software won’t amount to much if you don’t consider the needs of your customers. Hence, ask your customers what they require and then make a decision. 

By considering your customers' needs, you can increase their lifetime value and loyalty to your brand.

2. Know your service provider's history

It’s understandable that you want to research before you spend your (or your customer’s) money on a white label software. So, we suggest you go onto G2 or Capterra and read what other customers have to say about your desired white label service provider. 

3. Ensure that it integrates with other apps

You don’t want a white label SaaS product that doesn’t seamlessly integrate with your product and forces you to be in touch with the white label service provider’s customer support.

Before purchasing a white label solution, check whether it integrates with your product. Better still, ask for a demo or free trial to test all the features and thoroughly test the integration.

4. Calculate its feasibility

Although a white label solution can help you cut the cost of hiring or training, you also want it to provide a high return rate on investment. 

So, calculate the feasibility of your desired white label SaaS software using ROI calculators. Be aware of hidden costs that aren’t mentioned on the pricing page. Ensure to ask whether the onboarding is free or not.

Final thoughts on white label software

The rapid rise of white label SaaS platforms has provided resellers and small businesses with the opportunity to be competitive in providing their clients with top-tier and tailored services. 

The ease of use, custom brandings, affordable pricing plans, and round-the-clock tech and customer support have made it easy for businesses to avoid massive overhead costs and focus solely on scaling their business by taking their products to market quicker.

In our opinion, the future of white label software looks bright at the moment.

FAQs - white label software

What is white label technology?

White label technology is a technology that is developed by a one-party and it’s leased or rented to another party, without the original developer's name or branding, who then can sell it as its own. 

What are white label SaaS examples?

Following are a few examples of white label SaaS:

  1. Mailmunch
  2. VivifyScrum
  3. WotNot
  4. Howuku
  5. Simvoly

What is white label vs. private label?

White label products and services are created for multiple customers. These customers cannot change the product, but they can rebrand and sell them as their own.

On the other hand, private label products and services are developed for an exclusive retailer who can change the product or service as they see fit.

Is white labeling legal?

Yes. White labeling is legal. However, to sell a white label product, you have to sign a branding and sales agreement with the original developer.

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